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Skillshare Basics for New Teachers 05 - The Teach Challenge: Earn Your First 100$!

teacher avatar Meike Hohenwarter, Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Intro Skillshare Basics 05 - The Teach Challenge

    • 2. Update on the "guaranteed payment"

    • 3. 01 How to Start

    • 4. 02 Milestones

    • 5. 03 More Tips

    • 6. Recap and Project

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About This Class


Skillshare Basics for New Teachers 05 - The Teach Challenge: Earn Your First 100$!

If you are just starting off at Skillshare as a new teacher, it is a great idea to join the Teach Challenge, as you will earn at least 100$ plus 1 year of premium membership!

In this class I will show you

- how to enroll into the Teach Challenge

- How to accomplish the 7 milestones

- some more tips on how to successfully accomplish it

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meike Hohenwarter

Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.


My brandnew series: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Start now with class 01!

Meine brandneue Serie: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Beginne jetzt mit Teil 01!

Austria's No. 1 on Udemy/?sterreichs Nummer 1 auf Udemy

My Motto/Mein Motto: "Live your full potential!"

I help enterpreneurs with their online business concept and their self development in order to live an efficient, successful and fulfilled live.

Ich helfe UnternehmerInnen bei ihrem online Gesch?ftskonzept und ihrer Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung sodass sie ein effizientes, erfolgreiches und erf?lltes Leben f?hren k?nnen.

My udemy-topics are/ Meine Udemy-Themen sind:

- online Marketing

- Videomarketing

- Self Development/Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung

- (Visual) Learning Skill... See full profile

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1. Intro Skillshare Basics 05 - The Teach Challenge: Hello and quarterly. Welcome to this course. My name is Mike Home Bata. And I'm a business coach. And I help entrepreneurs with their business concept and with the self development. So what is skill ship? A six from new teachers number five. All about. This volume is about to teach challenge. And I'm going to show you how you can earn your first time the dollars. It's kill Sheriff in a very easy way. So this is the teach church I'm talking about. And I tell you how to enroll into it and what exactly you have to do to accomplish it. And also, of course, what you should know in order to complete it. I've started off its killed here with the teach challenge in September 2016 and I think it's an easy way to earn your 1st $100 that's killed here. And so I just want to show you what you have to do in order to get the same. So if you're interested, just click enroll and start watching this class 2. Update on the "guaranteed payment": Hi. This is my care with a very important update by mid October. And I just thought I will put this right away on first place because I found something out that didn't know when I was recording this a course some base ago. And what I found out, it's not too nice. It's not too encouraging. When you look here at the October teach challenge, it says here that you get $100 guaranteed payment and all the here it is guaranteed payment . And now it was payday, and whether now found out is that this guaranteed payment means something else. But I thought it would mean. And I also found out in the Facebook groups on the discussion about it, that no one understands it the way it's meant by skill here. So what does it actually mean? This guaranteed payment means that skills your guarantees, your payment of $100 as long as you enrolled into the teacher engines and succeeded in in in doing it. So this means if you are earning your own money as I did, you won't get that unless it exceeds $100. So in my case, I got $200 guaranteed payment for the teach challenge. And I earned $92 in the 1st 2 weeks. I started me except mid September, and I join to September teach challenge. And in these two weeks I earned 92 $12 with premium enrollments and with refuels, and I didn't get the worst paid because they didn't exceed my guaranteed payment of $100. So this was quite, um, upsetting for me because I think it's hard enough to start off its kill share, and I didn't get it that way. So after after that, I was asking myself, Would I join the teach challenge again with that knowledge? And I think it's still worth doing it because you also get one year of free premium and like, for example, in Dr where you have the chance to win $1000 apple give card. And of course, it's just a big kick off, and you have lots of possibilities on marketing your class reachable show you in this class how to do that. So I think it's still worth it, but the way skills, yet as it by guaranteeing this payment, first of all, nobody gets that so it's been that that alone is already a little bit upsetting when you have to find out when you expecting your payment. And it's of course, reviving the lazy one. So if you're just setting up one class and don't do anything in regards of marketing, you will get 100 of us. But if you are working hard to get your classes going and you're earning up $200 you still will only get $100. So I don't consider it completely fair. So sorry for not knowing that for not understanding that myself and putting it wrong in that class. I'm really sorry about giving you wrong information. And so I want to set this video right at the start so that you know from the beginning that this is only a guaranteed payment and not just a bull moose that is adding to your payment 3. 01 How to Start: So from what I know, the teach challenge has bean excuse here for quite a vile and hopefully it will be there for many more months. But fact is that it isn't always completely the same. It varies a little bit for a month to month. So I'm showing you now the teach challenge off October 2016. And there might be some differences in another teach challenge. If you're watching this someone in the future, let's say in January 2017 it might be that it is not completely the same, but I think it will be about the same. So just mind that I'm talking about this specific teach challenged. I'm showing you this specific teach challenge off October 2016 and just make sure that that you read instruction for your specific teach challenge just in order to not make a mistake . The teach challenges meant for new teachers to set up the very first class. So if you haven't set up any class yet, and if you're just planning, it's just the right way to do that. You will, trying to teach challenge to make it possible to earn your first hundreds or sometimes even 200 or more dollars just in the very first month. And the questions he will have is, of course, cannot start in the mid off the month. That was, for example, one of my questions I had as I was starting in mid September, that's killed here. And so I saw that teach challenge that there were certain milestones he had to accomplish that the shirt in time, which had already bean at that time. Because, like the first milestone Waas on September 2nd and I only trying to skill share, admit off September. So the answer is yes, you can. You can even start on the last off the month as long as you accomplish everything. So you married stones are trust, showing you the way and showing you that you are in time that you are on track. But you don't have to accomplish them at the dates they say most off everything you only have to accomplish in that specific month at the very last day. So, yes, you can start in the mid off the month. They don't have to wait for the next challenge for the next month to go, and you just have to finish everything at the last off the month. Second question, of course. How do I enrol it? That's important that you find it and I will show you in a minute. And the third question is, what do I exactly get? Of course you want to know what you get and already said it's $100. But I also told you that in the moment it is like that. Like, for example, in September, you even had the chance to earn even $200. You don't have that in October. And of course this might change. But in the moment it's at least $100 you also get one year of premium our membership. So this is worth another $96 there are a lot of more prices, which very for month to month, which you can hold. The most important, of course, is that you starts bike enrolling by joining this teach challenge. And so I want to show you how to do that. So I'm here at my profile now, and if you look here at community, you will find workshops a week on this workshops and workshops, or something that can't only be done by skills Year U. S. A teacher can holds, which start a workshop, and the workshop is actually just a combination of several classes. So one classes one very specific topic. But you can also tow workshops and you see there are several and one off them is the doctor . What teach challenge And he even can already find in November teach challenge here. But I'll go for the Oklahoma, teach challenge and not just click on that. And you see, in many ways it just looks like an ordinary course. It also has about section. It has project. It has its own discussions, but you see you have to enroll into two classes, and often it's even more. And of course, there are lots of students enrolled, so it's like one class. It's just a combination of several class to reach greater gold, and when you scroll down a little bit, you see here what you will get. So in October, in the October teach challenge, you have $100 guaranteed payment one year off premier membership for 96 96 of well, you and you have the chance to win $1000 apple gift card. This was also in September, but I saw this price, for example, changes in the November challenge so you won't have the apple cart in November. And in September, you also had the possibility to earn even $200 if your classes were in specific specific categories. So you see, there are slight changes, but the main thing stays the same. But just make sure that you also read through all the instructions off your specific mom where you're starting and you see here are older details and I will tell you about everything. And when you scroll down all the way, you see the classes. So these two classes you have to enroll to in order to accomplish, to teach challenge. So these are two skills your core classes, warnings about our learned to teach an amazing class and the other monies about marketing. They have to enroll in those two classes and then you're ready to start and where when you want to start, you can just say joint. Do you think join and you enroll in the thes two classes and then you're in the teach challenge and you will get a lot of emails that will remind you on all the different things that you have to do. And I will tell you in the next videos on what exactly you have to do. 4. 02 Milestones: so and the major points, the key points that you have to accomplish in the teach challenge are set up in milestone. So skills you gives you seven milestones, and that's already said to give you certain dates to accomplish them. But you don't have to accomplish them, but that there you just have to accomplish them at the very last day of the month. And that refers, just theoretically tell you the milestones. And then we will talk in detail on the webpage on what exactly you have to do. So the seven milestones are first, you have to create a draft, and the draft only means that you open up in the system in the skills your system that you just open up one template where you start your first class milestone to is the topic and pro checked. So you have to decide on a topic on what you want to teach, and you have to make a pro checked out off it. So, you know, skills. US Project orientated always projects in all different classes, and there is also a project in a workshop. And so you have to start your project, which is of course, the pro checked off, creating your first class. So you have to share with the community that your process off creating your first class and this is your pro checked, and I will show you how to do that. Must on three is the outlines, so that it defined exactly on what you will be teaching and how Maney videos you will be teaching and how many minutes they have to be and things like that. Number four is the introduction video. So this is the intra video are in your name. You call it promo video. It's the video that makes people want to enroll. It's the first video, and the first videos always open so that everybody can watch it. And after that, people should decide if they want to enroll into your class. So it's like a marketing video and where you're marketing your topic and you're telling people what exactly your whole car class is all about. Maston five is filming and editing, so it's actually doing them that the classes producing the class Marston Sixes publishing so you have to press published toe make it available for everybody, and these six milestones have to be done by the last of the month and most on seven is marketing. And they're showing you of in this second class, you have to neural to it. You're showing you different methods on how to market your class within and outside off skill share. And to prove that you know how to market, you have to find a least one every funeral. So you have to find one person who enrolls into skills. She had you toe your advertisement and this you don't have to accomplish by the end of the month, but only by the 15th off the next month. So like, for example, for the October challenges will be the 15th off November. So this is just a theoretical point of few of these are the seven mile stones you have to accomplish. And now I want to show you everything in detail. So they're here again at the workshop page of the October teach challenge, and you should have pressed trying. So as soon as you clicked here time, then you're in, and you will also get a lot of emails from skills here reminding you and everything. And then we're here in the about section and you scroll down a little bit. You will find here how it works and follow your October teach challenge calendar and milestones here. And this is the main information. That's a Google documents. And it actually shows you all the milestones and has everything also hyperlinked so that you can get right into the deeper information. My little number one is start your class draft and this is very easy. It's just telling the system here. I'm going to teach a class on that show you how that you do that. There are several ways but the easiest ways. When you go here to teach and you just say, create a class and then it says get started and you click here, get started and this is already your draft. You see, here it says draft. This is already your first class draft. This is the template where you have toe put all the information about your class in and really important are these two tops the 1st 1 in the second round. The first turn is for uploading all your videos. We don't have any yet, so we can't do anything about that. And the second top of your class in four and there you put in all the title information, the description and several more things I will tell you in another class what exactly to do . So let's just change the title and say This is my very first class. And then you always have to say Safe draft. And you see, now it changed. Here is well and it's called now my very first draft class off course. You won't call it that way. You will give it a name that you have. Like, for example, mine, Voss. Certain productivity hacks for freelances. So this is what you have to do to accomplish milestone number one most the number one class draft milestone number two, class topic and project. So the class topic. You have to decide what you want to teach in your first class and have to give you the title name and then you can start your project. I said skills here is project orientated to each of the classist. Us have to have a pro checked and of course also the workshops have to have a project. So you are now in the workshop off to teach challenge and have to create a project. And the protest you creating in this workshop is that you design your first class. So you always have to upload all the things that you accomplished into the project and in this milestone to, if furtive, to start on the project. And then you hear the October teach challenge. You see, in October, we already have 351 project. So when you click on them, you can just see any off those projects. But you don't find any possibility to create your own project because you have to create this project somewhere else. This is a bit tricky when you read that carefully, it says, Start your class project in teach an amazing skills, your class So you have tow, create a project in that class are just click on this high polling and this is one off the two classes. You have to watch in orderto fulfill this project and you see, I have also watched it and you create your pro check there. So your project and I already created it. I mean, I created it in September, but it's the same. It's always there and you see my project waas 13 productivity, hacks for freelancers and what you do. Oh, you first, you only start off by maybe just giving, telling people the title that's enough for most and two. But you can always change that. And so what you have to do in the course off the month is that you put up everything that you complete it, but for my son to you just have to start creating a project. So this is the project title. This is the information, and then you just click safe. You can even upload a thump alone, and I would highly recommend it because it looks nicer to the other people. So this was milestone to creating a project. My headstone. Three and again, You don't have to care if their issue Monday, October 10th required it's only required that you could accomplish it at all, But it's enough if you accomplish it on October 31st. So most on three is to outline a template. What does that mean? If you go here, you again get in another Google document and you see what they want to have. They want to know the name off the lesson. The four months so they want to know. Is it a talking head? Which means that you are filming yourself? Talking is the physical Daymo, which could be like you, you suing and ensuing machine, or you drawing something or something like that and the last screen cost. That is what you actually just seeing that you are filming cure screen And then you have to say what what, how long the videos should be and what the major points would be, and so skills your recommends 10 to 25 minutes, and each of the video should have won to five minutes length. It's not what always happens. It's also not what I always do defense on for many so many things. But this is what excuse your recommends and you just take take one line for each of the videos and just fill it all in and you don't do it here. But they said here you just make a copy. So you're just a file and say Copy here to see inter German, but it will be the same in English, so file copier and then you have a copy of it, and you so you can do your own one and you can stories, and then you can either copy it and put it into your project. Or you just take a link and put it into your project. And that would be your miles don't three. So modest on three is the outline. The M R. I will talk about it to you later on in the next video. It's not a milestone. It's just here, here in between, because it's in the middle of the month. Milestone four is the introduction video, so it's the promo video. It's a marketing video, which should get people to enroll into your class, and you should do that by meat of the Month. And, of course, if you have never, um, filmed any videos, this will be one off the toughest ones. And I'm teaching you a lot off this things in this schedule basics and also another of my classes, and you will also find a lot of resources on skills here, like here when you go on this high pulling. So, of course, this will be one off the hardest. If you haven't done that before. If you have turned it before then it's easy and milestone number five is filming and editing the whole class. So it's about the same. These will be the hardest if you haven't done them before, Just check on all my different classes I have on it. Jake, Excuse us classes, chicken, other skills, your classes. You will find everything you need on how toe actually film and edit your promo video. And also your your main main course most on six is publishing your class of once you have set up everything you just have to press publish. So this is easy After doing all that and Miles still number number seven is marketing your class and marketing your class means that you reach out within skill share and also outside , like with your list and Facebook and things like that, and that you are telling people that your new class is life and that they can enroll into it. So just to give you the brief recap, my stone one is just setting up The draft milestone to is to create a topic and to create a pro checked out of it and you create this project in the skill shock. Last teach an amazing class Munster and three is that you have the outline, which is great on all your videos and what they are all about. And you just take this and either copy it into your project or you paste the link into the project. Milestone four is your introduction video here Marketing video Milestone five are all the other videos. So did the actual class you're teaching months on. Six is just press publishing to make it life and thes all you have to accomplish in that specific month and Milestone seven is the marketings that it's the world knows about your class, and you have to get at least one refuel until the next month. Meet next month, 15th of next month. So these are the milestones. These are the major pillars in this challenge, and in the next video, we'll tell you some more things that you have to take into consideration in order to make sure that you really fulfill everything and earn your $100 5. 03 More Tips: so end in this last video, I want to give you some more tips on what you have to do or what you should do in order to complete this challenge. And the first thing I want to talk about to you is the aim A. And this is something you don't have to do. But what I recommend that you should do. A MMA is the acronym for Ask Me All. And this is event that also teachers can use not only skills you can use it, and it's I thought it would be a very now, but it's not ever be now it's just like a discussion, but it's life so everyone can ask questions in this aim A. In this take, it takes place that the teach challenge a man takes place in about mid month. So it was only yesterday, on October 13th. Foster the Emma for the October teach challenge, and you can just ask questions and you can do that already earlier so you can just put your questions in. And then there's a specific time one or two hours life where one or two members of the skills your team will arms are all these questions, and I just want to show you how that looks. I'm here in the discussions off the October teach challenge, and, as I said, the aim of us yesterday. So and Kelland embrace the host off the will teach challenge for the month of October. So he was reminding yesterday that you can change joined the A MMA. And of course, if you're in the teach Children, he will also get to remind us. Pair email and you will get the link. So if I go there and just after a mere question, actually, actually, it was Kellan hosting this one. But it's OK, and you see, people are asking all different kinds of questions, and sometimes cannon is answering them, and sometimes other teachers are armed during them or other participants are answering them . So it's just one session, and it starts off as soon as the Amos is announced and you can just start asking questions . And then at that specific date, there are one or two members of skills you're sitting and making sure that all the questions are answered. So this is the aim. And as I said, you can also use that as a teacher. I haven't done that yet. I don't know if it really works that well, but, I mean, it's what off there features they have. And so you should at least know that it exists. And I was also joining in the first a month just to have some questions on it. So number two is a very important one. Feet back in orderto, um, completes the teach challenge. You also have to give feedback at at least one off the projects off your fellow students. So make sure that you don't forget about that. The reason why they're doing this is of course, because, um, skills share says we are a community based your community orientated. So they want to have this community that is exchanging all different kinds of messages. And so they make you start exchanging messages right away to make sure that you get get used to it. And so you start off by already commenting on fellow projects, and I just show you where to do that. So we're again in October, teach challenge, and if you go here into projects, you see all different kinds of projects that were uploaded and then you just look what it's what is interesting to you. What would you like? What? But sounds as if you would like to join it. And for example, then you like this year Three simple painting techniques for toddlers. And so you're just clicking here and you see the pro checked here, and then you can just comment if you want to. You can just commend anything on this project as well. And then you just posted and make sure that you do at least one because this is what you have to do in order to accomplish your teach challenge and just one more than the discussions. There are lots of discussions. You can ask all the questions, but make sure that you're not sharing the links off your classes here because this is forbidden. They will tell you. So you'd come share your links here just to know that. And the last thing that you have to make sure off that you do is to get a least one refuel on. You have to do that only by the 15th off the following month. So in the October challenge, you have to find one referral until November 15th So this means that there is one person who hasn't been to skills here before. Who starts a premium membership on schedule you to your advertisement, and this is really not hard, and I'll show you how to do that. Usually, you can do that in two different ways. You can either do it by recommending your own classes, and people might sign up with your class for premium membership. But about Estes is to teach challenges, and you won't have any classes yet. The other way you do it is by referring the whole of skill share system or preparing your whole profile. And this is how you do that. You click on your picture and you see here there is refuel a friend. You click on there and you see, I already have feed 10 people in about a month, and I haven't done anything anything special to do that. So I tell you, it's really easy, and you find all these different ways you can refute them, either by email or by Facebook or Twitter, or you can also just paste the copy and paste a link. That's what I just do it. Just copy it in the open and incorporate a window to show you liver paste it. Here people will be let to my profile, of course, if it smiling and they will be led to your profile. If it's your Lee, so they will see all your different classes you have. I leave design up. And if he also signed up for premium membership, then they can find this year all the time. Mikey has given you three month of premium for only 99 cents, so this means they can sign up for a premium membership. And if they do, you will get $10. And you also need that for in order to complete the teach challenge. And it's really not hard. And if you can't find any person at all than just ask any of your relatives that what skincare is recommending? But I mean, it's really only 99 cents, and it's a really great bargain because you get all these classes for only 99 cents for three months. So I think this is also not very hard. So this is everything you have to accomplish with the Teach Challenge. S said it might change a little bit of various for month to month. But I think this is the basics that will stay the same. And if there are any amendments, I will let you know. And I know if you haven't done any online classes before, this seems a little bit much. Especially the bullet 0.4 and five very actually have to. Film classes were have to record your videos, and I'm helping you through everything with my skills, your basics for new teachers and also skills. Yes, helping you and you will also find other classes. So just if you decide to do online classes, this is just the way you have to go. And I think I make it really easy for you to do it step by step. This was meant to be an overview so that you don't miss it on the teach challenge. And if you need more help than just stay in this class, they in the Siri's and watched the next ones were only at Step 5.5. Plant at least 10 more, and you will find out everything on how to edit and how to publish proper classes, and I will have with each of these steps 6. Recap and Project: So this was it. Skins. You have basics for new teachers number five, everything about to teach challenge. I hope you liked it. And the project for this class, of course, is that you do the same as he will do with skill share Teach challenge that you just publish your own class that you tell me everything and all mine. All the other followers that you share your some mails show shared your link. Just let everybody in this class know what your project is and when you want to start. Yeah, And if you like the class, I really love to have a thumbs up. And if you want to continue, I will show you everything on how to set up your class properly. And I really look forward to see you again very soon.