Sketchup - How to Design your Dream Garden - 3D modeling & Garden Design | Jake T | Skillshare

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Sketchup - How to Design your Dream Garden - 3D modeling & Garden Design

teacher avatar Jake T, Sharing my design knowledge!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

24 Lessons (1h 33m)
    • 1. Introduction to the lesson

    • 2. Measuring up

    • 3. Sketch plan into Sketchup

    • 4. Plan overview and feature markers

    • 5. Initial house shapes

    • 6. Building our Roof

    • 7. Creating Windows for our House

    • 8. Building External Doors

    • 9. Adding Drainpipes

    • 10. Applying Textures

    • 11. Adding boundary walls

    • 12. Gates and fence panels

    • 13. Hiding house from your model

    • 14. Building Cladding

    • 15. Flooring layout and Decking

    • 16. Creating simple Plant bedding

    • 17. Utilizing the 3D Warehouse

    • 18. Adding other Elements

    • 19. Garden Furniture

    • 20. Ground level Planting

    • 21. Adding more Plants

    • 22. Exporting images from your model

    • 23. Taking visuals further and Future lessons

    • 24. Overview and Goodbyes

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About This Class

In this lesson I will walk you through the steps of how to create and develop a 3D model of your dream garden within Google Sketchup. 

The lesson will require you to know the basics of Sketchup so some knowledge of the program would be great! 

If you are not familiar with Google Sketchup please check out my lessons on the Fundamentals of Sketchup and my 30 Minute SketchUp lesson below :) and my Lesson on Bathroom design in SketchUp.

This lesson is broken down into 3 main steps, 

  • Firstly measure up your existing garden to create a simple sketch plan and also take photos of the garden and exterior of the house as is.
  • Next we will build your existing house that your garden is attached to have realistic context.
  • Finally you can begin to develop the look and feel of your garden with experimentation with plans and planting. This is where your inspiration boards will come in handy.

This lesson should cover all the steps you need to develop a garden that you love. Your design can then be exported into images to show landscapers and gardeners to get the work completed.

I really encourage you to play around in Sketchup with different materials and layouts. It may take a bit of time and tweaking before you are happy with the way your garden looks. Again looking at inspiration can really help you focus on the direction you want to take your garden design.

We will use the 3D Warehouse within this lesson to allow us to quickly grab elements we want to use in our design.

I hope you enjoy the lesson, if you could contribute to the project section and share your garden that would be great.

Please leave me any feedback and follow me for more lessons.

Music: / @dcuttermusic

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jake T

Sharing my design knowledge!


My name is Jake, welcome to my profile.

I am a fully qualified Product Designer from the UK based in the seaside town of Brighton. I have worked within the design sector for a number of years and have contributed to a wide variety of design projects. 

I am currently working successfully as a freelance designer full time and in the process of creating a multi disciplinary design studio.

My skillset is based within 3D design along with advanced knowledge of the Adobe suite and a number of creative CAD programs.

I have a deep interest in all aspects of design (its my passion) and have worked on many different design disciplines including Product,Interior,Graphic,Branding and Event design to name a few!

Please take a look at the le... See full profile

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1. Introduction to the lesson: Hey, thank you for joining me on today's lesson. Today we're gonna be looking at garden design within Google. Sketch up. This is gonna be a really easy lesson. Few Teoh create your dream garden that you've always wanted within sketch up. So it's gonna be a three d model in. You're gonna get planting and you're gonna get all the textures you need. Teoh, build something that you could be really proud of them happy with and show your friends and family, your partners, whatever. Today we're gonna be using Google sketch up. It's a great program for mocking up gardens, interiors, exteriors, architecture. I'm sure you know all about it. But if you don't do have lessons on that so your beginner's guide basically to get you turning with fundamentalism, the tools within Google's ketchup. So check that out. If you haven't so yet, this is gonna be broken down into three main parts within. The lesson to the first part is gonna be you actually getting out into a God and creating a two d plan. Eso using a tape measure pencil on a piece of paper and then what we do with that? We'll get that into Google sketch up. The second part will be us building your existing house. So the house that surround you got and we're gonna build that for a reference so that when we are designing our God and we will have an idea of how it's gonna look with house in short, and then the final part will be designing. So this is where you're gonna take the inspiration that you got from Pinterest Instagram YouTube on. You're gonna put it into a garden on having fun and play around and get creative Essentially. So a. Well, this will help you to develop a garden that you really like. And then, from there, you know, you can take it to a garden and actually get the work done. This lesson will give you a really good idea of what your final God and could look like gonna be, have to create some really cool visuals on get a really good idea of what kind of room you want to take a guard, and then on it's not that difficult. So I hope you enjoy the lesson. If you go any feedback, let me know on its crackling with 2. Measuring up: so the first thing we need to do is actually get out into a garden on Measure it, This video just giving you a quick eye view of the garden I'm working on today. It's not a massive garden, but we'll give you an idea of what what we're working on. And, yeah, you need a tape measure and a pencil and just a note pad or piece of paper on. You can see that what I've just started drawing out is the plan on yes, so what you need to do, especially it's pretty straightforward. Just measure all your exterior wall. Was any little features within your garden that you're keeping or or that you want to get rid of books? You don't need to measure them, but, yeah, just just get ah, really detailed plan off your garden with all the measurement on Major. We measure the doors and the wind where the windows said anything like that. Any feature or your house you can measure. I do that. You heard just some photos of the garden on this important to take these reference voters as well. So when you're modeling within sketch up, you don't have to keep going outside to double check on what you've gotten. Looks like you have some fighters. A new computer, that you conflict group s. Oh, yeah, that's very important. You want to take some of those? And what we would need to do is take fighters off the exterior of the building again. This is gonna be for reference when we build it within. Sketch up to make sure you got some nice clear photos off your house on, then. Yes. So once we've got the plan will head straight into sketch up. 3. Sketch plan into Sketchup: All right. So once you drawn your guard and you should get something that looks like this, hopefully yours will be a bit need to the mine on one's a bit scruffy. Bert, what's really important is that you got all the measurements off the individual components of your guard. And so if you've got Gates like this or doors, you've got those measurements done so we can put them into the model easily. So, yeah, once you've got that, well, we're heading to sketch up on what I like to do is start building the plan. So what we're essentially going to get is a flat face that is in the dimensions of our garden. So imagine your gardens on a flat sheet of paper like our drawing. We're gonna make that in sketch up. Except this would then be a face. So what I like to do is start from a corner, sir, if you got a square garden or a more normal shape garden because we that with this garden here, we've obviously got this little extended that, but I'm not gonna start in this bottom left hand corner on work. My ray round were all the measurements, So yeah, so And also, what's important? Where have you measured it in? So I measured in centimetres. Andi, my sketch up is in millimeters. So that's something to be aware of. But yes. So in order to do this, we're just gonna grab the line two Onda again. Start the origin with everything. That's ketchup. You normally want to start from the origin. It just gives us a nice point of reference toe work room. And yes, So, using my drawing, I'm gonna begin drawing this plan on. We'll get a flat shape. So I'm gonna start doing that now, in the bottom left. So my first measurement is friended 65 centimeters, but obviously in millimeters, that's gonna be, ah, 3650. Type that here and so got first line and then we gate section. So that's 94 centimeters. 940 centimeters on. Just make sure you're on the right axis. So what's very important is we don't want to be coming off, father the red or green access within, sketch up. So what you condone? Make sure you're on the right. Access is when you're drawing lines. Use the arrow keys again. So? So there, President. Right. Arrow shows on the red access The left are Oh, is put me onto the green axis. So then And also, if you do up or down, that would be the blue access. But we don't wanna be working on that because essentially, what we want to end up having is a shape that weaken Ah, clothes off so that we we get a face like this. So eventually, when she finished doing your plan, you will get the shape of your garden, and it will have a face that we condemn work from, so I'm gonna draw them now, um, speed up in the video so you can just see me work for a Yeah, just just very important. Teoh, make sure you add in these sections for the gates because then when when it comes to actually create in walls and boundaries within the sketch up, we need these measurements so that we can create Yeah, our gate in the correct place is on the accurate and the same for the doors on the on the house, on windows. So yeah, I'm gonna do that now. Andi. Yeah, We'll get back once we got planned. Gun 4. Plan overview and feature markers: So when do you have ah, finished plan like it should look something like this? It might be slightly bigger, cause I see this is actually quite a small garden that we're working on. That yours might be bigger on. As you can see, I've left these little tabs off off the flat drawer instead. Actually, we checked in, actually, on this face here on what they are is just the features within the garden or the house. So the house has doors that open this way. So this is the measurement for those two doors on the same for this site here that there's a big window on the lower ground floor off the house. So when we build the house, it's just a good reference toe Have so that you know where where these objects go on the same here. We've got a gate here. So left left. Little touch their forester use. So, yeah, once you got your plan, I like Teoh. Then build the house, Um, from this plan, just to give us a bit more reference, and it kind of makes the garden feel a bit more real. Once you start building and designed to make guard. And when you got the house, the back of the house, at least in in the moderate kind of makes it feel a bit more realistic. And you kind of get an idea of the space. Because if we designed our garden now, it would look very nice and open. But you wouldn't get a realistic feel of it if there wasn't, um, the house and the structure of the building in the model. So once you have this plan, we're gonna begin building the house and I walking through their steps. 5. Initial house shapes: So once you got your plan, it's actually important to make sure it's groups. So when we start building the house, we're not gonna get any problems with it. Um, attaching to our plan when we don't want that. So I'm just gonna, uh, triple clicker on control Jew. The group rplan denounce his own separate entity, which is great. I'm gonna come to building the house. We want to basically do that a simply as possible, because realistically, the main focus is gonna be the garden. But the house is just gonna be there as a reference for us. So we can kind of see how the garden looks in situ. Uh, yes. So I no money. We just grabbed the rectangle to and just block it out initially. So the main body of the house is gonna be here, so I'm gonna block it out. Group is straight away. And then just push polar up to wherever Really? How the moment Doesn't really matter. We're just trying to get the blocks in for the building on, then weaken. You never find a bit more in second. So again, I'm gonna You're not rectangle group. Double click it. Push polar again. If you don't know what tours amusing here, please check out my beginner lessons. They will run you through. All the basic tours get started. But essentially sketch up is a very easy program to use. So, yeah, I recommend check up this years. She, as you can see, pulled up some shapes. But obviously, they're not as high as I want. I want them to be. So this is where it's really important. So I've got reference photos here off the building itself. So here I can see the roof. How? The shape of the brucellosis Lyme degree, the North Sea? Because I know this garden very well. I can always just pop outside to have a look at it. But this is where it's important to take photos off features. So this window is actually, um, this window here on the side of the building. So it's important that I've got a good reference for over that so I can build it correctly . Yeah. And the same for these windows on the ah, outside doors. Um, which will send back to our plan. So again, our doors are here window here, so yeah. Also people again often delete this little guy, but he's actually really useful to get an idea of scale. So I can already tell by looking at this step. My this height is no high enough for our building. I know a building. It's a lot higher than that. So Well, not a lot higher, I say A few more meters higher, at least. Yes, I'm gonna keep working on that on. I'll come back to you once I got a shape, and then we put in windows and features like doors and drainpipes. 6. Building our Roof: So once you've got a height that you're kind of happy with that you think is pretty accurate again. I mean, if you can, if you got the capabilities of measuring your height of your building than yeah, do that. Or if you've got plans a lot. People might have plans for, like, extensions and stuff that there might be a scale drawings that you can use to find out the higher. But now I'm gonna show you how to do a ruse pretty quickly. So I know for this This front roof, it's a sloping roof. We've got pictures of that Ah, here showing how it slopes through. So we're just gonna quickly build that using the rectangle tool. I'm gonna draw a rectangle, grief it, push planets to get it, you know, roughly to where I think looks riot. And then I'm going to cut it using a line toe on. I'm gonna leave a bit of flat here because I know that's how the roof goes, and then I'm gonna come in about here. So now you're saying that we've kind of built a very simple flat roof, and once we put in textures and, um so like I had a few little details. It will make it look a lot better, but again the same here. I've got another fact. Reef here actually joins to this one. So what I wanna do is gonna bring this through on and then I'm going. Teoh, get a rectangle here, group this put it to the same height. And then I know this This actually goes further back this house, but because we're only doing the back of not gonna do all of that. So I'm just gonna cut it on a nine without, I think would be right if it went with way back eso about there, get rid of this section. And then what I'm gonna do is actually just bring it through this roof. This is a good thing about sketch up. You can you can kind of, um, get it to look right without actually having it too, you know, physically be 100% accurate. How it would be made in your life. That's what's so good. You can kind of quickly make it. And you know what? I'm actually gonna raise this little bit of brief because I think it so for this um I've gone into the group again on on moving this line instead of, ah, push pulling or anything like that was gonna move this line to meet this heart. So I think I looks a bit better. Yes, like that. So that's a quick way to build roots just by creating rectangles, push pulling them and then cutting into them to the profile. And then what I like to do is actually offset, because in this, in this case, there's this kind of offset plastic part of the roof in. So to do something like that, I would just going to the group. Andi, we're gonna use the offset tool to this will just offset this. This outer line were offset to about there again, it's love. What about what looks right. It doesn't have to be bang on because this is only going to be, you know, just something that we can look at when we look in our God, and it could make it look a bit more realistic. I'm gonna join these, and when it pings, that means it's carrying on this this line that we want to carry on and then on a rice teas and what I'm gonna do with this faces, Bring this out about 30 milk and that kind of give that effect of a bit more going on. So it's no longer like a flat thing. It was actually some substance to and again for this. This place here, I'll bring this out, but I actually just push pull this face a bit. So I'll do the same with the 30 million, then Prodigious Dio. I might actually bring this up to that level. Actually, two matchups that makes sense. So let's move that. Keep it on the blue axis on then. So some is that snap into that stat face without be fun again. I'm just gonna pull this out 30 mil. No, it looks like our roofs of it more realistic. It's got something going on. Um, so next we're gonna add windows on the drains, and that will really make it look start looking more realistic. 7. Creating Windows for our House: Alright, guys. So now we go are in place. I just want to show you a quick way to build windows. So we want to be building these windows here, which is actually in this back alley beer off the garden on on the building on as you can see, because in our plan, we made a note of the window dimensions will be with At least we have those points. That's we know it's actually a one meter wide window. So quit right to do that as if you grab your rectangle toe. Onda, We just, uh I'm scared of it. We just got the rectangle two like so and then draw on the face that we want to put our window and you got your dimensions in the bottom Right hand corner. Aziz Usual. When you draw with rectangles, I want to make it 1000 meets. Ah, sorry. 1000 millimeter wide by Let's say 2000 initially on then what straight wears I'm gonna do is group it so double click it, Make sure it's well selected and grouper. So this now is gonna be this way. Ah, I had I had measured at least Andrew in my drone plan, and then I can use the photos reference to kind of lining up to see um, how far off the ground is on again. I mean, you could measure all these individual bits to make your model really super accurate. But the house itself is just gonna be reference for us when we have a look at our garden. So I'm gonna move into roughly position, I think worked. What I've just noticed, actually, looking at these photos is that it looks like this. This section off the building over here actually goes higher than this existing room. I'm gonna quickly and adjust that in a second. I should have to do that record, but yes, for the windows, I like to draw a rectangle group it, make sure it's on the right face. And then what we do is we go into it and then because our windows have this clear, kind of like cross structure there, like overlapping, but they've got a white brain around them. I'm actually just gonna draw across within our rectangle, make sure it's on the on the correct plain, and it's from mid point to mid points. We get something like this. And then what I like to do is just offset each individual square by still about, yes, ive 15 mil. Then if I double click, it will repeat that process on these squares. And then what I'm gonna do, because they're actually separate pieces of this. This top half of the windows was on the outside, and this is more on the inside. Um, you know, and that's so they can slide up and down is I'm going to make them separate separate faces . So this is now a face, and this is not face by deleting those middle lines. The more I can do is just pull this this one out and then do the same for the bottom one. Except I'm not gonna make it come out this far because it wants to slightly overlap it. So I'm gonna do to About what do midpoint initially. But I'm gonna make it a bit more. Get closer to that one. Like so and then what we do is bring out the glass. Ah, about just below the frames. That looks good. Where? In the model again, I'm gonna double click to copy their move on the push pull another sign. And then what I do is actually I'm gonna color this in and wine. So I'm gonna be We're not be a bucket to I'm initially gonna color everything. Want someone actually select all of my window at the back, That's all on tick white and then for the windows. I'm just gonna actually a, um just a basically glass within sketch up. It's not the best. Then we're actually gonna change it later to make it look a bit more realistic. If I used the ah translucent blue on these faces, it will give the effect of glass. Andi, how do you know what this is? The graphic about the gray color like so that's a quick way to build. Ah, window, obviously. What we Obviously what we want to do is in setted toe a building. So in order to do that, the windows on the face at the moment, which is what we want, what going to do is go into this group, the building group, and then draw a rectangle using the windows a reference point. So we're gonna draw from this corner of the window to this corner and then off. That's created a second face, but when we click on it is actually behind the window within the building and then I'm gonna push, pull it back a bit. Doesn't matter how far we go. Just make sure clears the frame so you can see him going about 250 mil. I'll take that. They want to come out of the group. I'm just gonna slide this window back a bit. So that's kind of inset within the building. And it kind of makes it look a bit more realistic. Straight where, like so and then what I'll do is I'll. I repeat that for the other windows that we've got to do so. But these windows, this window here, which on that side Ah, and then these two in a window on the front. And then I'll show you the doors on then the drain quite really quick. Way to do that again as well 8. Building External Doors: so you shouldn't have your windows in place on. What we're gonna do now is build some doors. I'm going to show you another quick way to do that. So for me, I've got ah, these doors to build. So they're pretty basic doors. I mean, got 66 windows in each of them on What much you're gonna do is I'm gonna build one, and then we'll never on the opposite side, which will help us out. So I know the height of these actually measured these. So these are two meters high, and I've already got the dimensions also with them. Um, my plan. So let's get into that. So what I'm gonna do is on the midpoint, drew a line here and then find the midpoint between these two. The arms going to use this as a marker just so it can help me. Ah, And then I'm gonna hit a rectangle. Uh, because of the in point. And I wanted to be 2000. Yeah, 2000 by 605 by six. And so got rectangle there, then again struck by grief. That so these Ah, the stores, yet? Six windows. So what? I'm gonna have to do is create a line here and an officer. Ah, From this line, I create I show you what I mean. So my rough, bigger, the damage understood by I I'm gonna go about here. And then what I'm gonna do now is actually divide this. I want to do this so the frame's thicker than the windows are pretty good about the then I'm gonna divide this into six. So? So if we work out what this length is here 1185 So it's roughly 400? No, a bit less than 400 met. So let's Dio 3 90 I'm not. I wanna 392 and I send in the point. Delicious do you got? And then what I'm gonna do is just offset these, um, a tiny bit this time. And if we actually come on, we can just use up straight down. We can just do that with the offset to, but double clicking. That's kind of our structure a little bit. So now I'm gonna start extruding it. Eso initially I want extreme Get rid of this line Now I'll extreme this out of our to create all door then he's gonna pull is this part frame out? I could actually erase these lines so it makes it one shape on one face that we can just easily extrude out quite handy. And again, I'm just gonna offset it a little bit just to give it a bit more dimension toe Just all set that allow. He just gives it a bit more field, Isn't it something to instead of just a flat ship, Then windows again double Kidman That's pulled up nicely on we've obviously got this little con cave bit was like a routed section. But to do that, I can just I'll just find the midpoint despite of line and just for reference. And then, like, uh, I don't think it would be a pretty be sitting around here somewhere who has made a space define us, actually, actually get rid of this three down, get rectangle. Do what I kind of think that's a square, which is good and what I can actually do because this is not touching any lines. I can move this really. So I grabbed the midpoint of this and then line up with the midpoint of this section using our accuse too, that such who lined up in the middle? I'm not gonna move it down a little bit, Mike. So it's offset this. What about that much? And then if I just push pull this section inwards, I would just add a bit more detail to the door. This is good. And then I'm gonna color in the windows. We've all our window texture that we've got the clear grey one. So it's already selected. I just did these quickly. That's great. And obviously, we want Teoh duplicate this because we've got two doors. So again, because we're in one great that we can select it easily. And I'm just gonna hit a move toe. And then when I move, I hit control and that duplicates it. We line them up like so that's good. Now, obviously, we need ah, door hand on, And sometimes in sketch up, it's best to use components that people have already made. Did you go into window on go to the three D warehouse and this is a place where users can upload, you know, any type of warning. So anything you searching here, there's a challenge started already exists. So if we just need a simple door handle. I start to end on. As you can see, we've got loads of models that we can just directly important to our sketch up. So we just need a simple one like this. So if I just click down my bottom and hopefully the person that made this model has made it to scale Broza gets here, it seems about scale. So I'm gonna moving on to our door. Is it big? Let me just check our picture again. So our handles on this side and it's quite small handle compared to this one. So what I would do is I just hit a scare bottom. Ah s and not scare. Let let's just scale it down a little bit. And it also our hand was on the wrong side, this model. So if you scale the model negatively So if I said this is the scales become negative, so it's essentially mirroring it. So I type in minus one now and so that the A, um, a mirror of what we just had. Then I'm gonna move it into place so it around to the harness struck it down a little bit. That's good island office. It's bra, so we can just give it up. But yet, every color, um, we just go like this should work. They're brasi color, sir. Kind of matches our real life model. Really? House even. And then what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna grieve this as one object. No, and again, like we did it with the windows were just gonna set it in a bit to make it look a bit more realistic. I'm gonna go into the house model, grab our rectangle tool. Look on that corner. Same for this crooner. I slept that face, and then let's bring it back a little bit about the amount of it, and then just drop it back a little bit, and sometimes you might find actually, your your door cab am it will be slightly were, uh, rise off the floor. So what? We can do that? I mean, you could just move up. Yeah, When you place your door against your house, you could actually just lift up, you know, 40 50 mill. But what you can do, we can just make it look correct again. We're just trying to make this house looks slightly more accurate them. Um no. Accurate. Make it look the part to restore oil. A rectangle here. Great. Bring this up a little bit. And these normally stick out these little pieces that I was doing that? Yeah, that's just added a little bit more. I mentioned Teoh. Yeah, that is how we do it. A simple door. Um, next, we're gonna be ableto the drainage on yet. 9. Adding Drainpipes: right. We need to add some simple drainpipes to our house. Now, I want to do that. I'm gonna come up to our re thing. I'm aware of your drainpipes All. Um So I've got one that runs horizontally here on on this little section. And then we got some vertical ones come up and down. So I like to do. First is currently holds onto ones to grab your circle too. I want to where you want your drain to be placed. And I like to reference this this point on the edge of our brief we get an idea of how big withdrawing, So enjoy a sack with that three people and then you just me that out to the edge is very simple to dio like so And then I'm gonna crap the loan to drool about. And then three drag it to the to see we've got a very simple drying made. She means off. I'm gonna color in with just a great color so we can differentiate it from the rest of the house. One of these, But they what we can do, we can just Ah, copy this this section. Mom, give it a quick, right? Uh, 1 80 degrees, please. Thank you. On the weekends dropped back in her. So it matches. It's the same size as this one we just created. That's a simple way to do, um, your basic horizontal drainage and then for the vertical stuff. So I know on my this garden, we've got a few drinks here. I've got one in this point so much draw again, using the circuit or destroy another circle. Uh, just about break that. Bring it up to this point. No, I've got one of that number a slightly bigger one next to that. But it's true. No one on this space proof again, and then push Pull straight up and you can go as detailed as you want on these, Um, if you want to make it look really realistic, So I know a lot of drains will come out, You know, a lot horizontally around here and curve and do all sorts of all sorts of things. You could actually do that. But it's his preference. However detail You want to make your house look, you can You can do that. Yes, that I'm happy with those two. And then there's one more out on this side, and I think it's probably the same width as this one. But I just copy that across on talk in this corner, like so and, Yeah, there we go. We have some very simple drains, Um, which again just adds to the building the house and making it look a bit more realistic. 10. Applying Textures: So let's have some Texas to the brief on the walls of the building, the to do it's just going to Google and just type in roof texture and sometimes but seamless on what you want to do is find a J peg image that you can just save, and then we can use that as a texture. So for a brief, I've just saved a text that that will work the roof that we have to in order to then create that texture scratch your buckets or select a color. It doesn't really matter what color you slept. Just make sure it's not one of the colors that you've already used actually would then change that and then do create material it come to this window on this is used texture image here and then click This little drop down s are a little bolder Icom and I saved this technical roofs. I'm gonna slap back No and hit OK to now I've got this selected. Honestly, if I collect this, it's gonna do the whole section so we don't want to do that. We want to do just this top face at the moment. So if I select about. Obviously, at the moment it's really small. So we need to change that. We do that by going to edit on the scale here, Joanna moments are 100 by 800. And if we just add a zero to that, it's looking a bit more correct in terms of size. Done. Happy that. I'm gonna just do this. That was section as well in this section. So that looks good. And then I'm gonna do the same to this roof. I so on what you can do, actually, we can had a little lip here. It will go and make it a little bit more realistic and give a bit more substance. So I'm just gonna get a line to on drawn this face in the drawers about Yeah, and then I'm gonna follow the our brief line. Uh, down. Yeah, just make sure you're on the face of all times the create a new face. That and then I wouldn't actually extreme this out a little bit and then hit the bucket to , and we're gonna paint that color. I'm happy that I'm not probably the same for this, but actually, So we just of the rectangle tool has dropped to about Let's put it back into So I started. Ah, nice texture to our roof. And then this building is actually kind of like an off white color. So And it's got a textured Teoh Such a cold stucco. The texture. So again, I was gonna select a random color. We're gonna build that text jump. So I quit this texture, that of labour wool. And that's kind of the right color that I want to be using. Okay on that and then a grab bucket. Do OK again. It's a bit small. Celeste, Editor. Let's, uh I think this one probably could dio 300. Yeah, that looks about right. Um so that and then we're gonna do the same for this top section on the second. That's kind of made. Actually, I think is a bit dark, so we can just adjust the color of it here quite easily on the color world. So we're gonna light up. Yeah, I think that's better. That is the quit rate at a few touches to the house model. Make it look a bit more realistic. Uh, yeah, its perfect 11. Adding boundary walls: So now we're gonna add our boundary walls and eso also on on this guard and the photos show that we have, um, simple wounds like this. I'm when you were taking your plan, you should hope you have measured your wall high. Um, so I know the height of these wars and they go all the way around the perimeter and then we've got this little gate section here, so let's just build the wall was initially so to do that, I'm just gonna grab the rectangle toe and go from one mark up where the fence was. We can just drag out. I'm on the blue access, which which correct, draw a simple rectangle initially on the used to push Porto to get it to the height that we need. So on my plan, I've written down 177 centimeters. That's 1700 on 17 milk and and that's put up to that height, and I know it's actually 29 centimeters thick. So what is this at the moment? So it needs to be 290 So I destroyed it will line their to 90 and a push pull used as a reference point like so And then I also know that these he's always have, like, a slight arch to them at the top. Um, Soto include that in. We're gonna just draw a simple arc between even her on and go to the mid point on, then cut the sections off like so that spill Arbel. And then again, we should just adequate text this. So your plan, if you took a photo of the you'll be able to use that as a texture. So I'm gonna grab the bucket too, against, like, to just a plain color. Then we're gonna add our own texture. So I got ah, this image, but not. And hopefully this will look quite good. So if I click OK, I could go into that again. It's really small. So weaken, I just that Stuart 2000. Okay, that's not looking too bad. Um, yeah. Let's get out of here. Maybe a bit smaller student 100 no, 100. Like a cool. So it's giving off the wall, and then we can just copy that over who are other sections. So copy that there on and move it. So the gates gonna go here. So I'm gonna use that little point that I made. It was a reference, um, the war extends the end of the garden. Like, sir, they're extend that over the I'm gonna move this. Copy it. Rotated are this? And then we're joined that here, make that correct lengths like so. And then we can just copy this one over. Yes, I remember that. Move this across. It's the death now and then we're just gonna rabbits corner on and And that's a bit long. So this should push it back a little bit. Extend this but out Silex will need toddy. So cool. Yeah. So I've put in some boundary rules there. Um, which is pretty simple to Dick Andi. Obviously there's actually another house next this. So what I might do is just extend these points just to make it look a bit more complete. In some respects, I can just extend these sections out. So it's not just like a dead stop when the war begins. It kind of extends for like so So and actually much on the justice. Drainpipe gotta circle. We got some boundary walls on. I'm a put in the fence 12. Gates and fence panels: I'm gonna add in the little gate section here again. I'm just gonna go into pretty, um, three d warehouse. Andi oft item wouldn't gay, and I'm gonna have a little look through and see what it. So that is not what we want is closed. Um, and yeah, So if if you're God and has fences around it, if you just type in fence panels, you should, uh, tons of different fence panels that you can use an instead of building the wall. You just copy each fence panel along your premise, er, which will work exactly the same hour I've just done. It would be Wars. That bill that this garden gate here is actually pretty close to what I'd like. Um, actually, that's pretty A little bit better. So let's grab this game, get it directly into our sketch up. Hopefully, it's to scale. So looks to scare something big what we need, but, um foreign. So I'm actually gonna put in place at the moment. See what looks like. Do men drop it on there, right? Yes. It's like a big So what we can do? We could have a edited or we could just scale it down, which I think might be the best option for me. What? A skeleton, this length And after it's fallen. That's perfect. Maybe, just I might just adjust the color slightly because, uh, under the gay in optical garden is slightly lighter in color. Well, I just got the bucket to again and I'm gonna get old. So I got the color picker and select that color. Eso Yeah, I might just adjust its a slightly paler something like that. Seems to be good clothes that look about Yes, that works well on. I might just extend through another rectangle under this bit. So we have a bill. Um, What? We show that low hole in our model certain. And I could just move that long about it's kind of food that's supposed to Yes. We've got a nice gate there. So if your perimeter was offense perimeter, if you do the same thing, so we just go into, uh okay, the three d warehouse on If you search for fence panels, order stands panel, you'll get a whole load of different options that you can use. And I'm sure there was something close to what you I got at the moment. So everyone and this were just down at this into our model. Cool. We got some fence panel examples here if we just get rid of this one and use this one so the same principle would apply to how our I put those walls around the perimeter. Sir, you just dropped your fence panel how to start your perimeter and then just copy them across. Um, so if we describe a point that you can reference it off so not hit control and then and make it go on the red access by using their accuse, and then we can just aligned to this. And yes, So you could just build your perimeter using fence panels. And when it comes to corners, you do the same thing. Press site them 90 degrees on look them up, but yes, another way to build your perimeter. But now we should have something that is looking on resembling hopefully your house and you've got a clear garden ready to start designing, which is what we'll get onto notes 13. Hiding house from your model: So with your house built, what you might find is you wanna hide it so that you can access to God and a bit bit easier . And to do that, I'm just gonna group the whole all these elements of the house. So these windows and everything I've built on the house, I'm gonna Grieco is one on a quick right to do that is if we go from above and just highlight all of it and then we can get rid of the elements that aren't part of the house by holding down shift and then clicking. So this war will not see this fence and these elements on part of the house to get rid of them. So now that means that my house is selected and I'm gonna press control. G and I would group the house and then what we could do with that? If we right, click it, we can hide our house, even our garden ready to get designing. So you might want to do that. If if you've got a garden with like some narrow areas like this, it might be easy for you to start designing once the house is hidden. So that's a quick way of how to do that 14. Building Cladding : So the first thing I'm gonna do here is actually look at my existing walls and see how we can make them, you know, look a bit more interesting on a simple thing we can do is add some cladding to the walls. And what that would do is just give it a much cleaner look and add a bit more dimension to the garden. I'm gonna do that now and show you how I do it. So where are Colin? We're just gonna draw rectangles. Essentially, what cladding is planks that run will run alongside of all I'm gonna actually offset them. So they're not going to go to the bottom of bubble. Actually gonna be officer and actually create a bit more height, Um, which will it really good and? Or garden Because these walls do offer some privacy from other gardens, but I think they're a bit higher. Would be, um, much nicer. So in order to do that, it's gonna draw a rectangle, get a great on that. I'm just gonna push bullets to about 18 mil. And that's one of our banks made. No, What you want to do is get them in position on actually have a look at how the layout would work, rotate and put up against our will. And as you can see, what it is, it's a bit shorter than it needs to be. So I'm just gonna extend it gender while we're like So okay, now I want tohave Probably about five of the's going up on. Just want to check the actual height of bees to the 175 So maybe they could actually be probably Let's take it down a little bit. It's do 15 millones. So 1 60 which would be great. And then I'm just gonna copy. Well, actually, you know what? I'm gonna Adam a texture. So I have, um I made a wooden texture from a J peg image that I got online. Which is this on here? Eso You could do the same, actually. And what's happened there is the textures of the wrong way around. So I'm going to go into the, uh, object and actually change the texture position. Yeah. If you go into that, you can actually rotate and just a scale of the texture quite easy. I want it to look like that. It's much better on Yes. What I'm gonna do here is just copy this, uh, with a slight gap between them. But let's say yeah, but let's do it. So you weren't gonna Time's up by four to give us five in Toto. Like so you know that that high is probably about the high. I'd like to have been my just group them quickly and then down slightly. So maybe maybe the top two sticker there, like so you know, it's good. So what I'm gonna do now is, um, yeah, I'll repeat them around on our add some structure to them on, but take a look and see how they look. - So I've added some cladding around with high walls on. If we actually bring back our house into the model s o to do that, if you just go view on the hidden geometry, um, you should then see your your house. And then if you click on it and then on hiding it right, checking on a hard, it will come back into view. I've actually got, um, hide on a short cut on control Hate. So you might want to set that up in in your sketch up. So that didn't geometries control. Hate is actually very useful having that, uh, yes. And now we can see that. You know, with house in place, you kind of get a bit more of an understanding how the cutting, you know, looks, um, and I'm happy with it. So let's move on to the next part our design president. 15. Flooring layout and Decking: Now I want to talk about section in your guard into different areas on elements that you wanna have. Um, I know from my God and docks this side of the garden gets a lot of sun, so I'd like to have some kind of decking area here unseating Andi. I also know that I do want some planting along this side at possibly under windows and by the doors. So? So the floor plan is actually very important. So as you can see, I've actually already gathered some materials that I I'm thinking about using So this for our decking on this potentially for off law. Um, but it's important, you know, maybe go back to pen and paper and draw out your plan again and start roughly, uh, blocking in ideas of where you'd like some decking or stone features or grass features or even, you know, ponds or pause. Um, it may be quicker, just toe draw them by hand. But I've got an idea in mind, and I wanna have a go at building it. So I'm gonna gonna build and decking on this side and see how that looks todo I'm just gonna grab all rectangle to group something there and then decking is probably about 150 mil Lodin. It's 150 mil on, you know are actually think I'm gonna extend it slightly. Let's just majesty how far that is from that at the moment. So that is 1700. Let's let's bring it a bit closer to the and then what I'm gonna do, actually is I'm actually gonna cut across this to maybe the We'll get rid of that side. That's kind of created something nice. I'm kind of happy without Let's dropper my decadent texture on it. So this is again it's just the image of God off Google and then built a texture from it so you could do the same. It's kind of like a dark, darker kind of colored decking, but I kind of like that so depressing out there to use the color picker tool. So that means your bucket will change the whatever come taxi you click on or materially to click on. Even I'm gonna grab that. I'm just gonna see what I looks like. Yeah, I do. Kind of like that. I think maybe maybe you could come out a little bit further on If I can just drag this face this way a little bit. Yeah, maybe something, because I guess we got our door there. So everything try and keep it in line with the door. So from this part, Yeah, that's cool. I kind of like that. And then, yeah, studies Herringbone tiles on dumb and this black and white pattern and I really liked it. So let's just grab that and put it on our base and see what that's looking like. Yes, so that's I think that's really cool. Actually, Pretty won't be to everyone's taste, but I think 13 Adan, you know are planting features on, um, fill out this deck and a bit with some chairs and stuff. I think it would look really cool. Masterkova. Yeah, I think I think it's important for you guys to experiment with different layers and different plans and just just have a play, you know, just put decking and different areas, put grass in different areas, you know, different features. And this has come come something that you you like, and then work from there and then start adding more features and you're slowly understand, Like how your garden is progressing and how how it looks as a whole. Um, but you have. This is a good soft now, like this, um, was decking and this tile together. I think they worked well together, so let's move on to the next part. 16. Creating simple Plant bedding : I want to add Cem planting elements to this guard. And now, um And I'm thinking having a bed in this corner would be quite cool feature. So I'm not gonna quickly just draw, um, draw something that I think works African. Just push through this. We can see that. Such a quite a nice place to put a bed of planting on. I'm gonna make out the same decking, actually. So what I can do is just officer offset this line a bit to give a warning. Pushed for this down a little bit, so that would actually make a nice feature for some Some tour planting. There may be some bamboo something like that on Duh. I've got a few more textures that I grabbed up Google, and this one's actually within sketch up, and I think for some of you as well, but what can do is just a bit of stone bedding to that. This part to give it. We are look of them planting area, but which be cool. That's group. I think that's a good size. And again you can use your man just to get an idea of scale. That's why I like keeping in the middle. The ones from leaving. Why can't she just copy them so we can put in next door just to give us a locker? A different idea on, but you can see actually are climbing is working. Well, it's actually covering this guy, which is which is good. So I also want to have some kind of planting on this side, and I think I'm gonna build a like a trough feature. So if I rectangle let's do it about still quite a big one on that list about there, I was gonna group that the planet. All right. About you about 500 or nine. Sounds good. Well, that's good. Then again, I'm just gonna offset a little bit at ah, correct little room around and then pushed through this down on. Then I got this metal texture that I really like. It's kind of like a panel metal texture. I'm gonna bring this into into this trough bit, and I think it worked quite nicely. Says I would look the metal over here. Yeah, that's cool. Really? Question. I'm just make it a slightly higher, So yeah, just the end of the texture, Like about a pretty girl. And again, I'm just gonna grow up. There's a stone tension, but not that one face down. That's pretty cool. Something that's, um Good start. Ah, what I'll do next. I show you how we can start grabbing some elements that we want. I'm thinking of putting a fire pit on this deck in on some chairs and then also we can start dropping in plant elements and then start work from that. Also, I want to try and create some a bit of, ah, bike storage along here. I think will be really cool and useful on. Then maybe some more planted. So I'll show you that in a second. 17. Utilizing the 3D Warehouse: So when it comes to plant in, there's a few ways you can add it into your model. I like Teoh. Go to the three D warehouse. So we go when the really warehouse and what you're gonna type in is. So I've talked an outdoor planting into our search. Andi, you you know, you're come across loads of different variations of different planting. And if there's anything specific, you want that bamboo, um, a specific flower. If you type in, the chances are someone's made a good three D model. Something's gonna show you how we go about grabbing Cem planting elements. So this this section here something that I could maybe use. So I'm just gonna click, download, get it into a sketch up Moto. Just be aware that sometimes when you download these, um, these things in a three D warehouse that could be quite large in size. So there's gonna be a lot of to like this. I just downloaded this. And as you can see, it's quite complex model so that if your computer struggling a bit, this might, um, you know, slow down a little bit, blast fine. And what I want to do is I just makes you want to take the bits that I like. So I'm gonna move it out of the way of our house at the moment, and you can see that it's got some extra bit sites of these measurements. I'm not sure what these are for. And sometimes I knew import stuff it will be on a massive scout will be like 20 meters heart. And all you need to do is just scale it down because, um, just by picketing Essen and re scaling it, but this one actually looks to scale. So I'm gonna leave it how it was. But you just be aware of that when you import it might be massive, or it actually could be. Tiny Dutch is because the person that made it, I wasn't paying attention to scale and just made it. However, they thought looked right. So here, I can already see that is actually really about three different plants, uh, for including this one. But these are just repeated the same plant. So what can do is actually I'm gonna be pretty delete most of this on then. We can just, um, you know, just pick and choose which plants we want to use The first. I'm just gonna explode it on. That's kind of broken up a bit on. I'm not a fan of this plant. Some gonna get rid of this straight away. I'm gonna get rid of these little measurements, not water. Therefore, and then this is actually basically a duplicate of this side. So I'm actually gonna just delete harbor. Oh, no, that she was gonna group this, Actually, that's perfect, actually. Let's just keep this heart. It's getting this off. Let's keep this, then I'm gonna explode this on its hopefully about to explode again. I especially want to get the individual elements. And actually, this is This is actually nice cluster here. And maybe this could say, with some time so far, I bring it over. I actually wouldn't dio Yes, I just get rid of these last two little ones here. Um, So let's get rid of this one about that. That's actually quite a nice cluster Now that we could probably just put it straight into our bed. I'm gonna live long and you know, so now I can see such quite big, so maybe I will scale it down slightly on because it's been built on a different actors is actually kind of quite hard to maneuver into place. Yeah, let me just scale it down a little bit using the scale tour. Just dragon. Yeah, it looks a bit better already. My start in the corner bring up to the hype, but I'm happy with Trent looking pretty new, making me up a little bit. And then down it was a sloppy did that Such a cool but a planting. And I couldn't just, you know, just duplicate that across. I look, so and that's kind of food up this bed quite nicely, I might add, uh, what, this element into it, Actually, you know, these rocks are quite cool as well, So maybe I could use these. Ben. Yeah. Just be aware when using the three d warehouse. Um, it's a great place Toe Two forints. Models of planting on dumb. Yes. Oh, So if if you've got some elements that you definitely want to include in your garden, but you're sure of, it may be a good opportunity to just start gathering them within your model. So safe I want to find some bamboo. So that's actually nice bamboo model. Maybe I can down like this into her as well. So I'm thinking about Bamber in that top corner. So I just drop it in and then have a look at the model and then yes, and it's actually quite a nice model Or get rid of this element, uh, this box. But if I can looks like it's actually group it was important to group your stuff people, because your mother would just be annoying. Otherwise the ghosts of those that such a group So that's good. Let me just tell you now. They say, If I just grab this is grab copy this in there And if I based in and around her, um, move into position when it was below, it wants alot Let's do it. Maybe if I had about three or four of these just scattered, it's got the wrong amount. Maybe actually, just scared your these are just out of it. Don't know what the same water, you know, on the same for rotating them. You can just add a nice little bit of them. Difference between the model is just by that rotate into my book. But that was just scared. I want up a little. Yeah. As you can see, we can start building up the planting quite quite quickly and easily. Just by getting into the three d warehouse on dropping the element in, you'll start to see, you know, your start to see areas where you think, you know, maybe more planting. Go. Maybe you could extend this bed a bit more. Um, things like that. But that best just an easy way to get, you know, planting into your model. Um, without having to make it yourself. We're just using the three d warehouse. 18. Adding other Elements : So I also wanted to add a couple of bikes, and I wanted to create some kind of storage on this section. Nothing section will work well for it because it's not really used at the moment on. So yeah, again. I just used the three d warehouse, got a couple of blacks, and then I found some because amount, uh, which is ideal? Ready. So I just put them on the model. I don't group them as one group in and ideally, I'd like to mount. Probably appears pianist get away from gay, Obviously. Yeah. And yes, I just again, this is in this video warehouse. I just found some. What was that? I like and got the men. Um, I put them on the next rung up, actually love that put on that face. And then I also wanted to add a bit of a bench area so you can kind of sort your bikes out when you're, um, when you're down here, this is create a bench. I'm a pretty just making the same. Roughly the same dimensions is ah, this plant on the right, It's uh huh. Um, yeah, that's good. Just bring it down slightly like that. And again, I probably deceived this text because I like this texture. I describe that mental penitentiary, and then I probably have a wooden top. Um, so to match the decking. Actually, I think that would be nice. Let me just Well, I just at another rectangle on top of this, it's ah, group. I know. I just extruded a little bit Make it, you know, probably the same. Well, in real life, it would be the same. Thickness is the the decking top. So what, we do something like that and maybe just have it overhang up front, slightly a little lip toe, and then it's just change the color of that. Now, grab this color back to yeah, that that is good. And again, this texture on side it's know how we wanted some just gonna go into that thanks again and then rotated 90 degrees on defined a color I like. Yes. Then what you can do once you've retired actually gonna say once you protect it once you can actually grab now this. Then you could paste on this. It would ah close the edge. But obviously, actually, you probably see the ends of the wood on this. I'm gonna leave that like that. And I might actually just matchup, actually, if we're here The mind. Oh, that's not good. Because I grabbed down supergroup that texture on the move this time so I can actually line out with that top top one. You look a bit more realistic, but that was cool. Yes, I think that's a That's a nice little feature. Might make it a bit. I mean, I don't think I need to be wide. Is this plan to actually? So let's just I get this skinny, I don't know, lipped again. I was thinking this could be a storage area, but you could, ah have access to this on the part, And you could still were part of your bikes on I was thinking about. I didn't cover for the bite like a little roof, but I think in reality, um, would pretty disuse atop or like some covers that you could just elastic a around each bike know what better again? Another element added, and it's starting to look more and more like a finished garden. Next, we're gonna take a look at some lower planting that we cannot around the house 19. Garden Furniture : right. So as you can see, a I had a little play with the plant, and I've got it to something where are, like, you know, validates rocks in that we had in the model that we imported. And then I did this big one on the end. I think it looks pretty good and also have just adjusted that Bamber bit made a little bit better jump happy with. And one thing I just want to quickly show you when you had Ah, no, that backings nicely on the floor. Let's leave that quickly. Yeah, When you have a texture such as these, like wooden plants, what will happen is on your edges, your textual run down on this. And obviously, if this was, you know, really deck in, it would be like this. So you'd have, like, a plank on the end. Essentially. So what you need to do to change that textures you can Actually, if you just go into the face. Andi, um, you mentioned you grab the crap material, and if you paint the face again, So what? We look the same when you click on it. Then if you then right, click on it. and go texture position. What you can do then, is just flip it, um, 90 degrees and then and that little blue dot when it locks on is actually where, um is the same scale. So I mean, we when I look in their actually see that it says you kind of a blunder a plant so I won't actually match. So what I'm gonna do is actually just maybe a bit about just dragged up like that. And then if I click away, you'll see Now it's got ah, you know, like a flat. And so it's not like like the top. So this is actually like a plank of wood. Yeah, and I actually just had a little play with these proportions as well. Was extended this a little bit more, made this bit a bit wider. Yeah, and then now I want to show you how we can just again using the three d warehouse. Just get elements and the bring them in. So there's a chair here that I really like And I think, well, you know, fit the the decking and like being nicely and that that shares on the three d warehouse and that's actually by Hey, Design, which is a very good design company. They make some really cool product. Ah, yes. I just grabbed up from a three d warehouse and I'm probably gonna have a couple of them. So that's just grab another one. Let's make sure it sticks to the right place. Spin around a little bit. Yes. So if you go into the three warehouse in the season, you know, seating or fire pits or anything you like toe have just grab it and put it in your God and see what it looks like. Because you I mean, you can always delete us the beauty of that. You could just play. Really? So I completely Teoh. Yeah. I think that it really good. Already. Cool chairs. Actually, I wouldn't mind himself. You just make it a cruel Yeah, you can see now, I was starting to get a bit more. Is there a bit more, riel? Let's just bring the house back in so you can have a look at that for that. Work together to get through this so you can see how starting to look more and more like a real garden. Um, next, I'm gonna talk, who? The bike storage elements I want adhere and then we'll see. We'll see what other elements we can come up with to make it look better. Essentially cool. 20. Ground level Planting: So I think now I want to look at having some lower level planting. So we bring our house back into the model. We'll be able to get an idea of where we think it could go. So I think these sections here on around the windows, we could add some really cool planting. And what I do for that is probably just just like little beds. Essentially, so is your rectangle one off closer this and come to about the towers with these tyres to scale eso we can use them as a reference point we go up to about there and then I just drop things down a little bit. So yeah, about 18 to 20 mil and then I'll grab that texture, that gravel texture that we used in our bamboo plant a bit. I'm just based on that face. Um, essentially see if there's a better texture 30 because these are quiet, uh, jagged rocks. We had Cem smoother. So if we go Teoh, but I want it is what is it? It's cool landscape, I believe. There we go selection of stones on this one. So let's see which ones look good or something like Mm, right. That was too big. That one's looks like birds. Okay, you know what? Let's just keep let's keep that one for now. It's got that one thing. Now, do you have all do Don't. Not a few more of these just around this kind of area, so make sure. Yeah, you're on the on the floor. Group them. Make sure that all the same side. Essentially. So we use the endpoint as a reference. Uh, all right, time until we lock onto. It is great. And again, if I push for that to drop it down to the same level come a bucket to pain that face. And then what we can do is we can just start adding some plant into these. It's, um I think I want one down here is, well, come down here, but probably to this window line. It's a good place to go. And again I can choose. That title is a reference point. Bring it down to 18. Move on. Just one of based on that, which is fine. Get it out. Cut down. Sisterly this lawn about then I think one more in this cooler. Let's get rid of this second round. Get rid of them now. Did we go another one? Yeah. Let's just do another rectangle from that window. Point. I'm ago again. One tall push. Pull up 18 now, or just reference it. Bucket for the face. Yeah, I think that just had slowed another place where obviously where we can add planting s we might have some climbers that got their supplants that maybe climbed the wall and then some . Some grasses. You look really nice and that we just bring it together. 21. Adding more Plants : So I've just been on the three D warehouse on our found this cool little climbing plant I like just after that in above our little Antonella. Then of also found these grasses that I really like ons used that little rock element that we had from this planting that we got off the city warehouse. Who's gonna show you how it, you know? Just copy the grass over on a lot, this space, and then you'll see it will look look pretty cool. Um, and I might actually go back in. Once I add these plants, I might add a few more just to give a little bit of variation in the plant. Eso It's Google that I wanted another rock there. So let's just copy this little rock over. You can select it. Copy him over here. What about time and your God? And, um, I'm not pairing elements that in contrast and then complement each other. That rock said you're quite big, so let's just scale it down. That's good. I'm putting out a few more of these plants in this. To this end, they're gonna depressing control. And then if I want another one, I'm just gonna with star and then I want to be the same distance apart. Yeah, As you can see, it's kind of looking a bit more. Was it in Fuller? Definitely. And it's looking like we've really got adequate Banting. Now we can probably try and just refine it a little bit more. Maybe add another, not a plant into these grasses just to mix up a little bit. But yeah, from that you'll be able to start seeing where you think planted should go, how it looked and we can change. And then if we hard the house now, we can kind of get a perspective of what it would look like. You know, when you look out the window because you are this in the womb, Yeah, so is coming together nicely. 22. Exporting images from your model: So I added a bit more planting, Um, a few very in so different plants along these little lower planting areas. Now, I want to show you how you can take your garden and get some co images from it. Um, so if I got the house again, so to export your garden as an image um, it's quite a few ways you can do and you can actually adjust. It s so if you get your default tray up again, toe. But some of you might have this mounted on the right inside or whatever. But what you can dio if you go Teoh styles What you find is that is actually depending on how you wanna, you know, create visuals for your garden. Um, you can just select a scar a certain style, uh, you want to use, and this I mean this tons of variation. If you want to get a more arty the picture you know you somebody scepter Yuan's on you know you can adjust the detail. You can get it, you know, to look how you want essentially. Do you want a more arty style? There's tons of those also like some peculiar stars like was this one watercolor on paper, you might like something at lambing that looks pretty good as a sketchy star. And then, you know, you still work around your motor move around it. Um, yeah. I mean, have a player or these styles and go into the edit tab and you'll be upto adjust the amount of detail you have on what? Not I I do. Just like the default style of, um, the architectural design star. I mean, the simple stars pretty good if you want a bit of blue in it. But I just like this one. It's simple and easy to use, and I'm also what I do is I turn off profiles when I'm working in the model. It makes it a little bit faster, responsive. When you got a lot of geometry and you have profiles on as well, you can see it kind of box down the model of it. So that's just a little tip. Um, she hit that you can ah hit profiles. It will make it run a bit smoother within sketch up. Yeah, So also, what I like to do is turn on our shadows so you can do that. But I'm actually up here. But it should be in your default trail. Uh, which is shadows And if it's no, you just go to When the default try is nice, make sure shadows is turned on and from that you can actually turn shadows on by clicking this little square on again. This might slow down your your model. I'm a bit but you can see now we have almost like a son And we can just adjust, you know, the time of day and you get it pretty accurate, your own garden. So I know that very son in that deck in area towards the, you know, later afternoon off my garden. So then we can adjust it the month as well. So let's see, honestly, summer. So de loi on your injustice that the sliders is where they just make the darks and lights, you know, slightly darker or lighter. If you get it to somewhere that you think so cool view where you condemn there is just, um, export. You're model by chicken exported and two d graphic. And what that would do is allow you to, um so if we're going Teoh Don Scotia what I realized is exporters a PNG J peg. I like European juicy, actually get rid of the background. But if you want to keep the background, then J Peg I. D. P and G and then he's in, um, certain size of out. See how big you on it. So this is actually pretty big image, but you get a bit more detail in it, so I like doing it big and an average click. OK, export. And that will bitterly export this exact scene. How it set up in our view point right now, Do you take a few these around the garden on? Yeah. You have a nice collection of images that you can show people or, you know, show it is Ah, garden company or yeah, just shot anyone. Your designs of your garden and what I think. And yeah, from there, you can get, you know, actually build it or yeah, whatever you want to do with it, basically, you hear that? That's a good way, Teoh. Export some images. It may take a bit of time. As you can see, it's still loading from a um but I've use of it quicker. Yeah, I said cool. 23. Taking visuals further and Future lessons: so yeah, I just wanted to show you how we can go from our export. The original exports over there, We've got shadows turned on. We have I actually added a three d person in that seat there. And that was just from a three d warehouse again jump in the shadows on exports That actually changed the style of it. So you can see there's that your blue sky Essentially. But what I want to show you is what could be done with a bit of photo shop skills on the use of the ray, which is a really cool plug in sketch up which actually allows you to render out scenes. So, as you can see from the image it especially just more detailed and higher quality shadows, um be very essentially simulates like riel light within your scene. Yeah, without you concurrent some really cool visuals, you can add stuff and Photoshopped as well. So I've decided in background contextual photos Teoh again make it more realistic in a bit more visually opinion, sir. Yes, I just wanted to share that with you. I would definitely be doing a lesson on that at some point if you guys want to see it. Um, yes, I'll see in the outro on I hope you enjoyed the lesson 24. Overview and Goodbyes: Thank you for watching a lesson. I hope you enjoyed it. If you could leave me a review that really helped me out. Also in the project section. If you could upload screenshots of your final guard and not be great but in the port exception so we can take a look at them and see what people are doing on that might help others for inspiration. So if you could do that Great hoping good lesson on our CTO from