Skillshare Talks | The Power of Creating and Sharing with Tom Froese | Tom Froese | Skillshare

Skillshare Talks | The Power of Creating and Sharing with Tom Froese

Tom Froese, Illustrator and Designer

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2 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. The Power of Creating and Sharing

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About This Class

This short video is part of the Skillshare Talks series that shares footage from live conversations with our teacher community.

Join the Skillshare team at our NYC headquarters with Tom Froese - an illustrator, designer, and educator. Follow Tom as he shares how making and sharing have been integral to the success of his creative career. Hear Tom openly discuss the risks and rewards of teaching his creative process to others, how to overcome feelings of vulnerability, and push yourself to continually grow in your craft.   


Tom Froese is an illustrator and designer from British Columbia. Since 2013, Tom has illustrated for clients around the world, including Yahoo!, Chipotle, and GQ France. His whimsical style is characterized by bold, colorful shapes, spontaneous textures, and sweet playfulness. Tom is also a Top Teacher on Skillshare, where he teaches a handful of classes based on his unique approach to illustration. Tom works from his home studio in the small village of Yarrow, about an hour’s drive east of Vancouver. 





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Tom Froese

Illustrator and Designer

Hello, Skillshare folks! I am an independent illustrator and designer from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I primarily work in editorial and retail illustration, and my client list includes GQ France, Monocle, Laurence King Publishing, Papyrus (the greeting cards, not the font!) and Chipotle Mexican Grill. On the side, I regularly collaborate on letterpress projects, such as greeting cards and multi-illustrator print sets with my friend Vincent Perez at Everlo...

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