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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

Welcome to Infinite Personal Training 6 week video series to creating a sustainable lifestyle for weight-loss and overall health. This video is week 5 which focuses on the importance of SLEEP! 

In today's society, we live in a sleep deprived time where we often hear 'sleep when you're dead'. We neglect sleep and think that if we spend 8 hours asleep, we are wasting our day and we are not successful! So, we tend to spend most of our days working away without realising the impact of sleep deprivation on our health.

Whenever we think about weight loss and health, we think of eating, exercise and sometimes we might throw our awareness to stress levels. We often don't think about sleep and the impact it has on achieving our health goals! Sleep deprivation actually has a huge impact of increased fat mass and insulin resistance which leads to weight gain. These things will all be discussed in this video.

This video teaches you how enough sleep or sleep deprivation effects your health and weight loss.

Things you'll learn:
- Negative effects of sleep deprivation
- Sleep debt theory
- How to RATE your sleep effectively
- How to increase your sleeping habits
- Benefits you'll gain from more sleep

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jia Jian (Melvin) Ang

Head Coach at Infinite Personal Training


Hello, I'm Jia Jian (Melvin)

I am a Personal Trainer and Head Coach at Infinite Personal Training. Due to content moderation, this page focuses on Mindset, Mindfulness and Lifestyle to create and achieve in fitness, health and weight.

My mission is to inspire others to be inspiring by changing lifestyle habits and creating a sustainable lifestyle that you will enjoy while achieving the results that you desire to achieve!

We have always had the passion for creating new and better lifestyles for people in the wider community. Our approach is simple and sustainable while building a supportive community throughout your journey. Expect support and guidance with accountability to achieve the greatness you have always wanted. To see you thrive is the reason why we do what ... See full profile

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1. 5videoplayback: Okay, everybody. And welcome to Week five off the program. So today we're gonna be speaking about the last pillar. So we really went through nutrition. We really went through exercise. We went through stress last week and the need for relaxation. And today we're gonna go through sleep now. Sleep is very, very important in terms off getting the body to recover and get back to the state that he was prior to stress. That's why sleep is needed. And a lot of people underestimate the power of sleep in the effects that has on the body. Thinking that it's all right, we don't need it. Rather spend my time doing something more important. And we just kind of disregard the importance of sleep. And I lost all these days. We tend to, you know, have this sleepless society a lot to call it, which is, you know, you hear a lot of people say, you know, I'll sleep when I'm dead. That's kind of like the way we work in today's society, and we don't really care about our stores in their health. We just keep work, work, work all day, every day, and then we say all sleep when I'm dead then we don't know is that if we keep lacking sleep , um then unfortunately, death might come sooner rather than later. Eso sleep is very important, and that's what we're gonna go through today, right? So right now we're currently in a very sleepless society. Like I said before, I'll sleep when I'm dead. He's heard a lot. You know, we tend to think of sleeping as weak. You know, the less you sleep, the more successful we are because we won't wanna waste time on sleep, right? You just wanna keep working, keep doing and keep progressing. If we do, we are really becoming successful. Where just a lazy that's. That's the thought pen that society has draining toe heads. You know, we don't want to sleep for too long list. We're just lazy. We're seeing is lazy. There is no tissue in the body or there is no cell in the brain that is not enhanced. Bus sleep. Yes, I just remember that there is no tissue in the body or there is no cell in the brain that is not enhanced Bus leave. That's what's needed, and we spend 1/3 of their lives asleep. There is any importance for that, Rossmann, when really not just wasting our time. And the reason why we have so much time to sleep is because that body really needs it. Okay, so right now we're gonna sleep with society and then we're seeing a lot of negative negatives off back of sleep. And a lot of these are ones that we would try and get rid off, which is it will increase fat mess. So basically, if your boy doesn't work is officially and properly looking supposed to, it is harder for you to lose weight. So you increase if that mess increased information. So that's any sort of inflammatory disease you have. Whether be after artist or whatever it is, it increases information if you do not let your body rest and also increases insulin resistance, meaning that your insulin is does not work as effectively as it should when it comes to digestion of carbohydrates, which means diabetes will be on the cards, which means reducing body fat will also be harder to do So. These are some very simple negative effects or lack of sleep on. They are very, very important for those that. Do you want to lose weight tone, Create muscle mass, everything like that. These negative effects will have a massive effect on those results. And, you know, it is very important that we be aware of this and know what'll actually, lack of sleep does to a boy. Okay, so I want to speak a little bit about sleep debt. So sleep debt is pretty much exactly what it sounds. Lock. So we can't just a lot of us have busy weeks. You know, we sleep up 34 hours a night on week, week, days because, you know, we're way out hustling. You know, Standard were hustling, working that sort of stuff. And we can't just have one good night of sleep and think that we're all good to go after long term sleep deprivation. Meaning that we can't go a lot weeks on weeks, just living off about four hours of sleep per night. And it's just having one 12. Alice Lee, you know, 1 12 acid, and then we're thinking about we're all back to, you know, we're all good. We're good to go. Had my long rest, and now my boys working efficiently and I'm all good to get your body doesn't work like that. Unfortunately, yes. So if you're sleeping four hours per not for, let's say, four weeks straight and you sleep one night for 12 hours only That only makes up probably 33 nights of sleep deprivation. It doesn't make up the whole four weeks. So you are still in sleep debt me that you still owe yourself more sleep because you would be depriving yourself so long. It's just one night off. Good sleep doesn't take away all the sleep debt that you owe. All right. So that's why it's important for us to have a routine and make sure we efficient during the day to get everything done and make sure we're not cutting away. Our sleep is very important. Okay, so I want to talk a little bit about this acronym called Rate, So rate your sleep? Yes. This will give you an idea of how effective or how well you have slipped. Eso the acronym is rates are 80. Investigator asked is for refreshed. So that means do you feel refreshed when you wake up or I used your feeling super lethargic or are you really wanting to press the snooze button because you know you just can't be bothered to get up face the day you're a is alarm. So waking up in the same 30 minute window every day without an alarm is a good indication that your body is in the rhythm that is working well. So if you can without an alarm, if you can wake up every day naturally within a 30 minute window. So let's say around like you always wake up 7 to 7:30 a.m. Even without an alarm. That's a very, very good indication that your body is in rhythm and its it's working well. Look out supposed to be yeah, and T e stands for time elapsed. So this is when you go to sleep at night. So if you're not being able to fall asleep within 30 minutes after trying amaze, there's something in your last start that is untrained in a body to naturally, falsely and so there's something in your lifestyle that is making you unable to sleep, and it could be stress. It could be coffee too late. There's a many, many things that you know you need toe slowly figure out and pinpoint. But usually a lot of it is stress worrying anxieties over thinking things on and obviously , what we put into our bodies. Coffee? Uh, not. Okay, so that's the rate I'm so rate asleep and uses up in him to figure out how well you sleep. Any feel sleep actually is effective or not? Yes. So you guys can keep that ego yourselves and see how you got. I'm happy to hear your feedback. All right. Okay. So some tips that I wanna let you guys know Teoh probably create a better way for you guys to sleep. Um, the 1st 1 is just creating an environment of complete darkness. Yes, I darkness actually triggers that body. And let's let their bodies know that it's time to sleep. Yeah, even like a PowerPoint light can disturb you. So, you know, sometimes you tried iPhones right next to us on, but we have a little PowerPoint light or night lights. They do disturb you even if it's really, really small. And you know, you turn your head, you can't really see it. It will still disturb you. Even the slightest. Yeah. The thing is, with exposure to bright light it doesn't help you at all. Exposure to bright light doesn't help you at all, Which is why you know, I always say that you shouldn't. You shouldn't look at your phone or look at a laptop or iPad right before you go to sleep, because that exposes your eyes to brought light right before you try to go to sleep. Yes, especially a lot that comes from smartphones. Laptops and all that sort of stuff have similar wavelengths of the light coming from. Those have similar wave lengths to the morning sun called Blue Light. Yes, I'm looking at your phone before bed is like tricking your body to think that it's morning time. It puts your body out of rhythm. And if you need and not light or anything like that, then go for red light. Yes, so the wavelength of red light has less less of an impact on their eyes. So if you do not like or anything like that, go for red light. But a lot that comes from all the screens that we look at. It does have similar wave links to morning sun, so that definitely does put your body out of rhythm. And that's something that's very important for you to take note off to Try not to look at any screens or have your lot on when you're trying to get asleep. Okay, um, the next one is create a bedtime routine. Now, basically, what I mean about creating a bedtime routine is like having a same wake up time every morning. Yes, I say, if you wake up for work every morning at 7 a.m. then stick with that stick with that every morning you wake up at seven. AM done deal. All right. It doesn't matter what time you get bed because I understand that sometimes lifestyle and you know things get in the way. I can't expect everyone even myself, to have a perfect bedtime. Every evening things do get away. But no matter what time you go to bed, have the same wake up time. I know this means that some not you have a little bit less sleep. But if so, don't be afraid to take a little nap during the day. Yes, I don't be afraid to tackle in any nap here and there. Even I do that sometimes. So if something does happen and you get a little bit less sleep. So they say you get like, an hour less sleep than not before then you wanted to. And don't be afraid to take a little nap during the day. Yeah, Once you have a wake up time, make sure that you try your best to create It's sleep time also. So, for example, if you back out 27 AM and try to credit sleep time around 11 PM yes, eight hours 78 hours is good every night. Yes, so maybe 11. 11. 30. I'm sleep time every night and then try your best to stick with that time as much as possible. I know it's hard to go to sleep on time sometimes, which is understandable. But make sure you try your best to stick with it as best you can and plan your evenings out beforehand. I'm playing the things that you're gonna do before you go to sleep while playing the things that they go do that day. So you know what you gonna do? You work more efficiently and then your sleep time will be easier to hit. But it's definitely a good way to help you sleep more effectively and help your body go to sleep when you actually try. Yeah, if you have that routine because your body will be working in a rhythm. Okay? No, the other thing that I want to talk about is caffeine. Yes. Oh, no caffeine after noon. So after 12 p.m. No caffeine. I know people that you love their coffees in the morning. Go for it if you need to. You know, if you need a coffee to work efficiently, they are like to argue that that's more placebo effect. But if you're doing in a coffee, or you feel so you do need to coffee to start your day, then it is fine. But just try not to have any caffeine after noon. Yeah. This is tough for some people. Uh, caffeine actually blocks the hormone a denizen, which is what makes us feel sleepy. So even if you can fall asleep after you drink coffee because I know people. Or but, you know, sometimes coffee doesn't even affect me at all. Even if he can fall asleep after you drink coffee, your body can't get into the date restorative sleep that it needs. That's best for your health. Yeah, So even if he can force it, it's not the most effective sleep that your body actually needs. Yes, I try to get rid of caffeine after noon. On average, caffeine takes around six hours to break down the body. So we're having it too late. It will most likely still be effective in your system at night. Even T has coffee. Caffeine in it, by the way. So even the green Team stuff like that. It does have caffeine, and also just be weary off that. But try investigate caffeine before noon before noon. So when you wake up to noon, go ahead heavy coffee. But after that, just try to cut that down because the caffeine affects will still be effective in your body around six hours after. Okay, that's very important. So follow those couple of tips and then you should feel as though your sleep who drastically increase on whether it be benefits or sleep, affecting this off sleep on and actually getting into your routine so you might find a little bit easier to sleep. Yeah, but the benefits of sleeps I want to finish up by letting you guys know the benefits off sleep and how sleep actually helps you in getting the result that you want. Yes, So benefits of sleep. It allows your body to actively recover itself while you sleep. So you have mawr concentration and make better choices. If you do have that restorative sleep cause yet more on is clearer and your mind works more officially, you will crave less sugary foods cause, you know, always lacking energy from lack of sleep. So you're craving that sugary foods. You have increased energy throughout the day instead of energy slums here. In there, you have a better ability to learn because I said your brain works a lot better more efficiently. You also have improved immune system function, meaning that you'll get sick less because your immune system is boosted through the recovery of sleep. You have better memory, increased life expectancy over the long run and reduce stress levels if you let yourself rest and sleep. Yes, so these are the many benefits off sleep that you will start to feel. If you take on the advice and you start focusing on sleep yet, please don't feel as though sleep is wasting your time. If you're not working. You're wasting your time. No, sleep is actually very valuable. And you are definitely not wasting your time if you make time to sleep. All right. So that's basically the important to sleep and what you gotta do to increase that and make it more effective in your life. So please take on the advice you can read Watch this video any time. But that is basically about it for this week's video on sleep. If you do. You have any questions? Don't be afraid to ask. Have a great week. And I will see you next week for the last educational video, which is gonna be very exciting. Have an awesome day.