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Skillshare SEO: How To Make Your Skillshare Class Rank Better!

Neil and Linda Shearing ☑, . Marketing online since 1997!

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11 Videos (38m)
    • Introduction to "Skillshare SEO: How To Make Your Skillshare Class Rank Better!"

    • Why Is Skillshare SEO Important?

    • What Could Contribute To The SEO Algorithm?

    • Understanding The Skillshare SEO Algorithm: Unicorns!

    • What Can Butter Tell Us About SEO?

    • A Monster SEO Search!

    • Real World Testing Based On SEO Theory!

    • Improving Your Class Ranking!

    • Summary

    • Bonus! What Doesn't Count Towards Class Ranking!

    • Update: Google SEO Results


About This Class

Recent review:

"Listen to Neil. The stuff he shows really WORKS! I just made some changes to one of my most popular courses and I've managed to move it from the 3rd place for keyword freelancing to number 1. Thanks Neil!" Dawid Tuminski

About: "Skillshare SEO: How To Make Your Skillshare Class Rank Better!"

There are two completely different ways people can find your class on Skillshare. People can either "drill down" through the categories, which are ranked by the "trending" algorithm, or they can search. 

But how can you get your class to rank at the top of the search results?

I tried to rank my web-pages at Infoseek in 1997, waaaay before Google, so join me in this class nearly 20 years after my Infoseek days, as we look at what you need to do to rank your class on Skillshare! :-)

It'll be fun! We look at Unicorns, Butter and Monsters! What other class promises that!! :-)

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Thanks a lot for all the investigation to find out for the whole community. This is my favorite of your classes I've seen so far. Must have been fun to figure all this out!
Meike Hohenwarter

Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.

Thanks gain for a great class. Very informative as always.
Wolf Matejek

Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Author & Trainer





Neil and Linda Shearing ☑ . Marketing online since 1997!

January 2018:
We just added a new lesson to our "Premium Referrals" class, detailing the number of referrals we got in 2017... and it's quite impressive!

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