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Sketching the Natural World-Peonies & Leaves (Perspective) - Floral Illustration

teacher avatar Meenakshi Muthuraman, Artist and Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Requirements

    • 3. Leaves Basics

    • 4. Leaves Perspective Drawing

    • 5. Step by Step Peony-Part 1

    • 6. Step by Step Peony-Part 2

    • 7. Designing a card-Outline

    • 8. Designing a card-Shading and Background

    • 9. Class Project

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About This Class

In this 30-mins class, I will teach you to draw peonies and leaves. I will teach you right from the basics. The class also includes 2 worksheets to help you get started. If you want to do this for relaxation or even if you are an artist and want to enhance your skills, this class is for you. By the end of this class, you will be able to sketch your project :)

You will learn,

  • What Pens to use
  • Basics of leaves drawing
  • How to draw realistic leaves (Perspective)
  • Step-by-Step Peonies
  • Will together design a card to incorporate everything we learned
  • How to start your project


  • Micron Pens (I have used Sakura Pigma Micron Pens- 04, 03, 01); Snowman (08) {Make sure to use waterproof pens}
  • Calligraphy pen- 2.0
  • Good Quality Sketchbook [130 gsm]
  • 100% cotton Watercolor Pad
  • Watercolor paints [I have used Mission Gold Watercolors]
  • Pencil, Eraser, CompassĀ 
  • Masking Tape



Meet Your Teacher

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Meenakshi Muthuraman

Artist and Illustrator


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1. Introduction : Hello. My name is Meenakshi. I'm an artist and illustrator. I love to draw and paint especially. I love to grow flowers. I welcome you to my class. This class is divided into two parts. The first part of the class. I'll teach you to draw these. I have seen people struggling to draw the elastic. Please, for this class would help you To do that, we will be discussing all about dangles in the post Factors which is very much important for realistic groins. And in the next part of the class, I'll be teaching you to throw the peelings. Drawing a puny might be challenging for the big No, but I'll be teaching you step by step to make you understand. The class also includes two worksheets to help you get started. Finally, will be designing a card making use of all the techniques. This is a super fun in the real acting class. So we feel things slots for you see the next person by 2. Requirements: let us take a look on the requirements for the class. You will need a sketchbook to draw. Make sure your sketchbook is thick enough, minus off 1 30 gs in. This is something which I used regularly, and you also need a watercolor paper because we would be designing a card with the background wash. I use 100% quarter watercolor by. You'll also need a called best pencil and any racer to help you draw. And, of course, you need drawing pens to draw the flowers. I'll be using Snowman and Big Mama drawn, and regarding the sizes it is mentioned below the video. You lead a one inch paper tape form asking We will also need water colors when they designed the card. I'm using Mission Good watercolors, but this is completely optional. If you don't want the background, wash can just omit it in case if you choose to give background washing. Also need a job quarter and watercolor brushes. That's all about the requirements. Grab your supplies and let's get started 3. Leaves Basics: in this lesson, I will be teaching you to draw leaves, plays the leaf onto a white background. This will help us to have a better observation. If you observe a two dimensional lead, it's gonna have a midget at the center. And also you can observe do curves, which forms the outline of the leave. Let us try to draw the solar paper. I started drawing a straight line for the mid rip and also do girls for the outline. Give some ups and downs and outline for the realistic look to represent the veins I'm drawing through slanting lines. This will be the basic form of belief. In a short while will be discussing few variations on this. To do the variations are generally use a method called three Coughs. Methought, the line which we have drawn for the Madrid will be the first car, but in this case is gonna be a line because it's flat and the second and third go well without line. Having low told this, let us start to draw the leaves in perspective. That is going to detail about this three course Smith or use a pencil to draw the leaves. I'm drawing the first girl, which represents the mid drip draw. The second girl that false to was it right and the third car forced was a left now joined the three Gove's by drawing the line. This line touches the top part of the three curves. Get rid off the unwanted marks finally leaves the pen to do the finishing touches. Finally do the side beans. Let us try using the same technique once again. First go for the Madrid on. Dwell on the right. One on the left joined the three ghosts by drawing a line. In the next lesson, I'll be talking about this in detail. I'll see you there. Bye bye. 4. Leaves Perspective Drawing : in this lesson, I will be teaching you to draw leaves using the reference. But before going into the lesson, make sure you have the worksheet. You can find it below the video. The first example is a flat leaf do dimensional one draw the midbrain and the do cause which forms outline It is the same. Asked me that question the previous listen and they do some Palin slanting lines for the wings, for the perspective drawing you've been using with three Coughs Meadow that we discussed in the previous Listen. Now let's try to observe this leaf. The viewpoint of the sleep is defendant, so the perspective the magic falls towards the bottom. And here comes the CO one and curved to sell. It is try to draw this start off for the Madrid that falls towards the bottom, and the do curves that on the top navigate to draw the rains that they look on the lease. On the first part, the rains 40 was right, like rice. Also the second part, the rains Ford, who was the right now let's move to the next prospector. In this case, we have the midship on the centre and the two cars fall on either side of the midget. Here comes the first goal for the midget and draw another cup was the left and one look off to was the right Finally joined the three cups by driver line. Get to the furnace three months and draw the veins, observing the reference the direction of the rains before, from one perspective to another, here comes one. No prospector in this case. Also, we have the midship in the centre and the two curves either side off it. So again, a docker for the mid trip for the center, one look up on the right side, Alfred and one who curved was left. Join the three cups by drawing the line on the top. Get rid of tartness remarks. If you observe the reference or the first part of rains fall up out of the second bar, the rains for down. If you want to draw the drink perspective off the leaf, you have to change the direction in the size of the curves like this one. See, I'm using the same technique for all the perspectives, but I'm changing the direction and the size off the curves, which in turn, has a great impact on the drawing. This likewise, a lot of practice and also observation in this angle, only the top part of the lever. Still, that was right, so have drawn the curves accordingly. Finally, draw a line. The joys three course. Get rid of that unwanted marks. Let's discuss the last perspective. Enjoy the do curves, Although I decided the midget and the line, which is on the top. Finally, I do a triangle. I'm doing the midget. Observe the direction of the brain to do accordingly. No bend outlines the drawing pin Amusing size 05 You could also give some absent downs on the cars for realistic Look, be careful when you do that blind, don't forget to get rid off the unwanted marks. You can also use the same technique to draw the flowers. Whenever you have some twisting petals, you can use the same that God, you can use an eraser to get it off the pencil marks. - So I guess this worksheet would be useful for you. Try this out. With this, we have completed the first part of a class from the next listen only because the tray table the flower. I'll see you that that by 5. Step by Step Peony-Part 1: let us move on to the second part of the class. Observe each step, carefully post the video whether word strict, wild Take your old time. I try to do my best to make you understand. So let's get started. Grab the first page of the purity worksheet. The circle here presents the size off the flower at the dotted line. The presence that I love, the flower in my case under a draw off level which is still it was left at Soma Linus, tilted towards the left in the first row, have only draw the flour and we will, down to the second go together, start off by drawing a line musical Pitzen Now mark the same Doctor flour, which is likely about the same, drove the circle. We will not draw the first in the cup off petals. This so called acts as a guideline. Generally they know petals. Look at city affording towards the center. Start off the drawing of being shape on the center next to the two sides betters at last he had to draw the top and finish off the circle and this patterns kind of folding in towards the center. We will move on to the second laid off Petters Now draw another circle around the first laid off petals we have drawn before Starting from the center point drew a better. These friends petals are quite big when compared to the side ones. You need not make it symmetrical. Just go with the flow. The drawing is overlapping, but it's OK. We'll get to doth unwanted marks later. Go for the side petals and therefore going towards the center. Now do another petal on the other side, the petals either full towards the centre or they fall out. So observed what it is in your case, in not drawing, this petal falls out. Other than that, all the rest of the petals fall towards the center. So I'm drawing the final battle which falls out now get to death unwanted overlapping pencil marks. With this, we have completed the second near off a puny let us first observe the direction of the petals. The three petals on the front fall towards the center and the rest of the pedals for loud, no drawing of the circle around the second layer. I draw the first petal on the front, and this one pollster was a center. The upper part of the federal has some ups and downs, and the lower part is isn't Blucher? Then I go for the site. Petal adjusts also wide, big See when away your pedal falls towards the center, the direction of the pedals goes like this gives them upside down to the door part of the battle and bought him a car. Now let us do the pedals which pulls out draw. The petals are just into each other. See, there are so many ways to draw a puny. This is just one single way. But when you learned this, you can do the rest. This is the basic concept. Get rid of unwanted marks. You can draw as many layers as if you want. It is up your wish, but I'll be drawing to money. Yes, we should be discussing the next listen. It's you that by 6. Step by Step Peony-Part 2: not draw another circle around a a tree. This layer is kind of tricky because the petals appear in a twisted for use, the same technique that we used to talk vested leaves. In the previous lesson, I have draw the curve to repressing the petals, folding out door, some ups and downs of the top part of the battle. Let us to the side ones. The gate. I do the narc, do the folded part, and then the boredom, like vice doing that, the side and the next petals completely twisted out so that we see when the top part of the metal do the rest of the pedals just in a normal way. In the final two layers or the pedals for loud, I give some organic look for the food part of the petal. That's it. Get rid off unwanted pencil marks. Let us more without the most. Lay off the puny again in this layer or the pedals for loud, and this is the system for the layers. Draw the petals, address into each other and draw also, some overlapping petals poured in organic Look, don't make it symmetrical. Imperfections. Good. Once you have drawn the flubber. You can use a painter draw out early. So that is how you draw a puny. So you can make use off this worksheet. Or you can draw the flubber without the help of the worksheet. Your wish? No. Let us see what to do if you wanted that angle. If you want a straight level instead off adult one. Like what we did in the class, draw a straight line. She have used the same technique, the one. The difference is that the line is different. The line a straight like vice. You can try out your old lover used reference. I'll see the next listen bad design a car. 7. Designing a card-Outline: Let's try to design a puny card. We're going to do something like this. The first step is to plan the design. I drop you circle studio remind the position of the flowers. I'll be using watercolor paper for this since have planned to give Awash in the background . I'm drawing a cup shape and this is foot aside. You pne a small local for the bud. Finally, I do the stem and draw a line According to the perspective, in March, the center. You can either stop with this or you can design that the cord. Also, I'll be having a large flub, oldest corner, so I'm doing a big circle. I'm doing a small cup shape for the body, draws them and aligned to the demise. The perspective. Let's not draw the flowers. Change the inundation of the card in such a way that the line that was drawn to the tomorrow the perspective should raise you. I start with this large call of lover draw a small circle on the center. I'm drawing four pitchers that faces to watch center do side runs one more petal on the top . Facing two was the center. This was formerly of one for the next laid off petals on, drawing another circle around the first ball. Starting from the center, draw the front petals, overlapping the first layer. I haven't used any right principle to to draw this flower, but if you want to use a reference for to go for red, I just want this basic design. I'm drawing the side petals facing toward the center, and this dog one folds out, get rid of unwanted marks. The door part of the pedal has some ups and downs. No matter if you're better falls out off towards towards the center. The top part of the pedal has some ups and downs for the next laid off betters and drawing another circle around layer to this layer. That's gonna be a lot of petals that freezes out, start off to the side betters and who was a top odds, and this pattern falls completely out, so that would be the top part of the pattern is visible from the world. I just do some round of letters. I just into each other, and I assume you out, kid, drawing larger pitchers. I'm doing the last layer off petals, and these petals are gonna be large in size. We will move on to the next lover. This one is offside. You start off by drawing two large petals at the border and keep adding pedals on top, drawing a side view of a peony flowers Very easy, because it just adding cretins from bottom to talk as teamwork keep adding more bitter like structures. I'm making this petal a little bit big. Finally, I do the settles. Understand? Let us move on to the final bar. First marker CenterPoint and I'm just drawing from large cup sheets. Draw a few more petal shapes on the sites in about all the petals are closed, so they all fall towards the center. Finally, I do the stem and the ceppos. With this, we have completed one going off a card. No change there with the intention to the corner and keep drawing the flow was in the same way. The procedure is the same as we did the greatest lover. And for this one, we're gonna do 1/2 blue flavour. So I'm drawing a small circle on top off the cop. I'm drawing the door part of the bard, the front pedal two side once and the top it'll no starting from the bottom drawer side petal that foods out. Similarly, do a petal on the other side. We believe it's off the lower part of the cap. Later, I'm doing another petal on top. Get rid of unwanted marks. I'm going to do a few more petals that afforded out Draw. Go of inside you, Nicky. The pedal is folded. One rope. It'll under the side finish off by drawing the stand on the samples. You can autumn leaves. I'm drawing a regular branch and covering it with leaves. I'm just drawing leaves on either side. You can also add leaves on top of the lover. Just fill empty space, similarly does and leaves on the corner. Having done the drawing part, it's time to pay. No work. I'm using a drawing pain offsides food. Make sure to use a waterproof pen because of giving a wash later. Nothing much. I'm just going along about nine similarly pain. All your flowers. Next listen is gonna be super special. I'll be teaching you various fun ways to shed your flowers and also invading a beautiful watercolor wash in the background. So I'll meet you in the next listen, but by 8. Designing a card-Shading and Background: let us root of the shading part. I start with the lease of using my grown paid off size over. I do the side into the leaves just draws a smile. Lines. That's it for the same procedure for police legis towards the seven moved by. If you close to observe a flower, you could see some lines of the petals at the other veins. So that's what I'm doing, the job broken light according to the direction of the letters, I'm using my same one pain. Whatever you need to represent shadows at new lines, this medal is call this hatching. There are so many different metals to shed. This is just one among them. Next they go for this big court of lava a gate. Go along, the damage to the potatoes draw small, broken lines just gave fighting those broken lines. Now this pedal is folded, so I give the lines along that that extra potatoes don't just draw straight. Lloyd's look for the direction of the petal and do accordingly, adding new lines to the border like Why is she that the flag was also, Once you're done, it's time to remove the tape. Take your time carefully and no patient really move the state without damaging the paper to make my card. Colorful, angry used water colors just a simple wash. And for that, a musical people T. Grizz a one inch margin of the design Usability are finished. Guard is gonna be like this. So I guess you can understand what we're doing. But you can also come up that year old design. You can use your tape in a different murders up to you like this one. You can choose their own color, but I'm going with that me because I want this greeny shade. First. Take a clean brush and loaded with fresh water at which your paper I didn't is shiny. But make sure daughter used too much of water. Now Noja brush with a lot of heat. In my case, it's a sad green from left to right. Gradually work with verticals drugs. Because the paper is read, it would need to hurry quite as much because the paint will take longer to dry. You could just admiral concentration to the sites and as he moved, was a said Don't make the color light. I just don't do the three layers at as much money as you need. Based on how much concentration that big did you look for Do the same on the other side. And as it moved, wasn't said that slowly blending it. I'm just Daddy. What? You laid off feed Let it dry. The final effect will appear a bit softer. Want to destroy completely? Remove the tape, Kathleen. That's it we had. Don't you can write something on the center Since I don't have much space left, I'm just going with joy. G Y amuse My drawing paid off Size eight. I'm not much family of it calligraphy, but I know this fate. Calligraphy I just right, is in my normal drawing pain and I use the scaly graphic pain to give this nice effect. I hope you enjoyed my class. I'll see the next lesson. Bad will discuss about the class project 9. Class Project : thanks a lot for taking my class. If you have any doubt in any part of the class, feel free to ask me. I will get back to you. I have divided your class project into three parts. Number one. Practice the worksheets I have treated to worksheets for your practice. One for the leaves and run for the period. The second part of your project will be to practice drawing realistic. Please just grab any leave from your garden and start growing. And the third part of your project will be to design your own car. Just try your own way to draw the flowers and leaves on. You can also try giving different Bagram Cautious just because have taken my class. It doesn't make you a bet. Artist. You have to sit back and draw. Take a pen and start. Roy, I'm waiting to see your work. Please do shadow him. But by have a nice day