Skillshare Teachers: Generate More Class Ideas (More Than You'll Have Time To Create) | Ruth Thomson | Skillshare

Skillshare Teachers: Generate More Class Ideas (More Than You'll Have Time To Create)

Ruth Thomson, Creative Entrepreneurship

Skillshare Teachers: Generate More Class Ideas (More Than You'll Have Time To Create)

Ruth Thomson, Creative Entrepreneurship

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7 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Behind The Scenes: A Look At My Class Idea List

    • 3. Ideation

    • 4. Inspiration

    • 5. Time Travel

    • 6. Research

    • 7. The Project

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About This Class

In this class, I'll show you have to generate a huge list of ideas for your next Skillshare Class. 

You'll get step by step instructions on easy to use techniques. 

By the end of the class, you will 

  • have a long list of class ideas
  • a prioritised list of 10 classes you want to teach next
  • a set of techniques you can use again and again to generate ideas

Who will benefit from this class? 

Whether you are a new Skillshare teacher or an established one, you will learn something useful.

There are no pre-requisites or materials required. Bring a willingness to learn and you will be successful. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Ruth Thomson

Creative Entrepreneurship




Thanks for visiting my profile. I hope we get to meet sometime soon. 

I'm Ruth. I am a self-confessed career development and learning geek. I've spent the last 19 years strategising, plannng and building a career I love. I've read thousands of books about how to create a work life you love. 

My obsession with building a career I love made it possible for me to have a work life that I love. I work in the field of digital and technology and I get to combine a range of different projects including training development and delivery, digital product development, innovation, marketing and consulting.                                      &... See full profile

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1. Welcome : welcome to lesson one. So you're here and ready to generate lots of ideas in case we haven't met yet. I'm Ruth Thompson. In July 2018 I received an email from skill Share inviting me to take part in a V i. P challenge to create my first Gil share class. At the beginning, I really struggled to come up with my first idea on then kind of like the 2nd 1 was a bit difficult as well. But using that's this, these techniques, I really got into it. And now, as I mentioned, I've got a really, really long list of ideas and mawr skill share classes than I have time to create them. In this class, I will share with you four techniques. The first is ideation. The second is taking inspiration from your own life. The third is time travel. On the fourth is research. I can't wait to get started. See you and listen to 2. Behind The Scenes: A Look At My Class Idea List: I hope you're getting excited about using some of the techniques to generate some ideas for your classes. I want to give you a small bonus, a sneak behind the scenes. Look at my class idealist to give you an idea off the folio of ideas that I've managed to generate. So on the left hand side here, you see the titles off the ideas that I've had on on the right hand side. This is how I track my workflow. Have I created the outline, a short outline of full outline on Have I filmed the class and just a scroll down to give you some idea off kind of the diversity of the ideas that I've had. So from improving the sound of your voice to a productivity class. Lots of classes for skill share teachers, things that I've learned over the last couple of months on then some social media marketing topics like working with influences because I have experience running campaigns with influences, classes about blogging, career development classes on If I keep scrolling down, you will see the volume off ideas. I feel like a good almost spend my whole life creating school share classes for you guys carries on and on and on. I've got to about 103 now. But I definitely know that every day I add at least one or two using these techniques. So I hope that's given you a bit of inspiration. Andi, I will see you in the next lesson. 3. Ideation: welcome to lessen to on the first technique ideation. Although you might not have the ideas in front of your mind right now, they're definitely there. You have more ideas than you know in your mind. In this technique, set a timer for 30 minutes. Grab a notebook or a piece of paper or an open window in your browser. Aunt, start putting down every single idea that pops into your head. In that moment, the crazy ones, the ones you've dismissed, the ones that people said wouldn't work. Every single idea is really, really useful because it could generate a new idea. Then when you start feeling a bit stuck, use some of the prompts I've created. Download for you to use its called prompts on. It will help UNIX expand your thinking to some of the problems. For example, are what ideas would an artist come up with? What ideas would Google come up with? What ideas when entrepreneur come up with get them all down on paper because you don't have to do every single one of them. But every idea will start feeling another idea. Good luck with your ideation, Andi, I will see you in the next class, which is all about taking inspiration from your own life. 4. Inspiration: welcome to lessen three Andi, The second technique which is taking inspiration from your own life. I'm absolutely sure that you have had a really interesting life with lots of different work projects, family projects, life projects and Latin products. When you're a student on these can all be great material for creating your skill share classes. In this lesson, we're going to be looking at all those different projects on pulling up the skills you used and then thinking about what classes you could teach their skills to other people. For example, on my ideas list is an introduction to personas class on This came from my work creating social media marketing campaign for businesses on I started thinking what was one of the key tools that I used to create really successful social media marketing campaigns on that was personas on. I knew that I could create a class around the fundamentals of use of music personas. Another idea came from my personal life. Eso I recently managed to double my energy and my productivity by using a set number of techniques, and so I'm gonna be creating a class around that soon, too, even something that you think is really simple and obvious, like maybe if you're great at organizational skills might be a challenging area for someone else. So put that down on the list on, you know, think about ways that you could teach that somebody who really has struggles in that area. Another thing is that a core skill really probably doesn't go out of date. So if you delivered something even kind of 10 years or 15 years ago, put it down on the list on check, whether it's still relevant and still up to date, and then you could create a class around it. You will be coming out with loads and loads of ideas using this techniques and get them all down on paper, and I can't wait to see you in the next class. 5. Time Travel: welcome to this lesson. All about time travel. I really, really wish we were actually going to be time traveling, but we're gonna be trying traveling in our mind. So in this technique, think back to the time you were a beginner in your field. Whether that was recently or a long, long time ago, ask yourself, What skills would you have liked to have learned when you're a beginner? What fundamentals courses would have been really useful to you When you're the beginning of your journey, you can create a lot of courses and classes based on what you've learned so far on your on your journey to becoming the skull professional that you are, for example, on my list. I've got lots of classes for beginner skill share teachers. And that's because in the last couple of months I've rapidly learned loads and loads of new skills like analogy stuff that I couldn't do two months ago on. I really want to share that with other people who are at the beginning of their journey, so you don't have to have decades of experience to have something useful to share with other people coming up in the next class. Is the technique around research. I can't wait to see you there 6. Research: welcome to this lesson about research. In this technique, you're gonna look at what skill share classes exist in your niche if you're in the UK or niche. If you're in America, so have a look in your new show niche on DSI what classes are missing but also see what classes are being taught in the kind of idea areas that you have. I recently read a blogged by a skill share student who said she really loves taking classes on the same topic from different teachers because she always set learned something new from their different perspectives. So even if some classes exist covering similar areas as yours, don't be put off. Put those ideas down on your list. Just a small warning in case you're anything like me at all. Once you're doing this research, don't get lost down the rabbit hole and start watching other teachers classes and get intimidated and feel that you can't create anything that's as good as what they've created . Keep moving forward. Keep putting die ideas down on your list on. You'll absolutely get there. Coming up next in. The next lesson is about the project 7. The Project : welcome to this final lesson about the project. So if you've done all of these techniques, you'll have a really long list of ideas, and so you'll need to refine them down to a shorter list, Really, In a have a set of ideas to focus on. What I do is, I am score each idea on the following criteria. How easy is it to create the class? How much I would enjoy creating the class on how popular I think it's gonna be. And so I popped all the ideas into an Excel spreadsheet. I score each one on each of those areas on, then create a composite score and then sort them on guy end up with the top 10 for me to focus on. I've created a template for you to download and use if you want to use that scoring methodology. Otherwise, you could just pick the top 10 that you have a gut feeling that you think is going to be great and you're gonna enjoy doing. I can't wait to see your top 10 lists off ideas. Please do share them in the project section so that other students can be inspired by your work on, We can see them as well. It's the end of the class. Thank you so much for taking part. It was really great to have you as part of it. I'm really looking forward to seeing your projects. And if you enjoyed this class, please do leave a rating and a comment because it means so much to other students to be able to see whether you enjoyed the class or not. Otherwise, I really hope to see you in one of my future classes.