Skillshare Teacher Center: Learn to Teach an Amazing Class

Astrid Adam, Community Manager @ Skillshare

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8 Videos (21m)
    • Introduction

    • Basics + Benefits of Teaching

    • Choose Your Class Topic

    • Craft Your Class Project

    • Outline Your Class

    • Film Your Class

    • Merchandise and Publish Your Class

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

Have you thought about teaching a class on Skillshare but don’t know where to start?  In this 20-minute class, Skillshare Community Manager Danielle Keita will walk you through the process of choosing a great topic for your Skillshare class, crafting an engaging project assignment, and outlining your video lessons so that you'll know exactly how you'll teach your project to students. With this foundation, you’ll be ready to film your class and begin sharing your skills with our community of almost 1 million students around the world. Join today, and check back often to ask questions, get to know your fellow teachers, and stay up to date on all things teaching. Anyone can teach on Skillshare, and this class and community are perfect for those who are ready to get started! 

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One of the best tutorials I've watched :0)
Meg M.

sketchologist and content designer

Kiara Smithee

Instagram: @kiarasmithee

A great resource for new Skillshare teachers or anyone looking to put together a lesson in general. Much appreciated!
Art By Karen E Haley

Experienced Copic Marker Artist





Astrid Adam

Community Manager @ Skillshare

Community Manager @ Skillshare