Skillshare: Super Tag Tip. How To Get Your Class Found.

Neil and Linda Shearing ☑, . Marketing online since 1997!

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5 Videos (19m)
    • Introduction To " Skillshare : Super Tag Tip !"

    • Birds-eye View Of The Super Tip!

    • What Are Tags, Trending Tags And SEO Tags?

    • How To Switch A Trending Tag For An SEO Tag!

    • Bonus Ebook Info!


About This Class

Early reviews...

  • "This is an amazing class! I wasn't aware of this at all!" Jan
  • "This really was a SUPER tip." Nathalie
  • "A very useful class." Partha
  • "Excellent strategy" David


In this class we've got one "super tip" for you!

We're going to show you how to REALLY use tags to get maximum premium enrollments over the lifetime of your Skillshare class... and you're going to need TWO sets of tags!

Most teachers think that tags are only "keywords" for their classes and don't pay much attention to them... that's wrong. BUT, it's also wrong to say you should pick tags that correspond to Skillshare sub-categories. What you should do is have two sets of tags and use them at different times!

Enroll in the class to find out what the two sets of tags are, and when you should use them.

You'll also see as we switch from a "wasted" tag to one that ranks our class second for a popular phrase, potentially earning us more premium enrollments. :-)


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Very informative.
Bertil Muth

Consultant, Agilist, Software Enthusiast

great job. clear concise and very informative and applicablie
Angela Veals

Relationship Marketing System Owner

Hey guys, I wanted to say that you really opened my eyes as to using the proper tags ... I just typed in what I thought my classes were about WITHOUT any attention paid to what you suggest re "trending" and "SEO" tags. Shame on me! Thanks for the info. :-)
Susan Gast

Designing over the Decades





Neil and Linda Shearing ☑ . Marketing online since 1997!

July 2018:
New class coming soon! :-) 

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