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Skillshare Instructor Answers 11 Questions from his students about Online Advertising | Q&A Solved

teacher avatar Nikola Lugonja, HR and Marketing Instructor

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 1. 11 Questions about Online Advertising

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About This Class

This is a Q&A video which includes the answers to some of the questions that I have received on different platforms from my students. I hope that this video will help you solve some doubts and provide you with some useful information.

Thanks to everyone who are taking my classes, asking questions and supporting my work. Let me know if you have any other questions for the future videos :)

11 questions from the video:

1. When you do split testing on Facebook can you test more than one variable?

2. Why would anyone use Bing or Yahoo Ads when Google owns 90% of the search engine market?

3. How does retargeting work in general? Facebook or Google doesn't matter

4. Do other social media websites also run ads and does anybody actually advertises there? I am referring to Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn...

5. Should you have 10 ad sets at $50/day or one ad set at $500 with the same targeting in Facebook ads?

6. Why don't my Facebook link clicks or conversions match Google Analytics clicks or conversions?

7. If you were satisfied with the certain campaign e.g. 3 months ago, how smart is it to run the same campaign again? And is that even possible? Will the metrics performance get worse?

8. What is the purpose of that 1st out of the 3 columns in Facebook ads manager that refers to brand awareness and reach? And what is the difference between brand awareness and reach objective?

9. Can you and what is the benefit of adding AdWords data to Google Analytics?

10. Should you bother with SEO if you are running search ads in Google Ads? Or if you are positioned as number 1 on Google Search, should you pay for Google Ads?

11. How will social media look like in the future?

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Nikola Lugonja

HR and Marketing Instructor


-Multi-year experience in both HR and digital marketing. I started my career in Marketing, but over time I dived deeper into the world of Human Resources. I find these two areas commonly overlapping (e.g. when it comes to the employer branding), therefore I will also try to link them in some classes. 

-Here are 4 values that I always keep in mind when preparing and publishing classes:

Keep it short and sweet - eliminating everything that does not bring any value and ensuring the students get the most out of every single second Unscramble the content - making things simple to comprehend and outlining the most important takeaways Always explore - stepping into the unknown to extensively research new topics and broaden the knowledge spectrum Improve on fee... See full profile

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1. 11 Questions about Online Advertising: Hey, everyone, what's up? In today's video, we're going to cover 11 questions that chosen from my students on different platforms that they posted. I'm going to try to answer that They're related towards the topics that we're covering in the courses about digital marketing was that Facebook and Google? But we're also going to go Big Brother that so I hope that you will enjoy on that you will against the interesting knowledge here. So the first question I want to read the questions and then give my opinion on that. So the first question is, when you do split testing on Facebook, can you test more than one variable? So this is an interesting question, and the answer is yes. You contest more than one variable, and you have to do with the quick selection tool. I think that's the quick, quick creation. You usually use that bad, where you have the street columns and then choose the objective. So what if you want to test with two variables manually with with shortcut? Let's say. Then you have to go to the recreation toe, and there you will have the option like this with more than one variable or test more than one very well, something like that. So I think that I had that covered in one of the courses you can check up there anyway. You can do that. That's the answer to the question that could be really, really powerful. If you know what you're doing, keep in mind that testing more than 11 variable means that you're receiving a lot of data and that you will have a lot of conclusions to make. Also, it can be a bit expensive because you need to give space to Facebook, give them more money to run those ads and to perform their from testing so they can give you a good feedback so you can do that. But I wouldn't say that is a more over the past option, and it's much better than called being a basic everything. Next question. Why would anyone use being or Yahoo ads when Google owns 19% off the search engine market? So being in here who it's true, they're so popular is girl who always like monopoly that market. But the only reason that I can think off is because Bing and Yahoo s are cheaper in Google . Let's so you can reform, certainly cost per clicks or impressions with the lower budget. And also, it's important the northern being here who have partnership together. So they published your ads on each other five form, and also the another reason that I know is because it actually found the light is because being audience is they have 70% off people use being are 35 plus. And that is really, really important if you're trying to reach audience, middle aged audience or even older ideas, so you have them on bake and you will pay less for that. So I don't know. Some examples from people were just running big, as if they were able to reach certain certain goals with lower cost per clicks, and they even get better to their audience than when they were doing that. Go. So that's those. And keep in mind that in the US all the gurus globally it's dominating. But the US, Yahoo and Big, Big together depending period, they own between 10 and 15% of the argument. That's not very small, that that's some number, so you can reach a significant number of people on those platforms so that that would be answer. Why Somebody who's big, who adds. They had that option, and sometimes it could be even better. Next question is how this retargeting work in general Facebook or Google doesn't matter. So how this what is retargeting? How does it work? Retargeting or remarketing is a powerful strategy. Basically, what you're doing is showing your ads toe already known audience. I'm going to read. Actually, here I prepared a good definition. So Retargeting is a cookie based technology that uses simple JavaScript code to anonymously follow your own. Yes, all over the world. To give you a practical example, let's say that you so it's retargeting is based on the coat usually referred to. It picks up. And I said, You have a website and you have an audience there. People who are coming to buy something and you have a Facebook pixel cold there, baseball pick. Some will track the behavior of those users on your website, and it will say that that data and those users and when you decide to import those data and those users into your Facebook apace, Facebook will only show your ads to them. So it's a really, really powerful strategy don't have to bother with surgeon who is your audience. You have your audience there, and that's really, really important. Really powerful. Some people who are only targeting their audience on the website. They don't even bother with certain different interests. They just focus of retargeting, so energy and it's really it can be really, really powerful because it's always easier to get to show. It's actually always better to show your as to people who were already before interested in your services or products, rather than searching for you for the audience. Okay, next question is you. Other social media websites also run ads and does anybody actually advertises their? I'm referring to Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn and so So, yes, the short answer is yes. The other other platforms are other social media platforms are also running ads. So in order to understand, I mean the constant is the service is great, usually one that's because it's the main source of revenue. So yes, they run at, and it sounds like nobody's using that force. Those platforms, in my opinion, are great, although Facebook and go our leaders and when I say Facebook I consider also Instagram there when I say go going, consider also, you did there. Although news platforms are leaders, you can also use other platforms that were mentioned in this questions in this question because they offer some mish morning, for example, on Link. Then if you want to publish, this decides that's the great thing. You have a business community there. I mean, you could do that also Facebook. But sometimes it's even better to do it like that because people expect those as the community there is leaking door towards that those topics. So it's much more relevant for getting some leads or promoting some business business opportunities. And keep in mind that produce reasons like the nets are expensive dimension that topic. What else? Pinterest Pinterest is great if you want to promote different photos, I mean visually. Every visual thing that you want to provoke interest is great there, too, to hear different opinions to show your show your created in design on Twitter. Quitter is great to induce certain topics and use discussion toe given open message like that. Snapchat jet is great because you were able to reach younger audience and you can see that symbol. The political corporations are and global brands are have separate marketing strategies. Door that younger audience. And they're seeking for your opinion, sick, seeking for your help to promote, to help, to learn how they think, how they react, how they hate on what else you have. Cora. You have read it. There was also a great platform. I'm interesting. You have categories there, so it's even easier to do all the cool rise is not so, Anyway, you have category, so you can playsets that very relevant to a certain topic. So, yes, three answer to the question would be Definitely yes, there are many. There are many platforms, and mostly all of them were able to. Next question is, should you have done add sets at $50 a day or one at set and 500 with the same targeting in Facebook ads? So the question is basically I have 500 bucks and whether I should run that adds with 50 bucks, or I should run 100 bucks on the question is actually very good, but there's no correct answer to it. The correct answer is that the defense and in my opinion I would in 85% of the situation, I would go for 10 different. As for 50 bucks, only that when I would go for 500 is when I'm sure that that ad is profitable. So usually I would like to test. I would like to try different different platforms, different audiences, this question. And I'm not sure this is a mistake for the question with the same targeting Facebook guests . I don't see the point if you've put same targeting and 10 different groups because they're going to find each other. So that's a bad situation. If I had to perform the Centauri thing, that I would of course, go with. But in this case I would always test to see what's performing better. But if I finish with saying I had some results, that I would definitely spend more budget on more amount of a budget on a certain second ad group and also according to know is that sometimes it's better to have one or fewer at groups because in certain situation Facebook or, in this case, painful, but generally they platform step to lower your costs with the time with the budget, because they learn where they learned to optimize, and it's like economies of scale. So as if you put Ah higher budget and puts a longer period, he will learn about your ideas and try to reduce use costs. So it happened to me that it like I started spending some money and then the cost per trip was like $1 let's say and then off. 30 40 50 $60 it started increasing 1.20 point 40 going three and so on. So if I really if I stopped at 50 each time that I wouldn't lower that cost for correction to that point. So as I said, the final answer is it depends if I want. That's why. What is that? Is that something that usually do that I would use then adds with 50 bucks? But if I if I already had that, I know what I know what's profitable for me and I would definitely go. Maybe I wouldn't go for one Adam 500 bucks, but maybe do ask or maximally tree and that's it. Next question is just second. Okay, this is going to be a bit longer because it has more explanations. It says, Why don't my Facebook clean clicks or conversions match Google analytic slicks or conversions? So what I supose so that these questions that I receive are sometimes very short, not able to understand the full context. But what I think that the the stewardess, as he here is broadly, he was performing Facebook clean clicks and it said, like, Hey, you got from this adds to your website. You got 1000 link clicks. And on the Google analytics it was written that it had, like, 100 for example. And that is usually what will happen if they don't match. So you will have more on Facebook rather than global. What, actually the owner? Seven. There are many reasons on I'm going to mention some. I'm even going to read some because I prepared and the 1st 1 would be that people. So this is not regarding Will analytics on Facebook, they get confused with link clicks and clicks. Those are two different things on all. Tricks are always higher than Link Ling's, because link clicks are only those kinds of people, click on your leg and go to our website. If that was the objective but or clicks could also be likes comments, shares, page clicks and so on. So don't compare all the old clicks and glue with Google Analytics, compared link links with excessive person. Also, what many people get mixed up is Google, and with accessions and Facebook link clicks, it's different because Google Analytics session is counted for one session is counted every 30 minutes. So somebody clicks on your baseball clean click twice or 33 times within 30 minutes. Facebook will come that as thrilling clicks, while Google analytics will come that only this one session. So you get my gets of this, this match there. But that's I just explained the reason so favorable Account each click each click no matter when it happened as a separate one, while Google Analytics will off the my school recession. Timing. When somebody also uses ad blocker, it can be harder for analytics to trap toe trace. What was the origin off the what was the river? So sometimes that can also be a reason Facebook subjects also cannot be recognized as a refer. Because it might happen that while you were schooling in the Facebook at you, you went to some you saw an at and you click on that link and control you to a Web site in a browser and in that way says it went from APP to browser, which that often happens. But sometimes the browser is not able to recognize what was the origin, who was a river and something that could be also this much Okay. Another thing is Google with excuses sample data, which is important to know they try to deliver us fastest possible data, and sometimes that can be a row data. So they used a sample later, which is not always 100% correct. So what? Sometimes you might get this much, although, if you're using, also if you're using filter Google Analytics profile. So what actually happens in big companies, where there are many police that are everyday accessing certain website that in order to get the real picture off the business for other people from other users, cos. Exclude those visits from the Google Analytics data and what might happen? I mean, this sounds silly for a small business, but in big businesses that can happen. Sometimes it can happen that those people who work in a company click on the Facebook at and Facebook accounts that as one that they don't care. They want to show you that they did manage to find a user. But when that person goes to your website, Google Analytics doesn't count that session. So Facebook will say, Hey, you, you gain one click from this user. But Google analytics won't come down because you mentioned that you don't want that user to be counted, so sometimes that can also lead to this much. Moreover, another reason that I can think of right now is because sometimes user wrote Lake on Facebook Link click and they will exit within a few seconds from that website, for example, they will see that it wasn't something they were looking for, and Google Analytics won't be able to catch up that visit in those few seconds. So it will have some sense of postponing ago. And in that moment, you, the peaceful will come that as a weakling because somebody click on that link. But Google of the league's will not have enough time to catch up that visit, so that could also meet toe this much, and I'm trying to to see whether there are some other other reasons, but that's most it. So. Also, if you're not using normal beauty and tax on your Facebook cats, it might lead to this match, but then will be mostly so. So. As I said, this question was a bit longer because I wanted to give reasons, and this is very often this is often confusion. Sometimes people get in a problem because they're performing Facebook ads for some other companies, and when they give a report, they say, Hey, you got I don't know 1500 link clicks for the ads that I perform that I made for you but that person dies out in the Golan with, Dixon says. They don't correct you. It was fewer than which is said, so that could lead to a problem. So it's important to know these things and to understand what happens, some of these things can be prevented. Okay, Next question is, if you were satisfied with certain compay, for example, three months ago, how smart is it? Is it to run the same campaign again? And is that even possible? Will the metrics performance get worse? Okay, so these were multiple questions. So Okay, yes, it's possible. Okay. And we'll dimensions. So if you had one campaign few months ago, you stopped. It ended up then. And now you want to make another campaign? Can you, instead of making another campaign can use the same one? Just make it active. You can? Definitely. And I would say that's not such a bad idea. Always actually did that sometimes. But in the past, what were you doing in that campaign? So it was if it was like a campaign for Christmas discounter, some kind of a promotion off course. It doesn't make sense to make Christmas promotions in April, for example. But if it was something like, I know what happened to me, I We were actually performing some ads for your publishing. Some s for a certain certain company amateur. And, uh, it was it reached a certain certain threshold. I don't remember. We start like 50 bucks, something small, and that decided they decided to stop. They had some changes, are unsure Anyway, they told us like way would like to stop. We dont have now a budget and so on. And we stopped there. But I know that that campaign didn't reach its full potential after a few months. When they goes back and said, Hey, we would like to continue that campaign wasn't relevant for any period. It was just general promotion. I think, off, off, off their business. So I was. I did that, actually, just reactivated at bay. It was still a writing deleted, and it was perfectly fine. Even got a lower love, More, more costs. We were, man. I think we were able to lower the cost of the whole campaign, so that was really, really powerful. But sometimes it you should have to keep track of it. It's not always a good idea. I believe that after some point it will start increasing. But anyway, you should definitely does different things on Keep keep an eye on metrics so I can't give you a concrete that some of this one, whether I can give you a certain incident. You can do that. You can reactivate it, that I can't give you the correct answer 100% certain, answered it. It's better or not. It depends. You should. You can do that, but then keep keep your eye on the metrics and see How is it performing so and giving minus some nights. We actually do those things. Like when we use saved audience. We're basically doing the thing that we're just changing some other other factors there. But we're using the same things from the previous ads sitting with three marketing, sometimes people who used to run carousel s with multiple pictures. They make just slide, show those pictures video format, and they run a different campaign, which is pretty simple. So that would be an answer for that question next one. Okay, so what is the purpose off? That first out of three comes in Facebook ads manager That refers to brand awareness and reach because most of the territory ALS So this is a big money. What? So that's tutorials I saw they were using several jackets from the second or returned column again. So when the guys asking from this question is, you know, in Facebook as manager, when you start setting up the ads, you have those three columns on the Yeah, Usually, when you see tutorials, they choose someone directive from randomly New Jersey Objective from the second call, maybe 31 but never yet. They know which is the 1st 1 the X rays that it is used. Also, you shouldn't be confused. It's not there for or nothing. It's definitely us, but it's used less, Okay, And, uh, so I'm going to answer the question, because, I mean, I really answer that on that question was more often observation than the question. It is definitely used. It's no joke right now, so it's definitely use the 1st 2nd and third car over. The second column is probably used. The most but President call are also very important and, for some advanced bigger companies. Very, very, very so in that first column you have, you have, I think, local business. But you also have Brighton furnace you have reach, and sometimes people get confused. What is the difference? So let's just say that brand awareness is when you're trying to usually big companies use it. Use use those those objectives, And with baseball does there is they actually tried to deliver. You're after the people who are most likely to remember your brand. So that's why it's called brand awareness. So they have some out powerful tools and algorithms where they recognized and get those as two people are most likely to remember your brand. I don't know how they do that, but anyway, we didn't like. They will show as two people who think that are the audience that is most suitable for that for that objective. So people who are who will remember your rank within two days, that's how they explain it. And when it comes to the reach, the second option so reach. It's a very powerful to get in front, off the biggest possible number. So basically what they with Facebook will try to do. That there is to push your as to its many Aibos as many people as possible, so they don't care about whether they perform a certain button click on that. Whether they like it, they will just try to put it to as many people as possible. So keep in mind from that compay from that actually call up, you cannot expect many actions so usually people. So that's why South, some even people who record courses, they would say that you just get that column and I would usually I would usually go for none of those those objectives because unless you have so much money to spend just, you know, improving your public picture. They're there. They're not so, so useful. So I would say that use a reach only actually. Really, The only purpose I can think off now from that reach objective is when you wish to do marketing, re marketing strategy and that you can do is actually put your audiences from remarking from a big So you put your audience and then you put to reach objective. So what you're actually doing is you're narrowing the audience with the people who are relevant to you, and you're making sure that they have a high street and that is really But in any other cases, you know, you're just going to spend a lot of money and you won't see many, many actions before, So you would just get like for me, it will base like Coca Cola with doesn't make sense from cubicle like what? They have those New Year's commercials, where they just want to publish their eyes dio to as many people as possible that they would. I suppose they would use those things because they don't care much about the actions. They just want to spread her message and that, and you can do that, those with that first car. That's why I think that it's not Pleat Lee unuseful. But I would have to say that for smaller companies, entrepreneurs on you know people who are are not so being There's a revenue and size, they mostly focus of the second car. That's why you are referring to this student with this question. But that's why people on many get confused Why we only use objectives from the second call again. This was also big longer question, but I really wanted to make sure that you understand. So next question can you and what is the benefit off? Adding adverse data to Google Analytics. So can you. You can't on what is the advantage it's become so okay, The basic question is, can you connect Google AdWords with or now let's went to Google Analytics. You can and you should, because then you have a whole picture. So get, like take of it is like a puzzle of two pieces. One is Google ads and the other is Google Analytics. You need to put them together in order to get a full picture, and it's really important because Google ads will and data removal s will usually show you how the users caught to the website and in which number with Diamond. But Google analytics will have help you from there to try how they behave. How long were days but how much time they were spending on the website? What they do, they go to some other pages. This is something relevant on relevant. Did they exit their investments? So you should definitely connect those things, those things in order to get more data. And plus, it's very powerful when it comes to the market. Next question. Should you bother with Seo? If you're running a search as Google eyes, or if your position as not want mobile search, should you pay from Who? Let's so what this person. It's a great question, by the way. So what this person is asking is basically, if you pay for the Google ads, should you bother with a CEO as here the eggs Or if you are the number one, you have the best CEO and you're the number one spot when somebody searches, the relevant should you actually pay for yet. So those are two questions First of all, the question is, should you with the first question, should you Okay, border with ISS a seal if you're running Search, that's okay. So if you're paying for the ads, should your bother with the steal? Yes, You should definitely always bother with Seo, because s u is not just about me. First, it's It's about making your website fast, optimized, responsive, easily navigated, inbound among link clicks, all images that so it's not just about being first. So you should that Well, even if you're paying for the ads, if you're using a paper like promotions, you should definitely always focus on S e. O. Because Google indexing work will will be much better for you. Well, I'm not sure about this. I haven't. I haven't done a research and have found a lot. They don't that, But I even think that if you have a good ASIO, but don't take this for granted. That's just my opinion. If you have a good CEO, you might get a lower. You might spend less money on ads to get to the first position than when you're at somewhere down there and you want to get to the first position. So you should always you should always bother with the S U. And the second question is, if you're already if you have a goodness you your position, that's number one. Should you fight for Yes, Yes, the best of what you want. But keep in mind that if you're the number one organic e somebody who's paying for the S taken, they are in front of you. So although you're the 1st 1 in terms off organic search, there are still people who are in front of you. So you might be better than your competition when it comes to the S e O. But if they're paying their so in front of you, do you have to keep that in mind? So the best answer to this question would be even when you running a paper. Women running ads with Google Google ads You should definitely take your eye off the S. U and the ultimate question. And it's a big personal question. That's why I chose it to be here. How will social media looked like in future? Okay, and I don't know help. That's the first question that these are just my predictions, but What I think will happen in the future is that we're going to see a lot off social media platforms that are Villa Blockchain. That is my opinion. And I'm not saying that you won't see that Facebook or other Giants will disappear. I'm not saying that. I think they will. They will that technology. But I deeply believe that future. We're going to see more Social Media's based Blockchain, which also means because of all those privacy scandals we saw, that means that you are. You will be able to possess more to be actually more often owner to your later than other companies, which, as a consequence, will also be the fact that the orienting options will be weaker in my opinion, because you will be able to track people less. And that means that you will have less data that so advertisers will be won't be so. So how can I say they won't be so the fact that the ass will be so active in fighting the right audience? But you know, that's just my opinion. We'll see what happens. I believe that as will be more engaging, for example, in future, with the development of VR Air Technologies. We will be able to experience more the ads and such, which is going to be the visual, you know, connection. It's going to be more off off. How can I see full experience? It's going to be more off the engagement with the brand world feeling and so on. And also we're going to see it since it's a popular topic for for some time that Facebook is developing its own crypto currency that you would be able to pay for the with that Cryptocurrency faced off. So I think that that will be also 11 like a direction where we were headed, that you will be able to perform better. Well, it's a better you will be able to make easier payments. Those all I was referring only to Facebook. I think that there was that would be the case for for other other social media giants. I'm afraid that there would be less of them older, many of them right now, but I think that they will be eaten by the companies or the Giants, or they would be like strictly directed to a niche marketing. And there are even when we mentioned legendary and some currently there are social media, black forms, like messed up on the blocks that I think there are basically fully on on watching. So there's no s, there's no targeting and you possess you made. So when you decided to leave that it's your God. At least for now, I'm not sure the future is going to be a whether those battles will be there. But I recently heard about that. There is going to be fine, So that will be Thank you for watching. I hope that you gain some knowledge from these questions and what I wanted to suggest that if you want to learn even more, you can go with miss my courses available different bathrooms on. Mostly you find side of their check out courses. And of course, you have any questions you can post them below. You can ask him directly on that. You can also foamy coral where I had some of these questions. Actually, some of these questions are from core that we're that were brought to me by by some students people. So I think it wants to get I hope that you enjoy on some videos