Skillshare: Teacher Stats: Everything You Need To Know. (Unofficial)

Neil and Linda Shearing ☑, . Marketing online since 1997!

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6 Videos (17m)
    • Introduction to "Skillshare: Teacher Stats! How The New Teacher Stats Dashboard Can Help Us Succeed

    • Where can you access the new Teacher Stats?

    • Which important statistics are shown in the Teacher Stats?

    • Which statistics are missing and may be added in the future?

    • Ideas for using the Teacher Stats to be more successful on Skillshare

    • Your Free Bonus Cheat Sheet!


About This Class

At the end of September, Skillshare released the new "Teacher Stats" dashboard, so teachers could see more data from their classes.

When they added the number of premium enrollments a few days ago we took a significant interest in the new stats! Not only was this a very important statistic, one that teachers were desperate for, it also showed that Skillshare were devoting development time to improving the stats area. 

We therefore decided it was time to create a class explaining what's inside the teacher stats area! :-)

Please click the enroll button to take the class and find out more! :-)

Neil and Linda.


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Great way to stay on top of skillshare changes and understand the changes.
Julio Lara

Simple Steps to a Solid Foundation

really amazing class...keep going your internet sucess
Siligireddi Anvesh Reddy

Engineer and Tutor





Neil and Linda Shearing ☑ . Marketing online since 1997!

July 2018:
New class coming soon! :-) 

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