Skillshare Teacher Success - Get 25 Students on Your Class & Trend

Iiro Kontio

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13 Videos (41m)
    • Introduction

    • What is Trending on Skillshare

    • How the Enrollments work

    • Keywords and Categories

    • Trending Score Explained

    • Introduction to Five Steps to Get your Class Trend

    • Step 1 - BestBlackhatForum

    • Step 2 - Facebook Groups

    • Step 3 - People Close to You

    • Step 4 - Private Messages

    • Step 5 - Skillshare Community

    • Thanks for Watching

    • Your Class Project


About This Class

In this class I'll show you how you can get your class trend on skillshare even when you don't have any following in the platform. You will also learn what is trending and how you can get most benefits from it.

You'll get step by step instructions for what you need to do to succeed. This is the fruit of my own struggle as a teaches on skillshare.

In this class you will learn:

  • What is trending and why it is so important
  • What you need to know about different kind of subcategories
  • What are the best keyword tags for your class
  • What is trending score and how you can get a better one
  • Why reviews and projects are so important
  • Five different ways to get enrollments on your class

Who can benefit from this class?

  • This class is most valuable for people who are starting out as a teacher on skillshare
  • Current teachers who have published one or more classes
  • People who wants to have better understanding of skillshare trending

After watching the whole class please leave a positive review and create a class project so also other people can benefit from this class.

Be free to ask and leave comments in the community section.


-Iiro Kontio



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23 of 23 students recommendSee All

This is a great short course to introduce Skill Share course promotion concepts. I enjoyed it thoroughly! Five Stars ***** ... or whatever the top rating is : )
Richard McFarland

Learn to Profit From My Computer Hobby

A very interesting class. Thank you for sharing your tips. Especially useful for new Skillshare teachers.
Ruth Thomson

Creative Entrepreneurship

Thanks, Liro! Great tips. I will be implementing and checking out the FB groups for my most recently published class.
Lori Hil

Certified Content Marketing Specialist