Sketchup Make 2017 a beginners guide... | Matthew Abbott | Skillshare

Sketchup Make 2017 a beginners guide...

Matthew Abbott, A Teacher of all things Computer Graphic

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10 Lessons (1h 32m)
    • 1. 1 Introduction

    • 2. 2 Install Sketchup Make 2017

    • 3. 3 Scene Navigation

    • 4. 4 Basic Cube Measurements and Selections

    • 5. 5 Push/Pull and Erase Tools

    • 6. 6 Offset, Push/Pull and Select All

    • 7. 7 Creating Chair Legs

    • 8. 8 Creating the Chair Back

    • 9. 9 Paint Bucket and Components

    • 10. 10 Export and Class Project


About This Class

This class will teach you the absolute basics of "Sketchup Make 2017" in simple steps. This is useful for anyone that wants to create and visualise a 3d object.

Sketchup is used mainly by Architects but can also be used Furniture Designers, Set Designers, Product Designers Furniture Designers and Engineers, in fact, anyone who wants to create a visual or "mock up" a 3D object or space of any kind be it virtual or physically built.

In this class, you will learn where to download the software from and then how to install it on a mac, then basic selections and drawing and finally to put into practice what has been taught so far create a simple chair and turn it into a reusable component. I will end the video by showing how to create a Sketch style to your image and then export it.

The "Make" version of Sketchup is completely free to download and use, and if you want some more specific features such as exporting simple animations you can pay for the full version which is called "Pro". For most people though the functionality of "Make" is generally enough.

The Software can be downloaded for free from






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Matthew Abbott

A Teacher of all things Computer Graphic

Hello, my name is Matthew and I have been teaching all things Computer Graphics to Degree level Students for the last 15 years at one of the UK's Top Arts Universities within the areas of Interior Design, Architecture, Fashion, and Textiles.

Alongside teaching, during this time I have also run a freelance business specialising in Architectural Visualisations. I have produced visuals that have secured planning permission for many property developers and Architects in my local area....

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