Skillshare Premium Referrals: Learn How The Program Works (Unofficial)

Neil and Linda Shearing ☑, . Marketing online since 1997!

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13 Videos (1h)
    • Introduction to, "Skillshare Premium Referrals: How To Boost Your Teacher Payment By Referring Membe

    • Before We Begin!

    • What Is The Skillshare Premium Referral Program?

    • Why Is The Skillshare Premium Referral Program A Great Opportunity For Teachers?

    • How Does The Skillshare Premium Referral Program Work?

    • Which Premium Referral Link Should You Use?

    • Where Should You Post Your Referral Links?

    • How To Track Which Links Perform Best?

    • How To Earn Juicy Referral Bonuses.

    • Your Class Project...

    • Thanks, And Next Steps!

    • Amazing August Update!

    • 2017 Year End Update!


About This Class

In this class we explain what the referral program is, how it works, and tips on referring premium trial members in 2017!

Did you know...

  • there are two different rewards for referring premium trial members? (be sure to get the reward you want!)
  • there are three different referral links you can use? (find out which to use when, and why!)
  • you can use a service to get tracking data? (know what works, so you can get more referrals!)
  • there are many places to drive traffic? (we discuss several we're actively using)
  • you can sometimes get juicy bonuses? (we'll show you how)

All this, and more, is explained in this class.

Learn more by taking this class today! :-)


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very helpful ideas on how to use the different types of referral links, thanks
Pauline Bright

Business Coach and Mentor for Creators

Long overdue, finally I got to join one of your classes. I find this class most helpful and interesting. Especially lesson 7 and 8 appeal to me. I want to let you know, Neil, that I very much appreciate your active hosting and wonderful helpfulness in your Facebook groups. I can recommend anyone else joining those too. But first: take this class!
Lucy Lambriex

Let’s feel great around the camera!

Wonderful class with excellent tips. Thanks.
Kenny Moses Adetu

Maximizing skillshare Profit.





Neil and Linda Shearing ☑ . Marketing online since 1997!

July 2018:
New class coming soon! :-) 

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