SlideShare For Free Organic Traffic - 2016 Tutorial

Howard Lynch, Teaching you to get results

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3 Videos (12m)
    • Getting Started

    • Creating Your SlideShare & Tips

    • SEO Friendly Traffic!


About This Class

Have you ever Googled a term and ended up staring at a powerpoint seconds later ?

I have, and I know you have too.

That's because Slideshare tends to rank EXTREMELY well on Google, thanks to how popular the site is. In this course I am going to show you how to drive massive traffic with SlideShare in 2016.

Enrool now and let's gat started!

1. Create Quick, Informative, And To The Point Presentation

The best thing about presentation is that people can go to page after page in their own pace. If you compare it with video presentation, people can navigate to the page more freely in the form of slide-show. Still, people don't have too much attention span for your presentation. That's why you need to create a quick slide-show that offers excellent information that is presented in a straightforward manner. This is the kind of presentation that will get the most attention.

2. Good Images And Clean Design

Good images and clean design will enhance people's satisfaction when they look at your presentation. It makes your presentation more lively and attractive. Good and professional images will in fact help you to deliver your message effectively. Clean design with less distraction will make your presentation look more elegant and professional. This will increase your reputation and trust level.

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Useful overview/review of Uploading, Title, Description, Category and Tags considerations. It will help you get the file up and the form usefully filled in. Not strategic.
Mark Joyce






Howard Lynch

Teaching you to get results

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