Skillshare: Build a Balanced Scorecard From Scratch Using Excel

Dr. Warren Chalklen, Education Innovator

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21 Lessons (3h 17m)
    • 1. Let's Get Started :)

    • 2. Welcome to the Course :)

    • 3. Purpose, Composition and Content of Your Dashboard

    • 4. Financial Perspective

    • 5. Customer Focus Part 1

    • 6. Customer Focus Part II

    • 7. Mission Perspective

    • 8. Professional Development

    • 9. Internal Processes

    • 10. Input Sheet: The Fundamentals

    • 11. Client Focus Input Sheet

    • 12. Internal Process Input Sheet

    • 13. Professional Development Input Sheet

    • 14. Finances Input Sheet

    • 15. Wrapping Up the Input Sheet Section

    • 16. Mission Dashboard

    • 17. Professional Development and Financial Dashboard

    • 18. Client Focus Dashboard

    • 19. Internal Processes Dashboard

    • 20. Troubleshooting: A summary

    • 21. Conclusion with audio


About This Class

Last course update: April 25, 2016



Improve your organizational performance! Everything you need to build a Balanced Scorecard from scratch using Excel!


Every organization seeks to improve its performance. Having worked with organizations around the world I found a pattern: Many are spending thousands of dollars on software and consultants to track performance each year. A team and I used our education and experience to build the same scorecard using Excel—the results speak for themselves.

And now…I want to share this process with you so you can have a tool to make better decisions and improve your organization’s performance.


21+ Lectures and Over 3.5 hours of content!

✔ Easy to Learn Material—free template download available to get started

Project Based Learning—Build your scorecard to fit your organization

Use data to manage your organization’s performance

Follow the Best Practices of Top Corporations For Your Context

Five-Star Review: Perfect for beginners.

The Balanced Scorecard is the best practice to improve your organizations performance. Here's some stats that prove that using a scorecard in your business will produce positive results:

  • The Advanced Performance Institute reports that about half of major companies in the US, Europe and Asia are using Balanced Scorecard Approaches. The exact figures vary slightly but the Gartner Group suggests that over 50% of large US firms had adopted the BSC by the end of 2000
  • ClearPoint Strategy put together a list of the top companies using the Balanced Scorecard:
  • Private Sector: (Banking: Wells Fargo, Energy: Mobil North America Marketing and Refining (NAM&R), Electronics: Philips Electronics, Financial: Thomson Reuters)
  • Public Sector: (Local Government: City of Charlotte, NC, U.S. Government: Defense Logistics Agency and Higher Education: University of Virginia

There is no better time to build a Balanced Scorecard for your organization--big or small.

Here's what we will cover in this course...

Learn how to build your Balanced Scorecard from scratch using Excel. We start with the dashboard, formulate the perspectives and then craft the input sheets. Finally, we tie it all together and use it to track organizational performance.

BONUS PDF REPORT – links to important articles and blogs to learn from other experts - Must finish the course to access this free report. 21+ Informative Videos including:

  • What is a Balanced Scorecard?
  • Basics of the Dashboard
  • How to formulate your perspective sheet
  • What does an input sheet look like for my departments?

Don't forget to check out the free preview lectures to sample my course. Are you ready to learn with me? By the end of this course students will know:

  • Basics of the Balanced Scorecard 
  • How to design you own dashboard
  • Manipulate Excel to craft your perspective sheets
  • Formulate input sheets
  • Link sheets to capture trends
  • Use the tool to increase revenue
  • Much More!

Don't wait another day to begin building your Balanced Scorecard.