Skillshare Tags and Categories - How to Identify the Best Ones for Your Course - Fast and Easy!

John Colley, Discover Online Courses and Marketing

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    • Tags and Categories Introduction

    • How to Find a Category and A Tag Step 1

    • Congratulations and Thank You For Taking This Class


About This Class


This class is for every Skillshare instructor who, like me, found or still finds it difficult to decide which Category and which Tags to use for their class.

Why is this important/

Categories - you want your class to be listed by Skillshare in the RIGHT category so that potential students have a better chance to find the Course when they are looking for your topic

Tags - this is all part of Skillshare's sophisticated course ranking algorithm.  You want to help Skillshare by using the best and MOST RELEVANT tags for your Class that you can find which will help Skillshare to give your class the best possible chance of being found when students are searching for your topic.

Download the spreadsheets in the Project Area and Get Started immediately!

Its quick, easy and simple to use and you won't regret spending this short amount of time helping Skillshare to help get your class found by as many students as possible!

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Thank you for providing spreadsheets! That's really helpful to me.
Johan Roode

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