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8 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. Intro: Skillshare Basics for New Teachers Chapter 07-12

    • 2. 07 Course Contents

    • 3. 08 Promo Video

    • 4. 09 Title and Description

    • 5. 10 Thumbnail

    • 6. 11 Projects

    • 7. 12 Tags

    • 8. Project for chapter 07 12

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About This Class


Skillshare Basics for New Teachers


Skillshare offers great possibiities for people who are teaching online. 

In this class I guide new teachers through uploading a class to Skillshare step by step. 

This class includes course chapters 07-12 of the series.

It shows all details to uploading your first class

  • Course Contents - what can you teach at Skillshare
  • Promo Video - how to bring people into your class
  • Title and Description - don't forget to use great keywords!
  • Thumbnails - how to stand out
  • Projects - a Skillshare specific is a project for each class
  • Tagging - how to pick the right tags i.e. keywords

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meike Hohenwarter

Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.


My brandnew series: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Start now with class 01!

Meine brandneue Serie: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Beginne jetzt mit Teil 01!

Austria's No. 1 on Udemy/?sterreichs Nummer 1 auf Udemy

My Motto/Mein Motto: "Live your full potential!"

I help enterpreneurs with their online business concept and their self development in order to live an efficient, successful and fulfilled live.

Ich helfe UnternehmerInnen bei ihrem online Gesch?ftskonzept und ihrer Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung sodass sie ein effizientes, erfolgreiches und erf?lltes Leben f?hren k?nnen.

My udemy-topics are/ Meine Udemy-Themen sind:

- online Marketing

- Videomarketing

- Self Development/Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung

- (Visual) Learning Skill... See full profile

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1. Intro: Skillshare Basics for New Teachers Chapter 07-12: Hello and quarterly. Welcome to this course. My name is Mike Home Bata and I'm a business coach and I help entrepreneurs with their business concept and with the self development. So, in chapter six, I gave you a quick overview on how toe upload your class to skill share. And this was more for the MAWR professional teacher, people who might be teaching on mine already it other platforms and just need an overview. And now I will go more into detail. Chapter 7 to 12 will show you step by step, guide you through all the different things that you need to know and show you step by. Step on what you should take into consideration and with the mayor to be attentive. So in detail, Number seven is all about the class contents. The course contents number eight is on the promo video over toe. Know about the promo video Number nine is about title and description and that give you some some things to know there, especially about like, for example, key Virts. Number 10 is about thumbnails. The thumbnail is the image. Does that represents your class. Number 11 is on projects in skills. You you always have to have a project. And I will give you some ideas on what to use as a project and number number 12 His own search engine optimization, um, skills your works in a very specific way. And you only have five keyboards. And so I will give you some might years on what keyboards to use and how this old works. So Chapter 7 to 12 is the more detailed version off. What you're very learned. Inject the six. I give you more import, more contents, more ideas on how you should exactly do in order to present an outstanding class. So if you want to learn more, just go ahead and click enroll. 2. 07 Course Contents: So in Chapter seven, we will be talking about the course contents off your course. So what's to teach on skill share? So it might be your first class altogether in online teaching. Or maybe you already very experienced teacher. Anyhow, each platform work slipped a little bit differently, so I will just give you a quick overview on what people are teaching on skill share. So what could be your course contents? And when we take a look at the skills your platform, you can go for, browse here and have a look at the different classes, and here you can see all different chapters. This is what the different different categories where you can teach. So it's starting off with design, which means old, different kinds of October programs and local T signs, and also drawing photography's self explanatory. I would say businesses everything about intra preneurs ship in marketing and business development. Film is video editing and animation, and things like that. Technology, of course, are all the different programs. Fashion is from suing over over T shirts. Designed music is learning instruments, learning how to compose music and lots of other things. Gaming isn't developing your own games, culinary of courses on cooking and things like that. Writing is a creative writing but also editing and how to publish your writings craft. It's like, uh, creativity in general and do it yourself, I would say. And like Jubilee Jubilee, the silent on all different kinds of things lifestyle is are things like productivity, but also like, for example, health and meditation and sports and things like that. And teaching is like, for example, online teaching or getting a good concept on how to teach and things like that. So these are the main categories where you can teach and as you can also see from here, excuse you is kind of different. Too many other platforms because skill she'll really boosts all arts classes. Skills here comes from skills. Ah, and here it's more craft skills, more more art skills, and so is he can see you from the featured classes. Excuse your love's old, different kinds of arts classes. So if you have something like that, you are surely right on this platform. But also, if you're teaching like business things than it's also very welcome, and you will also find your students for that classes just to give you a quick look on what classes I teach. If you have a look at my profile, you see that I'm already teaching 64 classes and you can have a look it all off them. And you can see, for example, the last classes were on create space, which is almost on self publishing service. And he's when the category writing. Before that, I had Power Point for Video, which is animation and video creation, and this was in the category film. Before that, I had simple screen casting, also in the category film. Before that, I had the skills, your class. This is in the category teaching, and before I had productivity classes in the category lifestyle. So you see, I was already using quite some different categories, so I'm sure that your class will fit in somewhere there. The second important thing about what to teach and how to teach is your course. Length and schedule is quite special on that, and skills you is just in a big move in a book. Big change. We now just have January 2017 and, um, over New Year skills here has changed its policies on how they pay the teachers before, until 26 16 they were paying pair a class. Sapir course of value has premium enrollments, and now they started to pay pair minutes watched. This makes a big change, and as I said, it's just January we just started. So the person first payment payout will be in February, so I can't really tell you how it would work out. But I think that it will be the better thing. Why did it do it? What happened? As always, people find out how they can game. The system and schedule was always asking for bite sized classes. They only said it should be short because you should be able to consume them it them in one bite us to set. And they were recommending 10 to 25 minutes classes. And what happened is that there were some teachers called Uncle Teachers who just gave the system and just ah, developed lots off 10 minutes classes that 10 minutes even include the intro and the Outro video. So it was all the course content was maybe seven or eight minutes long, and they were just also using tricks, of course, but I was just going for having lots of people enrolling in their classes and never caring . If people were really watching the classes and old most of these classes, you didn't want to watch him, and there was no information. You will find better content on YouTube for free. So there it just ruins the quality off the classes on skills here. And I think this is the reason why they are now going for minutes watch, because this shows that people are going the day that they are actually watching the classes and not only enrolling and in it and even course length changed. Eso a set the skills you're always said best length is 10 to 25 minutes, and when you now look at the block post they did shortly before New Year's, when they were announcing their new kind of payment. Now they say 20 to 60 minutes off video is the sweet spot off for Class ling, So still 10 minutes is the minimum, but they don't do. You don't ask for 10 minutes and say the sweet spot this between 20 and 60 minutes. Soto take an average of this would be 40 minutes and I think this is great. I think this is really good that they do that. Actually, my classes are mainly in this in this range. Maybe a comparison comparison to you. To me, if you also teach at you to meet an average class on you to me takes 2 to 3 hours, I would say. And the minimum with 30 minutes at you, the mean And so if you are producing a class for you, to me and for skill share What? What Some teachers did that. It took a 33 hours, You Jimmy class and made like, um, what is it? 18. You can do 18 10 minute classes out of it. Um, so there is no reason to do that anymore. So But what I do is that I will cut it in in pieces. If they really are meaningful chapters, then I still will cut them. But if I have a two hour long class which can't really be separated into different parts, I would never care. And I would just have a two hours class. Includes years, Bill actually already to have two hours classes, some ski Asia, because now you do not count the enrollment anyway, but you just count the minutes watched, and sometimes it's even better toe have people stick to one class. If it's good class, they will watch it from A to C, and then you can earn more now with the new system. This is also the reason why I put a chapter 7 to 12 into one class. Now when our plant is. I still didn't know anything about the new systems I was planning actually six classes on that going into T detail for each of those. And now I decided I will only make one class with the detailed overview because it just makes more sense and it doesn't know, not make any more sense to have more classes. It's because it's just minutes watched so to us. You, please. 10 minutes is the minimum and make several videos. Um, and it will be a great class, I'm sure so And one more thing I want to mention is, of course, how toe upload your class. So if you have never uploaded any classes kitchen, I will just show you where you can upload all your content videos. So first you create them of course, and here I just want to show you a quick overview how it looks when you are in a class. I just picked one off the classes where I'm enrolled. Toe, Um, it's not my class. It's someone else's class. And you see, when when you are in the course area, when you're on the in the course you see there is the video and here you see all the different easy, all the different videos and you can pick any off those and just watch it one after the other. Or you can also go for a specific video and just started playing. So this is what we want to do Now we want to upload the course to First of all, we have to start the course, and this is how we do it. You, of course, have to have an account first, and then you just go on teach and you still say, create a cloth. And then he used to get started. And this opens the so called draft. So this is the draft, for it's a template for a new class. And you have here this This tape is the videotape, and now you can just start to upload your videos when you have to mould. Um, just make sure the very 1st 1 is your promo video are your intra video. So this is the first video is always open for everyone. So this should be your debt for the class here. You should promote your class. So first you upload your promo video, you just go on upload video, and here have for my promo video, and then you upload class number one to intern. So just go for it, one after the other, and you see that I was numbering them, and this is for a good reason. First of all, of course, it's for me that I I have it more in order but then seconded also that sometimes it rumbles up the videos. And then it's good to have the numbers that you can just send a quick email to the support and tell them that something, um, that they just, um, got mixed up and that they should fix it again. And also for your students. If they some somehow don't realize it, that there is some mix up, then they can see home. Their numbers got mixed up and maybe they find it out yourself. So this class has nine videos and you see, they are uploading now and then. In the end, you always have to have a project with skills year. So I have have showed video introducing the project. So this is my project video, and I'm uploading this. In the end, you don't have toe have a video about the project, and it can be anywhere. But this is just the way I do it. And you see, now it's loading and you see the first ones already uploaded. But then it needs some some about half an hour for processing. So you cannot just uploaded all the videos and and publish your class right away. It takes some time, about 30 minutes. So this is everything about the class content and has said the first videos always your promo video, and I will be talking about the promo video in the next class in the next video 3. 08 Promo Video: Okay, so Chapter eight is now about your promo video, but it's a promo video, some people to call it intra video. Other people just called it trailer so that this video is the video that should invite people into your class. So it's an ETF for your class, and it's kills your each and every first video is open to everyone. So no matter if it's a free class or if it's a premium class, the first video is always Frito Watch for everybody, and it is supposed to be the promo video. It's the video where you advertise your class. So first question, of course, is what to put into your promo video. Um, so you might have watched already several zoos, and I invite you as all the promo videos open. Just go for it and have a look at several different promo videos and just watch it. What do you like? But but you don't like that you kind off find your own style. Or maybe you already have your own style. So off course, the main contents always should be what people will be learning in this class, so they want to know if this is a class that will help them with their problems with their issues that they have. And so you should be very clear on what people we learn you should. You should tell them what what model is all about. And maybe you also have some insights, maybe some some screenshots or some short video footage on what you will be showing. And therefore it's often best toe to do the promo video Last. This is what I usually do a first toe matter the whole class because then I'm absolutely clear on what I am teaching. And this makes most sense to tow the promo video last. And when you do so you can already show some footage of a T least some power points light or some screenshots on what you will be teaching. And this makes it more clear to people what what they will be seeing in this class. Also, make sure who is supposed to see it. So your target audience do people have toe have any prior knowledge so they know any software, or do they have to maybe have to have seen other classes off yours, so make this clear. So this is the main contents, the main part. And then it's always nice if you if the students see the person who is teaching and you might already know I'm not the one who likes to go in front of the camera but still in my promo video, usually show myself for some seconds. And there are many people who just make a new promo video and the film themselves each time . I guess they love to be in front of the camera. I don't laughed it. And it's not only that I don't like so much to be in front of the cameras. Also, I think it's quite some effort, because if I if I feel myself, then I have all my lamps and maybe must queen green screen and things like that. So it's quite some efforts to film yourself. If often it's easier toe do screen captures. So what I did, I did some general de fold, um, intra video showing myself. I've been surely later on in this video, and I'm using this all the time. And then I do a screen capture video with the rest of the specific one, where I tell people about the contents off that specific class. But first they always see the same intra video showing me So you can do that. Of course you don't have to. Some people never show themselves, but I know that some people want to know who is the person behind the scenes. And if you just show yourself for some seconds, that's mainly already good. Good for them. So that's what I do. I always show myself first for some seconds and just say, Welcome to the class. Then I give a specific intro on what people will be learning in that specific class, and I also tell them if they have toe have any prior knowledge and then, of course, that last thing is very important. The last thing is the call to action. So you tell people what they're supposed to do next. And in case off a promo video for skill share, of course, the next step will be to enroll into the class. So this is what you tell them, and you should really say it inverts so something like. So if you are interested in learning this with me, or if you're curious what the class is all about or something like that. Then go ahead and press the blue in roll button something like that, so that people absolutely sure that they know what to do next. The second question is also the length off the video, and I would say 1 to 2 minutes is great. It shouldn't be too long, but of course it should show the important parts, and it should never be boring. You can also use the music if you want to. I sometimes do that. Not always, but sometimes it's nice to have some uplifting music with your with your promo video, and I think the lengths. It shouldn't be longer than three minutes, and it can even be shorter than one minute. Just make sure that all the important things that the important US peace off your class are shown to potential students but don't make it too long. And then, of course, the next question is, how can you upload the class and I will show you that in a minute. Actually, I already showed you in the last video, so it's more less just the repetition or it's just some more details on that. And before I do that, I want to show you a good example of, ah, trailer that I liked. And I will also show you how I do. My trailer is I told you before, So let's go. And for it. Look at the example. So I already showed you that class before. It's a class I am enrolled in, and I just took it because I liked the trailer. The promo video. So it's called Basics off photo Shops and I don't know this woman, but I liked the trailer. So this is why I took this one. Um, she she calls a trailer, but it's the same if you call the trailer promo video and just show you just start here. Hey, I make I run Go three firms. We are located in Dumbo, Brooklyn, New York. Work on anything from branding. I came just turning its butte. So you see, I think she looks very sympathetic, and she's also saying that she has her own company where she's doing folder shops, and he's just showing something that she will will be doing in the class. And, yeah, she looks she him. She makes you feel that she is an expert in her field and she makes you also feel that she's a sympathetic person and also like the looks into photo shop turning a talking to read It looks like a fun thing to do. He you see here working So you again. She's showing that she is an expert and the whole promo video takes one minute and 13 seconds. So I think this is a quite nice promo video If you want to do it that style. Of course, there are many more styles, so just have a look. Watch at least five promo videos and you will know what you like to do. And of course, you can do each of your promo videos different, but just start in some way. I can't that I'm showing you here now is my my intro. What I was telling you the internet is always the same. Serve with just always exchanged its thumbnail here Hello and welcome to this course. My name is my business coach. Help entrepreneurs with their My name is my business coach had enterpreneurs with their business concept development. So this was 12 seconds and in 12 seconds I'm introducing myself. People see where I am, how I look how I speak and have a short impression on where I am and this is enough for me . At least I don't want to be in front of the camera more. And if I don't like that any more than I will, haven't this looks funny? I will have a new one, a new food touch every half a year or every year, So it doesn't look very intelligent. Okay? And this is the general one I'm using for all my different videos. And then after that, I will put the specific one that's specifically for that certain class, and that's explaining what people will be learning in that class. So this is the way I am doing it. So now let's see where to put your promo video. So in Chapter 70 they're uploading one class with 99 videos, but I think I didn't tell you what class this is. This is a new class on it's called Power Point for thumbnails and them showing my students how they can create thumbnails with Power point. And this is the class of will show show. You walk you through. This is with a step by step process. Um, So we uploaded all the different videos in the last one. And I already told you the very first video has to be the promo video. You don't have to upload it at first because afterwards you can still just walk around with your videos and just put them in any order that you want to. So you can even uploaded as last video and then just bring it all the way up. But finally, before you publish the class, you promo video has to be the video number one. So this is all you have to do. And, um, this is about it for chapter eight, and Chapter nine will be about the tile and the description, and you should be aware off some key birds and some other things that are important using for your title and for your description. So see you again in the next class. 4. 09 Title and Description: several. Okay, in this class, we're going to talk about title and description. And of course, it's important that you use a good title and they are not misleading people. And of course, your description So should be descriptive. That should really show people. Is this class for me? But another important point is that we have to talk about keyboards and in schedule. You have the option toe juice upto five key birds. But you cannot only use the key vert in the keyboard function. You should also use them in all other kinds off wherever you put in text. And so I want to talk briefly about keyboards in general. So but is a good key vert and my example My my example off. Excuse your class that I'm uploading your business class is my power point for thumbnails class. So of course, good keyboards for this class will be the thumbnail and divert power point. So I think this would be the best keepers. Um this is also via picked Picked it for the title And what other key verts could be useful ? For example, you could always also think off the opposite. So what's the opposite? off creating thumbnails with Power point. Most people would use a software like Photoshopped or or can VA or something like that. So you can, of course, also use those keyboards, because people might be looking for that kind of softer. You can also think for the Stiner names, but what do people say? Instead of Tom Nails and, for example, one synonym I I was thinking off is a cover image, so you could also use that word. So that would be good keyboards. Now the day's most search engines, like, for example, YouTube or Google. I don't support single keyboards that much them go more for so called keyboard races. So what's Akiva phrase? This is a whole like half sentence, a phrase that people would put into the search like, for example, how to bake a good cake or for what? I I'm looking here. What I'm suggesting here for the class might be good software for Tom Nails. Something like that. So, um, you can use that, but I wouldn't use it in the title in a title. I go more for another criterion, which is called keyword density. Keep that the entity means, um in relation toe all the birds in the title. How how much does wonder it way? So, for example, I finally called this class power point for thumbnails and numbers, and also little birds like prepositions usually do not count. So actually, there's only two words that count, and it's my two main Cheever. It's namely Power point and thumbnails. So I have a 50% Cuba intensity and the power point in another 50% Cheever density on the word thumbnails. So this is the highest tennis density than I can get. If I'm using two words and that's great, I think so. You never know what search engines exactly. Look for and nobody knows exactly. I can give you an example of somebody who is always researching on things like that. And this is Neil Sharing named sharing. Really, this does research on how skilled share works, and he he really he puts in different key birds and is comparing and things like that to really find out what is going on. It's killed here right now, and then he's offering a classes on that, but I tell you to be on the safe site, you should go for more general terms because it's just that platforms always change little things. So if they're changing some big things that you were completely relying on, it might be that nothing works at all anymore. So I go more for things like Everton City because I think there I'm on my on the short side that it works. So So this means for me that I'm using titles that have a high giver density and also explain another off the course. For example, a dude Amir have toe the problem that my cannot name one class the same name twice. So I come called a German and the English a PowerPoint for thumping is just the same. So I had to add some birds, so it was just repeating. It's a power point for thumbnails in German, I said Estela Thumbnails, Mid Power Point and in English as it create some news with Power point. So I'm just repeating it. And so it's just one more words that would create, or the German pretending, which is so I still keep this high density son. Another important question is whether you put your key. But so already said there is a function where you can put three keywords for each skills yet lost. So your bill, of course, set them there. But this is no known. Where else can you put them? So, first of all of the title, you should have two main key words in the title, and often that's also the euro. This doesn't work with execution because they have these shortened links. But for example, due to me at the same time, you also have it in your l, which is also important. Then you should have them in the description. And I will show you the example shortly shortly after that, and then you should also have it in the video title. Actually, I don't know for sure. I think skills here is not rating. If you're your keyboards are also in the video title, but it might decide to do that one day, and then I don't I don't have to do any changes. It z not much of a hassle to do it right now and then I have been there the same with the project. I don't think that's killed here is, um, is counting at the Cheever. It's in the pro checked right now, but maybe one day they will. So if somebody's for example, looking for a class on thumbnails and he just puts the thump nails into the search and several classes on skills you are suggested, I'm quite sure that it will count if the main keyword, which is Stump Nail in that case, is somewhere at the description. And I think it will very more most if it's in the title and then it will they, even if we were also very a lot. If it's in the description, I don't know if it weighs more. If it's in the description twice or three times, I think it's just that it is in there. But again, things like that can change and maybe one day skilled level. Also, look if it's in the video title in the project, I don't think it does right now, but just to be on the safe side, I put them there right away. So that's it. Let's have a look at the exact description off. I did it on Bird as a draft, and as you can see, the title is power point for some males and for your Lumia will also have the prolongation of create thumbnails with power point and four doesn't count and with also doesn't count. So there's only one more word, which is the would create which keeps it from 100% of density on the two main key Vertes. But this is necessary against Tito. Understand that this is the English of the class in English on the top. Shipped. OK, so what did I write this classes for intra preneurs who create videos of video classes and therefore need some males but do not want to bother with software like photo shop. Okay, number Um So what is this? First of all, it shows the target audience Haiti's classes for you So entrepreneurs who create videos we'll think Okay, this is a class for me then. I also have two words folder, ship and convert because people might be looking for a photo shop class recover class and just not know that they also can create thumbnails just with power point and then a thump Men, sometimes also called cover image is a picture representing your video video class. So again I have a fused it with thumbnail here and I was a used it would cover image just because it's a synonym. And maybe people are looking for the red cover imagined and they will find the terrorists will. The more significant, if significant and unique it is time off use. It will get often thumbnails. A cold are created in full ownership of campus of once more, but you can do easier. So power point. Important where it, of course, almost everybody knows it, and almost everyone has it. But most people think of boring presentations when thinking of Power point. But that's they are underestimating what the software can do. So I'm explaining what power point is for. I'm explaining with some analysts, and I'm telling people what they will be learning. And they're also tell them some knowledge. Knowledge of power Point is off advantage first, but not necessary. So the description is on one hand telling people what they should know, who they should be and what they will learn. On the other hand, I'm using it off Key Verdes. I just want to go into detail with this year. I want to show you something on you don't mean so here I am on the unity platform, and if I'm searching for photo show. So let's say I want to learn how to do this for the show. Give to searched him in, and usually it would, such as First German classes as I'm in the German speaking country. And then I scroll down a little bit. You'll find this class. It's one of my classes and it's on number eight, and it's not a full social class. It's a class where I show entrepreneurs how they can create flyer spareness and thumbnails without Photoshopped. So this is what I'm showing them here. But I have photo shop. It's a Q Bert in my description and in my subtitle. Even you don't have subtitle since kills you, but you do have a new to me. And so this is why it's, um, spot number eight with the search term photo shop. So this is why I'm doing that, OK, and now we're in the class that I'm showing you here. This is the power point for thumbnails class, and in an earlier video, we were uploading videos already so and we want toe at our keyboards now. So what I do, I usually have warm off the video titles with my keywords and my key words are of course, in a title. So I called is just intro power point for some males. And by doing that, I now have my two main key Vertes also once in my video titles. So this is number one. Always make sure that it's a safe draft. If you're changing the fuse says they save draft and then I go for class in for because as you can see, our draft still doesn't have any names. So I go for class in for and here are put in the title as well power point for some males And here this is the place where the description goes. So just go to mother document and just copy that. Go back here and pasted in. So this is where the description goals And before that I usually put the picture. I put the thumbnail pictures. It just put the curse. In the beginning, I say upload photo and then uploading the thumbnail. Here it comes. So now the thumbnail is here and then we have to text the one I was already talking about. We have it all here and then I told you also the project. I will also put some keyboards here. We will be talking about the project in another video. So this is for that. Just make sure that you say save draft in order to keep everything. And this is it for that video? 5. 10 Thumbnail: Hello. In this video, we're going to talk about the thumbnails and thump male. Also called cover image, is a picture that stands for your video or for you video class on different platforms. So, actually, what you see right now is the thumbnail for this video for this class. What should you take into consideration when creating a thumbnail? You have to be a bear. That a thump Neil is is the advertisement for your class, and it's a picture and pictures say, more than thousands words, we say So, um, the subconscious is a picture much quicker than it reads a title or even a description. So when you are offered several classes or several videos, you first see the cover images, the thumbnails and your subconscious already decides before your conscious even starts thinking. So what should you take into consideration to make it a good one so that people pick your class? First of all, it should stand out. It should always stand out in some way, and that can mean different things by different kettle categories, off online classes or videos. So outstanding means that there are other colors that there may be other images used as usual. It can also mean that there is a verging on it. Schedule allows verdicts in. You know me. You're not allowed to put any words on your thumbnails, but in skills, sure they're okay with it. You can use them. So outstanding always means that it looks different and than other thumbnails around it. Thumbnails that offer the same kid degree of classes. And so it makes the so called pattern interrupted What you call it in NLP. So it's all the same. But then suddenly there is this mom thing that looks different, and this just makes you wake up and brings it into your consciousness. So this is what you should I want to do, then second, it should, of course, reflect to contents. And somehow, by the thumbnail, you should be able to tell what the course of the video is all about. So there is no no sense in offering nudes. And then there is a course of excell behind that. Some platforms even don't allow that. Cem, um you and that there is no sense in it, I would say, because people just get angry with that. So, um, the number one was about venue compared to same classes. Then you should look different, and number two is more. When you compare toe all different kinds of classes of in your for example on a training page, and all different subjects are there, then people should understand what your classes about. They should somehow be able to tell the topic off your class and the number three's branding. Branding is always great that people just kind of remember you that they say, Oh, it's a class of hers again or it's a class on the topic again. So any pretending is always great. And here our sample cross where which we are uploading is called Power point for thumbnails And, of course, power point for thumbnail, says the thumbnail. This is how it looks. And so let's just shortly talk about that. So is it outstanding? I guess. Yes, I'm sure. There is no other thumping class that is showing an actual dump male and especially not with this nice pink nail polish. And also the bright green is surely not X. No, the typical color for background. So I think this is already outstanding. And does it reflect the contents? Yes, First of all, there's a top male on it. Okay, this is not not the meaning off the word that I'm using for the course, but still, he also have to bird thumbnails on it, so it should be clear there. So if they're shown different videos on different subjects, people can tell Easy Leader these classes on thumb nails and then branding. There's a lot of branding on it. I brand all my skills, your classes with the same pictures, or you will always find this round photo of mine. So this is branding number one. Branding Number two is the title power point for, um, I. I'm on a mission to show people how great power points can be. And so, for example, I already have a Siri's that's called Power Point for video and their arm or different classes coming soon. So Power Point for is also kind of pretending just a name off the title. And then when you look at the green background, this kind of wooden background, I also used it in Power Point for video. Then it was light blue. Now it's like greed and overused other colors for further court classes to come, and then another pair ending is also the union checked the British flag. Aziz. I'm teaching all my classes in German and English on skills share. I always have either the chairman flag or the union check toe signal eyes to people if it's the chairman class or if it's a class in German or the class in English. And this is of course not a fake classes is a real class. The power point for thumbnails really exists, and I already recorded it. And in this class, I show you stepper step how I will upload it. And as soon as this class is starting, also, power point for thumbnails will be a very liberal. And so if you're interested in how to create thumbnails in Power Point, this is the class for you to go. Usually people would use software like, for example, photo shop or gimp or paint or can va to great thumbnails. But many people have a power point at home, and not many people know that power Point is a really powerful tool. They can do lots and lots of different things, and so if you're interested her if you are interested in how to create your thumbnails in Power Point. This is the class for you to go, and it's available at you to me and will also be available. It's killed share as soon as I uploaded it in this class. So just go for it. And now I want to look at skill. She at the platform just just to show we a little bit more in practice. What I was just talking about. So I was just inserting the search term folders shop into the search. Let's just see, um what what is standing out like? Like row for a. Which one is standing out the most? And I would say here it's it's his woman here, so people like people. So this is the most outstanding here, and I'm just talking about me and my self conscious here in the second row. I would say this is the most outstanding here. It's this guy. He looks like a funny guy, and here I would say, it's that form here. I think the man even thought This also looks quite nice, said it looks interesting, but I think it's still the men. People like people. The dog looks funny but I think I still like this man more. But what's kind off weird is that you can't really tell that these are four social classes . I mean, there it has the words filled the shop, but it's not really readable. And, yeah, here it's the same. Have since the same personally, I guess. Yeah. So this is, like, kind of branding. You see, this repeats, but it's not really readable. Very well. Photo shopped. Yeah. Okay, so, um, this is one Look, let's just have a look at browse for classes, all classes so that we see the trending awful classes. What skills? Your office right now. And first, you always have the future of classes, and then you have to trending classes. So if I say see all for the training classes, it should be a mix off different categories. And I can I can tell what you're going to do here and also here, and I think here, I'm going to draw the birds. Okay. This is also clear this is clear that the arts classes are often very easy because it just show what people will be doing Some and you see again that, uh, that schedule is really supporting art classes. So if you look for the training, it's almost holdouts classes here. Okay, lets go for business to find something else. And it's a business. Old businesses, any medical to see all in a trending again. Okay, this is psychology. This is Facebook. This is Diego. He always has dyspeptic this spot here. And so you couldn't physical branding, I think. OK, but still lots of classes. You just can't see what it is all about. This is Diego again with words. It's more clear, just this isn't the most beautiful picture, but it's completely clear about the classes about and hear how to focus also this one. So words are often easier to understand what it is all about. This also like here. It looks nice him. So it's quite disappointing that you can't really tell you can't really see what the contents is about from for most off the pictures, I show you mind to make you see my concept a little bit more. When I look for my name, you can see my classes now and now they are all mixed up, but he still can't tell which ones belong together. against because this is like trending which of the most relevant. But when I go for us than their sorted, then you see Okay, this was my Amazon create space class. And before that, the power point for video class, which I already mentioned. And before that it was a screen casting class. And just to show you some things the branding, you always see my picture. You always see the flag, the chairman of the British flag for any class. And you will always find some birds are love. It doesn't can use words. Arms killed you. And I hated that. I can't use them at you, Jimmy. So he seemed full screen casting. I think everything is clear what the classes about skill cheer. Everybody understands power point for video. Okay, Everybody gets a graphs or a grasp of for this it is all about He had create space. So all my classes show very clearly what it's all about. And I think they have a nice branding so far for that. And now, finally, I also want to show you where you have to put your company on skills here. So he rear back to the class the power point for families class with just uploaded and before I switch to video lessons that just say Safe draft, then ago for video lessons. And now we already had all these videos uploaded, and here you have replaced cover image, so usually skills. You would just take a screenshot, and you can make a cover even for each and every video. But usually I don't mind about the different videos because it's only shown a second, so I don't care. But of course, you could make a cover in image for each and every off your videos. I only replace the 1st 1 because this is the wounded shown everywhere. This is your marketing thumb nail or cover images to call it here. So this is the important one. So I usually only replace it with the first video, which is the true video. So I just go here, take my image and uploaded and see. Now it's uploaded, and then I say, Safe dropped and that's it. Now we have to right cover image or the right some mail for the class 6. 11 Projects: Okay, so this class is on the projects and protects our something very skilled specific. You don't have projects, for example, you to me. I mean, you can't do projects, what you don't have to And then the skill here, each class has to have a project, and I think in somehow it's quite a nice idea. S s already mentioned several times. Skills here comes from mainly arts stuff. So what they want to have is that the teacher teaches a certain skill toe the participants , and that the participants are now, in the end, able to do such a thing themselves. And now they in the project, they can share how they are doing. And if they have problems and things like that, it's just the community on sharing on going for the same project. So somehow, of course, it's a nice site year, but on the other hand, it doesn't apply for all categories the same way. So like, for example, for the business category, it's much harder to have people share a project. Anyhow, I said, you have to have a pro checked on skills here in order to complete your class. So if possible, the easiest is always to ask people just to share a photo or a screen ship shot off the object that they are creating. So, for example, now my sample class, the power point for video. It's one of the easiest in in in regards off the project because I can ask people to create their own screenshots and then uploaded toe the project. So this is quite easy, but often it's much harder for me in other classes, for example, the video creation classes. I'm just teaching beginners skills on video creation, and it's already lots for the people. But they don't know how to make a link out off the video, for example. So because you can only share links for for creating a link they have toe have a YouTube account or some M s, el Masri Cloud or a female was something like that so often it's already quite tough for people to do that. So if you have business classes or other classes where you don't have that nice object, just take a picture off. It's often better to do something like, um asked the question. What do you need to skill for so asking people Why did you pick? It is class. What are your future plans? What do you want to do with the skills once you know how to do that also, of course. What are your greatest obstacle? Clothes or things like that. So just enroll people in kind of a discussion so that people tell you what what they're about and invited ready to this class. And of course, also a good question always is to ask for the biggest learnings. So after watching this class, what would you say was the biggest learning for you? And what do you want to apply right away? Things like that. This is also good question. But you should always take one thing into consideration. And that's the bottom it for me. Question. So why the heck should people waste their time on writing some answers to your questions into the project? So, usually, why should a It's different with point number one? Because point number one is they just learned how to, um beautifully watercolor is lily or how toe need a stocking or something like that and people quite eager to share that so they will take a screenshot. Other picture of that, but asking them questions on where to go next and why they have chosen this class. This is F fourth, and even if it only takes time three minutes, it's their time. And why should attitude it? They often can't see clearly what's in it for them. So what I usually do, if it's somehow possible, is that I offer them toe somehow place their own advertisement. So, for example, now with the some thumbnail course again, it's quite easy, because I can just tell them that they are allowed toe share the thumbnail, and with it they are also allowed to share the link for the class. The thumping it is promoting. It's also not always that easy, but this is an easy way, so make them see something in it for them. If they pray the project in your class, other people offer off different things for free. Like, for example, if you involve in my project to get a free e book, I don't like the too much. I've never done that. But this is also a way to get people into project and the reason why you want to have our engagement in your projects is because you get a high score in the trending, and what this exactly means will be subject to the next video so that you understand that. So you want people to involve to enroll into your projects because it helps you to kick off . And, of course, always engagement always sells. So it's it's just the kind of social proof. So this is some some fear, really it. And now let's just look at the a t actual class what we're actually doing. So this is the class the power point for thumbnails and now via changing again to the class in four. And then you scroll down, you hear, have to protect. And first of all, I will copy the title because I told you that I want to use the keyboard. Seven. Keep it also in the projects. I'm glad. Sure it doesn't count, but you never know. One day it might count, and it's not that much of an effort. So just to it such a say project for and they're not just insert the title. And now I have to keep your toes in the project and then I see share some mail. You have created with Power Point. You are coral TL, the in light it to also share the link to the class. The thumb nail is is for now. I invited them toe place their advertisements in my class. I can't do that because killed shares very generous, apart things. You are allowed to post things internal and external doing so. I can also allow people to post things in my class. That's completely OK with kitsch skill share. And so now people get an F What's in it for me now? They know if they take their 3 to 5 minutes to upload the pro checked, then they will advertise their class, and the other usually also dough. Okay, I was put this bolt. But other usually also do is that I take some picture because the pictures are seen on several places. Eso I'm uploading a picture off my pro checked my sample project, and in this case it's just the thumbnails. It's just the repetition, because the thumbnail is the project, so it's kind of boring that it repeats, but it's just what the project is all about. So make people use pictures because they're seen on several places he was a picture yourself and one final tip. Also, do a project yourself in your class. You can do that. You can do a project in your own class and call it simple Project. And then people see the project there. First of all, it's, of course, a guidance on what you want to have. And second again, it's seen on several spots. And so it's again, advertisement for your class. Make sure you say Safe draft in the end, and in the next video, we're going to talk about this rest, which is also very important. 7. 12 Tags: So hello will come back to Chapter 12 off this class and in this class, we're going to talk about the rest that you still have to do in order to upload your class . And this is mainly the tagging, the key birthing. The category thing on this is very specific. It skills you, and so I want to show you want to have a quick look at that. So when we look at the class that we have been uploading the one the power point for thumbnails class, then we're still lacking these three things. So the easiest thing is this. This is an option. If you want to have your class premium or free, you can changed at any time. So if it's your first class, you maybe want to decide that it's free. I usually do that that I give away at least one class for free, because if people are looking with the filter for free classes, people who are not a premium member to skill she had a still will find you. But other other teachers just don't like to give anything for free. So it's your option, and you can change it anytime you can also make your class a premium class and then just give away some free links. This is also another possibility, so you can change it anytime. So just peak premium or free more difficulties. The decision here, but also here. You can change it anytime so, but what do you have to decide here? It's mainly the tax and tax are kind off like keyboards that there you're giving to your class and so you could say all together it's six, because one is the main category, you can choose from one category, and the other ones are five texts or five key birds that you can put in here, which is called class skills. So this is the main category, and when you have a look at it, you just see different categories that excuse us, the Cheston you cannot. You can't invent a new one. You have to take one off those. So for my power point for temples, the best category might be design because then it has, like graphic designers, subcategory or I could also like use business and then go for marketing, which is a sub category. But it's not so much about marketing classes. It's more about designing. The some news is, I think the better could tackle race this time. So and I just want to show you. But this is so that you can understand how I picked this key. Vertes, because if is askew can imagine if you only have five key birds and one main categories, let's say six keyboards you want toe. Make sure that you pick good ones, so let's just have a look at the platform. So when you go to the home page of skills, you're you see categories, and it's exactly the same categories where you can choose office. So you main categories here, you pick one of those. I said that I might use design, or I could also use, like, business, but then business and then the subcategory marketing. I didn't have any any. There were no no options. Teoh choose a subcategory. So how do we do about the sub categories that were picked them? And this is what the taking taking it sold about. So you have humane category and then you have tax and actually main categories also attack . So if you, for example, look at this featured class By today, he only has re tax. I don't know why he wasn't using all of them. But it's small business, digital strategy and Eddie that he's his text that he was picking. And if you go for any other class like for example, for this one here, you just have to scroll down and you will find the text. So you see, it's six texts, all it all because design is the main category. And then she has picked five texts, which is arts to yourself, illustration drawing and creativity. And this is what you should do too. So why do we used them? Let's just go back. You just have to think of potential clients how they are looking for classes. So when they come to skill share, they will either browse in the search order will browse here in the categories. These are the two ways to find classes. So either they just put in here names like, for example, they could look for me. The country just put in my name, make a whole lotta or they could already know a specific class, and they could prowse for that. But they can, of course, also browse for search terms like, for example, Facebook. And when they do that, they the system skills shell will suggest Facebook classes to them. Invite us. It's a chest because they, of course, have to tack Facebook Children usually. Or they have Facebook in the in the class name like you, for example. On the other, things I told you may be also in the description. We don't know exactly, but I think it's mainly the tax and the title and maybe also the description. So this is one way on the other ways that people are looking here. They go for classes and then look up their main categories and then they look for subhead categories and then they look, for example, for a graphic design class. This is the other way that you go, so when you only have five texts, you want toe, pick them carefully in orderto get the best search results. So you either go for a sub categories here. So like, for example, this is the main categories design, and now I can pick a subcategory. For example, graphic design or local design with OSHA also fit. But I can also a peak bomb category and then pick other sub categories. S my text. So, for example, I could take design as my main category, and then I go, for example, for marketing. This is also possible so you don't have to stick within one field. It's just this is your main field, and then you can pick up to five words, and you can either just picked him from here. Or you can also invent new search terms so you don't have to take it old. Even you can use whatever you want. So I picked designers my main category, and I think good sub categories would be graphic design and maybe also lower this time. And I thought that maybe also taking Adobe Photoshopped as I told you before, it's often good that you just say no photo shop needed. And when people look for folder shopping there, see Oh, it can't be much easier. You don't really have to use Photoshopped that it's good for them. So these are the three things I will take from here. The sub categories. Graphic design until we photo shop locally. Time and then, of course, I want to use my two main keyboards, which are still thumb nails and Power Point. So this is the five key words that I will go with the five text I will give it. So let's just do it. So my clauses premium, My car's is in design and my kids vagaries are graphic design and local decide and photo show and come work for me and thumbnails and a set. You can change those any any time you want to smell, so you don't have to stick with those. If you don't don't don't like them, just change them. Never worry about that. And you see it's suggesting notes of different terms. So if you're not sure, it's always suggesting related tax such a speak any and said you can change him any time anyhow. So this is it. We're done now. We can go for publishing now, and this is what we will do in the next class. In the next chapter in Chapter 13 I will tell you everything about how to market why you should market by. You should be quick in marketing, so everything on getting getting people to know that you have this terrific last. All that is in Chapter 13 and I'm looking forward to see you again very soon. 8. Project for chapter 07 12: Okay, so this was it for that part. And I hope you learned a lot. And as the project, I would love to see your class just share in the group. How far you work on. Maybe you already have a class, and of course, you can share the linger. Maybe you justify thumbnail. Maybe you just have an idea. Just let the group know how far you are and show us everything you want to show if you like . The class off course would appreciate if you would give me a thumbs up for the class. And there's one more thing to go in. Chapter 13. Off this class, we will be talking about marketing. So finally, when you have published your class, the next thing is that you let the world know about your course. I will tell you why you should do that quickly. And I will tell you some way. Somehow you can do marketing within skills here and outside of skill share. Yeah, and I'm looking forward to seeing you there again.