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Skillshare Basics for New Teachers 04 - Teaching in Other Languages

teacher avatar Meike Hohenwarter, Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Intro Skillshare Basics 04: Teaching in Other Languages

    • 2. 01 Obstacles

    • 3. 02 Chances

    • 4. 03 Three Things

    • 5. Recap and Project

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About This Class


Skillshare Basics for New Teachers 04 - Teaching in Other Languages

This class is about teaching on Skillshare in other languages than English.

I will talk about

- the biggest obstacles of teaching in other languages on Skillshare

- why you still should be doing it

- 3 things you should do in order to be successful

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meike Hohenwarter

Business Coach. Video Creator. Online Instructor.


My brandnew series: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Start now with class 01!

Meine brandneue Serie: "Powerpoint 4 Video" - Beginne jetzt mit Teil 01!

Austria's No. 1 on Udemy/?sterreichs Nummer 1 auf Udemy

My Motto/Mein Motto: "Live your full potential!"

I help enterpreneurs with their online business concept and their self development in order to live an efficient, successful and fulfilled live.

Ich helfe UnternehmerInnen bei ihrem online Gesch?ftskonzept und ihrer Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung sodass sie ein effizientes, erfolgreiches und erf?lltes Leben f?hren k?nnen.

My udemy-topics are/ Meine Udemy-Themen sind:

- online Marketing

- Videomarketing

- Self Development/Pers?nlichkeitsentwicklung

- (Visual) Learning Skill... See full profile

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1. Intro Skillshare Basics 04: Teaching in Other Languages: Hello and quarterly. Welcome to this course. My name is Mike Home Bata and I'm a business coach and I help entrepreneurs with their business concept and with the self development. So what will you be learning in skills, Your basics for new teachers number four and this is all about other languages. My mother tongue is German and maybe you also have another mother Sancton English. Or maybe you just know another language or even more than one language is. And I'm telling you this chapter VIII you should teach and skills your in other languages than English. And I will first of all show you the biggest obstacles. Because, of course, it's kill. Shia is still an English based platform there, almost Onley English colossus so far. But second, I will tell you, but I still recommend to teach in other languages like me teaching in German Nispel. And I will tell you the reasons why I do that and why you maybe should do that as well. And third, I will tell you three things what you should do if you're teaching in other languages than English. So three things you should do in order to be successful in teaching in those languages. So if you're interested in that just enrol 2. 01 Obstacles: Okay, So I said I would start with the obstacles. So the reasons why it's maybe too early to start on different languages on skill share. And this is why I'm showing you the UDA me pitch now. And as my I p addresses Austrian and Austria's a German speaking country. You see, when I go to the starting pay tribute to me, everything is automatically in German. So the whole surfaces in German So if you don't know German, you won't understand what's there. So this is number one, that the surface off you, Jimmy, is in several more languages than just in English. And then second, of course, is also the language filter. So, like, for example, if I'm looking for Facebook classes and fighting ladies is mine just to mention then here it is here, which means language in German. So and I can thought by languages and I can see okay, there are 309 in English language, but there are also 10 in German and like one in Dan ish, and I don't even know what this is. Some Korean ascent environment under this is Arab language, I think, and so you have all this. 2468 10. It's 10 languages in the moment. Or maybe it's even more into just on her Facebook classes. Who could also be so? These two things are not available. It's kill share if you go to skill share like here, this would be my profile. And then you look here, for example, that the menu bars also here at this menu, you won't find any other language than English. Everything that this in chairman is because I did it. But you know everything else. It's English, also with my Austrian I. P address. So the whole surface is only available in English, and you also cannot filter by languages, so you can't even look if there are any classes in other languages in English. So this is, of course, the big downside, and this is a sign that it is too early to start teaching in other languages than in English, so you will find almost only English classes. But there are some people who are teaching in other languages, and I am one off those new genetics. So why do I do that? I do that because I believe in the future. There soon, Ah, skills. You will also have thes features, as you give me already has, like surfaces in different languages and also filter to feel to the languages because I think this is only a matter of size and skills here is growing like crazy in the moment. And also you to me only had hostages about 1.5 or two years. So for a long time you, to me also only had everything in English available and then you let me grow. And so they decided to expand for other languages. And I'm pretty sure that the same thing will happen to seal to skill share. It might as well not happen, of course. So I cannot promise you anything. But I just can't tell you if it does, and I'm sure it does then I am already here and I'm already offering a great heap of German classes. So every new German speaking student, then looking into the filter and looking for German classes, will find Mikey, Mikey, Mikey, Mikey. And this is why I'm recommending to do that. If I would produce German classes just for for skills here, I might be thinking rethinking in a second time. But I'm producing passes in German anyhow, because I'm also selling the manure than me and the most selling time on my own webpage. So I'm producing them, so why not load them up? Assailants killed here, and this is what I do. And of course, if you if you have a closer look like if you look at all my classes and teaching, you can see the only thing I did so far is never put those little flags, some so that people see because it's always the same class. If it's creature basics from you teachers 03 and here it's killed your pain basics Funeral A ravages the same in German, also 03 And of course you see and I want the uploaded it some hours ago and there 10 people in the English class and there are only three in the German class. There's some some mistake you today, as you can see there already thumbs up. But they don't show today because if they're working on something just to mention that, so are. And if you look at that oh, to its 25 pupils in the English class in the only nine in the German. So of course I'm not attracting that many chairman people. But time will do on its own. And I said, if German people German speaking people are looking for German classes, they almost only find me. There is almost no one else there. So yeah, I think this is a strategic, very great thing. And the sister reason why I am here. And this is the reason why also, you should be here also with German classes, also with other languages. Your mother tongue of maybe some foreign language. You speak us up. So this waas first a little bit the obstacles and now I will show you what's great about it . 3. 02 Chances: Okay. So as already said, German is my mother tongue. Many people told me, Your English is very good. So teach everything online Onley in English and that's not already it, but actually did their first started off in German. And then I started also to translate many off my classes into English. And now I'm just teaching both languages all the time. And I want to show you what made me do that. And for that, I want to compare how many people speak certain languages and first of all, Arctic English, of course, and then chairman is it is my mother tongue, and I also took a quite rare language. This is hung Hungarian, so it's a hunger in flag here, and I wanted to compare these free and talk about the chances you have with a very popular language in comparison toe a quiet popular language like German and to a quite rare language like Hungarian and I looked all the daughter up in Wikipedia, and what Wikipedia told me is that 339 million people have English as their mother tongue in comparison toe on the 95 million's that have Germany still mother tongue, and only 9.5 millions that have Hungarian is the mother tongue. But there is this final man that really many people learn English as the first foreign language. It's also very usual in Austria, So when you go into an Austrian school, you will always have your first. Foreign languages will always be English, and this happens in many, many countries, and this leads Toa having almost one billion off people being able to speak English. German is total, only 210 people. So about a double, as many people have Germany's their mothers have no, it is a second or third language, and Hungarian is not that many. So there are not many people who don't have. Hungarian is the mother tongue who will be learning It is their second or third language. So these are the totals, and just to expresses in express, it'd ranks. English is the second language, totally on the whole. In the whole world, there's only Chinese that has more people speaking it, and German is ranked 11 so it's still quite popular. There's quite some people who speak German, so and now, people telling me only teaching English because, as you can see, there are so many people who know English as their first or second language. So you really have a huge audience, and you have to think about teaching online is something completely different and teaching just locally in some school at someplace somewhere, because I did that. That's how I started my teaching period. And then you, of course, have to always think locally. This means you want to find people who come to your place so they can't live very far. But they won't come for, like weekly classes driving more than half an hour or something. So then it's quite sure that you will be teaching in the language off the country. And if I would teach classes on any subject in Hungarian, this would be a real niche, so I wouldn't usually do that. Maybe English is never that much a niche. But when you, when I live in Austria, usually will teach any subject in chairman, but teaching online it's a completely different thing because you're reaching out to the world and it doesn't matter where people are actually based. They only need to have an Internet, which of course, also not everybody in the world does. But there are quite some people who have Internet nowadays. So somebody sitting in South Africa having having German as their second language can also watch my classes in chairman. So and this leads there that if you are offering classes in Hungarian, let's say, for example, you, of course, are not talking toe many people, so the whole potential would be 13.5 millions. But of course, it's also restricted by what you are teaching, so some people might not be interested in your subject. But they there are only 13 pi, a 130.5 million people who are able to understand you. Let's put it that way. So, of course, it's not that huge an audience. But on the other hand, you might be the only teacher teaching that subject online, so you don't have any competitors at all. And if you have like a medium language when medium used language, you have a huge audience, you can reach out to more people, but you might have some competitors. There are other people teaching the same subject is your and, of course, what is always said. There are many, many people who understand English and who will watch your classes, your online classes in English. But of course, there's also huge competition, so it's always just a metter off demand and supply. And it's also over the that you teach in your mother time, because then you are more often each and I want to show you that again on you dummies and let's go to uni Me once more. So I told you that I started off teaching only in German and only recently started also teaching my classes in English and and you know me already has thes filters and you tell me , has this German surface as I was talking to you about to your earlier And it's also suggesting classes and German first, So it's completely different here. But what I wanted to show you I have a lot off classes on marketing on business and marketing, and I am really needs in this in the German speaking market, and I want to show you that if I, for example, just searched for the term webinar and as my I P address is from a German speaking country , you don't usually first suggests the German classes and then it would such as the other classes. And then you have a look. This is my class, and this is also my class. They're both on Webinars. This is on automated webinars condition is on life webinars. And if you look up, if you want to filter it by language, then you see there are 38 classes about webinars in English, but only two in German with your mind wants and one in Portuguese. So it's, you know me has about 10 languages, is supporting about 10 languages. There's none in Russian. There is none in Turkish, just not in Spanish. So if you would start teaching in Spanish about weapon as you would be the 1st 1 And as you see, I'm still the only one, only my two classes. So it's a German speaking person who doesn't know enough English to look for English classes or any other language. Well, look it up. They only will find me. Let's take another one. Let's take email marketing again. This is my cloths here, and if you sorted by language, there more languages. But you know, you see here 244 classes on email marketing in English, 10 in Spanish, but only four and chairman only one in Italian. And they're still some language is missing completely. So this means if you would start setting up a class on email marketing in English, you have to compete with 244 other classes. But if you would start off one in, I don't know Korean, you wouldn't have any competition. And if you would start one in little Italian, you only would have one competitors. That's the one more landing page, how to pill, build land, landing pages and again you see it's again my class. And if you look it up with my languages, there's only one class. So I'm the only one offering a class about landing pages, and they're still many languages missing. But again, in English, you will find 257 classes on landing pages. So this is what I wanted to show you. So it's really a good idea to start off in your language, because if people want to learn something about online marketing and they want to learn it in chairman and as we saw there, more than 200 million people speaking German. So when they come to you To me, They will just cross my way. They will find me. There are some subjects where there's more competition. Like, for example, Facebook or YouTube. We can look it up. You Cube. If you look for YouTube, there are 16 German classes. So you see, this is quite popular. I was just in my class within their But you can see I'm only on position. Was What is it? Seven. So this is my class? Yes. I'm on position seven here. So you're already more. Competition takes place. And so there are some subject with weather is already competition in the German market. This well, But for most of my classes in marketing, I'm the only one. Or im a tely. Sta highest ranked one. And this is what you can do with your classes as well. If you're teaching in your mother tongue, Goering. Just another language than English. This is what I wanted to show you and coming back to skill share. You don't have that yet. As I told you, we don't. It's all in English. All the surfaces in English. You don't have any filter sent, but from how fast? Schedule is growing in the moment and how it is developing. I think it's just a matter of time and one day, maybe in half a year, maybe in a year or two we don't know. There will be suddenly such a filter as we saw with you to me. And then people can filter for German classes or Spanish classes or classes in Chinese. I don't know. And if you are already there, you have all the advantages because there won't be much competition, and this is why I'm building this up. 4. 03 Three Things: Okay, So last thing are three things that I tell you that you should do that. What I'm doing and first of all, is tagging. So they said that you don't have language filters at skill share. So you have to use text instead on that will show you right away. How are Teuta? So looking at all my classes here I just go into one German class like, for example, this one here. So these classes in chairman and I go into edit class and they're going to class in for this is what you have right away when you set up your claws and all the way down all the way that I know. Find the texts you can give to each class and it's 55 text you can give. And I'm always using warm tank for the language with all my German classes. So Dodge is German in German, and then the English work chairman on this is exactly what I would recommend you to do. So if if you have your classes in Hungarian, then you should use the Hungarian word for Hungarian, which I don't know, and then you would intend slash and then the English word for Hungarian, which is Hungarian. So in this way he only used one tag and you can still be found by both ways. Now I will show you why I do that. Because as I said, there is no filter. People cannot search for classes by then. Biden language. But they can just put the language, the name off the language, into the search engine. I just look it up this way. And so if I say German, but I will find our old classes did the attacked with German. And these are on one side, classes in German and on the other side is a German classes. So this is a German class, for example. This too. This too. This too. But this is a class in chairman. It's mine. This is mine. So these are my Tex. So if people are looking up for German classes, they will find it because otherwise you don't have any possibility to look to find classes in German in the moment. So I'm sure this will change one day. But this is the way you can do it right now. And you can make sure that people find you like that by using these texts. The second thing I recommended to do our explanations in that language that you are using, like with me. It's German, so you have to understand that people who are going for the classes in German are going for that for a reason. Usually it is that they don't know English well enough so that they can't follow a lesson in English. But most of the people has already said English is the most often taught second language. So many people have a basic knowledge of English, so the might be ableto read the bottoms and things like that. But it's still a bit scary toe many people because they understand only half off it. So what I found out people are scared that especially when money is involved, can I ever cannot ever cancel my subscription? And don't I sign anything that I have to pay a lot of money after year Things like that and , of course, also the whole navigation in the course area. They don't get it all. So what I did, I created a specific class which is called skills, your Basics for new students and in this class I'm showing them around and I'm explaining everything so that the really understand what they can do on skates share. So even though they are consuming my classes in German, they will understand better on what they can do all the different little gadgets they have . And But this parents about skilled chair is still on skills here, so people have to get there first. So what I did in my block article where I was introducing this new class is I even made a video off some minutes length where I am explaining people how to get into that class, that this video is on my block article and I show them exactly on where to click so that they can enroll in this free class so that there is really no Baria for them to get in there. This is what I did and this is model was proposed you to dio. So if if you intend to have have your classes in German, you can, of course, invites people toe this free class of mine and you can even send them to my block article about that so that they can also watch this video. And if you took classes in any other language than you might have to do. Let yourself and the last thing I recommend you to do is, of course, invite people. So you're inviting you participants new students by sending away Free Ling's. This is what I suggest. So are much German. Classes are either completely free or I give away a lot of free links because I first want to get people here and, um and but not only students. You also want to invite new teachers because if you find people that teach in German or in Hungarian or in Spanish, then they are also bringing their participants because they also marketing their classes. And this makes it a growing community. And from this movement skills, you will see that there are also other languages there and that they should do something about it to make it even easier for people to access without knowing English. And this is what will happen. I'm sure it's just a matter of time 5. Recap and Project: Okay, So this waas skills your basics for new teachers number four and the project forties is, of course, that you share in which other language you are intending toe have classes. And I'm happy if I also see your class picture your you're titled or even your link. If you already did one and yeah, share just in which language in both classes, you will have their Yeah. Furthermore, I'm also looking forward to a thumbs up. If you want to give me someone and your next class skills, you have a six. Number five will be about to teach challenge and I will show you how you can earn 100 or even $200 in the year free of skill share subscription right away only starting off its key chair. So see you soon