Skillshare: How To Get More Skillshare Followers! | Neil and Linda Shearing ☑ | Skillshare
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9 Lessons (34m)
    • 1. Introduction To "How To Get More Skillshare Followers"

    • 2. What Are Skillshare Followers?

    • 3. Why Are Skillshare Followers Vital To Your Success?

    • 4. How Do You Get Followers?

    • 5. More Followers: Create More Classes

    • 6. More Followers: Promote Your Classes

    • 7. More Followers: Leverage The Platform

    • 8. More Followers: Encourage Engagement

    • 9. Summary!


About This Class

The Skillshare platform is built around followers. Every teacher needs to know why followers are so important to your Skillshare success and how to get more followers.

This class teaches you what followers are, why they're important and several ways to get more followers, from releasing more classes, promoting your classes, leveraging the platform and encouraging engagement.

This class is one of several we've created to help you understand the Skillshare platform and be as successful as possible on it. 

Neil and Linda


PS,  ☑ We are truly interested in helping you on Skillshare. We will follow you back when you take one of our classes and follow your progress, from posting projects to offering classes. Most of the time, we'll see you join and follow you. If not, start a discussion in the class to remind us!