Sketching the Natural World | Step By Step LILAC + CHERRY BLOSSOM + COSMOS Floral Illustration | Meenakshi Muthuraman | Skillshare

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Sketching the Natural World | Step By Step LILAC + CHERRY BLOSSOM + COSMOS Floral Illustration

teacher avatar Meenakshi Muthuraman, Artist and Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Requirements

    • 3. Cosmos- Basics and Perspective Drawing

    • 4. Cosmos- Drawing using a Reference

    • 5. Cosmos- Shading and Details

    • 6. Cherry Blossoms- Basics and Perspective Drawing

    • 7. Cherry Blossoms- Drawing using a Reference

    • 8. Cherry Blossoms- Shading and Details

    • 9. Lilac- Basics and Perspective Drawing

    • 10. Lilac- Drawing using a Reference

    • 11. Lilac- Shading and Details

    • 12. More Examples and Tips

    • 13. Class Project

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About This Class

In this short class, I will teach you to draw assorted flowers using fine liner pens. I will teach you right from the basics. If you want to do this for relaxation or even if you are an artist and want to enhance your skills, this class is for you. By the end of this class, I assure you that you will be able to sketch your own project :)

You will learn,

  • What Pens to use
  • Floral Illustration Basics and Perspective
  • Drawing the flowers and the details
  • How to Shade and add texture
  • More examples for your understanding
  • How to start your own project

Flowers Covered:

  • Cosmos
  • Lilac
  • Cherry Blossom


  • Micron Pens (I have used Sakura Pigma Micron Pens- 04, 02, 01, 005)[Make sure you use good quality pens]
  • Good Quality Sketchbook [ I've used an A4 sized Drawing paper- 350 gsm ]

I have attached the reference photo to help you out.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Meenakshi Muthuraman

Artist and Illustrator


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1. Introduction: slobber. Drawings are the easiest to master. One can start with very simple flowers and rewarded conflicts. Drawings as the master, the technique. Hi, my name is Meenakshi and I am an artist and an illustrator. Welcome to another total registrations class. I have a great passion to draw flowers in today's class. We're going to draw three flavors. Kozmus, Cherry Blosser and Lilac Way are going to start from the basics, all about the angles and the most attractive. Then you are going to draw with musical reference photo. After that oven Chabot, the walls have to shade our necks, chills and the tales to yard work. It's a big, no friendly class, which means you may not have any prior experience in drawing. By the end of the class I've drawn this. You you'll be able to draw your own total demonstration. So without wasting any more time, I'll see the next guys with that by 2. Requirements: Welcome back, guys. Let's know. See the requirements for the class. Your first requirement will be your drawing pens amusing Segura grand off very sizes, but any good brand will do. Then you need a pencil and an eraser to help you draw the line. Make sure you use a pencil off lighter sickness because you have to get rid off for the pencil marks. You can use either a sketchbook, all a drawing paper to draw the flowers. Amusing drawing papers off emphasized on treatment. DigiScents. Then the most important environment. A good photograph. You can also find few reference for those below the video. You can download them, or you can also check out the Internet. That's all friends. Grab your environments and I'll see in the next listen, but by 3. Cosmos- Basics and Perspective Drawing: Now let's go through the process of throwing a Kozmus. Flubber held the basic illustration. Start off by drawing a Circle guys for the statement on drawing a tiny circle in the centre . Thes troubles have eight better so divided into eight parts by using these daughters a guide and drawing eight medals, the dog off these patterns are planned on. It's not a perfect of its kind of broke and top. I'm drawing a battle in between so draw overlapping letters to have a realistic look. Similarly, do all the pedals you can also, maybe the sizes of the pedals defends on your reference photo. We are done with a simple friend view of the Costas. Now let's see how to draw level, which is still did. As always, start off a drawing a circle and mark the center point repressing dangle. I'm going to draw up. I'm not doing the statement of small semi circle, and now I'm dividing outline for eight medals. Thes points will help you understand by the petals. Fall After this, you can draw a few lines to represent the direction of the pedals. Nomics Catch this using off in drawing the statement and then the pedals. I'm starting off with the pedals that are on the back, draw some overlapping petals to get a natural look. No, do the pedals that on site. Finally, the two friends letters, I'm finishing this all but drawing a stem. Here's another angle, which is more Guys changed the cup shape based on the angle, and after you draw the outline, draw the statement, and this one is kind of a semi circle. In this case, I'm starting off with the pedals that are on the front. Drop four pedals on the front. You can also use a pencil to draw the direction of the petals, so you need not worry about anything when you do this with a pen. I'm not doing the offenders that are behind. This is very simple. You just need a little bit of observation at last and drawing the stem. Let's not seeing the Dale how to draw payment over Kostas Flower. Start off drawing around shape for this payment on over the board of the round shape. On drawing time, it circles. They are equally spaced and they are about 2 to 3 rows, and I think once the centre I'm just dribbling. No proper shapes. I'm just dribbling few calls and few lines. You can do this until you outside. Despite without come Kozmus leaves Appointee located. These leaves are very simple and fun to draw on their ballot to each other. They usually have a lot of branches. So we can also really like this Admiral drama by creating more garages. No, let's see how to draw Kozmus, Bart. There sometimes pointy and sometimes strong samples are very pointed and very long gated. Start off with drawing the sample and then the bar. Finally, I do this time here some guide to help you draw a natural betters. So start off drawing a nice peddle cheap and then draw Go inside out line To represent that it is being afforded a few examples. Practice this before starting the project. I hope this helps when you start from the basics. I'll see in the next lesson guys for by 4. Cosmos- Drawing using a Reference: Let's not draw the flubber using reference. Start off the drawing the basic shapes. I'm drawing an old sheep for the door fallen, drawing one rule with cheap it last time drawing a cup shape. This one is not in the reference, but still, I thought, drawing three flowers to be great and all the three out of different dangles now and marking the center centers also kind of mobile. It's based on the perspective you are drawing then of dividing the world shape into eight parts for the petals. If you are big now, then you can draw the direction of the lines and then go to the step, as we did in the previous lesson. But if you're comfortable drawing 1000 guys nine, then it's up to you. I'm closely observing the reference, and I'm trying to make it as close as possible. Bendel's on the lower parts are ride in short, so make note off all these tiny details before you start to draw. It's not do the second flower. The 2nd 1 is a little bit tricky because the angle is different and the metals are vested for this twisted metal drawing outline for the mental and then draw a line decided to represent that disinvested, drawing the side better when it comes to drawing. Observation is the most important thing so absorbed capitally on. Try to bring the details for the paper again. This federalist vested. I'm drawing a basic better shape on, then drawing a line sided references that it has been arrested. So just complete, drawing all the petals. And now let's go to the first lover. This flower has a cup shape, and we have already discussed in the previous listen. I start by drawing the CEPAL. Then I draw the stem number, marking the point rather eight medals for then draw the petals. I'm first drawing the four petals that are on the front. Now I go to the petals that got behind the top of the cast. Hospital is irregular. They don't have a proper shape. So when you draw the top of the better, shape your pencil and then I draw the 10 doing some corrections. Let's draw about gospels much, have a nine strong chief, and settles are very long, gated and pointy, the newspapers that behind divide the butt shaping to five pots. Then let's go to the leads as we distance already. Cosmos leaves are pointy and elongated that they come in fast to add mood drama. You can just add more leaves. I'm drawing one more set off leaves for the first lover. I'm sorry one second, while I guess we have the basic sketch. Now let's not do this using up and I'm using Micron Pain off size four. When you draw using your pen, make sure you just don't drop plainly. Killed some shapes. I mean some ups and downs to get realistic. Look, I always like to use pens off greater signals for that line on For the shading part, I generally use pens of size 05 and one. By doing this, you're drawing literally pops up off the beach, get attracted. I don't think he would have problems drawing out line, so just carry on broad outline for all the flowers and stands thieves. But everything. The pencil drawing axes a guy. Once you have completed drawing, outline Kennedy's off the pencil marks before that, Make sure your includes dry so that you don't make a mess. That guy's else. In the next lesson, bad you do the shading part by 5. Cosmos- Shading and Details: Let's do the shading partner off and it started the center. I'm outlining the center by drawing tiny little circles. I'm drawing two rows, but don't keep it perfect. You just have to make a nice outlined. Similarly I'm doing the second flubber, which is on the top, crowded with tiny circles, then inside out line. I'm just dribbling. No proper shapes. I'm just drawing some curves and lines. Do the same thing on the second flubber after you complete the center. Let's do the shading part on for the shading part of using a technique called hatching on this is a big, no friendly technique, so hatching, starting but drawing battle lines to indicate depth and dimension to your work. I'm doing some broken lines, and lines are crowded on the center part and for the top. But the top portion off the pattern is no crowded with lines as it is in the bottom. Just a few lines to indicate a wave effect, and you also add more lines when the pedals over laughed by changing the direction of the lines. Iraq texture. So this technique is very simple, guys. It just takes a little bit of time in the same lemon, a shade, all the petals. Let's to the third lover and I start off shading the samples shade according to the direction of the outline. Finally, I do the pedals just like our beauty, the first flower shape for this one. Also, the lines have crowded at the bottom and actually move up lines. Degrees draw broken lines off really size. This pedals over laugh. Add more lines. The petals that on the sites will have more shadows, so drop lines for the side pedals. Then she the pedals that are behind. Now, to add more debt to our work, I'm using another technical cross. Hatching. Cross hatching is nothing but drawing diagonal lines. So why the petals overlap? I'm drawing Dina lines to add more depth and dimension to our work. By doing this, your world gets a 93 damage solution. I'm drawing diagonal lines for also the pedals that are behind. Let's now share the hot lava for the forded parts Shada with ages on draw lines based on the direction of the afforded by. I'm just drawing somebody's on lines. Other than this, everything I've seen shading the flower until you are satisfied if you don't want to do hatching. There are so many other techniques. I also like the planes. The plane. It's nothing matches in tiny dots to add dimension to your work. You have more dogs, but you want into get shadows, and you had less doors to lick. It highlights, so you can also try stippling if you like to Norma Madding diagonal lines to add more value to our work, as we did in the previous lover, can add more diagonal lines by the pedals over. Laugh on on the folded part. Let's share the stem. Now I'm drawing few broken lines along the stem, and now the several for the body and the lines fall out from the center of the Bard and also taking the bottom part of the body. I'm shading the rest of the stems and the Bard e. I think you need not cheating these because they're only down. But if you want to, we can do some stippling with this. We have completed Kozmus. I'll see in the next Listen guys, by 6. Cherry Blossoms- Basics and Perspective Drawing: our first level be cherry blossom. Let's now get started with the basics. I'm drawing a tiny circle for the sent off lover. I'm dividing out the circle into five parts because this lover has five petals. These levels have grown shaped pedals. Now for the statement, I do some daughter down the center. Just place the dots randomly after. Do this clinic the dogs to the center by drawing lines. So this is the top you off flubber. Now let's try drawing the flubber pilot angle for this. I'm drawing a car to represent the shape, and then I start to draw the petals three petals on the front, on do behind. Then I draw the two metals that on the back forward by the stem. Now let's drawn up, which is small. Tell Mark Center point and draw three petals. These three are on the front, and the pedals that are behind are not that much visible. Then I draw. This time. I now know the daughter. The lines for the statement in this angle, the stain minutes? No, that much visible. I forgot to do the statement for the second example, So I do that now. Let's see how to draw realistic pedal. Start off by drawing a petal shape without line, and a cousin side represents that it is folded. This is just one step crosses. Let's not draw up. Stand with the body. These branches are irregular and they're so much Brady. Draw a few smaller stands extending from the branch. Bobby. Later place the bods, and now I draw the but I start off the drawing the sample on triangle with girls in the sides for the body. That's it. I've seen the next listen guys for by. 7. Cherry Blossoms- Drawing using a Reference: Now let us try drawing the blossoms. Using reference photo, I'm using a drawing pencil to do without line. We'll first need to draw a branch for 10 to catch to un, drawing one rubdowns that is divided from the main brunch, and this one is thin. When I come back to the first run, let us not draw the flowers. I'm drawing a circle to get a position of the flowers for support and backing off this run , and I keep going on the shape, Really, depending on the angle of the perspective off lovers for someone draw circles and some eye drops. Cop shapes on with France over. It's a draw. Shape depends on a different team aged now, drawing the blossom just on the top. And this has been a world cheap, so keep drawing these basic shapes for the top of us Now. The next step is to draw the flowers. I start marking the center point on, I carefully observed the reference on. I've tried to make the pedals as close as possible. You can also give a realistic Scotch to the metals by drawing a car inside out line. Way have already discussed this in archery lessons tears of love off different angle I started withdrawing the petals that on the talk and on the side And finally I go to the pedals that are behind and this one we see only the bad side of the flower. So I start withdrawing the samples and then go to the bentos four letters that we can see from the back. When it comes to the glass and metals, they are small, slightly wavy, overextending from the centre way are very simple. You just have to give some ups and downs to get that gravy. Look, this is the club over here doing right now. Way have almost completed now I moved to this one. I'm not concentrating much on statements on the center part. We'll do that later. You can also mark points by the petals, fall and then draw them. This will make the drawing process a little bit. Nobody about making a pedals look do perfect. Well, nature is never perfect. Making them a little baby and uneven will help you get organic. Look, this stop lover can be a little tricky because of losses. Looks so on leaving. But it could just keep drawing on. When you complete your drawing, you'll be happy without come. So I started off the front petal, and then I went to the two sides petals and two more than pedals. Sorry to pedals behind, and this level. Also, we can see money the backside of the flower in this cabin. You draw these flowers because when you complete your drawing, be happy because your project has a nice organic. After you complete your pencil sketch and take your micron pain offside four and draw over the line. When you draw the line, don't be so plain. Give some ups and down street vendors to get some organic one day when you draw. Using a pencil had to be careful because you are doing it for the first time. But when you're blind, you're pain. You don't have to worry about anything. You can just sit back last and enjoy the process. For this level, you have to be a little bit careful because this is behind stem, so leave some space for the stem. Once you're done with lovers, then go to the branches and tense after completing outlining part. Erase off all the pencil marks I'll see in the next. Listen guys, Brad even shade these lovers. But by 8. Cherry Blossoms- Shading and Details: let us know Jordan's payments for the losses. For this, I'm using my micron pain off size. So to start off by keeping some dots and then add lines that Alexa darts to the center. You can do this until you're satisfied without come. I moved to the next lover. First I keep the dog and then draw the lines. Or you can also do with Doug away, you can draw several thin lines extending from the central challenge Lawson's with a small system at the end of the beach. If you find that we could reach some 80 s, remember, you can always change the orientation of your people for this level, one of the door bush of the stainless visible so we can just keep some dots randomly and connect them. After you do this, it's time to give a drink. Commissioner luxury of flowers for the shading part. Amusing. My one friend off Sakura my throne. I'm just drawing few pilot lines to add texture on a draw, lines on the top and on the edge of the mental. For this folded part, I shared along the direction the car right over the petals, over a lot of lines to indicate shadows. Way, way Chedi Gloucester's Here's a close up shot so you can understand what I'm doing. Big Mama drones are meant to be grown a mango 90 degrees. But when I shaved using quick my my contact with them in a slanting position on When I do That, I get this beautiful shading effect. So try keeping your Mykland pens at a planting as and when you shed, using them completely. A blossoms. Let's go to the stem and the garages. I start off with this main branch. A murdering father lines along once at the branch to indicate shadows and the size of the lines. Brady's a mean any knowledge or the line's insane size on the other side of the branch and drawing very short lines to indicate that this branches can you see those very short lines to add more values and drawing diagonal lines on the topside brunch. This is a golden cross hatching. After you do this main one. Go to the side branch again on one side and drawing long lines to indicate shadows. Thes lines are crowded on the apartment to each other. Finally shade all the stables shade them along with direction disciples. With this we have completed cherry blows and skies. I'll see the next listen by. 9. Lilac- Basics and Perspective Drawing: Welcome back, guys. It's time to draw the lilac. Now let's see how to draw these tiny flowers for this on drawing a diamond chief using my pencil. Martha center thes tiny flowers have four petals. All of them are located. The equal distance depending wrong. This disease, these flowers we have appointed drowned or the diamond shape? No, this trough love off different angles. And for this I'm drawing a cup shape using my pencil and one more which is still did what select start off by marking the position off the petals. I'm first drawing the three battles that are the top finally enjoying the last battle which is behind now draw this them similarly practice drawing off votes excluded was left three on the door and one behind. Now I'm gonna show you another perspective which is more tilted. Got off the drawing in the located cup ship. First draw the letters that all the top start off the drawing the center petal and the two sides petals and one final overlapping petals. Novelists drove a tiny bar, draw an arrow cup shape and draw the petals Based on what under you need, you can change the shape of this cop. Now let's see how to draw a petals with a realistic touch after you draw a normal petrol at a curve inside to show that it is stated, it's very insead. Draw the normal petal after that broke off inside the metal to show that it is folded. Now I teach you to draw realistically. First draw two arcs indicate the shape of the leaves, then draw the third cup, which is no the rain by the third covers to show the angle of the leaf on thickening the second car to add more depth. Here's the second example for us to goes to bring the shape of leaf. This is just a single part off the leaf. By drawing the third car, you are including the second part finding and drawing the mid vein. Understand? I'm drawing the side being so that you can understand what I'm doing. The second part is folded, so it has the same direction as of the first part. Even the second example, the veins follow the same direction. One more example for your better understanding. This time I'm drawing a simple leave shape. Now the midbrain I'm going to add a cup on the inside to show that the pedal is for it. Andrada side brings this takes a little bit of practice. Guys and afforded side would have veins on the opposite direction. I forgot to draw the side wins for the second example. So practice the basics, guys. And once you're done, let's go to the next. Listen, I'll see you that by 10. Lilac- Drawing using a Reference: use a drawing pencil to draw the outline. Start off by drawing a cone shape. It is pointed towards the top, and I sit down. And despite guys before going to the details, he must know what to place the flowers. Usually the bots fall on top, and the pedals that on the right side has ended was right on those on the left. After that was left coming to the centre, I'm drawing boxes off different positions, draws quiets off radius sizes and drop you over. Laughingstock, wise indicated, lowers our lapping. In this point, you need not complete the whole bunch. You're just drawing these boxes to get an idea or what is happening in your drawing. Once you felt a little bit of boxes on the center, start drawing side flowers. So I'm just doing some top shapes, as I said, although they can change the shape of the cop, depending on the perspective, I'm not God in one of my boxes. After you do a little bit off, these marked the center off all these boxes. I'm now starting off to draw the flowers. The pedals go to the corners off the box. If you are a big night can do this using a pension first, and once you are confident, you need no do the outline. You can actually go to the pen, so these flowers are very simple. Each petal go to a caller off a wire lie legs to simplest or four lovers. It just means someone standing about the perspectives and angles. That's it. Once you have your rough sketch, let's outline this use of Ben and for this amusing psychotropic mom, I drunk offside or four. I'm just got going over the Benson Marks. We have all these overlapping flowers, so make sure you don't do any mistakes. Similarly, do all the flowers. Once you're done with this bunch, you can erase all four defensive marks before racing. Make sure you're in CAS. Try without the pension marks. You have a better idea what's going on on the drawing paper. I'm just getting on with my old line. I'm continuing to draw the book shapes and the cops as it moved to Watts per side. Admiral cops off different shapes. You can also good butts here and that the top off the bunch is crowded with boats and as you move down from the dog. You have moke up shapes. They were dropped four little flowers on the top and on the side. It looks weird. No, without any pencil guides, I'm statically using my friends to draw the flowers for the flowers that all the sides you can make use off the basic sheet that we use the previous lesson, as we discussed already in the previous class, on starting off with drawing the three petals that on the front after that on drawing the battle, which is behind for the but start off a drawing an H shape and divided to indicate the petals like maestro or the. But now it is time for the gaps. Just take a pen up and observe your drawing. If you see any gaps, can fill those paid by drawing a better life ship you un destroying few calls to indicate that the flowers are behind. If you are a beginner again, you can use your pencil draw first and then go to the bench fighting more. But love was hunting. Satisfy. Once you're done, let's do this time, but connect for the parts that are in the top stainless one for the dog. But as you move down, you need not be drawing the stands because the flowers are full bloomed as he moved towards the center. No, I'm going to give a realistic touch to the petals. I'm doing this by drawing a car inside out line that we have old redrawn. You know this for all the flowers. Maybe one for each flower will do, I guess. Continue doing this until you are satisfied with this. We are done outlining the lilac, and now let's do the stem and the leaves for the stem. I'm drawing a car blocks landing lines for the lead on drawing a nice hard shape and one more leave behind the flowers. Want to draw the? Basically, she draw another. Go over the side of the lead indicates that it is pointed, and now I'm bending the stem and the leaves once the Incas dry can erase off or the pencil marks. Now I'm going to draw the side means I'm just keeping it simple similarly, and drawing the side means for the leaf on for the folded part, the rains going off with direction. That's it's balancing the next lessons Rod. We do the shading by 11. Lilac- Shading and Details: still the shading part, and for this I'm using my drawing pain off size one. I'm just pulling some lines out from the center point, so the line's go out from the center into the four petals. Big Mama icons are meant to be drawn at long off 90 degrees. So when you keep your pendant a nice landing and you get a beautiful shading effect, shading pot makes a drawing to go from a flat corn to drawing to a three damaged evolution . The shading is very simple, but it's going to have a strong effect in the drawing. Just do the same for the flowers. Here is a close of short, so you can have a better understanding off 42 rings, so the line's fall out from the center on. Each petal has 3 to 4 lines. It depends upon the size of the flower. This'll forces has called this hatching drawing lines, and one voted for these lines one stroke to keep them uniforms. Now let's see how to shade a blubber in a different angle. For these levels, having different angers draws the line, starting from the Bordens in the point, take one, paid a lot of time. Finish it and go to the next. Continue shading this law was until you are done. Take your own time. Sit back and relax. Enjoy shading these flowers. After the flowers. Let's do the stem. I'm drawing a lot of local lines near the right side of the stamp to begin shadows. After that, I go to this heart shaped leaf guys. I'm still using the same pain. No one, As I said already, keep your painting a nice planting, Ansel, and do the shading. I'm completely filling the leaves. Using these lines, I give him a pressure on the starting point on the ending point. This gives a nice solution that a leaf, a scope. Do the same thing for God. Be closely back file lines for keeping your pain at this landing position for the folded part of the leads, the rain's going the opposite direction with this guy's we have completed. Lilac will be enjoyed it seeing the next listen for by 12. More Examples and Tips: we have not seen all the grief lovers, you might think. Well, I'm not an artist. How will I be able to draw using a photograph? Now a little shop in the world? Have to drop off flowers using a photograph in 3 to 4 simple steps. Sure is one example. These lumbers off different dangles. So as a beginner, you might be confused how to draw this. So let's go through the steps first. Break the flower down into simple shapes on the shape Bailey's depending on the photo, maybe a circle or oval or a cup shaped based only photographed then at details and refined the battleship in this deftly show. Have the petals overlap each other. Finally finish off by drawing the stem and the staples. Let's see another example. So the first step is to draw the line in this case for my better understanding. Marcus in the point. Then I draw my imperfect petal shapes. Then I draw the statements for the blossoms. Then I connected to the center, but drawing wavy lines dissented that simple. So don't worry about anything. Take a nice photograph and start to draw 13. Class Project: we have now Come to the end of the class I hold This class was used for you to get started with your administration way have seen right from the basics all about the perspectives and angles have to draw realistic medals. And these finally we have don't have to shade and adds texture and value to our work. Your class projects will be to take a nice photograph for you can search for a nice photo on the Internet. Or you can also make use of my photos that you can find the review on start to draw. You need not be an artist to get started. Finally, don't forget opposed a product. I would love to see them. You can also share your doubts and your feedback regarding the class. Once again, I thank you all for taking my class and also for your continued support by