Skills For New Managers: Recruiting, Interviewing and Hiring

Barb Jacobucci, M.Ed, Training and Development Professional

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4 Videos (16m)
    • Skills For New Managers Recruiting and Hiring

    • Skills For New Managers Your HR Team

    • Skills For New Managers Behavioral Interviewing

    • Skills For New Managers Performance Reviews


About This Class

One of your responsibilities as a new manager is to recruit qualified candidates, interview and hire.  This course will review the techniques on how to successfully recruit, interview and hire the best candidates.  The technique of Behavioral Interviewing is outlined, as well as a review of Performance Reviews to continue supporting your team members growth and development.  






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Barb Jacobucci

M.Ed, Training and Development Professional

Barb has spent her career in training, development and motivation. She effectively translates her experience and expertise with pragmatic presentations and hands-on recommendations. As an experienced entrepreneur and business leader, she understands the connection between product development, marketing, training, sales and customer care. Barb provides insight and training on the critical skills to reach company goals and objectives. Her training includes a focus on the relationship between departments for the communications and cross-team collaboration necessary for a successful organization to grow.

Over her professional career, Barb spent many years as a business owner as well as providing solutions to small and medium size businesses. Barb provides leadership and delivers results to support strategic goals and company values. She brings versatile and diverse training: leading in the classroom, facilitating subject matter expert presentations, personal coaching, group and one-on-one mentor-ships. Barb is a strategic partner to senior leadership, providing learning and development support across all levels and functions.

• Management Training 
• Sales Training 
• Team Training 
• Customer Service Training

MBTI Certified Practitioner (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)

"I am passionate about helping people be a better version of themselves. To train, encourage, coach, create excitement, motivate and INSPIRE an individual towards their own success is the most rewarding of experiences." - Barb

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