Sketching Like a Pro using Pens, Inks and Watercolors

Shirish Deshpande, Let's Art

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12 Videos (1h 33m)
    • Introduction

    • Pen and Ink Techniques Part 1 Pencilling

    • Pen and Ink Techniques Part 2A Ball point pen

    • Pen and Ink Techniques Part 2B Ball point pen

    • Pen and Ink Techniques Part 3A Pen and ink washes

    • Pen and Ink Techniques Part 3B Pen and ink washes

    • Pen and Ink Techniques Part 3C Pen and ink washes

    • Pen and Ink Techniques Part 4A Technical pens

    • Pen and Ink Techniques Part 4B Technical pens

    • Pen and Ink Techniques Part 5 Full color

    • Pen and Ink Techniques Part 6 Limited colors

    • Closing


About This Class


For all artists or amatuares alike who sketch, there are some persistent questions: 

- Which tools should we use to sketch? 

- What are the techniques associated with these tools? 

- How do I know the results from various tools?

This is a one hour comprehensive course which will answer these questions for you!

This course will help you get answers to these questions and much more.

In this course, I will show you not one, not two, but five different ways of using pens, inks and watercolors to do the same sketch. You can compare the techniques employed for different tools, considerations while using these tools, and how the results differ from each other.

We will start using penciling the sketch lightly using a mechanical pencil and then develop the following five kinds of sketches on top of the rough sketch

1. Ball point pen

2. Pens and ink washes

3. Technical Pens

4. Pens, inks and watercolors - using full colors

5. Pens, inks and watercolors - using limited colors

Detailed instructions on materials used are provided, and even the rough sketch is provided with the course, so you may jump directly into using the tools by quickly creating the rough pencil sketch.

Happy Sketching :-)

Thank you Note about Intro music: 

Country Cue 1 by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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This class was really fun to watch and I learned a lot. Thank you Shirish!
Very comprehensive set of lessons. Shirish one of my favourite tutors. Certainly would recommend.





Shirish Deshpande

Let's Art

Who am I?

I am a self taught artist living in a very populous city called Pune, in a very populous country called India.

I work in the thriving Indian software industry since two decades. But art is my main passion (apart from family, books, movies, adventure sports and video games, not necessarily in that order).

I am actively involved in fine arts, graphic novels, animated graphic novels, and short film making, I work in several media like pen & inks, watercolors, oil c...

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