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Skillshare Success: THE FIRST 25 STUDENTS AND BEYOND! Create a Best-Selling Class! (FREE)

teacher avatar Franki B. Kidd, Franki B. Kidd

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Get Your First 25 Students ASAP


    • 3. Skillshare Marketing Tip #1

    • 4. MARKETING TIP #2

    • 5. MARKETING TIP #3

    • 6. Using Facebook and Twitter to Promote Your Class

    • 7. Using Your Blog to Promote Your Class

    • 8. Using Facebook Groups and Forums to Promote Your Class

    • 9. THANK YOU!


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About This Class

So you have created an amazing Skillshare class.  Now, what?

You want to know, “How do you get more students in your class and make money?"

I have successfully created several online classes, books, and products.  In this class, I’ll show you how to market and get more students:

  • Using Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter, & more)
  • By using Creative Content Marketing
  • A Sure-Fire method to get immediate family and friend support
  • I’ll show you the Hottest Facebook Groups and Forums where the Rich & Beautiful Skillshare instructors network.

Did you know that when you complete your first official Skillshare challenge of creating a course, the unofficial second challenge begins?

That challenge is to get 25 students to enroll in your class.  Skillshare encourages you to market your class to a minimum of 25 students.  Doing so allows your online course to:

Participate in the Partner Program:  The Partner Program is how you earn revenue for your course (s). Cha. Ching.

Get on the trending page of Skillshare. Where it has a chance to be discovered by over 1 million students. Otherwise, your class won’t trend, and it will get drowned out and eventually disappear. That would suck!

Reach Your first milestone. The first milestone is the first of your journey to Skillshare success. There are many milestones to complete on the Skillshare site, but you can’t get there if you can’t even unlock the first.

Believe it or not, there are courses that only have one or two students enrolled.  Ouch. There are other courses that have thousands of students.

Are you new to Skillshare and would you like to know how to reach your first milestone of getting 25 students? Even if you are NOT new to the site would you like 25 students and BEYOND?

Great, Click and enroll today.


Franki (FBK) is a seasoned writer's writer - whatever that means - it sounds good.

She is an indie author of several books including the Mega Nonfiction Outline book.  She is top-rated freelancer and ghostwriter.

She’s  helped hundreds of people create nonfiction books and outlines.

For those of you who are not Premium members, here is a link for a free enrollment in this class 

There are 50 spaces currently.

 And for those of you who want to upgrade to premium membership, get 3 months of Skillshare for only $0.99.  Here is the link.

(Thank you, Mariya, for inspiring me with this idea).

My Latest class below has hit 1K students




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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Franki B. Kidd

Franki B. Kidd


For my writing students, check out my hawt (hot)  Nonfiction Book.  


Read about Skillshare payment model change.. 


Click here to read my Skillshare Success Story

From $200 to $2000 in a couple of weeks.  If I can - you can too :).

Franki (FBK) is a writer’s writer. She's an author who writes with a colorful simplicity. 

The hundreds of eBooks that she’s written for clients through online freelancing sites have become hot new releases and best sellers in their category.

She prides herself on writing and teaching others how to write books and compelling content that inspires the reader to take action: pursue a dream, learn something new, buy your product, start a business, make money online and much more.

Her teaching style holds your hand while pushing you into the water to make you swim (Write a Book or Pursue your Dream).

She’s friendly, professional and accessible.

Check out her new class about creating a Digital Information Product or the HAWT (hot) class  that landed in the Top Spot on Skillshare for a couple of days. 

I welcome new friends on Facebook or Twitter.  Simply click the above icons and lets connect.

If you'd like to check out any of my classes and your are not yet a premium member, shoot me a email via my website and I'll make it happen.  

Learn more about FBK at

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1. Get Your First 25 Students ASAP: Congratulations. You've recently created your first skill share course. Woo. I know the feeling you are relieved, or did you complete your course as part of a skill share? Teach challenge? Who or are you the person who hasn't yet created a course? But you plan to do so real soon? Good for you. I'll be rooting for you. Whatever the case, whoever you are, whether this is your first course that you created are creating or have created. We all have something in common. After completing our first course, the unofficial second challenge begins. You need those 1st 25 students a sap. You need them because you want to get into the partnership program. The partnership program is how you earn revenue. Let's kill share. You need it because you want your course to trend. Trending is how your class writers to the top of the skill share site, where it can be discovered and become a huge success. You need those 1st 25 students in order to reach your first mouse stone. If you don't reach the first mouth stone, how are you going to reach the many mouths stones that skill share has? You can do it. The strategies that you will use to get your 1st 25 students and beyond are going to be drastic or maybe even a little dangerous. Well, not really. But make no mistake about it, you are going to have to hustle your butt out. And this course I'm going to share with you several sure fire techniques to get your 1st 25 students and beyond a set. Are you ready for this course? Click in a row so that I can share insider skill share secrets. 2. SKILLSHARE, AMAZON, GROCERY STORE: before we dive into some course marketing tubes. It would be a bad thing if I didn't introduce myself. I'm Frankie. Everyone calls me FBK. I'm an independent author and a freelance writer. I created my first skill share course called Intoxicate Craft, the perfect nonfiction book chapter in May of 2016 opinion on when you view this video, that wasn't a long time ago. Yes, I'm new to skill share, but I'm not new to marketing books or products. One of the sites I sell my books on his Amazon one of the ways I used to market products. One of the ways I used to market products was in grocery stores and at various high profile events throughout my city. I worked as a prop product marketer. Now here's a picture of me promoting my client's book in a bookstore. Despite my clients being indie authors, I was able to help get their book in a brick and mortar bookstore, and that's hard to do. Here is a picture on the right of me promoting cry product in the grocery store. The reason I'm sharing my Amazon profile and the other pictures is to show you that I know a thing or two about marketing. I don't make the claim that I am the greatest marketer in the world, but I have had lots of marketing success on various sites. I also want to make the connection that Amazon like skill share, like the grocery store or a bookstore. Which course class, book or product? Sisi's is dependent upon speed, meaning how fast the product course. Her book catches Owen and generates interest, sales and enrollments. Let me explain with Amazon, when you release a new book, you have to market it right away, and in many cases that means doing some marketing before you even release, release your book or product. If is a product you want to sell on Amazon, the reason being is because earlier the interest and sales of your products or books or classes, or whatever it is, the sooner Amazon will start doing the heavy lifting off marketing and promoting your book or product or whatever it is. Skill shares the same way the grocery stores the same way. Think about it when you go into a grocery store. If an item does well, the store promotes it and keeps it on the shells. If it does not do well early on, the product gets buried and eventually booted. You know what happens to products to get. They get booted. The end of it, the dollar store, the free store, it or the trash. You don't want that to happen to your course. Let's move on to the first tip. 3. Skillshare Marketing Tip #1: The first tip is to contact your family and friends. You need to do this in person, not through a text, not through social media. What? You can do those methods as well. But to get immediate results, you're gonna have to do it in person. Use the full screen to read this, but you need to go to events where there will be lots of smartphones and isn't that everywhere? This includes holiday parties, birthday parties, barbecues, weddings, graduations, funerals, yes, funerals and a roll. Your family or friends in your course, give them your course and a Roman co have them. Usually their smartphone. Have him sign up, either with a free membership or a premium membership prefer. And you could heard the expression that a closed mouth don't get fed. Don't be embarrassed to hustle hard to get your 1st 25 romance and beyond. Your Cousin Jane was an embarrassing issued by a little carries Girl Scout cookies. Did your nephew turned down that $100 graduation check that you gave him? How many times have you done something for your filming it France. You does something that they need it done immediately and you really didn't feel like it at the moment. You would get around to it. But you did it because you love them and you would do anything for them. I want to show you some of my family and friend pictures really quick. This is my son, my cousins, my son. He's a sergeant in the U. S. Reserve Guard. We were at a baseball, came here some friends. Here's me with Jerry Springer. You have to be willing to eggs anybody. Even Jerry Springer. Here's me at a dinner party. Me with my friends out at a restaurant here is my family, where the family cookout. This is my aunt. That's me, cousin, cousin here, my hot mess. Cousins and a party. There are hot messes, but in seriousness, they are college graduates. All these little millenniums here. Well, we're not millenniums, but my son and my cousins are. They had their smartphone attached to their rear ends. They really do. It's like another body part. So don't be afraid to x them, have them and roll on the spot. If not their hot messes, they will never get around to doing it. You love him? You wrote them graduation checks you wrote on birthday checks. You do everything for them. It's not nothing that wrong would ask him to do something for you. Right Here is a book I sell on Amazon. This is a really old book, I think is a couple of years old. But this is the first time I came up with a strategy to have people do something in person . I was going up to people and having them by my book on the spot. Like, Did you buy my book and go say, Oh, I'll get around to what? I was going to do it. And you know what I'm like here. Go to Amazon's website and you combine my book right away. This is an excellent strategy. Use it. Do it. Let's move on to the next tip. Are you ready? 4. MARKETING TIP #2: tip to how I got my 1st 25 students and beyond, and how you can also now this tip is might fall into the category of being a no brainer. Asked us some of the other tips, however, just knowing about this strategy, we all know to network with our clients that we have them students, co workers, neighbors, customers, etcetera. But just because we know about it, sometimes we get a little, you know, afraid or their reasons. Why, with every client I know, for instance, is a ghost writer and a freelancer. There are some clients who I have become friendly with, who I might ask him about my course, depending on what service I have performed for them. Prescence. If I have performed creating an outline for them and I know they want to write a book, I might approach them about enrolling in my book writing course. Or it's just a pain. So you really want to use your good judgment when you trying to get if you have clients or students are co workers or neighbours, etcetera. Now here these here, Like I said, my former clients I showed you this picture earlier, and He has become a really good friend and he's a good friend. And so I wouldn't have a problem with asking Lou or Tim to enroll in my course. Not because, Well, Lou is a writer, but not because Tim is a writer but because I know Tim was to support me and I want to support him and we have become friendly, so open, have a problem with saying, Hey, can you do me a favor? Okay? And the grocery store? I am not really doing this anymore. I don't work for these marketing companies anymore. But I spent many years working in the store on weekends, and I came friendly and had got a few phone. I was with some of my former customers that would come into various stores or events that I was at. What I asked them. It depends. I have become friendly with some of them, so the ones that I become friendly with it just depends. Here is me and a couple of my students again. I told you people call me FBK until my bright in boot camp is called. FBK is writing boot camp. What I X, my former students to Inro. Absolutely, I would. People here, some items everybody keeps with them now, sometimes business people they do and are even businesspeople, students and everybody. They have their laptop with them. Most days I have my laptop with me. I have an iPad and I have a Kindle. Most days I have my iPad on my Kindle with me. I always have my smart phone with me, and that's what and so do other people. So one of the things is when it comes to your clients or your customers or your co workers , you want to use good judgment when asking them to enroll in your course. If you don't have that kind of relationship, uh, you might want to think about it. But if you have a good relationships with these people, why not extend to enroll? It's a great marketing strategy, don't you agree? Okay, let's move on to the next tip 5. MARKETING TIP #3: before I get into Tip three, I want to read you something. That skill share sent me in a personal email and Betty is skill share. Discourages using discussion boards and other teacher projects as a tactic for marketing your skills share course or your skill share class. Now, when I first did the Maiti Challenge, I saw other people post a link and say, Here's my class considering rolling So I did it a couple of times. But what? One of the things and I want to talk about why actually getting instructors to a row is I'm gonna talk about the pros and the cars and you can't get them to a row. But we'll get into this. So let's get into tip Number three. If you know that we all know the importance of networking with, Like I said, our colleagues and customers and just we know the importance of neck working. How important that working is toe our overall life, So networking with skill share instructors, that's something you do want to do. And there are a variety of reasons why you want a network with skill share instructors. The first reason is that more seasoned instructors. They know things that you don't know. And sometimes when you're trying to create your course and you get stumped on something, you need help. You want an immediate answer. You don't want to search through the skill share site. And if you become friendly with certain are some skill share instructors, you can reach out to them and say, Hey, do you know how to do this? And they can get you answer fast. So that's one of the reasons why you want to network with them. Also, if there's an instructor that's in your field, like for me, I teach writing. So if there's another writing instructor, I want to connect with them because maybe I can encourage some of my students to joining their course, and vice versa. Let me say this. It's the bottom that's crowded. It's not the top this crowded. There's plenty of room at the top for all of our courses. So I never feel like, Oh, if I helped this instructor, then my course won't trend. No, if you whatever you put out into the universe, I'm a strong believer that it comes back to you. So the pros of networking with skill share instructors is a no brainer, their source of encouragement and knowledge. They will help you out if you're in a pinch. The cause of doing it is getting your 1st 25 students. You don't wanna be choosy. Who cares who these 1st 25 students are? And the reason being is because you need those 25 students to trend. But after you get your 1st 25 students, you don't wanna just enroll people that are already on the skill shares cider that are already, instructor. You don't want to only do that. The reason being is not a win win. Business strategy is not one for skill share, and it's not one for you. Let me explain. Skill share is looking to grow. And if skill share grows, gets what we all grow and we help skill share grow, then our revenues increase. And so we're what we want to be bringing new people in at all times. And so if you and also class engagement, if you Onley enroll people just because you want to get your numbers up and if they're not really interested in your course, you think they're going to engage in your course. No, they're not going to engage in your course, and therefore you won't be of the urn trending points. And they're something that I'll get into a bit later where you earn points. And so if if a person doesn't complete your project or if they don't review your course because they never take the time to take it, your courses it on a tree and because you're not going to get the points, so you want students that are engaged. I mean, I recommend using by any means necessary to get your 1st 25 students. But after that, you really wanted just hustle on your own. You want to be just like you will for your business, or if you want to get a job, whatever you want to do, you really have toe Ah, go for you have to go forward. And so you want to not be afraid to network outside of the site, and that is my tip. Let's move on to the next tip 6. Using Facebook and Twitter to Promote Your Class: tip number four to get your 25 students and beyond. Use social media responsibly whenever you're trying to market something. Rather is a skill share cores an Amazon book or product. We all know the first place or the first resource to turn to is social media. Social media has millions of people on it, and so we know about turning to social media to help us market. But you do need to market responsibly on Facebook. For example, when people go to Facebook, think about if you use the platform Facebook. Think about why you go to Facebook. You go Facebook to see picture of your family, kind of what they've been up to their vacations to learn about. Their key is to see pictures of their key is and things like that. Facebook is not a platform unless you're in a Facebook group where people go and want to be marketed to when I see somebody do. It's a marketing on Facebook unless is in a Facebook group. I generally ignore it because I'm not on Facebook to be marketed to. I'm on Facebook to relax, and she'll and a lot of people feel the same way I'm not saying that if you're not in a Facebook group and you do want to make your family and friends aware of your course or whatever that you shouldn't do it. You know your family and friends. But as a rule, Facebook from my experience, it's not a great platform to market on Twitter. I think Twitter is a fantastic place to market your course. However, Twitter is very crowded. Every time I get on Twitter, I am approached by people who are trying to sell me followers. Hello. I don't need to buy any damn followers, and so you get nothing but anger. Three. You'll see marketing, marketing, marketing and at a certain point, it's like TV advertising. You tune it out because it's just overwhelming. But if you are able to come up with a clever tweets and tweet responsibly, you can get some traction from Twitter. I have gotten some traction from Twitter, and I will explain that in a minute. YouTube YouTube is a great platform. However, I am not very familiar with YouTube. I uploaded my video a skill share advice, but I know people who you who have you two channels, they're very savvy and clever about marketing with their channel. They've been around YouTube since it basically started, and they do very well. Do not think that you're going to go to a platform that you're not familiar with. And your content is going to go viral over people who have master that with that site, their social media site. If you haven't massive a social media site, if you're only going to use their social media platform to be spammy and say by my course by my product, you're going to get tuned out pretty quickly with Twitter because it's so crowded you have to think outside the box. The here is a recent tweet that I did. And this man here his name is Mike and I can't pronounce his last name. But he is one of the co founders of twit of Skill share, and he is also the leading man man s key skill share. And he sent out a tweet saying that skill share had crossed a milestone of 5 5000 classes. He sent this out at the end of May. Well, my class was one of those 5000 classes and I tweeted him back and said and said, Hey, my clients was part of the millstone and he liked my tweet, and as a result, I was able to get a few people to enroll in my course. And that's an example of if you can think outside the box if you can crush the box. This is the example of using social media breaking away from the clutter. Now I'm not suggesting you. You blow up poor Mike's Twitter fee. If in este, you should tweet at skill share. But you want to think you want to be clever on Twitter or any social media site that you use. You don't just want to be spammy because of your spammy. It's not going to be an effective social media strategy. Reddy's move onto the next hip. I hope so. 7. Using Your Blog to Promote Your Class: Tip number five on how you can get your 1st 25 students and beyond use content marketing. Now there are a variety of ways to use content marketing. How I use content marketing. I I'm a blogger. And so that's where I use content marketing the most and for this may teach challenge that I complete it. I wrote a block post, and I want to show you some of the stats from the block pose Google. And this is some of the stats. Its its rating. My Block posters coming in number four for certain keywords is coming in at number one, coming in at number one from from that block Pope. Now who is My Black Posts titled Tough Three Things I Learned. Completing the Skills Share T Challenge. I made a little stick figure graphic, not great graphics, but maybe you are, And that could be something you could do for content, marketing and this block post. I think some instructors who we were networking and very helpful to one another, and I talk about some of the things that what I learned, I learned there's no such thing. That's perfection, which or course is ultimately you want to get your course out there, you can always go in and tweak it. That there, I learned that there are really two challenges. The first challenge is completed. Your course. That's a huge accomplishment. The second unofficial challenge is what I'm talking about with this course, and that is getting your 1st 25 students. And I learned that. What was that? The second there? Oh yeah, and I learned to make friends with skill share instructors stuck structures. I'm sorry now. Earlier, I talked about the point system, and if you can't see this, the's what I have here. Use a full screen so that you could see everything. The reason why networking with skill share instructors. It's a great ideal. But again, if you sign up beyond that 1st 25 if you sign up too many skills share instructors that are not interested in your course. You are not going to earn points to train. The first point you get you can earn is through anybody who in rolls on a skill share for free, just given email and in rows in your course, you earn two points. If you get somebody to enroll in a premium membership. You earned 10 points. If one of your students creates a project now, somebody is not really interested in your course. What do you think? The chances of them creating a project ISS zero zil stun. You get 10 points or somebody gives a positive review. Okay, you get minus 10 points. If somebody gives a negative review. That's why I encourage Aziz. You nail. Start to roll your 25 students. You want enrolled students that aren't already on skill share so you can get the $10 referral bonus and everything like that again, I say it's skill share discourages using discussion, bores and other teacher project is a tactic for marketing your skills. Share courses now notice, they say discourages. They do not say they prohibit, so there's a fine line there. But again, I've already gave you the kinds of why you don't wanna exclusively pull in skill share instructors, I say, if you're in a pinch, yeah, you might want to see if some skill share instructors want to enroll in your course. But you don't want to use their site the skill share site, to do it, and they don't mind if you network with instructors on in the Facebook groups that I'm gonna show you or on Twitter or whatever. It's, um, instructors. I follow them on Twitter. They follow me on Twitter. By the way, my Twitter handle is at FBK Rice. If you want to follow me, I'll follow you. But so there are ways you can connect with instructors, But all around instructors are a great source of encouragement. I met several great instructors. Either I've taken her courses. I don't really know him personally, but I'm gonna drop some names and I think, an upcoming lesson. So it's important. That is one of your strategies that you network with skill share instructors. Okay, let's move on to the next tip. 8. Using Facebook Groups and Forums to Promote Your Class: Here's a bonus tip or some bonus tips. You want to join some Facebook groups that are exclusively for the purpose of promoting free and premium courses. You might have seen this man and his wife on Oh, here are some bonus tips. In order to get your 25 students, you might consider joining some Facebook groups. You might have seen Neil and Linda sharing on the skill shares site because they have a lot of courses on the site and I have taken a few of their courses, and I have found him to be very helpful. Well, Neil, he runs a Facebook group called Free Premium Skill Share Classes. It has about 800 members, and I enrolled in this after I created my first course. I didn't know anything about this group when I created my first course, and when I am wrote, I picked up, you know, maybe 3 to 4 students. Okay, And before you pull, pull 3 to 4 Souness. That's really a good amount, and thes everyone is in this group appears to be, ah, skill sharing structure. So again, this is a great group, even if you have questions or whatever here are some other. This is another Facebook group, and it's called, like do it yourself skills or something like that. And again, I picked up about three or four Ah and rock at three or four people enrolled just by being a part of this group. And I didn't know anything about this group until I created my second course. Now this site blackhead form dot com. This site was recommended to me from someone in one of the Facebook groups that I'm in, and I went to the site and I was having a lot of technical difficulties trying to enroll. But the skill share instructor who is a part of this black best blackhead forum, he says that he gives a lot of good results from being a part of this forum again, I did manage to get registered, but I haven't been able to use it. So before you go there, just do your own research. You don't want to get involved with anything that is not gonna be helpful to your course creation. Here is a group. It is very easy to join this. The Facebook group. I think it has about 100 and something members. But again I was able to snag a couple of members in this group. One of the things that I'll say in regards to joining these Facebook groups, I think they're good for to get your initial enrollments. But after you get your initial romance and if you start creating courses on ah skill share , I'm not sure if being in Facebook groups is the ideal option. And I'll tell you why. Whenever you join a group again, you don't just want to join a group and pull. Sure, Lincoln say, by my course and rolling my course a role in my course because unless you have something that really sparks the interest of someone, people aren't going to do it. You want to be engaged, you want to be helpful. You want to click on other people's courses that they post in the group, and it takes a lot of time to be engaged. Well, not a lot of time, but it does take some time, and also when you're in these Facebook groups, I'm not just in the skill share Facebook group, but I'm going to teach a course on another side, and I'm in a group that has like 30 something 1000 members. I don't want to mention that site. You probably know what it is just because it's not really skill shares competitors. But in a sense it is their competitors. It's easy. If you want to know what sight it is, you can just shoot me a inbox, and I'll gladly tell you what that it what it is. But you are in so many groups. I'm also in a dozen writing groups, and when you're in a lot of these writing groups and social media boost groups, it currently clogs up your Facebook feed and you have to hire notifications and turn off notifications, and it becomes it becomes a lot of work again. I enjoy helping instructors, and I enjoy helping fellow writers and people who are promoting products or whatever, and so I stay in these groups. But eventually I find that I do have to turn off the notifications unless it becomes overwhelming and you don't want to not be engaged and then winning this time for you to promote your latest course to go to the group. So it's like a fine line, and joining these groups here is a group called Social Media Booth, and I'm not highly engaged in that group. But I have posted some things. I've you know, you can post everything in there from books to courses, etcetera, etcetera. There is an admission process, meaning they have some of these groups. They have to improve up. They have to approve your interest into the group, and they don't tolerate spam. So taking in consideration, you'll at least be able to get 10 students enjoining these Facebook groups. Okay, so I hope that bonus tip helped you. 9. THANK YOU!: before I end is course I want to give a special shout out and thank you to an instructor of skill share instructor. His name is Sebastian. This cellar. I'm sure I'm not pronouncing his last name correctly, but he is a very helpful skill share instructor. He's everywhere all skill share, providing the back and helping other students. So I just want to give a special shout out to him. I want to say thank you for taking this course you means a lot. Thank you for being a skill share instructor. I'm looking forward to networking with other skills Share instructors. When your course reaches that magic number of 25 is going to feel so good when you get that email seen. Congrats. Your class has reached 25 then the next mouth stone is for your class to reach 100. Okay. And also with your project, it feels good. If your project gets 25 likes you get a little hearts into you and again thes air just incentives to keep you going, because sometimes creating a course is not easy. So I want to say a big thank you to you for taking this course. I asked that if you found anything in this course helpful that you rate it, you know, rather courses. 10 minutes or 60 minutes. Ah, good. A good instructor gives all that they have for you to really be helpful to you. It's funny because I was taking a course on skill share just last night and the instructor was saying Just just put up courses. Just put up courses is easy. And I'm thinking in my mind like quality over quantity. Now, I'm not ending saying that this course is perfect. As we go along, I will tweak it. I will updated. The more I discover information to help you market your course, I will update this course. But for now, I have given you my best. So I ask that you rate it and Lee into your project. Thank you so much. I can't wait to see your course signing all FBK 10. BONUS: CLASS IS TRENDING: Hi, This is Frankie Auras. Everyone calls me FBK. I'm making this quick video because my class is trending on the first page off skill share is in the 10th row. Yea, this is my seventh. Many classes I've created on skill share here. The classes right here says I launched my first class in June of 2016. I guess seven really is my lucky number. Seriously, if you have created a class where you're thinking about creating a class one skill share and you aren't getting the numbers that you want to score students and rolling, you might consider stepping outside your comfort zone and using a broader approach to creating classes. Forests is I love teaching about writing and writing e books and because that's how that's what I know. But I also have earned money or lying since 2000 and 12 and I've earned money on various platforms, So I've decided to share the knowledge of how I made over $10,000 on fiber and this seems to be a popular class. It's trending, and I'm very happy about it. So my tip for you today is if you're not getting the numbers that you like in regards to student enrollments Or if you haven't even launched the class on skill share and you're not sure what topic you want to teach, consider teaching your passion, but also teaching what you think would interest other people. And it may be some hot new topic that you know about Francis. Right now. Pokemon go seems to be very popular. You might know about Pokemon gold. There is actually someone on. There's actually a couple of people want skill share right now, teaching, poking mongo classes. But you might consider teaching something that you know and that you're also passionate about. I'm by no means expert there stewed their skill, share teachers on here who have thousands of students. But for the amount of time that I've invested in creating these little many classes and the amount of money I had, I would consider it a graces says. And so if you don't have a lot of students, or if you're struggling to get on the first page of skill share, step out of your comfort zone. So if you'll see, I'm going to start from the top and countdown. Yea, I am so happy to be on the first page. One road to Row three Row for Rome. Five. Rose, six rose, seven. Row eight rose, 9 10 And there I am Frankie Beaky Fiber. 10 gigs to create passive income. Actual examples, including my story signing Off, just wanted to share the exciting news.