Skillshare Basics for New Teachers 13 - Marketing Your Class | Meike Hohenwarter | Skillshare

Skillshare Basics for New Teachers 13 - Marketing Your Class

Meike Hohenwarter, Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.

Skillshare Basics for New Teachers 13 - Marketing Your Class

Meike Hohenwarter, Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.

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7 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Intro: Skillshare Basics for New Teachers - Marketing Your Course

    • 2. 01 Publish

    • 3. 02 The Trending

    • 4. 03 Internal Marketing

    • 5. 04 Facebook Marketing

    • 6. 05 25 Students

    • 7. Project 13

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About This Class


Skillshare Basics for New Teachers 13 - Marekting Your Class


This is the last part of this series Skillshare Basics for New Teachers"

Skillshare offers great possibilities for people who are teaching online. 

In this class I guide new teachers through marketing your Skillshare class step by step.

Learn how to market your class and how to understand the Skillshare Trending.

Meet Your Teacher

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Meike Hohenwarter

Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.


My brandnew series: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Start now with class 01!

Meine brandneue Serie: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Beginne jetzt mit Teil 01!

Austria's No. 1 on Udemy/?sterreichs Nummer 1 auf Udemy

My Motto/Mein Motto: "Live your full potential!"

I help enterpreneurs with their online business concept and their self development in order to live an efficient, successful and fulfilled live.

Ich helfe UnternehmerInnen bei ihrem online Gesch?ftskonzept und ihrer Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung sodass sie ein effizientes, erfolgreiches und erf?lltes Leben f?hren k?nnen.

My udemy-topics are/ Meine Udemy-Themen sind:

- online Marketing

- Videomarketing

- Self Development/Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung

- (Visual) Learning Skill... See full profile

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1. Intro: Skillshare Basics for New Teachers - Marketing Your Course: Hello and quarterly. Welcome to this course. My name is Michael home Bata. And I'm a business coach. And I help entrepreneurs with their business concept and with the self development. Hello and welcome to class 13 off skill share basics for new teachers. This is the last class, and I'm looking forward to seeing you again. This time you're talking about marketing. So as soon as you finish your first class, you, of course, want to let the world know about it. So I will show you some things that you should do in order to make your class public and also tell you why you should be quick with that. There is the trending in skills. You and I will tell you more about that. So if you're interested to learn more about marketing, your skills, your class just clicking role and I see you at the other side 2. 01 Publish: Okay, so now is the time. Now we want to publish our trust. Everything is done. Another world should know about us. And now it's all about marketing. And before we published a class Evel showy, I want to show you one more thing that you can do before hands So he ever we are in the class draft again, off power point for thump tales. And before a publish my class, I, of course, want to check months more If everything is OK, so what you can do, you can go here on preview class. Another system shows me exactly how my class will look like for a customer for first unit and what I usually do, I just check if everything is OK. So what I do, for example, is that I play each video for short times. I just started like this just to see if all the videos are loaded. I also look at the numbers here if the numbers are in the correct order, so just check on everything if it looks okay and also it's important to go here on the about because this is all the class information. So you see, here is the description which we put up together. And if you want to fix any type of something, you can still do that. And you see, here is also my profile information. So this is how the course looks to news that the students, for to the potential students and also to already enrolled students. And one more thing I usually do is that I upload one project. When you goto our projects. You see that there is, of course, no project yet because no, nobody saw this class except for me. But you can upload your own project to your own class. And it's good to do that because because thus you you have a project, the sample project that students can fall. Also, it's a good guidance, but it also gives you a score in your trending and what this all about every bill telling you in the next video. So you should create your own project, and you can just have a look at your project description. Which one which we did earlier and you just can copy this. You just take this, copy it, and now you say your project is called sample projects and you just put it in there, and then you can, of course, upload the picture against the USA upload filter and just take this year. And I would also say Here upload image. I would also upload an image here because these are seen at your profile page. It always looks better if you have. If you have pictures, they're really. When people go to your pro to your profile, they can look at old your projects and projects without a picture. Just don't look like anything. So it's always better to have a picture there, and then you can just say create. And now you created your first project, which is your sample project. And then you can also go here to the community and you could start a discussion. Andi, this could either. If you leave it like that, it will propose to just to all students off this class, which is Sarah by now. But of course, you should change very soon, but it could also take this box here, and then you email it to all students, but what I usually do. I don't do it here. I do it at the discussions at my profile, and I will show you how to do that. So now everything should be done here. So just go back to edit class. And if everything is OK, I just see there is in tour instead of intro. So just fix that. I don't know. I often do that in through. So you can, of course, fix anything afterwards. It's felt Okay, Looks good. And if if you're fine to go, then you just go publish and them your life. Are you sure they're asking again? And you say yes And your proposition. And then if you just uploaded the videos, it might take half an hour to an hour. But if you have uploaded videos already, Violet go like I did, then your class should be published very soon. In about five minutes. You see, Now it's pending, and soon it will be published. 3. 02 The Trending: okay, He just a quick look on our the email I received about my discussions. I told you that all the customers get an email When? When you post something in the discussions. And you see, this is what I received as a customer. This is how it looks, and you see all the hype buildings are there. And so people are informed that that I posted a new class so he could use the discussions for marketing for new classes. But you can also use it just like a block post. So this is how it looks. So and next thing we're going to talk about the trending and what is the trending? The trending shows classes that I'm that that in the trend in the moment at the moment is always the last two weeks of the frame changes daily. It's It's always the to to last week's, and the training is also one reason why you should start marketing right away so that you have a good boost in a trending. Let's have a look at it, son, back on my profile. And if I browse for classes, let's just go for all classes. When a browse classes. Then you see, first of all, up there you find featured classes. This is quite new, the featured classes, and I I don't think that this is very fair. I don't know why they did that, because if you ask leisure how to become a featured class, they just won't let you know. And you can be sure that it's always arts classes. So it doesn't seem fair thing to me Before that, you it started right away with trending classes. Now they a little bit below, and you can just say Seol and see old training classes. So the trending who is first here is the one who has the highest score in the trending. So it's a points system. So you can be sure that this thesis class is all the way up to training classes because it has the highest score you can see there 1005 100 students in there. It has, um, 132 off 133 students recommended the classes. It has 132 times thumbs up. So must pickled class. If you're interested in this subject, and let's just look at, for example, design and graphic design this is was one off the off the categories we were picking. So if you go there, they're each it's each category and each subcategory, of course, has has its own trending. So now, for example, this guy is trending in this in this category, the T shirts. We already saw him yesterday as well. And if you scroll all the way down So now I'm all the way down. So you can tell that these classes are the ones with the lowest score in the trendy you can see. And but no one has less than 25 students because you need to have a least 25 students to be in the trending at all. I think this is just changing because in one in the in the online handbook, they already say that you started a trending right away and I was asking the support yesterday and it was also discussing this in a Facebook group. Maybe they are planning to do that soon, But now, as you can see, and there was looking at several different categories now, none off the classes is less than 25 students. Now it's still that you need to have 25 students. Maybe they will change that assed. They also change the minutes watched, but in the moment it's still that you have to have 25 students to be in the trending. So I want to explain you something about the score system so that you understand how to get high scores and fights that important to market your class right away. So this is from the Complete Teach Handbook, Teacher's Handbook and Justus um, voting from there. And this is how the rules are for today. So it's an algorithm. And, um, it's already said the training is always has always as its frame the last two weeks, and you get a certain score for certain things. As you can see for each re enrollment, you get one point and for each premium enrollment to you get 10 points for projects created and also 10 points for positive review. The review us, um but you get minus 10 points for negative reviews. So this was one reason why I let you create your first project, because so this way you already gained 10 points and then for the down here. It also says that a newer classes are given a slight bump to their score for the 1st 2 weeks, some skills year. So in order to make it possible for new classes to show in the trending higher up in the trending at all skill show gives them a certain bump. Certain boost s so that they can rank higher. And Neil Sharing I already mentioned him. He's always making all these studies on how skill share works. There is no official officials, kills your person, is just teachers. I am. But he heat thus oldest research, and he wants said he thinks it's 300 points at the first day. Nobody knows for sure. Maybe it's 200. Maybe it's 400. Maybe it's completely different, but this was what his calculation turned out to be. And he said, It gets less every day. So you if you have 300 points the first day, you might only have I don't know, 275 on the second day. And so um so it's getting less and less in order to make you gain more and more points. So if you want to have the whole boost, you should make your class showing the trending right away. And as it is in the moment, your class will only be shown in the training when you have a least 25 students. So make sure that you get 25 students as quick as you can not just created a little graph so that you can see how this whole thing works. It's off course, completely arbitrary, so but I just wanted to show you what happens. So if the orange bars are the scores, you get by skill share and let's say Okay, first day you get 300 maybe even the second in the 30 I don't know. Nobody knows. Excuse should also, we don't know, be teacher. But let's say the 1st 3 days you get 300 points and then it lessons to 250 for another three days, and then it's only 200 or something like that. And at the same time you are gaining points by getting good reviews, getting projects and things like that. And this is the blue, the blue bars. So these add up. So just imagine, when you need several days to have your 1st 25 students, then you're really losing all these boots, that skills you can give you because if you're on here on this, if you only start by Thursday, you already have less boost. And if this doesn't bring you up that high, then when you would have started when he would already have toe have had 25 students on the very first day. So this is to show you that it's good toe, have 25 students as fast as you can and then do marketing to not only have 25 students, but, of course, get great students in a cage. Mint get people toe, creates projects, get people to give you a thumbs up and things like that. And I tell you, it's not very easy. You don't get a lot of thumbs up in skill share. People normally don't care. Most of them don't care. They don't know how important it is for the teachers, and many people don't give you thumbs up if you're not. If you don't have an art cross, it's not that easy to get people to create projects. So this is quite tough to get to get good scores here, but still, you should do that too, in order to get higher in the trending because then of course, more people will see your classes 4. 03 Internal Marketing: Okay, so great news, my class ISS life. And I know that first of all, because it's now available at my dashboard and I also know it because skills has sent me an email. It's a spend noticed I should change that there. But that doesn't matter now. So what? This excuse your So they sent me an email saying Your class has been published and you see here they're sending me a glass refuelling. This is not a feeling. This is a normal link and I just can copy this because I've been needed in a second. So Concord's your classes life and but I also got this and email as a student, and so skills you sent an email toe all the students that are following you. So for me, it's more than 400 in the moment and all the 400 students will get the email that my care hold water, just posted a new class and taking go right there in feudal class. So I think this is great. This is something skills, your thus for you. And I think this is a great internal marketing. So that all my friends, so to say no that I just released a new class. But there is one more thing that it will also show you for internal marketing, which I often do. And this is here. The discussions. You can post a discussion, and when you want to post a discussion, you can either. Just you can either just posted here on your dashboard. But of course, this is not enough. You can always take the box that you want to email all students, and then all my followers will get that usually pair email only if they have changed that in their notifications. Then they will only get an excuse your notification. But most of them will get an email because this is the default thing about thes thesis messages. So I already prepared to prepare the little text, and I always of kind of a problem with the languages because I'm teaching on my classes in German and English. English is, of course, the major language. I have lots more fans in English, so there's more English and chairman. But I always want to also inform the chairman students of other did. Here is I have the heather. It's so easy. Create some please just with power point. And then here's a joining this class and I say the same in German book. It isn't quest and then I'm offering both links. So you see, already high building to chairman class. And now I want to happening also the English classes. And I do it like this, a just selected go on hyperlink and this you remember a corporate stealing from the email so just inserted. And now the English classes hyperlinked as well. The picture is easy. I always you would use pictures because it's like a block post. So you just say upload photo And now I want to hyperlink to picture as well. This is the English Castor just selected. Go on hyperlink again. And now the pictures also high pulling because people are usedto being ableto click on a pick trend and following this picture. And then there is some text. It's mainly some off the text I those are already using in the description and then I have to same with the German class, the class in German, and then when everything is done, I just go say just a post and this is just another great way off internal marketing because now, first of all, it's on my dashboard. And second of all, all my friends, all my followers got informed that I have a new class. So this is what you can tow internally on scare share to market your class. And now we want to have a look at what you can do with the rest of the world. 5. 04 Facebook Marketing: okay and assume s you have your class published. Do you want to get into the trending? And so you should do some marketing, And I'm sure you know the most important things, but I just want to tell you so First of all, you can, of course, half a block post. So I don't usually write block posts about skills your classes because I prefer to promote the classes on my own webpage. But if you're only offering your classes on skis yet and just go for it and write a block post second is your newsletter. So if you have an email list, of course you should write a newsletter that you just published a new class skins you dusted for you within skill share. Asai showed you their emailing, all your followers. But of course, maybe you have people who are on, other least so you can write a newsletter. If you don't have a newsletter, you maybe just want to write to your friends. There are some skills. Your teachers who just have their friends all get enrolled into their classes and altering approach. It's and giving them thumbs up. I don't do that. I consider my friends was being more important for something else than being my raving fans . They can if they want to, but they don't have to. So I rather rely on on the natural fans defense that come just come with following me on skills here. So I don't do that as I promote, I said, Two minute of my own promotional usually promote people toe my own website because this is best, of course, if you have one, if you haven't own course website. But what you can also do is, of course, social media marketing, lots of different social media marketing and first and foremost, of course, Facebook skills. That makes it very easy for you to promote your classes in Facebook novel showing in a second. It also enables you to a probable on Twitter and for example, YouTube is also very good because you can just take your promo video and posted on YouTube . Um, I just promote my skills, your classes in different skill affair Facebook groups, and I just want to show you how I do that. First of all, their terms of Facebook groups skills, your Facebook groups thes are old classes. These are old Facebook groups for for teachers who want to share their classes. And I have just once took the time and um, went through the search on Facebook and looking for different groups that had skills here in the name somehow, and I will share this least with you so you can have it. You will find the resources off this class. I also have a skill share class. My schedule group is a little bit special because it's only for skills your classes that are held in German, as I was so to call, I think, the 1st 1 offering classes in chairman and and now I was offering old excuse year courses in German, and now there are some people following, and I just want us together together so that we can communicate and also share our links. So this is the Skill share classes and chairman Facebook group. So please only post if your classes in German and then another special classes the skills your mastermind Panou sharing. This is only for exchange of teachers and not for a class promotion. He has another Facebook group, which is for class promotion, and this is one off the off the ones off the free classes, so you have to have free classes in order to be there. It's called Skews your free classes and you see there is many other skills your Facebook groups that want to you to promote free classes and then there are others who do not care. He can promote free crosses. You can promote just normal premium classes. It's all the same. So this is all the list and you can just share it. And I want to show you how you do that. So this is the class and now you're seeds published now. And, um, when you go into a few class, you have a link here and you see, it's also a link promoting your premium of refuels so that you get $10 if somebody becomes premium because of your link. So you can either take this link or then you go back to the draft. You see suddenly your year of the tap promote. You haven't haven't had that before, so if you go on promote, you will also find a link here. It's the same, and you see you can share it right away on Facebook and on Twitter and also in your email list, and then you scroll down a little bit. You can also create free links. There's, of course, a whole philosophy on whether you should give your classes for free or not. I tend to give a lot for free. I have free classes in general on skill share and also create of links free links for for premium classes. I used to do Tom's, but now I decided that I only want to do my 25 to get my 1st 25 students because I think skills years really, really cheap. You get thousands of classes for just $10 a month from average, so I don't really see the name or Via should give that many feeling. So what I usually do now is that I just create 25 links, so just go here and for quantity of, say, 25. And if I need more, I can create him at any time later on. Usually I call them if beachy for Facebook groups, but it's just for measles. Use any name that you want. You can also have an expiration date. If you want to not just say create. And now you're saying, See, now you have a different think This is the frequent bowling And it says that there is still 25 after out of 25 left, and this egos accounts down as soon as people start getting enrolled into classes. So if I actually ideas is it's a normal premium ling. And if actually at this it's a free ling. And that kind of was a share. It's on Twitter, Mike, When I go here, this is connected to my Twitter account and it already offers me enroll in my class for free. So I can just tweeted like this and then if I want toe to share it on Facebook, I just grabbed his a copy this I'm not going. Take here. I can all share it on Facebook and I don't know always the first time. It doesn't show the picture afterwards, it shows the picture, but in the beginning, it doesn't show a picture. I don't know why. So if I if I share the second thing, it suddenly shows No idea why. So what I say now? What what is my text? And I usually use an editor for that So I said 20 five times free, my new online class power point for thumb nails. You don't have to use more. I would say so. And then you say you say free ling and this is what I just grabbed. And then you can also say Premium. I think on the premium link Is this one up there? So just let me tell you something about free and premium links. So many people put it like that that the first have to premium link and then the Free Ling . There is a reason for that because the first Lincoln Facebook is always delinked that that's connected. The first thing is the one that that that will be used when people click on pictures and people tend to rather click on pictures. So if you rather want people to enroll as a premium member, you would put it that way. And if they if they honor the premium member, they will find out themselves and take on the feeling after months. But this is only if I posted new, and some some administrators don't allow to to share your class. So what I do when I posted here in this it looks as if I created it on my own webpage. That's OK for all the different administrators. And if I share this one here, it's still even though it says premium link first. It already has to link somewhere in here, so it's it's still would lead people toe the free class. But as I said, I only generated 25 free links, so I don't care. They shall be used and afterwards only premium members can get the class anyway. Now I have to wrap a group and the first group it just sharing the group if it'll move chairman. So the first group I want to share it is, for example, skill share free classes. It's new share ings class and I posted on Facebook. And here it goes, and then I go the second time. Do you see suddenly the picture shows? I don't know why it doesn't show the first time, so just say share in group again. And the next on my list is against kill Geoffrey classes. But this time it also has get your 1st 25 students. You see, the names are all very similar. They're not just paste in my text and a share it again. And this is what I do with all the free classes and the premium classes I could share here . But there's a little little downside to this because if I go here, it's just that the same window, I don't know varieties is this way. But if I opened this one here, you see it doesn't allow me to sharing groups. It's just I can only share it on my my normal and Facebook side. So I could either do it that way or I could I could just posted right away on my Facebook side. And from there I only can shared in groups. So what I usually do, I don't care. I used the free link for all the groups, So a share a shared the same thing associative free bombs. And so I can be quite sure two for 25 people, deeply free members and then the free links are gone, and then only premium members can join. So it's the same anyhow, so I don't care and I share it all here because it's much easier to share it that way, then putting in it on your Facebook side and sharing from there. So and now I continue this about 20 times for the Facebook groups, and then they are all on Facebook. And, um, some administrators take days to publish the class some some only minutes. But the most important thing is that I get my 1st 25 students as fast as I can. And some teachers even get the 1st 25 students in, I don't know, five minutes or something that this is not my category. I'm not that good for me. It usually takes about one or two hours, but the teachers who have great following get it easily, and then they even have the next there on the next leak. Um, Neil sharing found out that the trending school always switches at noon. So if you want, if you want to get as much out of his chorus possible, you should pull to class shortly after noon because then you get all the fresh, fresh trending score your 300 points or something, and this is to make most out off the first day. But usually I do not range in the trending that high so that it is really that important. So I don't care at which time I post my class, but this is just some deep for the pros. So just hear your cloths on Facebook in many different skills. Use of Facebook groups and, of course, also in other groups. If you want toe, I only share them in skills your Facebook groups, but you can shared it in in old, different kinds of groups where you belong to. 6. 05 25 Students: So it's now some hours since the last video, and I just got an email, this email Who Ray. It says your class has 25 students. So now I have 25 students in the class. Privileges publishing some hours ago. You can see it here on my dash port 25 students. The chairman, the Kacin chairman doesn't have 25 yet always takes longer because they are not that many German speaking people on skill share box This clauses 25 students and now it should be in the trending. And let's have a look, my ***, one classes and let's go into a subcategory because otherwise after scroll forever. So like, for example, design and graphic design, we know that we have it there, so it should be there in the trending. And, of course, we have to scroll down. It's not right up in the trending, all from the start, and look, here it is. It's just about the quarter of an hour. Did I have 25 students and it's already not all the way below, but it's on seventh place from from the Sea from downside. So it's it's already gone up and So why do I get a better placement? And, for example, a classic, Just 33 students or even more than 100 students like these two. Okay, my, could that be off course? It could be because I have a project. I don't know if these people have a project, and maybe it's also the new think that minutes watch that they also counted. Maybe there's more minutes watched of then with my class and with the other ones who just got published in the last I don't know, one or two hours and I know how old the other ones are. Okay, so this is great. I'm already not all the way down in the trending. I'm a little further open. That's great, I think. And 11 final tip What you can do toe make it range even a little bit higher. Maybe let's go into the class here. And I told you already before publishing toe do approach checked as a project brings you 10 10 points in your score for the trending and something else. It also brings you 10 points in this core is a positive review s you might remember you cannot do that before publishing. But you can do that after publishing, so you can leave a review to your own class. So it just makes thumbs up and submit your review. You see your review has been submitted and disease an extra 10 points, and I haven't invented it. I just saw that in some Facebook group that all the teachers are all the peaches, the teachers who know about that that they give themselves for the first thumbs up. Eso I felt okay, if everybody does it, I should do that too. So you're in advantage to people who don't know that. And this is my final tip toe. Also, get this advantage for you yourself. So it's time to say bye bye. I hope you like the class. I hope you want to join skills Your I would like to see you there. And if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me on the hope that we will soon see each other in another of my classes 7. Project 13: So congratulations. This is the end off this class, and I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you could take a lot with you. And I hope that you already created your first class violist going along with me. And if not, just get started. I really would love you to she it also be a sketchy a teacher, if you are not yet. And as the last project, I would love to hear from you what you are planning to do a marketing, or maybe what you're already doing. So where do you want to market your clothes? Are you going to write block posts and things like that? And, of course, as always, your are allowed to share any off your advertisement in the project to just go for it. If you like my class also appreciate a positive reviewer thumbs up. And yes, I really look forward to seeing you again in one of my other classes to see you very soon.