Sketching exercices to improve your drawings | Damien Barban | Skillshare

Sketching exercices to improve your drawings

Damien Barban

Sketching exercices to improve your drawings

Damien Barban

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6 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to start if I want to learn to draw

    • 3. Starting with sketching ovals

    • 4. Complete the exercice with ovals and rectangle in volume

    • 5. More about increasing your drawing ability

    • 6. From a sketch to a realistic object

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About This Class

If you want to learn to draw, you will probably wonder where to start? This course is giving you the first beginner tips to start learning to draw. You will see the very first exercices to do do the first step in the universe of drawing. No matter if you want later draw people, nature, animals, of whatever, you will see here where you have to start.

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1. Introduction: in this course, you're going to learn the very basic exercises you can do to start learning the drawing. You will see very simple tips and things you can do to improve your drawing skills. And if you have never drove, you will learn very. There's IQ tips to start learning, drawing welcome in this course, and I hope you will get very basic tips to start drawing. 2. How to start if I want to learn to draw: it is video. We're going to draw ovals. This very simple form is going to show you how you can simply do a *** signs that can improve your drawing skills. First, you take your white paper and pen, and you just do bottles. The point. It's not to try to reach perfection. Right now, it's to try to make a novel that is looking racket, novel and ovals. I mean, you are going to do many of them to the point where you feel confortable withdrawing this form. You will see in this video and in another one just after that, to draw novels in the key points to draw characters. You can see here during your VeriFone sketch of the character. And if you want to draw a natural character with, especially when you draw a face or a movement, you will have to get something very smooth or getting the lines and the way you draw it. So this is very vital. To draw novels and two eggs, air signs yourself to dosage levels so you can take a white paper and draw this novels. You draw many of them, then you can draw one captain to and you can place some kind off forms like this, and you will see that when you draw a face, for instance, here I'm going, giving you the drink of face. It will be a key point to do with arms very easily, because if you draw a character that is very that is done with rectangles working to shape of the sketch, you will lose some natural aspect. You can see him during the mango I and this minger eyes are very interesting because they draw with many novels. All the ovals inside the face are drove rapidly, and we have a skitch and can then go to the next step after that, which is the drain off the details so you can try to drew many lines mirror many freed lines. Many novels the first born. When you want to learn how to draw, it's to have the abbot to drive. Do not be afraid to take a pen and to put in your paper and to draw something. Don't look at the perfection right now. This perfect perfection is going to come with the time when you draw many, many drawings, and if you don't know by what you have to start. You just start with ovals, take a paper draw novels, trying yourself doing these ovals. Tried to do a better off something like this and you will see that this oval re later transformed into ahead are into a body. And we'll add some graduations and we'll adds many details that can make all those more youthful. Also, you can see here I'm drinking novel and I'm not. I'm drink many of them on the same one. You will see that the point A When you start, have to join the point B and you do it many, many times. You don't do the b example. I'm sure new here. You try to do it very fast and you don't use the eraser. If you are missing drawing your over, it doesn't matter. You start again on a new with a new one and you do small one large one on so that you do many of them. And you will see that by doing this drill day after day after day, you will feel more confortable and have more certainty announced Sure at drawing ability. This is really by what you can start. If you want to learn drawing 3. Starting with sketching ovals: first. The things we're going to see is how you can take a normal pencil and the paper to do s catch. If you want to exercise yourself, you can stop but drawing very simple forms undoing cycles here very simple cycles. And you don't pay any attention to the quality of this. You just draw many of them. The first point here is to draw in quantity. You try to focus on quantity, not quality. You can see that I'm just drawing very simple things. And the idea here is to train your movement off, how you can use your pencil and to improve your ability to draw with very normal pencil. So you do this for things drying cycles. 12 free foreign storm. Why? Because if you start hearing with very, very simple cycle, you will see that any sketch off characters, no matter if this is a decent character, are very realistic. Character is going to be draw with a basic form, wishes a cycle, so wondering cycle here. And I tried to do a very wrong side. Then I can start during forms here and drawing Meakin that it could be any kind of forms I can draw this character very simple, very simple. And I can draw this one with any other forms. I take a new paper, a new space whitespace and our start Drink something else here on during a character arm, hand a shoulder and torso, and I can draw any kind off details just by being focus on drink with cycles, the eyes, the here and sore. Why? Because if you try to draw with anything else than cycle, your character is going to be a not very natural. If you try to draw something with rectangle, you will lose some natural aspect. While if you draw with, for instance here again. Okay, fine. And bring again Begin. Usually draw with rectangles. That's if you start doing the sketch with all those and cycles, you will get something more natural. This is the same. If you draw a character face, house are something very. No matter what you try to draw, any natural character has to be draw with novels. You can see here on sketching character with the movement. The movement is also going to be draw with balls here and drink ice, and to get this eyes very funny, very natural. If we can see it's natural character, but very easy to do something. The Oval is going to be the tool we are going to use. And here I am drinking with the pencil that if you draw also with graphic tablet, it would be the same. So here you can see on just drilling the cycle movement with my hand and I can start ring, then some details of the character. I am just posing the main lines and main outlines the main forms on the character. And then when it is done, I can start a new drawings, or I can start adding details on the drink I just sketched. So here, wondering sketch with two eyes, the nose and half very simple firm only with curves and ovals. And from there I can start drawing the details. Inside this character, you can see I'm backing this space and during Mendy jails. But I can Onley start during these details if my skipped is draw first, and the best way to draw this sketch is with problems 4. Complete the exercice with ovals and rectangle in volume: the second tip I can give you for training himself in your improving off kitchen. This is just to do something very simple. You take your pencil, the paper and you do graduations. You stopped by doing just very simple gradients. So you start with something, they're strong and you decrease the pressure off your pencil on the paper all along the way to the left or to the right. When you go down, you go up on your paper. But you try to do this very simple, exist size. Why? Because when you were, you are going to draw characters. You will play withdrawing shadows and lights. And to draw this, you have first to understand how to do and to re present technically on your character, the shadow and the rights. Of course, the lights going to be that part that is quote to the white and the dark side is going to represent the part of the character that need to be touched by the to shadow. So any kind off pencil can be used to do so. But I'm using a very normal HB pencil. You can try many of them. You can see that this pencil is very good because it's more it's darker than the previous one. So you can, for instance, play with two different pencil to complete your Grandin's. It's not very important when you start drawing, but you have to know that this part in this part the light and shadows are very key points . If you want to represent the volume of a current here on during a very dark, very dark parts of her dark side off my graduations and all along my drawing, I decrease the opacity, and I tried to reach something very graduated very right in the end, to the point that I'm almost not joining any lights so you can do this earlier size. But just drawings is very simple things, a gradient, starting with the dark side and light side in the end. Then, with exercise, you can complete the first video we just see previously you draw cycle, and this left part of the second is going to be the shadow part. So you start the gradient at this side, and you continue to drop by respecting a kind off the form of your cycle. It's not going to be a cycle anymore. it's going to be a ball into a free deep ball. So you start during the shadows and you decrees your pressure to the point that your gradient is going to be with a light side. This is the right side here, and the dark side on the left is going to be the site of the bowl that is in the dark. So you have here a very, very good exist size to train, doing the volume off any objects because this object then could be the head of a character . So you draw many, many of these gradients. You drink many times, and in the end you will be more able to to handle this light and dark fan. You can see here I have a bull I support irritated with many spaces, and we can say that it's like a range and arrange. If you take an orange and you put it on the table, you will see that one part of the orange is going to be in the dark and the light. It would be the same with the bucks. Here, have a box. It's not a cycle. It's something that is rectangle in freedom But in this way you can also decide a part of the object that is dark and the decide on the light. And it'll Hussein. But you do it differently here. There's only one part of the box that is touched by the shadow. But I'm doing right here and the rest is going to me in light. And so I'm not touching it with my pen. Almost no details. I'm more focused on drawing the shadows, and this is something you can do. 5. More about increasing your drawing ability: another kind of exact size you can do is to take your pencil and you just drove very simple lines. It's in simple, but you will see that you can try to draw in one time a line and try to get the same space between every line. It's in simple, but you will see it's not so simple. You will have many difficulties but trying this exact size. What you can do is to draw many of them and try to get something very smooth and with some similar space between every lines. Don't try to do what I'm doing here with trying to for cues on the line and make something very straight. You will draw many, many, many of them, and you will see it will train your a certainty while you are drawing lines. When you do the sketch of the character, you will see that you would have to be a very way will have to get a very fast and certain movement of the hand to get a very professional drawing. This is what I'm showing you here. Many exist sizes you can do to have more certainty here. I'm also during waves. These waves can be similar, and you can do than many, many of them to get one similar to the other. And also it's training here, the Fastness and how you can do the this line as fast as possible. If you fail, it doesn't matter. The main thing here is to do many, many, many of them just to get the habits and to do not be afraid to handle the pencil. Then you can also do rectangles. We so first, how you can do very faster. Some ovals. Now you do the same with but with rectangles. Don't try to fuck yous on one of the lines and trying to do it very straight like and doing here this rule Wrong way to train. Good way to train is to very fast and smell Flynt's like here you can see. Yeah, I'm doing the re fast in straight lines. You do the same to do rectangles lines, and the faster you draw on, the more efficient is going to be your drawing. Here, you conceive my hand is probably touching the paper. I'm not touching the paper and just holding my hand. I few sentiment er's far from the paper and trying to hold my hand Very smooth. I'm not using muscles to I'm not trying to be very strong in holding my pencil on their relight when I'm drawing other way will be very tired in few minutes. Make sure you are at ease. You put your finger here on your face on your pencil, defensive on the finger, very e very easily. And you drove very faster, Faster, faster. And then in the other sign, you're trying to do some hatching and again and again And you will see when you do this while you don't make any pressure on your pencil, you just do it very easy. And don't make this hard thing to Drel. Then when you feel confortable with this, you just continue to draw rectangles with only one. Every line is one shot. You do it and you do the other side and the other side trying to do it one in one time, every line done one time If you fail, doesn't matter. You doing it again and you do it again. And you're Reagan. It went also to train. You're 71. You were drawing lines again. See? One line one line one line in one night. That's it. 19 and one. And by doing this, you will also make your high your eye to get the habit to. To evaluate the core eight distance you have to draw for a point toe another, and this is your eye. This is your hand is your fingers and your in general your ability to handle the pen, there's going to be increased. 6. From a sketch to a realistic object: Let's do something more difficult now. If you did many exercises with the previous videos, you will be ready now to do something more complex. So we're going to draw more difficult forms and first enduring cycle like this and another one here by going to draw a three D objects. Then I'm drawing the line to junk. This too. The two extremities and I'm erasing here the unnecessary lines, and you will see that now you can use in their razor. Previously, it was totally forbidden. Two years and raising. When you drill yourself in drinks catching, you waste as much paper as you need that you don't waste time using in a razor. You are not trying to reach perfection. They're trained to make quantity off drawings. So here I'm adding small shadow on the side of this object. You have a kind off round object like can. You can now work more specifically on the shadow of this area here, Then, on drawing two more details here I'm increasing with my pencil, the shadows here at the bottom of the objects. It will make the object like sitting on the floor or being lying on the floor because we add more intense shadow here. And then you can also continue to grow the shadows and heading graduations. You can refer to the video that the gradients we saw previously and you applying toe this objects you see, you can use the razor if you feel you added too much shadows that not don't abuse about the use of the, um, a razor. Because otherwise, if you use too much after a razor, he could also destroy what you just drop purposely. And then I'm adding some very small details. And this object that was a very simple form at the beginning start to be a king off would a piece of wood you can see here dismal details, and you can see that to draw on object is going to be very simple in the end. And I can add, for instance, on an axe in the wood with a hand and so on. So it give you the way you can go from a very simple to catch to a drawing with these more details, then here wondering rather the same thing with a rectangle and first do drying two rectangles, one up to the other and I'm joining all the angles with a very simple line. From there you can see that we have transparent rectangle. But I'm erasing the in the transparent line You can see and we'll get the same written girl without any transparent. I dreamed the angles, different lines here. And this time I'm can be more focus on the lines here and working in shadows and using the same graduations technique here too create the shadows of this side of the rectangle. I'm feeling this part with black coloring, respecting, bounding. And then we can decide what we can do regarding shadows playing to the other side of objects. And here decided to draw something very soft, not to mitt shadows here. But I have to add some shadows anyway, because this is this shed of things that is going to add some matter to your object. And you can see here I can. I'm doing a shadowed by crossing and you can see how I'm holding the pain and I'm crossing the lines. It will give you some kind of their relied shadows with some shadows. Anyway, so I continue to apply this and here I'm using a very self technique. See, and we have Nam Jae to objects that are not only object anymore, but we have object with volume Freedy and we have something that can be hold by character or character can be sitting on this object. They're more realistic than before when we're just accusing on the sketch on Lee.