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6 Videos (40m)
    • PROOF: My video is ranked in top keywords for my subject!

    • See how one instructor made $250k with the help of one YouTube video!

    • How to make your Course video rank #1 easily!

    • How to Structure your Video for maximum impact!

    • Creating a YouTube Ad for your Video!

    • How to Advertise your video for $0.01 per video view!


About This Class

If you are looking for the most profitable way to sell your Udemy Courses online, you may love this Skillshare course!

In this course you will learn exactly how I and two top Udemy Instructors have used YouTube to promote our Udemy courses, super effectively!

In this course you will learn:

  • How to make a powerful video that converts viewers into buyers!
  • How to make your video rank #1 or page 1 in search for your subject keyword.
  • How two Top Udemy Instructors use this method for incredible results (revenue included)!
  • How to pay only $0.01 per video view for your YouTube video!


If you want to learn exactly how to promote your YouTube video for amazing long-term results, this course should not disappoint!

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Very informative.
Ron Masa

Psychologist, Artist and Educator

WOW! Once again this goes against every other strategy for YouTube promotion I have learned but you have the proof to back up that it works... and I love the simplicity of it. This can be used to promote pretty much anything and I plan to use it in my business early next week. Thanks so much for sharing. Always on the prowl waiting for your content. People- devour everthing Suppoman produces. He specializes in easy to implement and follow strategies that work... their nontraditional (or at least to me), many other guru's probably wouldn't tell us this stuff, but Suppoman does and I love it!!!
Kibibi Jett

Uncovering How to HACK Your Way To Rapid Success!





Michael Suppo

Your Superhero on Skillshare -

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