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Sketching with Carbon Pencils! Free worksheet included!

teacher avatar Imran Mughal, Graphic Designer & Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. What are black carbon pencils?

    • 3. Demonstration

    • 4. Full sketch

    • 5. Review: pros & cons

    • 6. Worksheet & conclusion

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About This Class

Want your pencils to produce a beautiful matt black finish? Then look no further, this is the class for you!

I will be demonstrating how to use black carbon pencils and will illustrate a complete sketch using 4 different grades: 2B, 4B, 6B and 8B.

You will learn the pros and cons as well as how to create texture and shading.

You will also be able to download a free worksheet (see class project details below) to practice on with links included to the set of carbon pencils that are reviewed in class.

Lets get started!

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Imran Mughal

Graphic Designer & Illustrator


I'm Imran - graphic designer & illustrator based in the UK. I have over 10 years experience in the field of graphic design and illustration in both traditional and digital output and absolutely love all things to do with art!

In addition to my full-time graphic designer role, I am also the art wellbeing lead for my organisation where I deliver wellbeing classes and advocate mindful colouring to relax and de-stress - check out my published colouring books for adults:

In addition to my design & illustration life, I am an active father of 3, oh and I'm naturally addicted to coffee! My illustration classes are all about getting back to basics mainly with traditional mediums and escaping away to relax with art!

I love to ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to my new Siris on skill share. This entire series is gonna be based on our materials that I personally used as an illustrator. My name's Imran Simon illustrates a graphic designer and artist with over 10 years experience in the field of graphic design illustration. On today I'm gonna be going through an amazing, amazing pencil that have been using for the last couple of years. These are the Mars loom. A graph black pencils and these are carbon pencils. I know what you think in carbon pencils. What are carbon pencils have only been using graphite pencils all my life. I'm sure you haven't. But if you haven't heard of these carbon pencils, then I would really recommend that you give these a go in this class, I'm gonna be demonstrating the entire set that comes on the Muslim. A graph black range really, really treat to buy readily available. I'll be doing a complete demonstration off them, and then I'll be doing a complete sketch using all the grades of pencils that gets in this . And then at the end, it will also be a worksheet for you guys to download prints off and practice on. And I also have some links where you can buy these pencils from. So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a drink. Get yourself a coffee. A biscuit cake. Sit back. Relax and let's get ready for this class. So let's get started. Take care of yourself in peace. 2. What are black carbon pencils?: Okay, so let's do a quick little review on what we're gonna be demonstrating today. So again, it's the Mars loom. A graph. Black pencils. Now, these pencils a different from standard pencils, standard graphite pencils in the fact that they contain carbon. It's a majority carbon in what the actual barrel material is on the inside. So I'll show you quickly. Here we have the A B on the material inside is made up off a majority of carbon on these give a panther black matte finish their different to graphite pencils in that they don't produce as much of a shame. If you're familiar with graphite work, you you wouldn't already know that when you work in graf I especially if you burn and go in really hard, a lot of the light gets reflected. And this kind of like little film gets created on top of the graphite work which causes ah , shine or a sheen on did It can be a bit distracting, and a lot of people don't don't like it. So this is a kind of work around on that sheen. You won't get as machine with this, and in some cases you won't get any machine. It's all purely because of the material that's made of the carbon on this is the black arranged. So you get the Mars loom a graph standard pencils and you get them in this black range. So if you're after deep blacks and deep shadows Onda, riel, pure black experience her, then this is the type of pencil that I would recommend. I mean, I've been using these. Four could be a couple of years now. Andi, I've really liked them. They're not really the type of pencil that I use very frequently because I doom or pen and ink work. But when I do, you know, feel hike doing some graphite work or, you know, do you do some monotone black and white sketches? Then I usually tend to keep these in my pencil Gay SoHo. In my pack, they can be used with graphite pencil, so if you use them with graphite pencil and you really add in some deep dark shadows, they're great. But because in this pack you get range, you can create an entire piece of artwork. With this set on, I'm not aware of whether you can buy these individually or No, I've always bought these in these tents on my suit. Whenever I've run out, I just go on purchased 10 again. The range that you get in here of the blacks that soft leads. So you've got to be pencil here, you've got four B on you have six B and A B. You have to each of the to be and for be on you have one of the A B's and six pieces you can just see here are moves to the side on its A very convenient because it's a great place to store your pencils without, you know, losing them, especially if you like me. And I've got pencils, you know, all over the place. So that's just a quick look at the actual materials that we get a review and demonstrate today again it. So you just get a nice little 10 with a little bit of instructions at the back on the premium quality and again they put down on here. That's high proportion of carbon for Matt Jet Black results. You can use these sketching, illustrating writing, doing graphical work on technical drawings. They will work the lead, the actual material, the carbon material in here is very firm, very stiff, so it's not brittle. They won't break very easily on what I'll do on the next video is I will demonstrate thes different grades of values and compares it to normal graphite, and so let's move on to that. 3. Demonstration: Okay. Welcome back. So what I'm gonna be doing in this section of the class is when we're going through this little worksheet to demonstrate the grades off the standard graphite pencil that we commonly half on these Mars Lima graph black pencils to just give a bit of a contrast on review to really illustrate the difference in between them, this sheet is will be available as a downloadable. Pdf, you Teoh have a go on. So if you dio decide to buy these pencils at the moment, they're going really, really cheap on again. I'll have a link on this worksheet. So if you download the worksheet, there'll be a link. So this where you can purchase these Roman again 10. I mean, when? When? When I started using these good few years back, there were a little bit pricey, but I don't know. I don't know What is it? I guess because they've been more popular on a lot of people started using them. They brought the price down. So the more easily available, I guess. Er but I doubt it. But yes, sir. These air the warm or cheaper Now, eso I would really suggest that you get yourself a 10 of these If you want delve into this world off black carbon pencil art and sketching with it s Oh, yes, or let's start on this So I'll just move the back pencils to decide the loo. McGrath Ones on the right and on the left. Let's just use the standard air pencils. So I've got to be I'm using Stabler's again. I've got a different range of pencils air for my two before be 60 and eight. It doesn't really matter what great use You will have a different slight difference in the binding off the material inside the barrel, but the overall results should be quite similar. So I'm gonna do is I've got these small boxes that I've got here. So if you'd like to follow this class on do this technique with me, then do download that pdf off this worksheet printed off, print it off on some decent paper, but it really doesn't matter which baby you use because these pencils work on a variety of services. So or we're going to do is just going to start with the to be on the standard graphite on just shade in a little sample using very light pressure. We don't want to use too much hard pressure because then you get again immediate burnish on burnishes, just basically going and roomy hard and breaking back tooth of the paper so that you don't get much of a resistance on top. Now you can see it on if you can see this on the camera. But Azzam doing this, I've already God be ever shine because I've got light on top of this camera on. I can see that graphic shine already, and that Sheen's so I'll do is I'll just move this around slightly on. There it is. It's very visible. Personally, I don't mind the sheen. I've done a lot of pencil work actually started off my whole up creative in pencil work purely because I love black and white gray scale art, and it really is. It's swelter. Versatile material isn't a graphite pencil so readily available on with these B grade pencils? So you've got the bees, which which stands for black and then on the opposite side. You've got the page, so you'll have the standard HB pencil that's just has a harder and alleged a harder binding . So with these bees, the lead is really, really soft in normal graphite. So if you have a look at this, you can see that the graphite is coming off really, really easily and quickly, so we don't miss on the to be with medium pressure just actually filled in the box. Now we can compare this with our to be Mars demographic Black pencil again by Stifler. Since we just move this to the side and do the same Another point, sir, notices that I sharpened these using the stapler tradition pencil sharpener and it works exactly the same. The difference, I would say, is that the material itself the carbon, it can be a little bit heavier. Onda, um that can play a part in how you apply it. So I'll show you this so you can see with the pencil on the graph, I It was really smooth and quick and easy to apply. With this, I can feel a bit more of a tooth. I can feel more of that material where am stroking the actual paper compared to the graphite? And that's purely because you're using a different material carbon compared to graph I you're always going to get that difference in feel and texture, and you can see over here now have hardly using any pressure on its Not scratchy It's not, you know it's not. It doesn't have any broken bits and bobs inside the lead itself, which is great. It works pretty much like the graphite pencil. The only difference is that the the way it lays down on paper, you can feel a slight difference in texture while I can, anyway. And some people say that it's exactly the same. And it's that soft. Personally, I don't think it is. I think you can feel the difference. I mean, I I can't So yes, I'm just laying down this to be off the Mars. Now you'll notice that in terms of the color, the value, it's not much of a difference. But you can see that there's that more warmer black, that kind of jet black feel and look to it. Well, really. It's more about the shine now. There's hardly any shining back. Now you can see I mean, it might be a bit deceptive because I have got a big light shining onto this, So whatever showing you get onto this is actually the light shine. It's not the sheen from the material. So I'm just telling this left to right, and I can see that there's a huge shine on the graphite and it's hardly any on the Mosley McGrath. So again, you've got that matte finish effectively. You can kind of look at this as a gloss finish in a matte finish to put in, you know, paint interior design, painting terms. So yes, so let's just move on to the next grade. We've got the four B for the four B standard pencil. I'm just gonna be using this style of tradition, which is exactly the same as the pencil sharpener. The 1st 1 that I used this one was a Stadler Norris. It's just it's just a different branch off pencil. It doesn't really make much of a difference unless you're really getting technical hands your pencils. So again, I'm just gonna slowly lay down the four B and you can notice that with the four beyond the standard graphite, we have the lays down really, really well, really soft and sharp. Andi, you've got that difference in value action. See that difference already? and compared to the to be. But again, with this, you've got that shone haven't, um, and you can even see the shine on each stroke that you produce, especially if you work in a lot of lights and illuminated environment. You could really, really see that shine again if that. If that doesn't bother you, then it's not really an issue. But it's really a case of trying out something different. So let's look at the four beat. So we've got the four B in the miles Loom A graph. Let's just compare this on this side so you can feel that stuff and feel that straight away . It's just a lot more textured. It feels a lot more heavier, but it feels like a lot off. The material is coming off on the paper really easily, like on the pencil. So I don't think you've got you know, I'm not working in any harder than I was on the on the actual graphite. I'm working on an exactly same pressure on lookout. Darker it is. It's already getting dark with the four B. Now I personally add love black and white drawings. As I said before, I love artwork that students pencil working monotone on the's. Just work great for this on the point state is really sharp as well, so you don't get you know it doesn't go down very quickly if you're if you're accustomed to using wax based pencils on Doyle based pencils like Prison McCullers and maybe Karen Dash luminous pencils, which I will also be doing another review on on this Siri's, you'll know is that they go down really quickly. But you know, I really loved this. The fact that you can get really dark and you can maintain that tip. You can maintain the kind of strength of the the lead. So there's the four B, and you can see if I lift this off, bring it closer to camera. You can say that shine hardly any shine on this side. You've got a lot of shiner with. There are a lot of gloss shine going on over there, and you've got that beautiful finished. So let's just carry on and move onto the next one. So we've got six B standard £60 sources, just started the tradition six bait and let's start dim English so we'll just get a bit of a zoom on the camera again. That should be good. So you can see that's just beautiful. I mean, the dark you get with the numbers of how you get with the B numbers, the dark, your valve use gonna be effectively, Ducky, Your color is gonna be that you put on your page on your piece of paper on it just looks gorgeous. That doesn't say, But again, you've got quite a bit of shine on that. Um that shy intends to add, say, stays pretty much the same on the graphite pencils. But you just I just love the feeling texture of half pencil On paper, it just feels great. So there we go concede that there's a difference in the in the actual value in the darkness . So let's move on to the Six Bay. Sorry, that's the baby. We're going to jump the gun there, and we'll move on to the six feet off the Muslim graph black. So let's just start on this one. Oh, yeah. I mean, look at that. That's just absolutely brilliant. License it. I'll just make sure that the zoom is working right on the camera on focuses on so Oh, that just feels amazing. You really feel the difference once you comparing them side by side and once you using them next to each other. Whereas if you just using a piece of material on its own, you kind of get a bit. I used to, but you get a custom. So what it's like and you don't you forget how good it really is. I mean, I'm no recently worked on any big pieces using the's pencils bought just kind of like, you know, having to play around with them Now it's kind of getting me into the mood of wanting to dio , you know, a decent piece, a big piece of artwork just with these pencils. I mean, that's just great. I mean, look at that. Look at the look at the intensity off the black there. It really is that good, In my opinion, I mean, you've got to try out for yourself, ultimately, I mean, you can see something being reviewed and de mode online, but to get that real experience, you really do need to try it. You can see we've always gone really right struggle, hardly putting any pressure on the hair and I'm just kind of like, you know, creating the circular motions to fill in that the box and look at that is no shine on there at all. Andi, compared to the shine on the six p, and you can see that the gradation is a lot more stronger to the to be for being six b, you get much more sharp change in the value and the color compared Teoh just the volume on the color of their standard graphite. That's really good, in my opinion. It really, really, really like that. So finally, let's just look at the A B of the standard graphite pencil. This is just a dollar rally brand that I have eso Let's just lay this sound, causing smudges everywhere. That's another thing but pencil when you work with them, so you're gonna get a lot of smart. So that just comes with the of the parcel. So yeah, this A B is beautiful. Let me look at that. It's just like it's just like powder isn't a just them just literally comes off the pencil , but you can see that the eight, because it's so soft it is getting used a pretty fast compared to the other ones. And that's always going to be the case. The soft of the pencil, the more it's gonna get used a quicker. So that's just quickly fill in this box, Andi. Then you could do a little comparison with all of them once we do it. Yeah, that's gorgeous. That's so soft and powdery. It's just beautiful, like a pastoral. So you can see you can clearly see over here. Just get that folks back on. You've got the nice gradation going on over there on you've got shine You've got that that beautiful shine. If that's what you like, it s so let's move on today, Uh, Mars Layla graph So that Mars Lima graph a beep. Insults. This is gonna be the softest black, And you can see I've got a pretty decent sharp point at the end of that. So let's just work this in and see how this feels. Yeah, it's know as soft as the graphite again because its carbon based but look about black. Wow, that's awesome. Absolutely awesome. And again hardly using any pressure on this on if we just fill this in quickly, I mean, obviously, when you're trying this out yourself. Do you know? Do you take your time? I'm just doing this pretty fast just to demonstrate these pencils. And I don't want to spend too much time on this because obviously I know you're gonna be eager to start doing this yourself, so I don't want to just want to quickly go through it and give you a bit of a taster. That's what it's all about. This Siri's. It's our material, Siri's. It's just about getting a taste of of these materials so that you can make it more and more a better choice for yourself when you're starting off in our and it's great to get back into art again. If you if you have not been in our for a while, you know, really, to try out some of these materials. And now again, because everything's online. These days it's Things are quite cheap, relatively quite cheap in context of our general art materials. Why would advise absolutely amazing? I mean, look at that. That's just gorgeous eyes and say, Let's just get the zoom on here to make sure it's nice and clear on the camera, So I mean, look at that gradation. It's so dark and it really is pumped. The black. I mean, this is just like work. This is I'm not even burnished or gone in really hard. I'll do that on this side and and it just looks absolutely beautiful. And yet there's no shine on that. What so ever? Just like it's like using a wax pencil like a prison Nikola pet pencil book you It's not really really that God. So I'm going to do now is I'm just gonna quickly while there is, I'll do some burnishing. Teoh really give you an idea off How good these pencils are. Soldiers bring back the that limit standard Graf. I want on the side. So if we have to start with the lowest, we've got to be got the wrong one there on Got to be pencil over hits. Let's start for the to be on the top. Let's go in a little bit hard. So what I'm doing now is on put. I'm applying a lot of pressure, um, to really, really lay down that carbon. So just bring this all the way down on going in in a kind of cross motion cross hatching motion to just really, really get that carbon land on the papers. This is really to see how well they blend. So let's reduce some of the pressure from the top, and you can see we've got a nice gradation going on over here. You can use these for cross actions to create texture like you do with pen and ink. I mean, if you've not seen my pen, any sketching with pen and ink class, then do check that out. I go through quite a lot of different techniques of creating texture with pen and ink, and you can mimic that with these pencils. You know, you don't have to shade like this like you traditionally do with the pencil. You can you know, just the various and create some interest. So we've got to be out of the way there. Let's look at the four B pencil now, so we'll just have before be onto this line here using quite a bit of pressure. And you can see it really is that there is a difference. Isn't that so? Where you've got that decent difference? I mean, when you're going up in numbers on pencils like for example, we've got to before be a three B. You won't really see much of a difference between the three V and a four big. It won't be that visible. So it's always good to go up in twos. And that's another reason I like this set that gives you that, plus to kind of configuration on the on. The greats of these pencils that really helped, you know, create some variety and you work. I think it's an ideal set list, to be honest with you again, I think at the moment in the UK, it's only going for I think, five or £6 which is I think that's an absolute bargain for how you know, for what these for these are so they re girls. Have you got four b Don. Let's move on to the 16 Well, just slightly overlap on use a bit more pressure vacancy with that six feet. A lot of black it's coming out. But I think the truth, you know, really map black jet black. It comes out really with the eighth highest grade off well, high straight and said you can also get 90 pencils. I mean, I've got nine B Council in my stand graphite and that really, again, with normal graphite, you get the shine on, and I'm sure that this before I don't personally mind the Shine Boat. If you can avoid, It's great. So just got six b head you can see impressing down quite hard, burnishing quite hard on That's six b don't. So now, finally, the eight day darkest pencil out of Evolved. Um, look up. I absolutely love it again. I've used you. Probably think it knows is the first time he's using this is game so excited. But it's just it just feels so good. I mean, every time I use these and I kind of come back to these after a while, you just kind of sparks the interest again of using these pencils to create a bigger piece . But because you're so busy in your life, you know, doing you know, tours and dealing with kids and your job, you just don't get the time to do it. So I would suggest for for all you guys to just really, really give these a go on, try this out. I mean, look at that. That's just gorgeous eyes and saying that black on the eighth day, so smooth. It's just so smooth, isn't it? So smooth, some jet black. So let's just get the camera and focus so you can see that gradation going from to be old way to eight B. It just lays out so well on. This is not that dragged on it, so you don't have to drag the pencil too much. There is a slight drag, but that I guess that depends with what I paper you're using. Amusing. Just my standard sketching paper by Dell around the that I use, you know, just to practice on. It's a decent paper, but if you use something that's a bit more thicker that has more texture to it, a bigger tooth, then you're gonna have to obviously drag a bit more. But in stark comparison to the standard graphite, there really isn't that much of a difference. But the well, the difference is that you don't get shine on this, which I think is absolutely brilliant. So again you could just create this beautiful grade year in your artwork. Just go over it later on on. I think that's wow. Carry on doing eso. I've got some more boxes over here. While do is, I'll make this work she available, As I said before, with a link off where you can get these Marzilli McGrath pencils from on high will really suggest that you give this a go practice practicing these extra boxes. I have do some doodling on the sides I'm sketching. I mean, we can date is right now. It's just have a look at the two bait. Let's just do some cross hatching. I mean, look at that. You've got some really nice clean lines cross hatching if that's the type of life that you want to do in your artwork. But I think what we'll do is we'll leave that for now on. And what we'll do is we'll look at, um, doing a complete sketch. Otherwise, I'm going to be here all day just admiring and enjoying these pencils and coming up with also so textures. So thank you so much for your time and your patients, and I hope you learn something from this part of the class again. The next class will be on completing a complete drawing, a complete sketch using these pencils and am looking forts of that I'm sure you can sell has hopefully shell see you on the next one. So take care of yourself on peace. 4. Full sketch: Okay, so I've just sharpened all my black pencils on. I'm ready to start this sketch. I'm gonna do a complete sketch just using these pencils. Andi, on this small sheets of paper, which is the Dell around the paper that I used in the previous videos on Hopefully once have complete to the sketch. I'll go through some of the reviews and frozen comes on will move on to the final video where I will be discussing my final thoughts and going through the worksheet. So sit back, get grab yourself a drink, get yourself a cake, a biscuit or whatever you feel like and relax and watch this video. Okay, so now we've got the sketch part. Don, I did they sketch with the to be pencil on. Now we're ready to start doing this shading on da A little bit of rendering with these pencils, so let's make a start. Okay, so now we have complete our sketch using the Mars Loom. A graph, black pencils. The entire set has been used. I started off with the to be to do the underlying sketch and some basic shading and then slowly built in with the four be some darks and some kind of shadows on a bit of detail work. And then I went in with the six B, which eventually just snapped. If you can see over, it just snapped right off, because I applied a bit too much pressure. But even with the pencil snapped, it still kind of worked, and I got a few more details in. And then once I completed my details with the six B Um, the rial magic starts when you start using the darkest off the black pencils, the eight beat and you can see the high contrast that you can really, really create with this. I mean, this pencil, I leave right to the end. And this is why I advise you to do. Because once you start with this pencil, you cannot lighten up. I mean, you can raise. You probably saw me raising using my electric razor here. Some of the kind of highlights on these little sweet sticks topped up. But generally speaking, with these pencils, it's a little bit more difficult to raise out, especially when you use the darker goers in competitive in comparison to graphite work. So that is one thing to bear in mind to really start off light with the to be and then slowly slowly building your texture and your depth and shadows. Aziz, your image starts getting more filled up. So overall, just as a review on this drawing quite happy with the drawing again at start off small like this, just on a small, maybe a five sized sheets of paper you can see like on the borders. It does get quite messy because it's black effective, its carbon black in comparison to graph I. It doesn't really make that much of a difference. Bought in terms of the actual smudging, I'd say they're quite similar. However, it's a little bit harder for you, too well for me to kind of like in a layout the carbon, the black in comparison to gratify, because graphite is just so soft. Generally speaking, it's not difficult. It's it's just a slight, different experience. It's I feel it's a little bit more chalk here, the texture bought otherwise I think it works great. You could never get the contrast of dark on dress that you can with these black pencils. Compared to the graphite, the normal graphite ones. Graphite, you just not going to get that deep black. Even with the A B or nine. Be off the graph. I the black and this is just so much more deeper. It's deeper. It's matte Black Panther black on. I personally think it's absolutely beautiful. So there we have it. Then, folks, I hope you give this a try on on the next video. I'm gonna go through the worksheet on some final overall thoughts and pros and cons off these pencils. So out. See you on the next one. Take care and peace. 5. Review: pros & cons: Okay, so the sketch is now complete. We've had a look at the pencils themselves and gone through some texture, creating ingredients just a quickly overview. Now, off, like a conclusion off, like the pros and cons of these pencils. So, basically, I would say that these pencils are very, very good. I highly recommend them, especially if you want to do dark artwork, black and white work. And you're after a really deep black finish. And even if you know, I would just recommend these anyway to have in your toolbox just to give them a try. It's always good to try different materials out really will enhance your experience and improve your skill level. So I would say the main points that for these pencils are that you can buy them in sets like I've got here Sets of fours. Six is you can buy them in singles. Getting them in singles might be a little bit difficult, depending on where you live or what you know which part of the world you're in, but they usually available in shops or maybe online. But I will leave a link where you can get this exact same set that I have got in the worksheet, which I will go through in the next video so you can get these in the sets on. They come quite handy with this tin, which is very durable. It's a metal tens. You can easily just throw in your bag with your sketchbook and sketch on the go if you like , so you can get them in singles you can buy set. If you decide to do by the set, you get the four different grades, Aziz explained. Before you get the darkest, darker shade as an eight B, you get six speak for 24 B's and two to bees, and I think that's quite an adequate set. Tohave it gives you a good range of values toe work with, just like I did in my little sketch. Over here, I used all the value starting from the lowest, so the most deepest, darkest black, and it really, really brings out that deep contrast. I think that works really well. Another point is that you again you get a deep, matte black finish without any sheen to it, whereas with graphite pencils, you're just not going to get this deep. Black finished To get a pure black deep finish, you would either have to use a wax based pencil or an oil based pencil like the Prisma color or a fabric Castel polychrome else. But then you're going into the territory off colored pencils, whereas this is still holding true Teoh kind of like a pencil medium. Eso That's another thing to bear in mind. And finally, they are fairly treat to buy. I mean, you leave this tin cost me. I think it cost me around about five or £6. Andi to look at it from a relative point of view, it's quite cheap. I mean, it works out to be less than a pound per pencil on for a you know, a professional art supply. I think that's really, really cheap. And when you buy these individually, I'm sure they're gonna go for about a pound £1.50 each, depending on where you buy them from. So they're really cheap to buy, and they're readily available. Eso finally, I would say that in terms of negative points, they really aren't that many. One of them, I would say, is that you can't have a bit of a chalky feel to them like, um, or crayon e type feel. But that's kind of expected because they are carbon based S O. They're not gonna feel like graphite bought. They are going to feel different, but they are very similar in using them and using your techniques. They don't differ that much. Um, and I guess another one to point out would be that they are a little bit more difficult to erase, especially the darker colors. But I guess that's expected because you're working in a lot of dark. And even when you work in pencil, if you're burnishing and working in very dark pencils such a Xabi or nine B, that's quite difficult to be race. So like for like I would say, they're very similar, like standard graphite pencils. But you just get that additional bonus of them being very deep black without that horrible graphite shine that a lot of people don't like. I don't mind it, but people say it's horrible. So that's it for now, for the pros and cons off, these pencils will move on to the next video, which will be the final video on that will be going through the worksheet that you can download. So I'll see you on the next one 6. Worksheet & conclusion: Okay, welcome back. So on this final video of this class, I'm just gonna quickly go through the free worksheet that will be available as a downloadable. Pdf for all of the students on this class on, you'll be able to find it in the class description section. If you just scroll down where it says class projects, that will be a little linked. Which will say how? Sketch with carbon pencils. Worksheet. You just click on that. Download it on, printed off of. Got a little bit of instruction here, Princess. Off on a four on once you've completed this sheet, then just take a picture of it. Snap it on, put it in the project gallery for us all to have a look out and review so we can all learn from each other. It will just be a nice, fun little exercise on right at the beginning. Here. What? You guys have got to links to the actual materials that I used eso. Obviously, the first link is gonna be to the demographic black pencils I have. Andi, this will be to the exact same set. The ABG are where you've got the four grades of pencils and you got two of the four B and two of the too big for you to have a look and read reviews on or purchase if you like. Andan, once you've done that on also, we've got a link here for the actual paper that I used where I did my final sketch on which is decent sketching paper. But you can use any paper for this. It makes no difference at all s over here. The actual work shit is just divided up into two parts. First part of made some boxes covering the to be 46 b and A B. So if you have standard graphite pencils off these values off these actual grades, then you can use them to shade in to get come up with some values to compare directly with the loom. A graph Once you can put blue McGrath ones here. So if you refer to the video that I did in this class where I go through the actual demonstration of these pencil that complete all this area here, if you like to fall away off following after the class, it's entirely up to you. But it's a great way to practice. So I've got some more boxes here on some boxes at the end to create some cross hatching or textures. In addition to that, what I've done here is I've just at the bottom. I've got the space on the sheet. I've just drawn a rectangle for you to do. I could practice sketch on if you like. So So you don't waste that space and every is the one. But I did in the class. Eso just like this If you just follow the simple steps I did in coming up with these variances and it will give you that firsthand experience on really give you a feel for these pencils. So that's about it then, Folks, I hope you enjoyed this class. I certainly enjoyed it. I'm sure you already know a Z do give these pencils to try something that you're looking into earth if you want to explore mawr into the art materials world and again, this is an art material Siri's that I'm gonna be giving on skill share, and I will hopefully have a lot more of the materials that I use on a day to day basis as an illustrator. So dio give me a follow to state up to date with my latest classes on. Also, send me some nice reviews so that I can get motivated and doing more for you guys. So thank you so much for your time. Thank you so much for your patience and your help on. I can't wait to see your designs and your shadings and your artwork with these pencils. Or you can even use other pencil so that you don't have to use these Mars demographic ones . If you want to use this template just for normal pencil work, go ahead and do it. I don't mind if you leave. Leave a picture of what you've done in the project gallery. I'd love to see some of your work. So thank you again So much for your time and your amazing support on. Hopefully I shall see you on the next class, So take care of yourself. Keep sketching on peace.