Sketching with Pen and Ink - FREE worksheets included!

Imran Mughal, graphic designer & illustrator

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12 Lessons (1h 38m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Ballpoint Pens

    • 3. Fineliners

    • 4. Graphic & Brush Pens

    • 5. Marker Pens

    • 6. Dip Pens (Pen & Nib)

    • 7. White Ink

    • 8. Types of Paper

    • 9. Creating Texture

    • 10. Creating Shadow & Light

    • 11. Creating a complete sketch!

    • 12. Class project (+ FREE worksheets)

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About This Class

Pen & Ink Sketching - made simple!

Want to learn how to use fine liners and old school pen & nibs to sketch? Then look no further because this is the class for you!

What is this class about?

Beginners level: This class is about learning how to create textures and variations using ink with fine liners and pen & nib holders. This class is also about having fun!

What will I learn?

The focus of this class will be on sketching a small, complete piece of artwork using all the different textures that will be demonstrated. Techniques such as cross-hatching, stippling and lines will be demonstrated using the various fine liner sizes. Two free worksheets will be available to download and practice on (this will be part of the class project).

You will learn how to create shading using ink and how to create contrast with light and shadows using the demonstrated techniques.

What will I need?

Pencil - sharpener and eraser – to sketch out your outline.

Ink - in the form of fine liners or nib & holder pens or evan a bic biro! These are fairly cheap to buy and a resource sheet will be available with links taking you to the exact tools that are used in this class for you to purchase if you wish.

Paper – the types of paper will be discussed in the class and recommendations can be viewed on the resource sheet. You can even use basic printer paper!

[Supplies Resource Sheet - see Class Project section below to view/download pdf]

Excited? then lets get started!


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