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Sky Rocket Your Productivity: 3 Techniques to be super efficient in Work and Relationships

teacher avatar Nitesh Gurnani, Face Reader , Foodie and a Life Lover

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Class Intro : Sky Rocket Your Productivity

    • 2. Productivity Must-Knows

    • 3. Measuring Productivity

    • 4. The Focus Time Technique

    • 5. The Action-Priority Matrix

    • 6. The Seinfeld Strategy

    • 7. Boost Vs Loose Productivity

    • 8. Apps to Help

    • 9. Congratulations!

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About This Class

Do you want to be energetic and super efficient in your life? Do you want to have consistent success in your career as well as in relationships? Are you finding it difficult to stay consistent with your goals and end up being on the wagon, only to give up on what you’ve chosen in the first place?

What if I say, you have powers to achieve more, to have abundance and success in every stream of life!! You don’t believe me, right??

I bet once you go through the masterclass, you’ll learn the ways to be more productive! In it, I have shared 3 Super Techniques that will enhance your productivity, they are easy to implement strategies and super effective, that will not only tell you how to achieve goals but step by step process, to define and classify the activities you do through a task-prioritization matrix.

In this course, You’ll learn :

  • To master productivity & save extra time you’ve been aspiring for
  • To be more efficient and energetic
  • To cut down on activities not worth your time
  • Focus Time Sessions, The Action-Priority Matrix & Seinfeld Strategy to be super productive
  • To design a Vision Board of your success
  • To measure your personal and work productivity
  • Activities that boost productivity vs Activities that lose productivity
  • To get 1 Extra Hour to enjoy

The ideal student for this course is one who wants to:

  • Discover new ways of Productivity & Time Management
  • Be more successful in Work and Relationship
  • Achieve more and become the best version of themself
  • Maximise their potential

What are you waiting for then? Get inside the class and master these techniques that will train you to be super effective and super efficient in your work as well as your relationship!!!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Nitesh Gurnani

Face Reader , Foodie and a Life Lover



Nitesh Gurnani is the Founder of ChehraSpeaks & Life Lover who has been featured across international Media as an entrepreneurial Face Reader and Physiognomist. Nitesh Gurnani has a mission to impact 1 Billion people to lead a balanced life both personally and professionally. His platform empowers people to tap into their inner potential, conducting compatibility and career readings as well as offering empowerment coaching.


His personal experience extends over 9 years, however, he founded ChehraSpeaks, not until 2017. He is driven by the passion to enable people, personally and professionally to improve their lives by giving them the ingredients to harness their inner power by an elaborate understanding of their own personalities.

&... See full profile

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1. Class Intro : Sky Rocket Your Productivity: Wonderful essay that you can be more efficient and energetic in your lives. What if I say that you are going to get your goods more consistently and have more abundance and success in your personal as well as professional leg. Or if I say my DataFrame that you have power, that brings you more. I beg you don't believe me right now, but after going through the master class, you're going to off-course, believe me, how you can super raise your productivity to have the life. You have all these aspiring. In this class I'm going to share with you the productivity must know is, which means I'll be sharing with you facts around productivity high and average American spends their time on how distractions affects productivity levels. Then after this, I'm going to share with you how you can measure your productivity. And this will help you in measuring your Posner as well as your work productivity. After this, I'm going to share with you three super techniques, beginning with focused time technique, the action priority matrix and s2 strategy, which will definitely going to help you enhance and increase your productivity. After that, I'm going to share with you the boost verses lose productivity model, which I have implemented in my life. And I have given my das, which helped me in boosting and losing my productivity levels. This will help you in saving that one extra arbitrary I've always aspired to have more comfort and leisure on. Then I'm going to share with you the apps which will help you increase in productivity. Then a father, I am going to thank you for completing the cost. Just a brief introduction about me and the school nanny, a professional phase reload and tech consulting. And I'm a full-time leaf level and love to design courses and help maximize human potential. And the splice, it's just an extension of it. So what are you waiting for days, Let's D-Day into enhancing the superconductivity which is inside it. 2. Productivity Must-Knows: Hi folks, Welcome to this lesson. And in this lesson I'm going to share with you the productivity must know this and we are going to discuss all about productive. So what is productivity? Productivity is how efficiently you can complete your task, which are important to you and that do consistently. It's all about achieving optimum results at those very light. And it could be different for different people. As a manager, as I have indicated, a team lead or employee, you aim for getting the best out of your place. Appearing. How do you complete your work on time so you can spend your evenings and I will denote with your children at home as a freelancer, how do you manage multiple projects efficiently? So you're getting a higher birth rate, right? So it could be different for different people. And what are the facts around productivity? And I want you to go through the facts because then you'd be able to resonate more with the class and better yourself on the productivity grounds. So 1 third of your life is spent at work out of what's a nine to five job if you're doing it eight hours of work out of the 24 hours you have, It's one pole of the entire day and one node of your life is spent at work, but is all that time that you spend. Is it all productive? Cross your heart and say, but that's not great. Not only do 1 million workers, this is our data. Not only do 1 million workers miss work each day due to stress, but Americans lose 65 billion dollars because of sleep deprivation. And in this case, I'm going to share the story of my team lead, who is one of the indention people in our team. But he takes five to six days leave in Amman despite having Saturday and Sunday as the official off. And, you know, he's the he's the one who soils the most difficult problems, the most difficult high-priority incidents, which comes our way. But on an average, the productivity of the entire team decreases because he's not able to join, right? So productivity is affected by him not joining because of maybe phase because of his help rate. So the question isn't how to walk more? It's how did the mod productive as possible and increase employee engagement. And thereby a recent survey say that an engaged team will give you 202% higher cumulative performance. But at Gallup study the wheel that about 70 percent of your employees and disengaged doing the average worker. Which means the more happy you feel at work, the better you'll be able to contribute. This is just about the work aspect, but more of all, we'll be diving into the personal productivity also later. So this is about the employee productivity levels name. So this is the survey which I wanted to share the personal productivity levels as per the American Daniel survey, the average employed posts in between 25 to 54 with kids spent 8.7 hours a day voting 747. A hazard is sleeping 1.1 already. This is I think I missed the blank. You're doing household chores one hour a day, eating and drinking when going three already, caring for others, which could be caring for the WAF, getting for the mom, caring for the dad, caring for the children when 0.7 oddity on other activity in a dew, 0.508 on leisure activities. So this was the data which I got when I was researching for the productivity levels and how Lou distractions affect productivity. How do social media affect productivity? There was actually a study conducted by Gloria Mark, as you can see, who studies digital distractions at University of California. And she said, she said, I kind of mindless scrolling on Instagram cause you 25 minutes of work. Isn't that crazy? Like she she she writes attention, distraction can lead to higher stress, bad mood, and lowered productivity. How often it hasn't happened with you that you went on to check your most important email and you've got a Facebook notification and you clicked on that notification just to check what's in that post. And somehow we are friendly message to you and you started chatting with that friend in the whole process, you have consumed to a ray five minutes. And after that, you have just close your mobile phone and forgot to check your mail. It hasn't happened with the many Danes. And a very cool study rate and voucher Cloud studying indicated the average office worker is only productive for two hours and 15 minutes. That's startling figure, right? We've worked for 95. They evolved for e times, but through the study also, we are only do other than 53 minutes productive, which means if we save 100 and if we can be more productive in our life, imagine how much efficiency and energetic we can be. And it is also said that reading news websites and checking social media, we're taught to distractions that theory, the productivity levels of people, right? And this also shows that focusing for a longer period, hurting our personal productivity when you're focusing on social media. So block your distractions. That's one of the main reasons as to how you can actually boost your productivity levels that aid. In the next class, I'm going to share with you how you can measure your productivity. So let's meet in the next lesson. 3. Measuring Productivity: Hi folks. In this lesson I'm going to share with you how you can measure your productivity. Let me click on this icon, right? So there are two simple steps you can use to measure your productivity. Step one is time tracking. This means tracking your time and activities. You can either do it with a notebook and pen or with productivity are first and foremost thing is you have to track every single activity that you do and every single, possibly for a week go. You can do that. And after that you will be able to channel it in your mind. For example, if you are tracking work productivity, Megan or DOF, how you spend every single work, especially in the first week, you can do that. How long is your lunch break? Is that too long? You know, when I joined my company first, then I used to have more than more than an artery or a lunch break. And back to his dad seem to really be real my productivity on the Vogue grounds. So how many button brings the video take? How many hours you spend catching up on e-mails, reading emails and scrolling mindlessly while you were working on your laptops rate. And how many hours do you actually end up working? You know, time tracking is one activity which will help you gauge a rough estimation as to where you spend your time on which path you spend your time on. Then step two is you have to measure your output as Peter Drucker, rightly saying, what gets measured gets managed late, as you can see in this image, which I have captured, right? So easiest way is to create a to-do list for all important task. And this I'm going to share with you the techniques are where you can actually make your efficiency and go inward skyrocket your efficiency. So having a to-do list that it is definitely helpful. So, you know, if CICS task and you have six tasks on your to-do list and you have completed four of which you have chosen the newer, fairly productive. So this is a simple gauge of how, how much productive you are when it comes to fulfilling your task. The other technique, which I believe is the better technique in terms of measuring your productivity is the especially in your workplace if you want to measure. So you work from 95 Zealand and let's see you a productive for a total of five eyes, which you know that it goes against the data which is a study conducted by a voucher. A cloud that we on anomalies are 223 minutes productive in an eight hour workday. But let's say you unfavored burden means out of the IEP because you weren't at your workplace, fibers you upload up there. So 5 divided by the total hours you have spent there, which is eat, into a 100 which is 62.5%, you weren't productive at work. So this is fairly decent productivity. So productivity ER, it is not only for your work, It's what every Ghoul you are trying to accomplish in this attributes pseudo, Bushnell Google, you have in your leg, right? So where you are spending your extra thinker would wonder what it isn't, what a lunch break is it going through a lot of bathroom breaks? Is it spending a lot of time worrying? Is it mindless browsing? Is it we're watching a lot of movies? Is it watching a lot of Netflix? Is it on social media? Is it and watching your video as well eating, you know, I used to do it a lot and, you know, for a 15 minute lunch I use to make my lunch go more than vinyl. So gains or which areas are contributing to the extra time you're spending, which is the affinity not worth it, or a 100. You can also give one of the reasons that Alexander, is it reading first Unwin's textbook on, and you're not doing anything in that period of thing. You know, just ponder over it and you'll get that one extra, that one dying where you will find that this is the R which is not being productive. So just a rough estimation in this lesson where I have shared how you can measure your productivity. But in the next lesson, I'm going to share with you the real technique as to how you can boost your productivity, beginning with focus time. 4. The Focus Time Technique: Hi folks. In this lesson I'm going to share with you the focus same technique, and how you can use this technique to actually boost your productivity. So this technique requires you to work in several clearly defined shot indoors. So how does this technique work? What you have to do? So ticker timer or a stock what Senate for 30 minutes. That's the lens of a single working session which will leak focused ionization. Okay, So start to working if you are writing, start riding for the next 30 minutes. And then what you have to do as when the alarm goes off, set it off 45 minute bleak name. Okay. After break, set your timer for 30 minutes and walk. When it goes off, set it for another brick. So what you have to do is this. You have to do it for the next four days. So these are point actually the focus times sessions. So one focus time session for 30 minutes, then a five minute break. Then the second focus time session for 30-minute identify human and break. That way. You you utilize it focused I'm techniques. So this way you preserve your focus and energy and be productive overall. So why is this technique successful and going to lead on these steps as to how you can use this technique in the next lane. But why did this technique successful? It has been resource and dy, dy is also there. So the reason for success later in the sense of urgency, I want you guys to imagine bees when D before the exam you use to study a lot. And that study was counted to more than eight to nine hours prior to the exam day. Why that happened? Because there is a sense of urgency that there is a sense that, you know, if you don't study, you will feel, feel the exam right. There's a sense of fear, there is a sense of urgency, and that is what is imbued in this technique rate. So when you know, you only have 30 minutes to complete a task, describe the task in two steps. In the next slide, you know, you immediately focus on it. So if a task, let's say you have to write a particular script in the next 30 minutes. So for example, if I have to write the script for this lesson, not for this video, I have 38 minutes to write the script for this second video which you are seeing, right? So in that 30 minute and a half to complete the task, and if I don't complete it, then that working section will be marked as a red colored working session, which means I have failed in that. So when you know you only have 30 minutes to complete a task, you immediately focus on it instead of receiving that there's a whole day. Thank you. Uh, working with the time you have and not against it, that makes a complete narrative team today. So what are the steps? The steps are super beautiful. La have captured it from big survey and that's a great saved by the way for a major images. Let's get back. Go straight into the focus. Same technique steps so, you know, define your daily tasks blind for the entire week. So this week, dot task, which I had the Super important tasks which I had the MID, which I am going to share with you in the next slide. The most important tasks was to design the course and complete the course. So what, what I did was I split the task into steps. So first, I have to research for a topic on Monday and I have to create a rough draft on Tuesday and Wednesday. And then the final draft with stories on cozy. Then shooting will be on Friday and then I'll pass the videos to the editing team on Saturday and cost published will happen maybe by the enough next Monday, right, when the editing game team actually completes that. So you have to divide your task in two steps, right? And assign each step into one focus invoking session. So for example, if I have, if I have to research for a topic on Monday, then my one working session will be though researchers to actually browsing the web and see the researchers which has already been conducted on productivity and write it down. Then the, another focus to invoking session will be where I put in my thoughts on life and what I believe about productivity then are there no working session will be how I'm writing the scripts for the cost, right? So one focus time working session for 30 minutes, you know, that is how you break down your task into step. Just remember that you have to bring down your step into a 30 minute step, right? So set the timer to 30-minute. Work on the dusk until you hear the ring, right? So if I have to prepare a script, I'm using the example again, again because that is what is coming to my mind right now. So, you know, you work and write that script for the next 30 minutes. Or if you're studying or solving a math problem. Or if you're solving a particular question may be from, maybe from, from a geometry exam you have, you know cetera, time window 20 minutes and work on it diligently. And then you have to take a five-minute break even if you have not completed it. So that's something which will urge you to do it more efficiently. So first focus translation is completed. Now check whether you have been productive on. Then after four or five focused on sessions or repeat the same process right after for four or five focusing sessions, it is also important that you take a longer break, right? So once you have completed for focused on sessions in a day, four or five focused on sessions a day. You know what you have to do, you have to take a longer break which can extend to 30 to 45 minutes break. So I was highlighting be cured MID, which means the most important tasks you have to finish this week not Do. You will dedicate most of your energy to complete your task. So I also have to actually plan for a travel this week. And if I if I if I have scammed the most important tasks to be traveled and I wouldn't be able to design this class. So I have to prioritize, which is my priority, whether it is to design a voice or whether it is to travel and room around installer on, right. So what's your MIT for the week? Decide your MID. Mid is the critical task that will bring the most significant results to your day. Picking this task out of mainly other tasks you have, which would be sleeping, which could be rooming with your friend, which could be going on a date with your girlfriend. It is all about how you prioritize and everything else becomes secondary. So decide on your MID, what's your MIT when you start working on focused on sessions, It's actually a bit like Pomodoro Technique rate. Every day you complete one task, you just take a bend and color one of the four circles. So this is the creative aspect to it. So once you have completed in Wagner von focused AM session, you know, market as green, not just the elite. That's how you actually boost your motivation to keep going right? At the end of the day, read yourself how productive you were on a scale of one to ten. And we can also measure your productivity visits where we are with the index which we have shared in the last video, right? And the vitally important thing, how do you use your brain? You know, as this technique requires you to take a break, It's important that you take a break. There is no other aspect as you, as to not taking a break in this practice if you're following it diligently. So, you know, during the break, what's your first heart? That's very important. Whether it's SWOT, I got to scroll my insta fields for five minutes. Or I get five minute or two simpler healthy smoothie do squats, rest my eyes watching outside the window, watching the nature, watching my indoor plants or sit in silence. You know, that really, really matters. And as we have discussed that going through the social media channels mix, you're disrupted for the next 25 minutes and it increases your stress. So it's very important how you are actually using your break. So going through and scrolling through social media or watching viral videos in that five-minute will make you more tired and less willing to actually continue working because you will get another avenues to give more entertainment to you. And what makes these focused IN techniques who agreed? It's because it's very easy to start, right? It's it's when you work on it, you only walk on it. And I have forgotten to tell you that keep your mobile phones. Are we when you are concentrating for the forced focus session or the second focus session, you have to block all the disruptions. That's a very important and you are aware about your time. That's one of the reasons for the success of this technique rate. And you're not doing any multi-tasking because you have already decided to task, you have to work on and then you have broken down your task into steps, which is super important for the success of these techniques. So guys, this is the worst technique which I have shared with you. Let me know how you feel about the focus time technique. And I'll also share that to other techniques. And I'll advise you lead to an as to how you can work with the combinations of these strategies which can help you boost your productivity. So let's meet in the next video where I'll share with you the action priority matrix, which is also one of the great models to enhance your productivity. 5. The Action-Priority Matrix: Hi folks. In this lesson I'm going to share with you the action priority matrix technique which will help you boost your productivity levels. So the action priority matrix, the explanation goes. So the matrix which you are seeing here, it is based on the impact and the efforts you put in starting from the law on the y-axis and the going to the high on the y-axis itself and then starting from low effort. So the high efforts going along the x axis, right? So these mattresses, I'll explain all of these four blocks and I'll also share my action priority matrix, which will help you design your action plan, the metrics, and what it's all about. So these mattresses show you how to prioritize activities to make the most of your time energy. And we all have 24 hours when we have a lot of tasks to do, starting from the sleeping, starting from the working on my project, starting from watching television, starting from watching a Netflix movie. A lot of tasks which we have to do, right? But what are the most important tasks which we have to prioritize? That becomes another deals that are DNA. And this is one of the important points which is mentioned in the action priority in matrics. So why it is useful to prioritize size? Because as I told you that we rarely have time to complete all of the tasks and projects on our wish list. So, you know, it also will indicate that you can drop the tasks, which are the thankless task that will contribute very little in your life. And I'll mention all of the tasks which comes under that category. And let, let, let me tell you how you can score on this action by the markets for it before indicating the steps, right? Though. So to use matrics, use core tasks these first on that impact. So first what you have to do is go on this segment and the impact which it has in your life, right? So the first is it certain quick wins, which is the high impact, which is high on this aspect, and low on the ground, which means low effort, but high-impact. And this could be this cost hold, so boasting for my voice. So this is the low effort late rate. You're spending your time loading how you can increase your productivity. Right now you're not doing great effort, but it is going to have, I believe, HIV backed in the oil eighth grade. So this caused on any course which you are studying at this point in time, it may fall into this category where you have your quick wins late. Or it could also be your profession you are having an expertise on. It is like you are attacked much habituated to be super efficient in that, that you required a very low effort and it is super impactful for you and it gives quick wins and venues for your rate. So quick wins are that it is highly impactful in your life with low effort, right? So these are the most attractive projects and can give good returns for relatively less effort. And the major projects, which means though, where the impact is also high as you are seeing here, it will come in this index. The impact is also high, but the efforts which you are doing that is also high. Which means when you're applying these strategies in your life, which I have given in the course, that will require a lot of effort from your end, that requires a weekly planning of your tasks. So it requires a lot of effort and say we only when the certifications you'll do in your life to grow in your career or in your relationship as well, to spend time rate that requires a lot of effort from your end, but it also has great impact on the lake. So these tasks can be time-consuming, but they give you good return rate. And the bottom was tasked with the filling status and the tankless tasks, which means that requires low effort and it also has low impact. Could be watching a YouTube video orders mindlessly scrolling through social media. I think they covered my MFAs. Let me put my face here. So thankless task are the tasks which are low impact and which requires your high effort, which is a complete wastage of time. So you need to avoid these activities. And in the next, in the next slide, oh, wait. In the next slide, I'll give you how to use the matrics. So step one is, you know what, you have to list the major activities that you want or need to complete. Okay. So this could be from your from your busy day. So today's a Friday, right? So what I have to do, I have to complete the course, I have to take. I have to take my father to a doctoral is so I have to also eat, I also have to sleep. I also have to work for my clients. So list down all the activities and the first task as to what are the major. It is that you want only to complete. And step two is the mark, all of those activities in this, in this so beautiful matric Situ or C from 0 to 10 first and mark it as an impact, then mark it on the effort. Frank, I will show you the matrix in the next slide. Now we, I have Magda, my activities. So you have, what you have to do next is to plot activities and action priority matrix based on your scores. And once you have prioritized appropriately the activities, you can then decide what are the activities you have to do at the forefront and what you can delegate or you can completely avoid. So you know how to use the matrix to make a list ongoing task activities and goals. So this is my action of the head, the matrix for today, right? So the quick wins. So what was the first step, as I told you, score the activity on the impact, Frank. Oh, okay. First of all, is the major activity then to list the impact for the activities that you're doing. So what I have done your is so I have two As I'm a professional police radar, I have to do a screening for my client. So this is a high-impact thing for my life and it's significantly low effort because I have been doing that regularly from the last seven to eight years, right. So I have an expertise in that. So similarly, this is a quick win for me, you, and you can design it for your self-assessment. And I also have a Facebook group where I go lay with the community. And that's a great way to communicate with the members and keep them energized. So this is one of the tasks which I have to do for this day, right? So you guys high in bank, but it doesn't require a significant effort for me. And what is the other is the cause development rate. So this is a high effort. It requires a significant time because I have to plan out your research. I have to put down my thoughts. I have to design a script, I had to record a video. I have to pass it to the editing team and then I will pass it to the publishing theme, right? So the impact of this course will be high, right? Because it is reaching you at the end of the day late and you are super important for me. So impact is high and effort is also high, right? And then the fill-in tasks, which means the low impact, the low impact, scoring low, it goes from 0. Let's imagine 0 is your Antony's hill. So low start from 0. So checking meals and taking a bean style notifications are definitely the fill-ins for me. And the thankless task, which means which requires higher for which requires high time for me. And it is a significant piece of cheese or mindless browsing which I have, which I do, but I now try to avoid it consciously and not do it. And these comes under the category of thankless task. And I had a hybrid or watching YouTube videos. A lot of you do videos when I'm eating a lot of time. So this is the my thankless task where I need to get away from these tankless, right? So what is your action priority matrix? You know, use these action priority in metrics to prioritize the tasks which you have in your particular day or in your particular way, and use it with the focus time session technique. Because through this technique, you'll be able to prioritize a particular task or activity which are super important for you. And through the focus same sessions, you can actually complete that. And that was the bonus insight that you can use. These two strategies together work more efficiently and to boost your productivity, right? So use this technique, upload your action priority matrix in the project section and let me know if you face any issues. In the next video, I'm going to share with you the scene for your strategy, which is going to give you a wonderful goal setting strategy and working and increasing your productivity. So let's meet in the next class. 6. The Seinfeld Strategy: Hi folks. In this lesson I'm going to share with you the scene filled strategy. Let me click on the icon and this is super helpful if you want to achieve one personal boil, which could be anywhere from going to the gym, from writing the poorest, from writing the blogs. It could be anything. So do you find it hard to stay consistent with your goals? And initially you may have or Russia with a lot of enthusiasm only to fall off the wagon and give up on them. Eventually hasn't happened with you that you have signed up for a team membership, but stopped. We're going after fewer days. In fact, as it happened, not only with me but also with my cousin. Where after every third month you decide like plan for us. I mean, by his new shoes. Then after dental to head is either stopped going to the gym. And there could be various reasons. Right. But is inconsistent with the rule is and I have also been in this trend rate and I believe that you are also in this, you could also have phases tend in your leaf rate. Or maybe you have started to write a blog and after few blogs you abandoned. And this has happened to me also, where I decided to contribute for action for happiness group itself, Facebook group where, you know, everything, happiness and relatedness shared. And I contributed in that group for the force to three days. I was very excited and contributed immensely then lead to and I lose my stream and sorry, not steam grade. So I lose my steam there and I completely abandon and I was inconsistent with my angle. And this strategy is definitely going to help each one of us to be more consistent with our goal, right? So you're falling on new diet regime or you want to plan losing weight and your mood over what you have decided for us. So whatever your goals are, staying consistent with them. Day in and out, months and yours is challenging and seen floods strategy makes it both effective and remarkably simple. You achieve the goal you always aspire for. So the big idea here is if you want to build a habit that sticks and let you reach your goal, you must track your progress in a simple but a concrete way. So what and how you need to use scene from strategy, so forth. What do you have to do is decide on your Boolean. So for example, if your goal is to lose weight or lose 20 pounds, you have to decide on what goals you have. The more concrete and simply avoids are, the better you'll be able to achieve your outcomes. And the next day is broken down into routines, right? So if you have a goal of losing 20 pounds, you have to break down your routines. And what our routines, routines us small actions, which is performed consistently will lead to completion of a goal. It may sound simple, but when it comes to practice, you literally have to work hard. So for example, if your goal is to lose 20 pounds, van routine would be two. Don't eat after 7 PM. All you have to walk what, 20 minutes early. And here I would like to share the story of my mom. So she she, she she lost weight recently, 10 pounds he has lost and she also has a routine where in the morning she do yoga and in the evening she do 30-minute. She plans on rolling around, not twister. So to establish lake exercise where you shake your body up and that heads, you lose weight. So she do it consistently, you know, from the last, I think 5060 days she has been doing it. So, you know, breakdown and routines in those small actions which will propel you to achieve the outcome you have planned for yourself. They'd, so here we're losing 20 pounds. That will be walking for 20 minutes or not eating after 7 PM. Or if your goal is to write a book, then what do you have to do is you have to decide on a routinely be from six to eight PM Molyneux, you can walk on the focus time session along with that technique. And from six to 80 volt, then in the evening when you have your mood setup rate, then you walk in the evening and late in the evening as well. So brachial Gould down into routines and how you will achieve that outcome, right? And the next is set up your calendar. This is the most important step in the scene finished strategy. So what's the infinite recommends? He recommends a big wallet calendar, which hands right at the level value following a routine. So if you, if you are into writing rate, then the calendar will be on the table you're working on. That is a big calendar, so that Remains though within your island, it remains within the spectrum of variable you're working. So that's the most important thing. And the next step is you need to mark your success exuberantly. So if I have done a lot of exercise today and I have a routine or to have a goal of losing weight. And if I have, you know, then the exercise, then I'll mark my outcome with a green color and I can be as playful and funny with my success. Months rain. So mark your routines when you have accomplished it playfully, joyfully so that you can actually embrace this strategy model and, you know, don't miss twice. So this is the fifth step when you inevitably miss a routine. It's very important that you stay compassionate and you don't indulge in negative self-talk or P harsh with yourself. It's okay if you mess once, but make sure that you don't miss it twice because it then will become a habit rate. So these are the, how do you step? So first, decide on your world, What's your goal? And this becomes super helpful, this strategy super helpful when you are an outpost, no-go a journey. It's Van Gogh latter-day, right? So breakaway, hold on into routines, which means routines are small actions which will help you achieve your wound when you do it consistently. The other step is to set up your calendar. This is the most important step and mark your success exuberantly. You know, you can be very proud of what you have achieved when you have followed your routing and don't miss twice. This is super important, right? So why this technique works? Because you are accountable, rate, because you're rewarding yourself when you are marking green or whatever you are using in terms of being creative. And it is repeatedly channeling into your memory. So you are also announcing your memory lane and it's very easy to use. And because of physicality, because you are using a physical calendar, it is keeping you off from the digital stuff and it is being in your eyesight that you have to do it. And, you know, I use my vision board, got my calendar also is like a vision board rate. So I use my vision board for the goals which I want to achieve and that physical aspect. When I wake up in the morning, I see it regularly and when you see it regularly, you act upon it. So that's the most important aspect, right? And what are the common errors while following the sinful strategy? It's a wandering can enjoy it. So if you're not keeping your calendar, her within your eyesight, wherever you work, you are doing a mistake if you're not doing that, right. So if I if I have a room for study and I'm keeping my calendar in the other room, then that's not the right strategy late. I have to keep it within my own sake, and that's super important. It should be its own dedicated thing as you are seeing. Or if you're going digital, you can have a digital calendar. You can have alarm clocks are ringing for your digital calendar. But, but this doesn't work here, or it's the analog part which works best here. Now in its later and you see that thing regularly, you'll realize that you have to do and follow a routine way. And the other one could be, what is a poor diamond? Or you're not sure about the times you have decided. So for example, if you wake about maybe ten AM in the morning and you decide to go on a gym maybe TO 12 to one. And if that doesn't suit you, and if that doesn't suit, you are go well with you in terms of having lunch at that time, then that's a poor timing. So you can be experimenting the timing part. But now you know, be thoughtful about the ion. You set your routine rate, what is up to your body type, and how you are more efficient in following that routine. So once you are fixed with the right time, once you have fixed with not using the digital calendar and using the analog one, that will definitely help you in achieving the best of your productivity when it comes to following the scene for its strategy. I hope you have enjoyed this lecture and in the next lecture, I'm going to share with you the boost versus US productivity model, which will super hint you in gaining that one extra iron, which I have promised. 7. Boost Vs Loose Productivity: Hi folks. In this lesson I'm going to share with you the boost towards says lose productivity. And in it I'll share my postman steepening. And I want you to also jot down your personal statement which you can definitely keep with yourself. And this will give you that additional one iron, which you have always aspired for in your life and which you can make very, very, very productive. Like. So, what's my Bosons segment? And these are my personal statement, right? So how do I boost my productivity? It's when I follow my goals. And if I just eat myself 16 to 17 months back when I used to work without having any goals in my life, a really suffered being very lazy. I was having no direction and to do low and the important setting booths, I realized that I can be more energetic and more fruitful in my life. It's late. If I'm going on a train and that doesn't know a destination, how can it reach the destination which I have pawn off. So when I really had good in my life, I really boosted my productivity. And I also have a class on how you can actually have goals that you can achieve. And it's the whoop way which I have shared in that you can also have a look at that class and tell me how you feel about data as well. It's a bit of marketing you hook, but it gave me the target I've put in here that when you follow your guru, you are being more productive towards what you want to achieve. And this has definitely helped me boost my productivity. And when I'm following my calendar or a vision board. So on my vision board I usually write my affirmations. I, there is a segment where I keep my goal. Then there is a segment where I keep what I'm gratitude off. So that has helped me be more productive because it helps me with what I need to be thankful off in my life and what are the goals in my life, right? So that gives me energies and that keeps me charged and that, that's what actually boost my productivity in terms of walking and achieving what I wanted to. And the other part is doing what motto was and is connected with my book way. So doing face reading, which is one of the lovely things that I really feel passionate of designing courses and are delivering. I have within me to each one of you. Like that. I feel is very related to my purple is it's like giving with the complete heart and soul. And that's, that's something which matters and it tells me that I'm creating a difference. So, you know, find what's your purpose of flavor. Because once you start finding that purpose, once you have found your purpose, if I have to say that, you know, you will feel very delighted and joyful in your life. And the other thing which has contributed in me helping to have higher productivity is when I'm not engaging in multitasking, which means I'm doing one task at 1 in time. Well, Willie and I used to be in a habit of watching cricket match together, invoking at the same point in time on my laptop. Or if I'm writing, actually that lost a lot of productivity. And believe me, if you just do one task at 1 in time, you're not only going to be more productive, but you're going to feel more analogy and efficient in your life. It's like you'll be concentrated towards one specific task and not as much boring task could be. Just do one thing at a time. Ok, make it a point that you're not cooking and talking with your frame together. If you're cooking, you know, concentrate your energy towards cooking itself. And you're going to observe a super difference in your energy levels, in your efficiency. So make sure to do one task at a point at 1 in time. And this definitely helped me boost my productivity levels. And when I challenged my mind that I can do more. And you know, when you delegate tasks which are not under your purview, you also boost your productivity because you can focus on tasks which you do the best rate. So I have a marketing DMO, so its markets micro Isis. So earlier I used to spend a lot of bucks, also a mycoplasma clearing. But once I have handed that to them, I can design more courses, right? And I can be more productive. So delegate tasks which are not important to you and what is you can have a look at action priority matrix video once again. And I have changed this latest since. Beautifully monkey and a sofa huge. I actually had my brother-in-law was watching this lane and he was laughing at it crazily. So these are the postal statements with childhood written which has led me to lose productivity in my past. And some of it happens to me right now also. And I want to share it with you. And I also want you to also draft for yourself so that we can find an extra arm is I have promised land. I want you to be super honest with me on this site. So this is what I did earlier. I do feel a feeling lazy and waiting for things not happening with me, worrying for the finances were informal relationships, broadcasting, eating that I'll do the task next day. And this definitely let me use my productivity. They'd already engaged in pleading someone. I believe that this would have also happened with you also gave you like people in love. And later you realize that you are not any productive and not r. So are you over engaging, pleasing someone in your life? If, if that wasn't really matters to you, and that person will come to you without much of an effort. So decide on this. Pleading someone for a, for a lot of time or you're sleeping polymerize and this happens with me also where a when SDE 4, 9 today, nice. I say at that moment that this They are like 23, either have wasted or to not being productive. So are you sleeping for more art or arguing yeast to 0 for a longer? Are in your watching YouTube or Facebook WhatsApp, or you're reading emails which show, which sound into your good, right? So find out what's, what's something which is not productive for you. And these are all the ones we're really faced in my table order. You are with the flow of friends and flow of moments that you've known TO feel that your goals are important to your brain. And here it is in watching motivation lecture they want to, narrator story of my friends saw he was preparing for an IAS examination and that's one of the most pivotal examination in our country. It's of the administration level and a lot of preparation, a lot of hard, a lot of bees. And after one year you get to the exam. It's divided into reexamined the final exam. And a lot of effort play 12 to 13 hours of studying in a single day you have flu. So that's a lot of effort which you have to landfall that you have to have motivations. And you know what my friend nodded Tao e used to what a lot of motivation lecture is that is important. But you know, every single day used to watch like 23 hours of motivation lecture and then study. And at 1 in time it worked for him. But literary release that that's a too much which he is watching. So he was actually not investing time productively, was actually losing his time on what he could use it for study. So, you know, are you watching some of it, some of the motivation things for longer, Peter decide on it and you can cut down on that and do the main task. Or are you multitasking this? I'm telling you, this doesn't feel great. It actually deviates the focus of your mind to doing two things at 1 in time, which of course is going to make you a stressful, which of course is not letting you going to lead to concentrate. Or when you meditate, you will observe that torts are just flowing in your being restless. It's a multitasking been a lot of difficulty. Even if you feel it. You say advantages. They'd or mindlessly browsing and reading for texts to come off. We've got some of the activities that I have experienced my life. It's, some of it's really are very close to my limpets has lost productivity. So what I always say, not write them down. And I bet that once you write them down, you'll be able to get what are the things and activities which keeps, keeps you on the lower productivity index rate. So as I promised, how to free one more r for you and being more productive, absorbed the task in activities where you lose productivity nor down whatever task you do. That means what tasks you do, know down them. And especially for the ones you lose productivity on. And that's where I have kept my promise of giving you that one extra, which you can contribute towards quick wins or major projects for your life as we have learned in the action priority matrix. So find that one extra from the lose productivity segment in your life. And I believe that's going to help you in enhancing and increasing your productivity and making you more. I hope you have enjoyed this video. In the next video, I'm going to share with you the apps with skin super help in increasing your productivity. So let's meet in the next video. 8. Apps to Help: Hey folks, I hope you are having finally in the goin and learning with a lot of hard innate. And in this video I'm going to share with you the abs, which can help you boost your productivity. And the first one is house dab. It lets you know how much time you spend on each customer project firstname. And it also helps you give the periods of inactivity for which you have been doing absolutely nothing there then the alert our best dog a lab, it helps in record time as a stopwatch when you begin and complete some task. And I am a bit of analog person, so I believe in a lot of writing on the boil stuff. You can also use that which we have read in the scene for the strategy and the benefits of the abscess? Well, the credits of the coils goes to the phone which I have investigated in the source my data on the Friday app intelligent team, I do and submit liquid know that gum. And in the next video I'm going to thank you for the course you have done. And I'm going to introduce you to the group which I have, which is super effective and super beautiful, right? So let's meet in the next lesson. 9. Congratulations!: Welcome to the final video of this class, folks in it, I'm going to thank you and congratulate you for completing the course. And I just want to say it takes a lot of hard to start a particular class, but to complete it requires a lot of discipline, which you have shown my dear friend and that I'm very proud of, right? So are you ready? Do enhance their productivity, give me a high-five, and die the course. So do your friends or your social media channel if you feel that it is helpful. And you can have it. Have a look at more of the courses which I have by the end of this video. But I want you to also have a look at one of the premium classes which I have, which is iniquity superpowers to transform your life. In this course, I have discussed the power of purpose, which will help you connect with your pool place, and which will help you realize the meaning that seven fingers. And not that much important than if you're connected to the purpose in your life. It will help you show the power of fabric, how you can replace your bad habits with good habits. The power of love, which will give the meaning of love in a whole new direction. And there are 17 utmost powers which will change your life. I'm damn sure of that. How a look at that course, I'll be attaching the link in the PDF. And I also want you to join in the happy discussions group. So this is the group which we have where we discussed the lines questions where I have created a platform where you can get your face reading the relationship advice and analysis which you are seeing. That's my expertise or Feast reading, right? And it is super fun group. We have live almost every week. And we have a happy discussion segment where we discussed the beautiful things of life, how we can be more grateful or if you're going through stress, how you can share it on that platform and share your stress that we can help you in whatever you're going through. And it's the entire community which is aimed towards sustainable living and sustainable giving rate. So that's what the group is all about. And because I'm a Fe3 that I also want you to have a look at one of my premium glasses, which is on Feast reading. So the GUI which you are seeing shorter, this is a decision matrix which you are seeing on our face. So this is the practical segment. This is the nose which you are seeing here. The territory is T2 and this territory is T3. So a lot of explanation on that. What's the meaning of I is, what's the meaning of eyebrows? What's the meaning of this undid, a brew is, I have explained that in that course. And what the meaning of this philtrum, it's actually related to your sexual appeal and how you are being presented or how you are being seen now in someone's eye. So that is also a great art to have. There are more than five elements in the face which accounts to the water element what feeds would, would feed fire, fire feeds, feeds metric. So these are the five elements which are hidden in your face and you act as for your personality of that element. So there is a lot of learning in that course and I bet that you'll enjoy that course as well. And now I would just like to thank you once again and congratulate you for completing the course and enjoy the other courses as well whenever you find pain. But more of all, I promised that you are being more productive now. And I just want you to promise me that you are going to apply all of these learning which I shared with you and follow one of the strategy with hard, that's going to be super-helpful to you. So thank you once again. And how greedy moving forward.