Skillshare Success: THE FIRST 25 STUDENTS AND BEYOND! Create a Best-Selling Class! (FREE) | Franki B. Kidd | Skillshare

Skillshare Success: THE FIRST 25 STUDENTS AND BEYOND! Create a Best-Selling Class! (FREE)

Franki B. Kidd,

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10 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Get Your First 25 Students ASAP


    • 3. Skillshare Marketing Tip #1

    • 4. MARKETING TIP #2

    • 5. MARKETING TIP #3

    • 6. Using Facebook and Twitter to Promote Your Class

    • 7. Using Your Blog to Promote Your Class

    • 8. Using Facebook Groups and Forums to Promote Your Class

    • 9. THANK YOU!



About This Class

So you have created an amazing Skillshare class.  Now, what?

You want to know, “How do you get more students in your class and make money?"

I have successfully created several online classes, books, and products.  In this class, I’ll show you how to market and get more students:

  • Using Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter, & more)
  • By using Creative Content Marketing
  • A Sure-Fire method to get immediate family and friend support
  • I’ll show you the Hottest Facebook Groups and Forums where the Rich & Beautiful Skillshare instructors network.

Did you know that when you complete your first official Skillshare challenge of creating a course, the unofficial second challenge begins?

That challenge is to get 25 students to enroll in your class.  Skillshare encourages you to market your class to a minimum of 25 students.  Doing so allows your online course to:

Participate in the Partner Program:  The Partner Program is how you earn revenue for your course (s). Cha. Ching.

Get on the trending page of Skillshare. Where it has a chance to be discovered by over 1 million students. Otherwise, your class won’t trend, and it will get drowned out and eventually disappear. That would suck!

Reach Your first milestone. The first milestone is the first of your journey to Skillshare success. There are many milestones to complete on the Skillshare site, but you can’t get there if you can’t even unlock the first.

Believe it or not, there are courses that only have one or two students enrolled.  Ouch. There are other courses that have thousands of students.

Are you new to Skillshare and would you like to know how to reach your first milestone of getting 25 students? Even if you are NOT new to the site would you like 25 students and BEYOND?

Great, Click and enroll today.


Franki (FBK) is a seasoned writer's writer - whatever that means - it sounds good.

She is an indie author of several books including the Mega Nonfiction Outline book.  She is top-rated freelancer and ghostwriter.

She’s  helped hundreds of people create nonfiction books and outlines.

For those of you who are not Premium members, here is a link for a free enrollment in this class 

There are 50 spaces currently.

 And for those of you who want to upgrade to premium membership, get 3 months of Skillshare for only $0.99.  Here is the link.

(Thank you, Mariya, for inspiring me with this idea).

My Latest class below has hit 1K students




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