Sketching for Surface Designers & Illustrators | Shannon McNab | Skillshare

Sketching for Surface Designers & Illustrators

Shannon McNab, Surface Designer & Illustrator

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14 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Sketching Versus Drawing

    • 3. Sketching Supplies

    • 4. Tips for 3 Common Sketching Issues

    • 5. Keeping Your End Use in Mind

    • 6. How to Sketch: Flowers

    • 7. How to Sketch: Animals

    • 8. How to Sketch: Faces

    • 9. How to Sketch: Hand Lettering

    • 10. Drawing Your Designs to Scan

    • 11. Developing Your Signature Style: Part 1

    • 12. Developing Your Signature Style: Part 2

    • 13. Creating a Sketching Habit

    • 14. Final Thoughts + Your Assignment

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About This Class

Three years ago, I had a realization that the act of sketching was directly responsible for the improvement in my pattern and illustration skills. So I switched from doodling on occasion for fun to utilizing it regularly as a tool to hone my design style, and that’s when I really started to notice a huge improvement in my work.

The class was designed specifically with surface designers and illustrators in mind. It gives you an overview of sketching as a creative practice and how to utilize it to progress your skills, develop your style, and build your creative confidence. During class we'll discuss:

  • my favorite sketching art supplies
  • ways to tackle the 3 most common sketching issues
  • beginner tips for drawing flowers, animals, faces, and lettering
  • two methods to help you find your signature style
  • plus best practices for sketching with the final art in mind

If you're just starting out in your career as a surface designer and illustrator, this class is for you. Or if you've been designing for a few years, but still lack confidence in your sketching abilities, my hope is that this class will give you a fresh perspective and motivation to grow as an artist!