Sketchup A Beginners Guide LESSON 1 - FUNDAMENTALS OF 3D MODELING & DESIGN | Jake T | Skillshare

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teacher avatar Jake T, Sharing my design knowledge!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Introduction to SketchUp

    • 2. Setting up your Project

    • 3. Camera Movement within Sketchup

    • 4. Opening Larger Tool set

    • 5. Using The Line Tool

    • 6. Rectangle Tool

    • 7. Circle Tool

    • 8. Creating 3D Shapes using the Push/Pull Tool

    • 9. Measuring Grouping and Moving Objects

    • 10. Rotating and Copying Objects

    • 11. Cutting into Shapes using Push/Pull Tool

    • 12. Getting Colourful

    • 13. Editing Appearances

    • 14. Thank You For Watching!

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About This Class

About This Class

In this class we will go over the fundamentals of Google Sketchup looking at all the tools needed to get you started 3D modeling within the program. 

You can download Sketchup here Including a FREE version called Sketchup Make

Sketchup is an amazing piece of software and is very easy to use and learn for beginners. It is used within all aspects of design from furniture to architecture and is used by design professionals worldwide.

Sketchup allows you to quickly model something in 3D and see your designs quickly. Whether its a new kitchen layout you want to create or if you want to update the look of your garden. Sketchup allows us to easily do this and make any adjustments we need.

In this lesson we will cover ;

  • Initial setup of Sketchup
  • Moving within our project
  • Creating basic shapes and geometry
  • Grouping and moving objects
  • Adding colours within model 

In future lessons I will work on more advanced modelling with real world projects including Interior Design , Furniture Design , Product Design and Garden Design. Also we will look at the different ways we are able to create realistic visuals using Sketchup and supplementary programs.

Here are the example projects featured in the lesson that I modeled within Sketchup.

I hope you enjoy the lesson.

Please check out my other Lessons below!





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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jake T

Sharing my design knowledge!


My name is Jake, welcome to my profile.

I am a fully qualified Product Designer from the UK based in the seaside town of Brighton. I have worked within the design sector for a number of years and have contributed to a wide variety of design projects. 

I am currently working successfully as a freelance designer full time and in the process of creating a multi disciplinary design studio.

My skillset is based within 3D design along with advanced knowledge of the Adobe suite and a number of creative CAD programs.

I have a deep interest in all aspects of design (its my passion) and have worked on many different design disciplines including Product,Interior,Graphic,Branding and Event design to name a few!

Please take a look at the le... See full profile

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1. Introduction to SketchUp: Hello. Welcome to a very sketch up lesson. Today I'm gonna be teaching you the essentials of using sketch up, including the camera tours, the drawing tours and the basic three D modeling sketch ups. An amazing tool for beginnings because it's it's very intuitive to use and very easy to use , actually, once you understand it. So hopefully, by the end of this lesson, you should be able to get into the growing project and start modeling within sketch up confident. I'm a designer myself, in my view, sketch up on a number of different projects, including interior exterior God, an important design. So it's a very voice talked to. Once you understand it on, you can use it any number of different projects. So let's get into the lesson. Hopefully, after this, you have the skills from the lesson that you can start modeling within. Sketch up an experiment in your own time. Yeah, that's Gettinto 2. Setting up your Project: So once you open up, sketch up, you'll get a window like this appear, we'll tell you. What version are you using? So if you sketch out, make the free version. It should be very similar to this, if not identical. And what we want to do first is got onto template. And here you select what kind of measurements wannabe using. So as you can see, there's lots of different varieties. You got feet and inches meters millimeters on what this means is when we're working in our project, this will be the units that we will be using. So for me, I use millimeters cause that's what I'm used to. You have been working in millimeters on my life and yet find out more accurate and more. It is used and say feet and inches. Yes, So select your desired measurements and click start using catch up 3. Camera Movement within Sketchup: So when your project opens up, you should get something that looks like this. You have a little man. It might be a woman. It might be a dog. Occasionally. I think that depends on what version you're using on. Initially, I won't show you these tools up here. These are the camera tours that you used toe. Move around. Um, move around your project. Basically. So the 1st 1 here is orbit. So if you click on that and then click and drag your mouse you see, we can orbit around a little man. A lot of people delete him, but is actually quite handy to have the man there for, like, reference. So when you're drawing stuff, you kind of understand your scale of how big, how big a drawing or how small your drawing she had a little bit will be this 1st 1 Here you click on it. Dragon move on. But it moves the camera. They always a camera. Next one is pan pan again. It pans left him right up and down person that uses clicking and dragging us on and zoom again. Click and drag museum in and out. Zoom extents it. But especially. I told you what it does, really? So it's It will fit the entire model into into a viewpoint so you could be out here. You could be kind of lost away from a model. If you click zoom extents, it will bring it back to the model, which is very handy. But these tours congee used without clicking on them. So when your keyboard if you hit escape, you'll see we're back to mouse Now, on what we can do. This is used all mouse wheel to zoom in and out. Um, which So that is DiSanto, but we're no actually actively clicking on it. We're just using the mouse words coming in out, and then when you click down on the Mass, will this engages the orbit tool? So So we consume in orbit just using a mouse? No, no need to keep him on. Then Pam, which is also very useful, is if you click on your mouse wheel so you're into orbit and hit shift when your keyboard you'll be about able to pan around your model. Um, which is was a very handy. So you had better basic moving tours within sketch up 4. Opening Larger Tool set : So once you've become familiar with the move towards what I want you guys to do is actually open a larger tool set. So this will give us a more comprehensive amount of tools that we can use and look at and are easily accessible. So in order to do this, we when I come up to the menu and click you and then to buzz on DTIC the box that says Large tool, sir, under getting started and then hit close on what this does is bring up a larger talks it So it's essentially these basics except in a more detail. So we have a wider variety of tools we can use, and this will be very hardly moving forward. Eso Yeah, just make sure you have that. Also, when you click on it, it may come up in a little open window like this, Um, which is fine, if you like to move it about by, like to have it dot on the left hand side. So in order to do that, just click and drag it, and it should pop to the left hand side like so 5. Using The Line Tool: So what I want you to do now is click on the line tool. It's the little red pencil icon in the toolbar. And once that selected, we'll get a little pen icon, which means that tour is engaged and ready to go on. What you see when you move your mouse around, uh, sketch up likes to lock onto, actually. So we've got this three actually is here got a blue access green axis and red axes, which oh, actually really used for when it comes to model in eso, you know which way you're drawing so again with the mouse? Well, I'm orbiting my camera to get a better view on. What we're gonna do with the pen is we're gonna create a square for this man to stand on using the line to. So first you click on the origin with the left mouths Bottom on. You'll see that a line is being formed. Andi are no holding the left mouse button. I've just clicked at once on the origin on I could move my mouse around and now we have this line here on what you'll see in the bottom left hand. Sorry, but I'm right hand side of the screen is you'll see that measurement has been shown on This is how long the line is when you're dragging it. So if we wanted to say create a two meter box underneath this man, we would have to going to the green axis. Would you see here on your your your pen should actually look onto it like so on and what we're gonna do. Once it's locked onto the green access, you can see a little notification will come up. Ah, a little pop up will say on green axis. What we want to do is type on our keyboards now, 2000 millimeters or depending on what unit you used to me to you measurement so in feet or inches, whatever that would be on. If we get them here, enter on our keyboards. We will create a two meter line. So this is our two meter line here. I'm now to make create that make it a box. We're gonna have to do the same thing. But now from the origin again. But now on the red access like so So we draw that under me type in 2000 and he ends up. So now we got to, Ah, two meter lines. So no, but yeah, but will Mr Books on bond. So when you use the line to actually, once you create one line, it will keep it going. So in order to get rid of that, you can escape like so, Andi. Then so you make a mistake or the lines not on access. You can click on the line and hit delete on your keyboard, and I will get rid of it. So back on the line to work, to finish this square, we're gonna now find the end of one of these lines you already drawn, drawn on a little green. A bubble will come up saying at any point and you click on this and we can see See the lines red. That means it is actually on the red access, which we want to finish this square so should automatically lock to her. And also, if you can see that that green dotted line which is showing us that actually this Lima drawing is gonna link up with this line here. We've already join. I'm not shown through that little green line. So now if we clip the line to be created, Andi, because we're not gonna click escape this time. We can actually finish the line on that last endpoint which will create face on a platform for romance standard. 6. Rectangle Tool: So we have created this square for a man to stand on using the line toe. Now what I want to show you is how we with more a more efficient way of doing that, using the rectangle till here on the toolbar. So first, this best actually delete the square that we created using our line to want to do that, You're gonna click on the surface off the square on your cereal. Highlight on what's ketchup does is it kind of individually highlights what you click on. So that element there the line that we drew from that point to that point is now highlighted in blue. And that means that selected so we could delete each component individually. Boy say so we would click on this line and hit delete on the keyboard, and it would delete on. We still got these three other lines that we need to delete. So I'm gonna undo that by pressing control Z and that wonder, and I'll show you how toe quickly delete a whole object essentially. So when this is highlighted, if you double click on the face, you'll see now the lines around it, uh, highlighted something's everything's highlighted the line me drew so that the square withdrew with the line. Tool is now highlighted and we can hit delete on keyboard and it will get rid of it. So we're gonna build that same square using the rectangle tool. So if your only tool by you'll see it's under underneath the line tool called rectangle on again When we've got it selected, we want to go country origin on click on the origin once and Clifton origin on with Drug out and you'll see that weaken. We have ah, rectangle Forman. Honestly, once we click again, that will create that rectangle. Andi, The very time was actually highlight blue because we're on the blue access. So this is a flat plane, So this is where we want it. This is gonna be underneath our man's feet once we create the rectangle. And again, if you look down in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, you'll see, uh, dimensions being given for the rectangle. So sketch up is actually telling you the dimensions as you draw it. So we wanted to meters about two meters again, so we're gonna type in 2000 and in a coma in 2000 again and then hit. Enter and you can see we've now got our our square back. Except we made it in one move instead of four individual moves using the line toe. And this is really good. Really? Because ideally, you're going to be creating a lot of boxes and shapes, and you don't want to be manually drawing them with the line till you want a quick a way of doing it. So the rectangles perfect rectangle to his perfect um so yeah, As you can see, we got the dimensions there and I haven't clipped since I created that rectangle square eso I'll show you a little trick that you can do is if you if we can't everyone a change very jury square and it's too small. We want a bit longer, so we can actually still type in our dimensions again. So So if we want to make this three meters by two meters, I can simply type in 3000 but 2000 and then hit. Enter again and you'll see the rectangle has changed on. That will only work if you don't click anything after the initial rectum has been made. So if if I draw a rectangle here and on, say, 2000 by 2000 again to meet by two meters, enter and then if I click onto the selectable now that option Teoh edit that has gone so you can only do those adjustments straight after after you create the rectangle and if you haven't picked on anything else after that. 7. Circle Tool: So now I would like to show you the circle tool, which is just unleash the rectangle tool in your tool bar on the left. Andi, it's essentially the same concept as the rectangle tour. We're gonna, you know, click on our origin. Aware of we would like to draw, and you're gonna get a radius in the bottom right hand corner on that. I would just allow us to, you know, build a circle to decide we desire. So initially, let's just get rid of the spirit of this rectangle. So double click one on the face. Um, and it should highlight all the lines for us. And then we hit the league, and then we're gonna grab the circle toe. Now the circle to again will lock on Teoh. Different activities we have in our in our project. So you can see they're looking onto the red axis, the green access on then the black sister, but yeah, for now, we're gonna go to the origin initially before you draw a circle you'll see in the bottom right hand corner. It will give you the number of science that are gonna be on that circle. So 24 sides means that when we draw our circle that B 24 individual sides Teoh eso if you want to smooth the circle your moment up that number two something like 100 or 200 depending on how smooth and how precise you want the circle to be. So we're not gonna change us toe. Let's do a 50 50 sided circle. So in order to do that, just simply selects Yes, sir. Quito, Um on. Then we're gonna type in now before we click or anything like that. Which type of 50 enter. So that means now the circle we draw will have 50 sides. So let's let's bring up our mouths to the origin. Click on it, Andi, you'll see we have a 50 sided circle on. We can have any radius we would like So again, Leicester to Leicester. Ah, one meter radius to create a a circle with the diameter of two meters. So the type of 1000 men enter and there we go. We have a a circle with a radius from one meter on a diameter of 22 meters. Um, yes to these tools. Ah, the fundamentalism like building within sketch up next, we're gonna look at the push portal which you actually create. Three D objects for us in within, sketch up. 8. Creating 3D Shapes using the Push/Pull Tool: So now we're gonna use the push portal on that. Is this icon here on the left? Push. Pull on what the post portal do for us. It will turn these flat shapes that we create on make them three D objects Really easy, actually. But first, unless you delete the circle so again, double click the league. And now we're gonna draw on this red axis with our rectangle toe Hit the rectangle to from the origin. You can see that we're locked onto the red axis and we're gonna draw another square. So again, let's do a 2000 millimetre by 2000 millimetre square answer. And there we have it on. Now we're gonna press, um, the push photo. So I click that and you'll see that when we hover over our face off off square that we drew it highlights. So we're gonna click on that on Dragon, and there you can see that the push portal does what it says it It pushes or pulls the flat shape into a three D shape and creates wars even side. So we're gonna bring this up to again 2000 nil. So before we click again, which type in 2000 Hit. Enter. So now we've got a keep that is 2000 by 4000 millimeters and all directions starts on keep And what we can do with the push pull toe is again If we wanted to adjust this safe, we wanted, um are cube to be half the size that we just made Weaken click on the pitch portal again select the face and can bring it down on As you can see it the number in the corner would say minus So we were at 2000. I'm a minus in 2000. So what you do in this case is you push, you go in the direction you want to take off and instead of time, it looks like you type one minus 1000 that you actually want to type in 1000 again and hit enter and that would hurt or, to me, to keep down toe Ah, one meter cube or 1000 millimeter cube again. If we want to add that on, we click again, pushed poor and then we type in 1000 hit enter and never back to two meters. So you just be careful of of this. If it says minds 1000 I mean, you can you know, you could like, manually do it by just kind of I But if you want accurate, accurate measurements, you want to put it in the direction that you want to be going, so the numbers is minus. So that means we're going down and we're talking thousands, and it cuts it into one. Makes a que So you believe that there like that? And we're actually we're gonna actually draw a line from the center of this cube. So we're gonna click online toe on. We're going to see that the midpoint becomes highlighted when we put our cursor over and all these endpoints, other own kind of highlighted point. So we're gonna click on the midpoint and draw a line from the mid point again. We can see it on the red access on the flat plan, which we want. It doesn't really matter the length here. Laissus. So roughly 33 meters said 3000 millimeters on again. We're gonna escape to get rid of our pencil. And now we're gonna draw a circle. So I took the circle tool survivor, 50 sides on on now, we're gonna go in this end point of the slime that we drew so on that is actually in the middle of this square. So we're gonna click on there. Andi, we want to match this this length here. So that's a two meter, so that means all right, just needs to be 1000 millimeters or a meter. And as you can see, sketch up is already referencing this this point as where we want to look onto. That's correct. So we're gonna click now. I'm not a crate. Circle on. What I did there, actually, to escape the tour is I click a space ball, so that will bring you back to select so that you're very handed to absolute right? So that little space bar trick, I just realized that it may not be set up the you guys, That is actually something that I set myself. So I'm just gonna quickly show you how to set that up, because it is so useful to have a quick way to get back to the arrow to with this electoral . So for that, we need to go Teoh window in the top menu on got under preferences on your come into this window called Sketch up Preferences, and you want to go down on the left hand side until you read shortcuts and click on shortcuts and then you'll get This is basically a well, the functions that's ketchup can do, and you're able to assign your own shortcuts each, you know, each talk. So for us, we want, oh, turn our space bar in tow, going back to this little so in the filter box at the top to simply type select. And then we're going to scroll down to the very bottom on. You should see it says tools and select. So here I've assigned the space bar. I don't think you guys will have that. So in order to do that, simply clicking this box here next to the plus on, then hit the space bar and then click add, and it should drop down into this assigned part off the menu. And then once you've done that, okay, should have saved. Now, when you say if you click on your rectangle tool on, did you want to go back into select quickly? If you don't hit the space bar, it should go back, Teoh. Back to the slept too few, right back to the video. So when you're in a in a tool and you want to get out of there quickly, you escape the space bar or you can actually click escape. So now we've done that. We're gonna grab the push pull again on we're going to lift up. I'm not gonna match this height, so that's actually a meter on again. What you'll see is sketch of always wants the reference, other points. So when we drag our curse over to the square, this little blue marker means that this height is gonna be the same height is this so we can use that as a reference point and we can just click click on that point. And now we have 23 D objects one square, three d and a cylinder that's Freedy and that the push pull is essential tool to use within sketch up. It'll create a three D objects in a much faster rate than using either a pencil or, you know, creating individual faces. This is the tool that you'll be using a lot. So that's that toe. So that's Mabel 9. Measuring Grouping and Moving Objects: So now we've got two shapes we've got up square object andare Cylindrical object. Um, I want to show you Repin Onda groupings. One of the most important things within sketch up essentially allows you to make s a lot. This object, it will be its own entity. So it will be separate from anything else in the model. And then you can go into it and editor on then come back out of it and it won't affect anything else. So in order to do that, let's first actually dilute this line. So they are then separated. So we're gonna click on it and hit a leak. Uh, yeah. And then so to group this object on dso to make these faces or, um, like one body, essentially, you want to select them all And to do that recon Iver, we have three triple click. If you see if you triple click and object, it should select and then orbit around. It should select a lot of the sides. And we lit up the lines that make it up, or you can actually just drag, let's look and track your mouth, and it will select a lot of the sides and the lines on Once it's fully selected, you press control and G when your keyboard and they noticed that the faces that were highlighted now look like they're not highlighted on it just looks like the launcher outlined. But what that actually has done has made that a group. So now if if we double click on this, you can see that our other area has been grayed out and we're actually within this group. So now we can directly edit this ah shape without affecting anything else. So So So we wanna just half this size at the moment. This is a two meter long, isn't it? So we're gonna grab a push, pull to again, Andi, we're gonna take it down 1000 mill. So we're going in the direction we want, and then we top of 1000 enter on. We've done that. We were back toe now a rectangular shape. So then if we escape on and, uh, space bar and then escape again, we are out of our group on this is still an object. So what this means now is we can actually move this as one solid thing. So this move toe here again. This is something you will be using a lot on the shortcut for that is actually M. So if you hear em on your keyboard, your pick up the move. Talk on if it's no, go into the that shortcut menu within the preferences on find move tool and it should be assigned automatically. But if it's not, go check in your short cuts. So there. So we hit em on the select a point off our object. Say this bottom point. We cannot move it around the model. We can put it on a man's head. We can put it on this, Celinda, Um and then if you want to move it back, we could just do the same. So that is very important. And again, you see there I actually, sometimes you lose your bearing of where you're putting stuff so that you may have looked like it was going on the ground. But as you can see it, actually, no on the ground, it's float in. That's why I like to always reference the origin. So if you go back to the origin, zoom in a bit, should lock onto it like so sometimes this is another thing with sketch up. Sometimes it could be a bit tricky to move stuff accurately without locking onto something so we can put it on our man's head again. Or let's put on this foot, Um, actually has but Don't knows around here, so is locked onto that point on again. It's moving again by clicking. We should be getting onto the origin Yell out there snapped onto the origin on. Then we can then move it along the red axis, like so So the benefit of grouping, I'll show you so So everyone is Teoh a rectangle on top of this cylinder. But we haven't group is still in the year so saying we wanted to the rectangle to be hanging off the edge slightly. So if I go on here on, I draw a rectangle like so again, and I want to extremes this rectangle with the push pull tool. So we're gonna push this up. You're noticed that that cylinder below hasn't had an impact on on this rectangle that we wanted to draw. Although you can just grab this up like this, it will become a pain because you'll start crossing over elements and it will. It becomes really annoying. Eso is so important to group your stuff. So So doing that you're gonna control, do you that So what I would do for that? I would actually draw the rectangle separately. So here's on a rectangle and then I'm gonna double click on it So all lines are selected or you could just drag your mouse like so And we're gonna press control g again, and that's gonna group it. So now if I hit them M toe hit the move to, um, present em, we can move it on top of our cylinder on. Then if we want to extrude that again, we can go into that group. So we're gonna double click on this rectangle that we just made and I went in the group and you can tell that because everything else is great out. And then we're gonna use our push pull to on we push, pull it. And as you can see, the cylinder had no effect on on this rectangle that we created. And it's its own separate entities. And now three took the space bar selected and escape were out on. This is a group and this is not so. This is still free to move around. And what that means is you can hit the move tour and, like, move faces independently. So you end up distorting your shapes and stuff like that. That's why it's so important to group that. So we escaped and let's actually group this cylinder. So we're gonna triple clicker hit, controlled you on there. That's a group. So this is a group. This is a great and this is a group, and we can move them independently of each other. Why? Using their move toe began sticking together, weaken maybe to sitting up there, which is very important. Next, I show you how Teoh copy in that duplicate items very quickly. 10. Rotating and Copying Objects: So let's let's go about moving these objects on creating something that we use a few, the tools that we love. So let's first let's leave this bigger square, this bigger rectangle even on get rid of that. So we've got two groups here. We've got this rectangle and we've got this cylinder. So we're gonna hit the move to again by pressing M. I'm actually going to rotate this. So these little red crosses that you see on your groups on actually on all faces when you highlight them, these are actually points of rotation. So if we wanted to rotate the cylinder 90 degrees, you click on that little top cross, and then you can knew that I'm at the bottom. You'll see where we have our measurements in the bottom, right hand corner again. Your see measurements off degrees of movement. So that is going from nine to. At the moment, that angle is at 90. We take it 90 degrees. This way goes to minus 1 80 so that's been rotated. And again you could rotate like this, obviously, because it's a cylinder, you know you don't receive the rotation, but yes, so that's very important as well. How to write a objects? Yeah, again. Ah, sketch up will lock onto point so it will automatically trying, Um, do 90 degree movements you'll be up to. You'll see that when you move your mouse around the red. Almost a tractor. So let's escape. Let's leave it there like that. Let's actually make something simple. Let's make a simple car shape. Very simple car shit, actually. But we can use a few tools to get that working. Let's first make ah, bigger. That's actually make a small up a smaller Well, so this is This is gonna be all wheel. So let's maybe somebody. So let's take this cube or make pretty new rectangle. Whatever. We're what stage you're out, make a rectangle. We're gonna double click going to the group, going to the push portal on one thing and monetary that push cool tour has a shortcut of using the P button. So if you get a, you should go straight into push. Pull um into the push portal from your keyboard again. If that's not set up, go into the the the preferences and set up yourself by finding the post portal and assigning P on your keyboard. So let's, uh let's just make this a slightly bigger shape by push pulling the sides like so And then we're then gonna. So this is its own separate group again. Remember, if it's not groups, triple click on it, Press control G, and then it should be its own group. So it's separate. And we want to draw some circles inside this, um, this box. So grab our circle, too. Uh, and you'll see sketch up again once the reference faces on plants. So when it's green and it will actually say on face in groups of that, it's actually drawing directly on the face off this rectangle, which is what we want. So we're gonna draw on that great cycle. Let's do a radius of 500 enter when we've got our circle. Right now, this is when I'm gonna Greep it, so I'm gonna double click it. Oh, already faces and lines are selected on breast controlled you and I'll be grouped, and I'm gonna go into this group. Andi used to push puto again by present P first bullet. Let's do 2 50 milk 250 we're gonna space bar on a scope. So now we have a box and a circle on What we're actually going to do is put the wheel, make it touch the floor. So I hit the move tool by pressing m find the point that we want to move from, So we want to move the base. But I'm gonna kick that on. What you can do is when you've got something selective and some the move. If you use your arrow keys, we can actually lock to all of the axes within sketch up. So if you pressed our power, it will lock onto the blue axis. Use left or right, So right, it will go to the red access on diffuse left. It would go to the green active. So this is again another very handy tip in finding your bearing and moving objects within sketch up. If you're finding it hard to lock on toe position or you know which access you want to be on, just go for your Iraqis until you find the correct one on the object will lock Teoh access so you can leave it a with way through it, which is perfect. So we want to actually get this sort of touching the ground. So again, we're gonna reference something that we nose on the ground or actually even better. Let's reference the origin so we know that bang on the ground with that well is now on the ground. Andi, we're gonna just move. We're gonna move this off a little bit. So again I click that so, um, selecting it, hitting the move to present em. Move to a selected on. I'm gonna click on it. And again, it's not locked to anything. Someone use my arrows on my keyboard. Gonna hit the up arrows. We're gonna look to the blue Access on. We're gonna put it just a bit higher than the ground. So it's off the ground slightly like so again hit space bar, and then we're back out. So we've got two groups to say. We need four wheels on this, which I think is important for car. So for that, we're gonna hit the move toe and then we're gonna click it and dragon? Yes, I just click once, and I've got the wheel on. Now, if you press control on your keyboard, you'll notice another one will appear so that essentially is means we're copying. So where were taken this this well, that we want to move because we want to make another one. Let me press control on what that does is create a copy on again. We're we're free to kind of move wherever we want, but we want to lock it to that. Read access again. So we hit right on your keep keyboard. It should look to the red. If if it's another access, you can it might be in a different Arab. It should be the right are. And then yet we can move that across. And then when we wanna know where we want it positioned, we just click again on it, Will duplicated our cylinder to that is the same as that is identical. And it's on the same red axis on its touching this face because we drew on this face and the group took from this. So now let's let's put two more on the other side. This time, we're gonna select these two, um, by holding shifts of it, click this one. Hold shift on your keyboard, kick this one. So we've got these two. They're both selected. We're gonna go to our move to but again And then because we want to put the wheels, they want to be touching this face. We're going to select the face that we want a reference from. So we know this face here needs to be touching this face here. So let's just scrap an edge on this. Take on that so that these air moving So obviously we don't want to duplicate them. So we press control on another set prepared on then we want to lock onto this time the green access Could we want to be going this. We want to be going away from these existing wheels. So we use our arrow keys on the keyboard, Go through them until you find the green and you'll see that we're now on the green axis of these air moving away from us. We could a little bit a little bit. And then if we click this face, we will then would that mean that they are touching this face like so? So now we've got some kind of show. We've got four wheels. We've got ah, separate body group Andi yet. So it is very important for you to just have a play around on dumb. Don't be afraid of just like building shapes. And, um, you know, having a go that deleting staff starting again Editing groups are going within here waken you know, push ups every what? These wheels a bit fatter weaken going there, edit them and then come out hitting escaped in space bar. So, um, just have a play with moving shapes and creating objects. Andi, using the arrow keys to move your objects is actually very important. This will help you, like, be able to lock on and see what planes you're moving against. Andi, it will be very useful. 11. Cutting into Shapes using Push/Pull Tool: Okay, so now I want to show you how we can actually cuts this group. We can edit this group to give it more of, ah, car shaped instead of a box. We're gonna be using the push pull to again for this. So what we want to do is actually get into this group. So we're gonna double click it on Dwight in. So, you know, weaken, Let these faces on a just him on. What we want to do is create more of ah, you know, like a car shaped outline, the traditional cars. It's gonna come up here and back down s we're gonna have a front in the back. And to do that Well, I I suggest we do is initially create line, so we're gonna grab our line to, and we're gonna create a shape that you want your car to be on. What we can do then, is we can actually put in curves between these points, so let's do Okay, so let's go from the back here. Let's create some kind of the area we're gonna ah, come up to about here so and again, you'll see that my I'm actually drawing on this face. Just make sure when you start drawing on on within the group that you are actually on the face. So I'm easy. Way to do that is yet go from one of the points with on the lines of faith and your your your tool should actually automatically reliable should link up to these existing lines, so should make it very easy for you to go. Let's go from the midpoint. That's good. So here you can kind of roughly sketch out what kind of outline you wanna have. Um, but remember, just make sure you're on the face, because if you're not on the face, you're lying to start coming out here. But sketch up does a very good job, but keeping you on faces. So let's do that. Let's come down to about here. Uh, let's go again to the mid point. But as you can see, we've actually cut this face into two separate faces. So they've got outline, and then what? We buy the top of the outline. Essentially. So these are now two separate faces. But what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna quickly also show you the curve tour, so there's quite a lot of variations of the curb to when you can use circles to create stuff. But let's use the two point arc. So click on the two point our tour with within your drawn face weaken. We can then create curves to say this angle here, we don't want it to be a sharp. You want a bit of a curve to it. So for that we can actually click someone on this edge and you'll see that we are drawing a narc. What that's doing is where it's highlighting blue. It means it's on the on this face on. Then if we take a second point, so you I'm also when it goes, um, pink. That means it's attention to that edge, so it means it's it's when it meets that straight line. It's coming in, um, attended. Yes, it's smooth, So if we do that, click there and then click again. So from once you click your second point, you can then adjust how big you want the arc to be. But we're gonna keep it in that pink carrier, said the so that we've created a cup between these two points. And again, let's do the same on this side. So it was fine. Point crate of like, the Where's a good pink like a man. It's not gone pink. It means because we haven't. Um But these are distance where it can create a nice, smooth curve that before, So if we escaped, we can see now that these sections air are separate, everything separate. Now these faces a closer, these little Kirby bits of clothes. But what we want to do is because we're actually gonna push pull this segment to create the shape we want to get rid of. These little edges that we created by using this curve so we can do is you can click on them on the Leven, like so on. We've got we've lost that little face between that and then the same for these. Also, what you can do is a very important tour is when you're in the group. If you press e, you'll get the race. It'll on. If you click on, uh, you can hold it down and drag and you'll see that lines are selected and when you let go, they get deleted. That's very good. Tool hits baseball to get back to our select. So now we wanna actually cut this shape through this object. So we're gonna use the push pull again. I click on our face on, it's gonna cut, and then it automatically offset Teoh the full length of this shape so it's automatically going to this flat side. So if you click, there should disappear like so and now we have more of a car shaped we're gonna scope on the 12. Getting Colourful : So now we've created our car, showed up. I want to briefly show you the paint bucket tool, which allows us to easily add colors to our groups and object within sketch up as well as faces separately if you wanted to do that. So in order to use the paint bucket to we just click on the bucket, it may take a few seconds to load on. You'll get this menu, uh, or something very similar to this on. What you can do here is you can slept colors. So say and say We want our car to be the body to be read. We just click a red that we like. The red is selected, and then we just click on the body of the car and it will change it to bread. Um, so that's a very simple way. Does preset options within sketch up? Depending on what version you get, you might have ah more. You have a more comprehensive list of materials to use. I tend to find that some of the sketch of materials are a bit. Were there rubbish. So I mean, in later lessons, I'll show you how to create your own material is using, you know, high quality images so you could essentially create any texture you'd like within sketch up , which is great. So, yeah, let's just keep the car red on blonde. Let's get some. Let's create some we're was using. Um This, uh it's not the color, actually, that's correct. Stingray wheels. So it's hit the great call up. Andi, tick on the wheels and you can see that changing color up there. Now, um, so that when you use the bucket were actually painted the whole group colleagues select so she won't purple or whatever you choose. Choose Ecologist Let. But when you actually go within the group, you condemn color in faces individually. So if we go into this car boarded So let's press the space bar, we're back on this electoral. We're gonna double click on our body. So that means we're in the group and save you wanna make this one face here? Blue collar. You can just grab a blue color that you want the bucket selected and now we can select that face on that. What individual face will be blue so the rest of the body won't be effective. So then when you come out of your group. So if you space for an escape and then you want to change the color of the car again, the face that you chose to be blue will remain blue, so that's quite useful. But it's quite a if you want to make specific panels specific college. You could do that quite easily. Ah, yes. So that's the basic colors within. Sketch up and using the bucket, too. 13. Editing Appearances : So now we've added some colors through our car on just a justice. Well, so again, there's a short cut for the paint bucket, Mr B. Key on your keyboard to be you'll get the paint bucket. Also, if you press old on your keyboard, you'll get a color picker. So that means you can select the material used the wedding. So see this weird is not gray like this one. If I hold down bolts on my keyboard, I got the color picker and then I click on the gray well or the color I want to use and you'll see the material change to that. So now I've got that material on my bucket and Aiken click on that to assign from here, we can actually edit colors that quickly show you this. Say, if we wanted to make this a slightly darker grey without changing all the colors manually, we can actually adjust the color within the edit section eso once you put your color selected so this grey we go at it. Ondas slide. Here we can adjust how light or dark it is. We can actually change it to a red or green or whatever So if you got a specific color you want to get to use the color, will. It may be showing RGB few or one of these other options. So if you come to color, will I find that that you just want to use in terms of, you know, finding a call you want. Also, you've got color pick options here so you can actually match on screen colors or you're much colors within object of sketch up. So, yeah, let's get our were was to a nice color that we like. So let's go out there a bit darker. Um, let's get rid of that. So that is basically showed you most of the tools of the sketch up the basics. Anyway, um, I'll go into more detail in future projects of how we can create more interesting things and more advanced skills within sketch up. Uh, yeah. So I hope Enjoy that. Um, thanks 14. Thank You For Watching!: So I hope you enjoyed that lesson. Please give me any feedback. I really appreciate that Andi are being put out some more video soon with more advanced tutorials and weaken work on some cool projects together with sketch up on. Yeah, I'll see you then.