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Skillshare $100+ Premium Giveaway System for More Students and Minutes Watched!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Enroll in Skillshare Premium Giveaway System

    • 2. How 5 students will win $20 by completing the class project

    • 3. The one class project requirement to win

    • 4. How to setup a bitcoin wallet to receive payment

    • 5. Why giveaways are so powerful

    • 6. My system for bringing the most premium students and minutes watched

    • 7. Project for Skillshare Premium Giveaway System review

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About This Class

Enroll in this class and be one of the first five students to successfully complete the class project and you will win $20 paid in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency such as ethereum or dash!  You might enjoy seeing how this fits into my business system online for teaching as shared in my recent Skillshare class called: BEST ONLINE TEACHING BUSINESS SYSTEM FOR SKILLSHARE, YOUTUBE, AND PATREON FOR 2017 at


Need an insured bitcoin wallet?  Sign up for the same wallet I use at

This class is available to premium members only because I only receive payments on Skillshare based on premium members watching my classes.  My giveaway system is setup to give back to those helping me work full time online using Skillshare.  Sign up for Skillshare premium for $0.99 a month for the first three months when you use my link at

Meet Your Teacher

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Enroll in Skillshare Premium Giveaway System: welcome to skill share premium giveaway system for more students and minutes watched. I think you're going to love this course because not only am I giving you as students ah, $100 away for doing an outstanding class project within this premium course, I'm also going to show you a system that I think will give you a much better chance to get the most minutes watched on skill share toe, build your skill, share earnings to the greatest possible number. And to give back to the students, you have to give the students a chance to really love you to not just be come to your teaching and try and get a little something out of it and go away. But toe love you and the watch all of your courses over and over and over again. And to me, if you want to make 10,000 plus a month on skill share, I think that's the way to do it. I'm setting this system up out of generosity, out of an awareness for what I like is a student. How cool would it be if the places I went to learn people actually gave back? I am giving back if you do an outstanding class project. If you are one of the 1st 5 people to do a great class project in this course in this class , I will give you $20 and it's that simple. Do a great job for in this class project. Show me what you've learned in my other classes or just in this one, and I will give you $20. And that's essentially the entire teaching right there is to incentivize student participation and at least one skill share class premium class every month. And then you can make all your other classes free because with the new way, skill share pays you skill shares paying for premium minutes watched. So all you need is to have premium students get in one course with you at least every month , and then you can actually reach all the students on skill share with all of your classes. So I'm really excited to show you the inside of all of this, as I actually do it here with you now in this premium class, enroll in this premium class and participate in the class project, and I'm giving the 1st 5 people that do a good job in the class Project. $20 2. How 5 students will win $20 by completing the class project: thank you very much for enrolling in this class. The very first thing I'm going to show you is exactly how to win $20 in this class and the girl. You'll want to go two up on the top for any references to things I'm saying is jerry banfield dot com slash give boys. As you can see up the top, there is a U. L showing you where if you have questions, if you want to know more, if you want to participate in all the giveaway skill shares just one out of three places I'm doing giveaways consistently, and I am excited to show you exactly how toe win on skill share. So here's what you do. You are already here, your premium member already in order to see this. So this is available only in a premium members on Lee. Now I'm using a free class to show you the template here, but the classes air just the same either way. So what you want to do toe win is go down here and find your project. So it starts on the community and then go over to your project and then that you make a project title and a project workspace in here and you create project. Now, that's what you need to do in order to be able to when you need to make a class project demonstrating exactly what it is you've learned in either this class or preferably all of the classes you've taken with me this month. Ben, what I'm going to do is do this again every single month. So that way I'm giving away. I'm pledging the give way at least $100 a month to you my premium skill share students. Because I want you to get something back for participating for watching all my videos, for spending all this time listening to me and want to give you something back. And what better way is there to show that I really care about you, then to give you some money, that to me. When you pay for services, you exchange money. It allows you then to go get something else. So I'm grateful So many people have done so much to help me make so much money online. So I want to pass that back to you. And actually you can then get paid toe, learn If you do a good job in a class project every month, you can literally pay for the cost of your skill share membership and then some. So what I ask in the class project is that you make something for me that I can uses a case study. I am paying you this as an advertising expense that what I would like you to do is make something I can uses a case study. So when I'm showing my work when I go show what I do, then I can use what you've shown as a case study, and I want to be able to use that to enhance my teaching. So when I'm teaching on a subject or when I'm showing a live tutorial making another class , I'd like to be able to go to your project and say, Look, this is what let's say your name is Michael. I have a friend named Michael. He's on skill share with me. Let's say her name's Michael. This is what Michael learned out of this class. So and then I can talk and tie in what you've said wherever it is relevant. In my business, I would like to have hundreds of case studies for my business that I then would be able to present in videos. And I'd like to even be able to present a case study at the end of most of my classes and say this is what Michael learned in this class. So I hope I would love to see what you've learned in this class you're taking with me, etcetera. This builds great advertising material for me. So this is a collaboration. I'm asking you to do something in exchange for giving me money. So it's just completing this class project. Now. The beautiful part about this is that when you do a good job in a class project, you will also be able to help teach your fellow students. So when you share what you've learned, I make a lot of classes on skill share. And what you learned someone else taking the same class might not have learned that they might have missed that or skipped over it. And when you share that you learned it, then they might see your project and say, Oh, that's really good. I wish I had learned that. And now I'm glad I did learn that because I saw this project. So you were helping the other people in the class learn with you. And that is why I'm doing the giveaways in the class project. So I next we'll show you one key thing you need tohave in the class project. So all you need to do with the class project is to do your best to make a class project. And then I will explain you the one thing it needs to have in it in order to win. 3. The one class project requirement to win: in order to win the class project and to get the giveaway, I'm giving upto five of you $20 for winning the class project for doing the class project. And pretty much all you have to do is be the first person to do a good class project. So good. I mean, put a real title, put some effort into into typing into it at least a paragraph and preferably a screenshot as well. So do a class project. Put some sincere effort into it, and then you need tohave. One thing at the end of the project work space. You need to have this exact sentence in here. I'll try and zoom in on off this whole. There we go. So I'm gonna try and zoom in and type this out. Thank you, Jerry. Four offering this giveaway. And I'm just kidding about that. What I'm gonna do is put in here at the very end. I agree to give Jerry Banfield a license, a lifetime license to reuse this class project in any way in exchange for $20 in Bitcoin sent to and then you provide your exact Bitcoin address. Now, if you don't know what Bitcoin is doing having a Bitcoin address. Don't freak out. It's okay. I will show you exactly how easy it is to get that. So what you need tohave is your Bitcoin address. So the address should look just like that now, Not the same numbers, or I'll be sending it to myself. But this you need this exact statement in here in order for me to give you this giveaway. So this is what I want out of it and how I can pay you. Now, I If you don't know anything about Bitcoin, the entire next lecture is going to be devoted to explaining it to showing you exactly how to set up a wallet. So for now, if you don't know about Bitcoin, just take this on faith a little bit. I've chosen this exact format because this is what I need. I need a lifetime license to reuse this class project in any way. That way I can put on my website. I could make a portfolio out of my class. Your class projects. I can put it in videos. You are making an advertising material for me and then I'm giving you $20 in Bitcoin. Now the reason I've used Bitcoin, why don't you just use PayPal? Because then I have to get you to put personal information out there. See the nice thing with the Bitcoin addresses. Thes Bitcoin addresses are like a temporary address where I can then send you a payment to now. You also I see I will also send you or a theory, um, or dash so you can put your theory amore dash address in there as well. So and now I'm like, Oh, my God, I didn't even know what Bitcoin is. And ethereum and Dash now, too. These are online currencies. These air kind of like a MasterCard or visa. Except they're like online cash managed by users. So the nice thing is, you see, I've put my payment address out here and now I'm not giving you any personal information. I'm not giving you anything that's useful for you. Now, if I ask your send via PayPal, then we've got to exchange private messages and, man, I'm lazy. I don't want to do that. I want to be ableto complete the entire transaction just by reading this little statement in your class project. I'm I don't want to have to even message you will get your email. That is like an extra five minutes in five minutes, times five people every months, half an hour. And my time is valuable. Well, why do you talk so long in all the videos that Vic, I love to just talk for a while in the videos, I try and say everything that's essential. And I try and repeat things in different ways so that you really learn it, because that's how I really learn. So what I'm doing, I'm using this payment format because its global you can use this in almost any country in the world, and then it is share a ble and it's not private. So all you need is this little address here. And then I can send a payment directly to you, which you can then turn into cash in your bank account with an A C H transfer, or, if use my friends website wall of coins. You can literally just get someone to deposit cash straight into your bank account. So if you don't know what this is, the whole next lecture is going to be for this. But the one thing you have to have this exact statement in here, and then you just choose. Rather you want Bitcoin, ethereum or dash and then you put your address in here. This is kind of like a temporary mailbox address, like a P O box, almost so you have possession of it. Now you can receive there, and then you can just get new addresses as many times as you want in order to have new received payments from other places. I want my class projects. I want my giveaways to be share a ble throughout the skill share website. So if I ask you to put your email in there, that's not going to work with the skill share conditions or you don't want your email going all over skill share. But if this goes all over skill share, it doesn't matter, because and someone could send you money to it if they wanted to do that. But there's nothing bad that's going to happen from having this payment address, and this is the simplest way I can think to set this up consistently. If you want to participate my other giveaways. I've got lots more giveaways where I'm doing the exact same thing. I do $10 in Bitcoin on every live video. And then if you want to use pay pallor, different way to receive money, then I have patriotic giveaways as well. But I recommend get this set up and be able to do this because I'm going to do this every single month, and I'm to do it a very similar method. So once you get this set up once, then you'll be good to go. So thank you for watching this with me. I'll show you how to get a wallet set up very quickly so that you can within a few minutes be able to receive Bitcoin. 4. How to setup a bitcoin wallet to receive payment: thank you very much for continuing with me. If you do not have a Bitcoin or theory Amore dash wallet set up. Yet this video will show you how to do that. If you already have your own Bitcoin, ethereum or dash address, then you don't need to watch this video unless you want to learn additional ways to set up wallets. So what you need to be able to do is receive cash money from me in the form of digital crypto currencies online in order to get my give voice. That means just like with cash, you need to have a wallet in order to receive that. So just like in a real wallet, I get cash in my riel wallet and then I get cash into it, and then I spend cash out of it. So what you need for these digital currencies online is a wallet. So if you go to my jerry banfield dot com slash giveaways page, you will see exactly how to set that up. So I've got some. I've got a description right here. It says what is Bitcoin and how doe I use it? Bitcoin is like cash online created, managed by users. I have a Wikipedia straight to Bitcoin. Now, most people Bitcoin is probably all you are going to deal with, but a theory, um, and Dash are also currencies similar to Bitcoin. So I've got questions answered. And then if you click on any of these links and then I've got a button here, I've got a button to go sign up for your insured Bitcoin wallet on coined based today. So your wall is insured just like if you are going to the bank, your wallet is insured against theft and loss. So what you do use that you saw what I just clicked on. Click sign up for your insured big coin wallet on coin based with me today. So you find that blue button, you click on that and then you see the details here. I have a wallet on coin based which I'm going to show you the inside of in just a second and 50 plus people have already signed up and completed this process down here. So I've invited you. This is a referral link to try coin base. Refer a friend when you buy or sell $100 of Bitcoin coin base will give you and me $10 in free Bitcoin just for doing that. So just in signing up and funding your wallet, you'll get an extra $10 which is a 10% return in just a few minutes of time. So you go through, you do your first name, last name email and put a password and agree and sign up, and then coin base will send you an email and you follow up with the rest. Now, I'll show you the inside of my wallet. Right now I've already made I'm very grateful to have made 51 referrals to coin based already. That means where people have actually funded their wallet. So I've probably made thousands of referrals to accounts that haven't funded their wallet yet. So I've already referred 51 other people who have either bought or sold at least $100 in Bitcoin, and that is a awesome way to work together to collaborate online. We both get $20 when you sign up in fund your wallet, just as I have now. Once you've signed up on coin based, the one thing you need to participate in the giveaway you need this Bitcoin wallet address . So to get to that, you go to your accounts. Over here, you click on your Bitcoin wallet, and then you see, this is the same address that is posted right here, and then I can get a new wallet address whenever I want to. Ah, wallet address is simply a place where I can receive payments, and that's the beauty of a wallet address. That's all it's good for is me getting money in the door so I can share this wallet address all over the place. So when you sign up on coin base, then you'll have both a Bitcoin and an ethereum wallet. So you have two different types of addresses. So if you want to use a theory of instead of big coin for some reason, you can you I use both and I used Dash, so I have three different currencies I use. So you get your address here, and then that address is good for all the giveaways indefinitely. You can keep putting that address up, and anyone can send you payments to that address. Now, if you don't want to sign up for coin based for some reason or you don't want to fool around with Bitcoin. For some reason, I will show you a completely free wallet that you can simply download on your computer using Dash and then receive payments there and dashes even faster than sending Bitcoin. So you Google Dash wallet. So you're going. I'll zoom in. You're going to Google Dash wallet. So I've already went over everything for sending the Bitcoin up. If you want to do it a different way, you can just Google dash wallet and you scroll down here and you're going to find this purple link. I clicked on Wallet Dash official website dash dot org's slash wallet. You're going to click on that. If you want a dash wallet and then what you do, you hit the wall it over here. You come to this dash dot org's slash wallet page and you'll see a general description of what the wallet looks like here a picture and this is what the wallet looks like. And then what you do is go to you hit downloads and then you get this download dash core official core wallet, and you use whatever operating system you have. You download the installer. If you're on Windows 32 or Window 64 download the installer on Mac. You download the damage found then on Lennox, you can download these files so you download. You use one of these installers and then you set the wallet up. And then once you're in the wallet, you go to receive and then once you're at receive, it will give you an address to send a payment to now on Dash. It uses different addresses every time. So you'll get a fresh address every time on dash and dash. I guess it's called Dash. Part of the reason is it's faster and even sending Bitcoin. So Dash is even more of an advanced Bitcoin. I'm really excited about Dash. So I've given you hear two different methods you can use. You can use coin base. You can sign up for your insured Bitcoin wallet on coin based with me today using my referral ing which 51 people have already completed before you within the last few months funding their wallet with at least $100 or selling $100. You get your wallet address and then you've got that to put in or if you prefer, you can just try out a dash wallet, download that straight on your computer and then send and receive Dash that way. So thank you very much for watching this. I hope this is useful for you for seeing how to set up your Bitcoin, ethereum or dash wallet. 5. Why giveaways are so powerful: thank you for getting so deep in the class with me. What? I'm going Answer. And this video is why use this system? There's several reasons to use this system. And if you're a skill share instructor, I hope these will be helpful for you. And if you've got a business online and you're looking to earn money with, I hope this will be useful for you. Also, the first key thing I want to mention is for just having your own business online, doing anything. Why do this system? I am doing this system because I believe generosity is the key to growth. I've made millions of dollars in sales on you to me, and the first thing I did that worked really well. To get those sales going was to give all my course away for free. And I did that over and over and over again. I gave all my courses away for free, and that generosity and giving my course away for free allowed me to get so many students. So Maney reviews so much activity in the course and so maney new potential buyers that after giving my course away to 50 to 100,000 students. Then I had a raving fan base that then thousands of dollars, often 3 to $10,000 on new courses within the first few days in sales. So all the giving that I did on you know me gave me the ability to make a lot of money now . Skill share. I want to be able to do the same giveaways on skill shares well with the way skill shares set up, though, it's a subscription model with premium members. So it's not a simple I can't just give you all my premium class away for free. So I've got a system on skill share that relies on generosity, and I'm hoping to practice that with you. In this course. I believe generously giving is absolutely much as I can. That is the best way for me to have the successful business for me to put myself in my shoes and say in your shoes and say, What is something that I would love if I was in your shoes? I would love if the people teaching me classes gave me a simple and transparent system for winning Bitcoin because it's so easy for me to receive that I don't have to share any personal information. I would love it if you, as an instructor, would give me a simple way to watch your class and earn some money back to pay for my skill share subscription for the people that are making even more money on me than skill share. I, as a student would like to see some of that get given back. I like seeing generosity. I like things like the Nobel Prize. What is a Nobel Prize is just a monetary prize given out along with an award. The generosity and giving the money out is the key foundation off the reward. Imagine, I would have went a lot more motivated to go to class in college if they had given out 20 bucks toe five or 10 people, every single class. I would have went to class a lot more often, and that's what I'm aiming to do on skill Shares give you some financial incentive because many of US financial incentives motivate us a lot. You see a $25 gift card giveaway in class on skill shin. There's all this activity, so I'm giving away 100 plus dollars in one of my premium classes every month. I want to give the most I can, and I hope to give 1000 $2000 a month in my business starting in January 2017. And I hope to be giving away 10 plus 1000 a month by the end of the year. And I say Give away. It's really an exchange of advertising, as I've explained. So now, if you're a skill share instructor, I think understanding that first foundational part will be really helpful for you. And then let's look at the elements within skill share that make this really valuable as well. So what I'm showing you is my teacher. Stats on skill share. So up till this point, I've put very little effort into skill share. I had my friend Joseph upload that courses I had on you know me and just put them on skill share. I've put up until the last month. I've put no effort into promoting skill share, and yet skill share still paid me 6000 plus dollars before even hardly put any effort into it. So now, skill shares paying even more. But the problem with the old skill share system. It on Lee paid for premium enrollments, which meant you had to make a bunch of premium courses. Now, starting in January 2017 skill shares paying for premium minutes watched. So there's a beautiful element there. You don't have to have your premium students watching in a premium course. You can actually make a bunch of free classes and then get is many possible students toe watch in those free classes. And then the higher the better those classes do, then the more they will rank higher and be up there towards the top. The free students will actually be able to help the premium students find the classes. And then I think it's great to be able offer one or maybe two premium on Lee Classes a month were then. There's really high rewards. There's giveaways in there that literally pay for their entire cost of skill, share membership and more So what I'm aiming to do is maximize my premium minutes, watched and maximize the amount of people I get watching my classes on skill share. I want to bring in as many people as possible in for free and then over time step them up into a premium membership. That's good for all instructors on skill share. Everyone teaching on skill share will benefit from this system I'm implementing. And if all of us implement a system like this, there will be a lot more paid. There will be a lot more royalties available from premium members. So what I'm showing you here is an amazing system on skill share. I think that having some giveaways in this system are essential to ah converting free students into premium. So what this system I'm showing you is based on is getting the very most minutes washed on all classes from premium members and from getting people who sign up specifically to be premium members into my classes and then to attract other premium members from all over skill share into my classes. So what I'll show you in closing this class up is the details of my entire skill share system. I'm using where giveaways are, the critical link that puts all of this together. So the giveaways I've shown you, the giveaways I'm offering in this course is kind of like the center. The giveaways bring every other element together and make all this work. So I'm so excited to show this to you. The last thing I'm gonna show you, my skill share system for getting the most minutes watch out of the most students and bringing the most premium referrals in. 6. My system for bringing the most premium students and minutes watched: for bringing the absolute most premium minutes watched. I think the key is to start on YouTube. I say Start on YouTube because what you want is traffic. You want people who are coming to watch your exact classes, and this is the foundation of my strategy. So you see on all of my new videos within a week or two, most of them are getting thousands of views watched or hundreds of views watched. But you'll notice. I've got all kinds of different videos on here. I've got gaming videos. I've got podcast videos. I've got tutorial videos. So what? I'm doing them. I'll show you over on this one. So this is what I'm doing. I am teaching my new classes live using wire cast. If you want to see my entire set up, I've got all of that link. Just go to jerry banfield dot com slash resource is You can see all the things I use in my business there. So what I've got, I've got these. I'm putting entire live classes online, and then at the same time, I'm recording them on skill share. Now, if you can't do the live part, that's fine. I think just pre recording and putting all or most all your classes on YouTube first and then doing this exact strategy to get more skill share premium enrollments. So what? I'll go move my head over here. So then I'll show you on this YouTube video. What I've got now in the description and you'll see I've got the giveaways link up here. But then, in other parts of the video, I have the skill share link. So what I do, I have this free class on YouTube, which gets tons of people watch it and then I have a link over here. My referral link. It's custom shortened, but it's really just the skill share dot com slash our link. So this a custom shortened link with bit Lee. You can put your own domain using bit li dot com so I've got a link over to my skill share profile with the sales pitch. Would you prefer to Onley see my tutorial videos and skip seeing my gaming and podcast? Then I'm encouraging people to go over to skill share, But then I've got all my free classes and my premium classes linked down here. So this is the first step in this entire system. And I think this whole system is the key. This entire system gives you the ability to make these giveaways amazing. So you use this system first. You put all the videos up on YouTube and I here's why I do YouTube. YouTube has a ton of traffic. You can see YouTube gives me 600 plus 1000 views a month, and that is just an amazing amount of traffic. So YouTube gives me the traffic. It gives me people looking exactly for the subjects I'm teaching. Then, in the YouTube videos, I make free classes that are out there for everyone that have really good information that people can then directly go over to skill share. Now what happens once they get into skill share? Then I start people in free skill share classes. So what you see right here, this is a free class. It's the exact same free class that's on YouTube, but it doesn't have its shorter. So you'll see this is 52 minutes, the YouTube videos and our So I cut about eight minutes out of some of the live things. A skill share class, a little bit shorter. So the point is, I say, Hey, you can go learn with me on skill share So I get the very most people over from YouTube into free classes with me on skill share. And then what do I do in the skill share classes I mention about premium membership. Then what I do is I use the skill share classes to build followers over time. So if you go over to my profile, then the nice thing skill share. Every time I put on a new class, it sends an email. So while someone might be YouTube subscriber, but they might hardly ever see my new classes as a free student on skill share. They get an email every time I make a new class, and then they start getting in the habit of watching my classes as a free student and then all the students and all the all the time they spend in the class helps me get things ranked higher. So the more time people spend in the classes, then it gets more students. It gets more social proof, it gets more reviews this way. So this is a free class. For example, it gets more reviews Now, the beauty of this is whenever a premium student happens to come into a free class with the new system, they will still get credit for minutes watched. And I make a lot of long classes then so that I can make a lot than on premium students watching free classes. But the rial key to this is to get the people who come in for free off of YouTube to step up into paid students. Now the question is, how do you incentivize people coming in for free off YouTube to step up into a premium membership? So what I'm showing you in just a month or two of doing this already has already produced more than 40 referrals, and I haven't even started the giveaways yet. This is just off of kind of linking things in the YouTube video, so this is already a powerful system, and now the giveaways tie all this together. So when I bring the giveaways in, then I say, Look, you can watch almost all my classes on skill share for free, and then when I'm going to do if you're a premium member, just like in this class I'm going to give away $20 to 5 students this month. I hope to give away even Mawr next month. I've got a concrete reason to step up to premium membership. So if you are not a premium student which you might be able to see this if you're on patri on, you can see this, as in my video files or you. So that's the only way that I'm Or you could have got a whole of this illegally somehow, or you I don't know, you could watch it some other way. But if if the free students then are going through here and say, Ah, free student watches this free class, this free class, this free class, this free class in this free class and then somewhere in each of the classes than I'm starting to mention that I do premium giveaways. And now that I've got this class up with the premium giveaways, I can give a concrete example like look in this class. I gave $100 to premium members. So then I've got a system where the YouTube traffic is coming into an individual video for free. Then students are coming into skill share on watching classes for free, and then they're stepping up into premium membership from there and then the same student that was watching for free. Now we'll keep watching as a premium member, and now they've got a loyalty to me, so to speak. They're likely to watch a lot of minutes and more of my classes, which then helps me to make lots more income. But it helps everyone on skill share to earn more income because all of our income on skill shares a function of how Maney premium subscribers we have. So every premium refer All I bring in. I'm helping increased the total royalty pool for all of skill share. And that's why I really like skill share. Because when I do this work to go from YouTube over here, all this analytics and traffic to free students and when I use giveaways than the convert free students and the paying students, then I'm doing some good for all instructors on skill share. By getting more premium students, the students I bring in won't just watch my courses, they'll end up going into your courses, will end up watching and helping all other instructors collectively earn. And the nice thing is skill share, then is giving me $10 for every referral. If I would have got $10 for every referral I made to you to me, I probably would have earned an additional 500,000 with all the referrals I got for students to buy a course for the very first time. So that's the beauty of skill share. So even just getting this system barely started. I've already got 13 premium referrals in December alone, and I've just got this going, So I'm really excited. I think this has the potential to bring in hundreds, if not 500 or 1000 premium referrals in one month when doing this repeatedly over time and in every course and matching all that traffic up with YouTube. And, hey, if I could bring in lots more premium referrals your income on skill share as long as you're creating new courses, as long as you are continuing to serve your students, it will be easier and easier and easier for you to get your and come up on skill share also . So I appreciate all the time you've spent here in this class, and I hope you have enjoyed this 7. Project for Skillshare Premium Giveaway System review: thank you very much for finishing this class. Would you please complete this class project to share what you've learned with me and with your fellow students? Here's exactly how to complete it. And the more you add to it, the nicer you make, the more likely I will plan to choose you in the Give Oy. Now I've offered to give this to the 1st 5 students that complete it. So if you see there's already five class projects up there, just take that into consideration in terms of the Give Oy. Now I'm doing another one of these giveaways every month, and I hope to continue to make the rewards bigger and bigger, both the individual awards for each student and the total amount of awards available for all students. You can help me on this. The more I learn on skill, share them or I'm going to give back to you. I'm already giving back something like 15 or 10 or 20% of my income on skill share currently to give back $100 in here. So the more you watch of my classes and more my income builds, the more I'm going to give back to you. Here's an exact format. For example, you could put in something as short as this What you were motivated do based on what you learned. And then please put this exact line in here. But please change this address to your address. You also have the choice to change Bitcoin toe, ethereum or dash. Or if you have some other currency and it's on shape shift, then I will be able to get it to you there as well. So thank you very much for watching this class. I hope to see you again soon.