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Sketching Ho Chi Minh City with Pen, Ink and Watercolor

Teoh Yi Chie, Sketcher, watercolour lover

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10 Lessons (3h 33m)
    • 1. Sketching HCMC Intro

    • 2. Ben Thanh Market

    • 3. Saigon Skydeck

    • 4. Saigon Post Office

    • 5. Saigon Opera House

    • 6. HCMC Notre Dame

    • 7. Independence Palace Pt1

    • 8. Independence Palace Pt2

    • 9. HCMC City Hall Pt1

    • 10. HCMC City Hall Pt2


About This Class

These tutorials look at how I draw different places of interest in Ho Chi Minh City. I talk about urban sketching, drawing tips and techniques of using pen, pencil and watercolour to create a travelogue journal.


1. Sketching HCMC Intro: Hi, This is still Thank you so much for getting this course. I hope you will enjoy order lessons now just to give you a little introduction. First, I spent five days, four nights in Hajime in city last month. And there wasn't a lot of time for me to record and teach whilst you having my holiday. Ideally, I would love to sketch on location, but that waas not impossible. It would require me to stay there for much longer. So I've decided to just take some reference widow and come back to Singapore to create all of these video tutorials. Strictly speaking, by definition, off the Urban Sketches Group. This is not called urban sketching because this is trying from reference photos. However, the tips and techniques that I'm going to talk about how the same techniques that I use when drunk on location. So it's just that the source is different. I have reference photos for my sauce and when you're drunk on location, you have environment you have seen as a sauce. As an inspiration. I have included some reference photos. See, if you want a practice along, you can download them. The photos are in high resolution. So again see also some details there. And if you have any questions while fooling truth Kitaro Czar watching the tutorials, you can contact me at any time. I would be very happy to answer your questions. So that's all for this introduction. See you in the first lesson by 2. Ben Thanh Market: Hi, everyone. Welcome to the next to Taro in sketching whole gym in city Siri's. So this is what we're going to draw today. This is a scene at Ben 10 Market in Ho Chin Minh City. I will be trying something different today. I will be using colored pencils and watercolor and think I want to use color pencils because I see it is color food baskets here. I want to use the color pencils to draw the baskets and England to draw all the other elements and then up the debt. Use what color over the ink and colored pencils. So if you want to use color pencils, you should pick those that are not water soluble, because when I apply water over the pencil lines, I do not want them to is off. So let's take a closer look at this scene. No, usually in the markets, and it's quite busy. There are a lot of people walking around. He should pick a spot to stand or sit where you do not obstruct traffic. Some of these shop owners this sellers they can get quite irritated when you affect their business. For example, if you're standing too close, then their customers are not able to see their produce or their future. They are selling on. It really affects their business. So usually when I am standing in front of the shop or in front, off stall like this, I tend to stand a bit further way where there is no crowd against. You see everything so that I do not affect their business. And if you do not affect our business, they will leave you alone as well. All right. Usually people would be walking around in this case, Um, this is a four door saw. The people, they are static, they do not move, but when they are moving around can be quite challenging. And before I start drawing, I usually spend a few minutes just to stander and observe the people who are moving around . I wonder c who are the ones that don't move around. Then I will try and focus on them and draw them into the scene later on. If they do not move that much, they are a bit easier to draw. So these are earlier sketches that I have drawn. So today I'm going to start on the fourth this is the student and burn dealt our series sketchbook. The soft cover version. I'll be using this ball point pen today. This is the uni ball signal gel stick 0.7. I'm using this because I've left my found a penny in office, so I'm using this. The ink is what approved went dry. I'll be using this box off color pencils. This is the call. You know, Polly collar. 12th. This is not what a soluble. So they should work fine with watercolor later on. And, of course, what a color. Which I'm going to show you later. So let's get started now when drawing this scene, our to draw the person in quickly Because the person is actually one of the larger elements in the scene. So I want to make sure that I can This person in when I get fit, this person in my feet, everything else into the sea. So when drawing a person like this, um, there are some quick tricks that you can do. You can just use one line to represent, uh, elbow. You can draw one line like there's to represent the elbow. One line to represent back on, Uh, legs and one line to draw the hit. And after you have all this lines can basically just connect all the lines to draw the ship . I'm going to show you that. So I'm going to start around here. The Persson's feet is gonna end around here. So I put my finger here. I'm gonna start around here. Just brought a hit like this Very quick sketch do. So this person, the hand is going to be like this. And this is the hair. This is the back. This is the very shut ends on. This is her legs. So try to draw orders. Mean lines very quickly. After you have orders, main lines quickly. You roughly have to shape off the person, and you can basically just feeling or the blanks made, Ron. And it really helps if you have being practicing drawing human few years. Because if you have done debt, if you have a good knowledge of human for years, you will be able to basically draw this from your imagination, even if the person has walked off. So, for my case, I'm doing some changes to this person. No drawing this out of feet. Make sure you know where it's going to start and where it's going to end. So it's going to start around here because of the perspective is going to start a bit higher. It's going to end somewhere over here. So this is where I can switch to using my color pencils. Yellow is not a very strong collar. I think it does fine here and now I'm going to draw the next largest element, which is the table with a lot of fish. Now the table is going to start somewhere over here. It's going to end around somewhere around here. I have to marry her, using my pen to see where is the corner? Off the table. So the corner is here, It's and good and somewhere around the knee level. So it's going to end somewhere over here, which is here. So I know what ends. I would just basically connect like this. So there are many fishers on the table. I'm going to draw them in later on. But now I just want to draw the big ships first. There is a chopping bought here. I want to draw that in s well because I want to get the ship off the table. Now, when drawing the table, have to make sure that top of the table he doesn't cross over to this person's neck because the highest points, actually at her chest level here, so it should not cross here. Fish is gonna be over that by There's a basket here, and there are a lot of baskets here as well. I'm not going to draw dozy. And I'm gonna use my column, pencils and all right that we moved to this site here. There's a rate basket here. So this is the basket. I'm not going to draw that. I'm gonna leave some space because I want to draw this weighing scale. First. This wings Q is around this area, so I want to draw this week and scale because this hunt here see over. So I will not be drawing that with the color pencil on a droid with black ink and then used a color pencil to trod a green colored wing skill. And now I can use the calm pencils to draw in all the baskets. I'm going to start again. We have yellow. There is a basket. Just right. Be, um, this make sure Teoh pay some attention to the prospective off the basket. Constantly switching between color pencils can be quite inconvenience, but that's just how it is with colored pencils. You always have to be switching. Some of the baskets are actually metal trees, so it was metal trays. I'll be using think like this. So notice some of the baskets. They are actually cropped off. There's another person standing here. So this is the person I have left some white space here so that can draw the hand of the person. So know that I have drawn on large elements in I can basically just drawing all the fish on the table and also in the basket, those little elements that are quite easy to draw. Let me move on to the background first, so the background has a lot off little small items. Withdraw those first. To make the perspective more obvious, I'm going to draw the lines, greets on the ground and here as well. Now the vanishing point off. The Greeks are actually pointing sub to somewhere around here. So all these lines, they are going to point somewhere over here. So as I reached this area here. The Greeks on the ground, they would point somewhere on here because this is the angle. So you can see the angle point somewhere around here. So as I reached this area, the lines actually gonna point somewhere here. - Alright ? Now for the fun part. The watercolor reception I'm using the sky. Upali, draw sable brush. This is a size Fife or size six. This is a mixture off Daniel Smith and mission goal watercolors. Now, as I look at a scene, I see a lot of colors. I'm going to start with yellow, first and yellow occur. So usually before I start, I went the colors that I'm gonna use. So on a wet, the rate I want to read ultra Marine on a wet, surreal, um, do on burnt sienna and yellow occur. All right, so I'm going to start with yellow first, mix it with a bit off yellow occur. I'm not really paying attention to keeping the water color within the lines because this country is very loose. I just want to play around with colors. Yes, I, um, painting with the yellow on to make sure that I leave. Why? Space for parts that are supposed to be white and with yellow occur, I'm going to mix some skin tone just a bit off yellow occur with a tiny bit off rate for the skin toy. Some of them are wearing gloves, so I must not color. All right, now I'm going to move on to green color. Since I'm using yellow, I can add a bit off blue to get the green Cerulean blue is going to give me a nicer, more yellow green Dan Ultra Marine green. All right. After green, I'm going to use blue. So let me wash my brush. I'll be using ultra Marine Blue is a bit too much water and now I'm going to rate color ready is usually quite strong, so I need to neutralizing a bit. Usually I use but cnr we have a bit of read so that the radius isn't that strong. This is perhaps too much water. Of course, Sometimes you do want a very strong out rate color. And now I want to mix some purple color with, uh, rate and I'll try Marie now to get a bright purple, I would use a cool rate, so cool, right, and the ultra Marine. We'll give me the purple. All right, this is almost dry. Now I'm going, Teoh, create a large mixture off ultra marine and wash. So I'm putting a lot of water here. I'm using a lot of ultra Marine and it just draw this curtain first. You can use any have to learn to mix without try Marine. You can get different ships off greed. So that's try this if it's not that interesting on my actually at some cool right to the wash, the colors actually fade around is serious. So I'm going to wash my brush in it on, make some clean water on. Basically just fit this site like this per helps feel off paint here and there. Okay. I think this is good. So just like your is going to be very dark. So again, mixture. Okay. Now, I'm gonna wait for this to dry again before I at in a really dark shadows. All right, this is almost dry. So now for the final wash, it would be ultra marine again with a lot off burn CNR. If you want to. You can use been Dik Browne. Anything that is lack. I was the one to add a bit off Cool Rick to make the shadow area more interesting. So far, this part, I'm going to work very quickly. Just depth. Some pinned here and there. Some of the color pencil lines are covered by the water color, and they are no longer very clear. So I'm going to use some color pencils and white gel pen to redraw some of the lines to make them a bit. Kira. So I'm going to start with this. I was a wonder at some dots to ground. You know what? This basket, the yellow can no longer be seen, so I want to use a different color in the state. So I used this is orange to draw basket and seemed for this basket, but his green pot Here, perhaps I can use this pen. This is also the signal gel stick becoming different colors. There's blue, purple and they are all what approved when dry and they are quite convenient, especially when it comes to you touching ups, things like this. So this is it. This is the completed sketch. It looks a bit messy. Decision is messy, are actually kind of like it. I like the live leaners colors. Exporters maybe helps the colors. The watercolor is a polite, a bit too patchy, but I think it still works. I'm not sure how it shows up in the camera, though. Maybe it's going to look a bit Massey, but let me show you close up. So decider baskets. This is a chopping bond wing skill. There is a fish in sight, this basket decider sellers. They like to stay. The thing is behind. So it's a bit Messi. So that's awful. This sketch. Thanks for watching. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments section below. See you in the next video by. 3. Saigon Skydeck: Hi, everyone. Welcome to the second to Toro off sketching Hoagy Immensity. So this is the scene that I'm going to sketch today. This is the skyline as seen from the Saigon sky deck. Now, this is quite a complicated scene, so more concentration is required. But let me go through Some of the important points was and also talk about why I chose this particular scene. Now I chose this scene because there is one huge beauty in here. Then with disputing here, I can get a sense off the size off all the outer beauty ings when compared to do's skyscraper here. So this building is important to show the skill off. The whole was seen and there is this horizon line here Know this horizontal is very important because the vanishing point off all this beauty is below. They are going to be on the horizon one. And because there are many beauties below, there are going to be many vanishing points. So the vanishing point for this building here is going to be different from disputing here on all the other beauties. So that is something to take note off later. I'm going to show you how to spot a horizon line. I also like this particular scene because I can see the river I can see. Basically, it's very likely there is a lot off buildings. It's threw off life, even though right now I'm looking at it. This photo it doesn't move, but actually, when I'm at location, the cars are moving, the sun is setting and at people walking on a grown, so it's quite it's got quite quite a lively city. A sketchbook that I'm using today is stupid and burn. Dealt how Siri's Sketchbook. It's the same one that I use for the previous two Toro. So this time I'm using are Pelican M 200 fountain pen with New Dallas Bulletproof black ink . Let's take a look at the reference food of first, and I'm going to talk about which subject I'm going to draw. First, I'm going to draw the biggest subject first, which is this cash Ripa beauty. Now the reason for that is because when I can include the biggest subject and the scene, I will be able to include order smaller subjects. Now, there some distortion in my photograph. So this beauty, it's soft curves when there far left it as well as it curves on this right which year. So when I'm drawing, I'm not going to copy the photo completely. I'm going to draw those straight line, but because I am standing at a very tall elevation when I'm looking down this lines, they are actually pointing downwards because there is actually a vanishing point down on the ground. So August 2 deadlines, it's actually quite accurate. I'm gonna put my finger here where there are skyscraper is gonna end, and I'm going to see how tall this is going to be. So I think I shall draw it to this point. You're going to leave maybe about 1/4 off this page for the skyscraper so that I can saw fit more off the scene onto the pitch. What, is this going to be a bit scary? Because I'm not using any pencil and wouldn't draw street on to the pitch. Comes all the way here. I draw the big ships first before I feel in the little details. This line here is not hard until so it's tilt it slightly. All right. Okay. Here's the fun part. This is where I'm going to show you west of Vanishing Point for this skyscraper. As I'm looking at their scene, it's actually right about about to about one skyscraper. We So this is one skyscraper is another skyscraper. So this point is the finishing point. Vanishing Point will be on the rise online remembered at the Vanishing point. We'll always be on the horizon line. So this is the finishing point for dis beauty. I'm just gonna market there, put a small dot there. And when I draw this line that goes towards the vanishing point, I just have to point it to What's that vanishing point? So try out this video, you're going to see my hand movement to be always are moving is somewhat in the dark. Select is that's because I am pointing to what's their vanishing point. So I'm just going Teoh point out, and then draw this line down. Now I'm going to move on to the next largest Taliban, which is gonna move from left to right, so I'm going to start with the road first. There is actually our road comes down here that goes all the way into the beauty, so the root actually is going Teoh meat here. So I'm just going to stop here on a roll like this. It's been curved a bit. The road is gonna end here so I can just joined in lines like that. I'm not going to draw the other beauties yet. I'm just I just want this invisible line here and then for the river. The river is going to be straight line. That comes up to about this point at 1/2 way point off the skyscraper. So as I am droid on continuously trying to get the Proportion two final where the points line up against the skyscraper, all so for the river is going to start here, right in the center of this skyscraper. It's going to tilt downwards like this on this is the road. All right. There is another bridge here, so the bridge is going to overlap the bridges on top of reverse it, you have to overlap the river. It's about 45 degrees, so I'm going to draw 45 degrees Like this is a very small breach. All right. There is something going on on the rivers. I'm gonna draw that in a swell. And now the river toots. 45 degrees upwards. So it's going to and about here. So here. So I just feel the river 45 degrees up puts. And there's another breach here that comes down. Get angle correct. And the river to this direction before you draw, Try, measure the angles. All right, now we have the river I can put in Outer Beauty is I'm going to put in the beauty that is here Now the building is actually lower than a horizon line. If you want to, you can draw a very faint line to represent a horizon line. But if you do not want to, you have to keep their hearts online in your mind as you draw out of buildings. Now the buildings here they are very far away. So I am just going. Teoh, use a very seen line. I'm using the tip off the phone and pen. If you want to, you can turn you up on the pen. He had a way to get a few lines and now I'm drawing all the other beauties. All right, that's move on to the other Big beauty instead, are around. There was this huge beauty in here I'm talking about disputing this one. So this building is going to stop here. It's great. You and here are disputing is quite shot. We're just going to draw the general ship. First on, I think all the other beauty ings in the scene they are now much smaller. So I can basically going a few an order out of details. These are on There is our lock here. That's quite tall. All right. Now the vanishing point for all these buildings, they are different from disputing. So when you're r on the location, you should use your pencil a pan to get the vanishing point is going to be on the horizontal line as well. So it eventually point for this beauty is somewhere around here. And this there's there are some beauties here. They're vanishing points also going to be around here. So as you draw all the other beauties, you can just basically point out roofs through the finishing point and you will be fine. Now I'm going to show you a close up, off. How are draw this bunch of buildings here? Remember, ASU drawer makes a point lines to the vanishing point. I know. I am good end here because I'm using alignment off the skyscraper, drawing something like this, it really requires a lot of concentration. If you want a sketch to be accurate than you have to draw a bit slower. Because if you draw far as you can make mystics, it really depends on what you want to achieve. If you just want to have a quick sketched and yeah, sure, I'm just draw us fast as you possibly can. I would not be able to drew or something like this on location with this sketchbook, because this sketchbook is self cover. I need a hot carver schedule in order to draw because there are no sits at this particular police, the windows, they are going to be very small, so I'm just going to represent them with very small dots. You could see my lines are all wobbly. If you cannot see the details, you can use very thin lines like what I'm doing now. So I decided small windows on, uh, beauty wall right here. I'm faced with a problem because the photograph it ends somewhere around here. So I'm not able, Teoh. See how this beauty actually looks like I actually wanted to draw what awaited each but the photograph it hands. So right now I'm actually just imagining how is seniors going to look like? This is not from the photograph. This pot is not from the photograph. So that is the issue. Withdrawing from for the reference, you are limited by what the photo shows you. So I've shown you how to draw the buildings here for the rats off the cityscape. I'm basically using the same technique. Um, I find a finishing point first. Then I draw all these lines on his diagonal lines pointing towards the finishing point. And then I draw the vertical lines that I draw a little renews tried to matched proportion accurately on move onto the next beauty. I move from left to the right. The reason for that is because, well, physical My hand. We're not smushed, Inc. And the second reason is when I run off space on this site here, it really doesn't matter because I if I've drawn into this place here, I would have feet a lot of the scene. So uhm, I'm going to fast forward despots not for this beauty. There are going to be a lot of hard is until lines and here as well does lines on this site . They are going to point to its the finishing point on the lines on this site. They are going to point to its division point left site. So how do you get the angles? Right? It is going to be quite tedious if you're going to measure each line, which angle? So I'm going to teach you a method. Now start from the middle. Just go to the middle off this beauty first, which is somewhere all here, right? And this line is going to point to its the vanishing point. So you can just basically just point moved his line towards the vanishing point on this line. I think you might have to measure it because the vanishing points somewhere far on the left side. Real not be able to basically point. What's it? So I'm going to marry her It based on the photo, it's going to be quite a gentle slope. So let me try and draw is carefully. All right, so now I have divided disputing to to I'm going to subdivide it and continue to subdivide it and divide it so I can get all the angles correct. Same thing, the middle disputing its somewhere here. And it's gonna point to its toe finishing point. And here on here. So after you have subdivided or the parts of the war, you can go in and draw these lines. They are and goes, they are going to be accurate because they are going to 0.2. It's the same vanishing point. Now the lines here, nearer to the horrors on it's going to be, is not going to be totally horizontal is still going to point to as the hards until I mean the vanishing points. So it is very critical to get all these angles correct. So, for example, this line here, the angle of this line here is different from this line here on August 1st, subtle differences is going to basically I did make your sketch look accurate or inaccurate . So this is how this site off the war is going to look like. And now you can basically just join order lines from here to here, even when I have rotator in my sketchbook, my degrees using the method that I thought you just now I am still able to get the lines at the correct angle. So this is how it looks. There are some open spaces, so I'm going to draw those in. I'm not really accurate. I'm just basically drawing where I feel they should be. And for disputing Here on the left side, I'm going to use birth in lines to draw those horizontal lines. Now for the root here, there are some beauties by the roots site again. I'm gonna use very thin lines to draw those beauty ing's because they are so far away. It's very difficult for me to you see, on the actual shape of the beauty, so old is actually just very small blocks But the general shape of the rudest tutor. Now, remember the horrors online? Some beauties will be taller than the horrors online. Some buildings will be shorter. For example, the skyscraper this is tall. It and Harz online, which is here. So for all the buildings in the background, I'm just going to using thoughts. Teoh represent him because they are so small now, when drawing all these buildings, make sure to steal compared to the skyscraper now, buildings that should not that should not go above the skies. Greet Bush, not go above it. And you could use this guy's great bird to find out where some of the beauty that's where they have stopped. If you get a proportion wrong than the sketch is going to look, some parts of the schedule is going to be real. This is the completed sketch. I'm quite satisfied with how this has turned out, So now I'm going to at some water color. 4. Saigon Post Office: Hi, everyone. Welcome back to another. To Taro. This is a sketch number six in the sketching whole gym in city Siri's off tutorials. And today I will be drawing this. This is the Saigon Central Post office. So I took this photo during the evening time and the sign was costing light on the front off the beauty. But there were shadows cost by the trees. Later on, when I use watercolor, I will be applying the shadows only half way on the beauty because I still want to see the bright yellow beauty. There were a lot of people in front. Andi. It is mostly are shot shot from the front, using my camera. So there's not a lot off perspective going on. But the line here he asked you to get in this angle that goes down, and there is a vanishing point somewhere around here because this line it goes numb, but it's blocked by trees. So this is the composition that I'm going to choose for today's to Taro. I will be using the student and burned L Tar sketchbook. This is the same sketchbook that I use for the earlier tutorials. And today all using pencils. This is the critical collar New euro pencil. This is oil based Chako. It works very nicely with watercolor. The photo that I have taken is a white format photo and this sketchbook ISS not as white. So the composition that I'm using is actually this composition. I'm going to put the trees in, so I'm going to use the trees toe framed beauty. So I'm going to start, probably by drawing the trees. I'm going to put the trees as far left on as far right as possible so that I can draw a beauty bigger. We're gonna leave some space for the route that is in front for trees. I usually do not draw them exactly as I see them. Because, well, trees the are quite organic. So there's no reason Teoh follow them Exactly. Unless you really won. Who achieved at accuracy Soul? Right now I'm just basically just sketching, um some pot from reference and some pot from my imagination. And the other tree is going to be somewhere around here. So this tree's to to this way as well right now I'm tooting my pencil. I'm using the site off the pencil. So as to keep the ages off this pencil shop. If I draw like this, shop keeper will get blunt very quickly. So no, I have the true trees. I can draw the beauty. I'm going to draw this line for us. I'm going to see where this lying is going to intersect with the trees. So this line is probably going to be somewhere around here I was gonna decided and the secular And you're so something like that. And next hour, draw this line and this line. So this line is going to come down here and just line is going to come down here now because there are too many people in front. I'm not able to see the bottom off. The beauty, my horrors online, which is my eye level is going to be I level audio people here. So it's gonna be somewhere around here on the bottom of the building is slightly lowered, and I level because you compare the bottom of the building to the people standing near the building. You will notice that, but in this case is a bit difficult to see because there are just too many people there. And after that. It's basically just trying to copy what I see in front Me. I just break down a general ships draw the big ships first. This part very actually protrudes out. So after drawed his section here, which is the site of war. And this is the site war for this section here? No, there are some yellow. Sorry. Some white, very kit like structure up here. Onda orange roof actually goes all the way here, so I'm gonna cross some of that here. But some of that is blocked by the tree. And I can draw the windows because I am looking up. I will be. We'll see this side of the window. Here's a closer look at the window. So this line goes down. This line actually goes to the vanishing point on this is that we know on this. So this is pillar number one. This is site of the peeler. Learn number two. And here there are some extrusion. It's basically just part here. See the audience protrusions. Those are quite challenging to grow in the sense that they are a lot of them. So I'm not going Teoh. Copy them exactly. I just want to draw that square ship now I can draw a front entrance. No, there's some decoration. Here's and carvings. That is a bit difficult for me to see. I will not be able to see these in real life from the place where I took the photo. Because it's too far away. Not for dis arc. Here. I'm going to use the just two sites as the measurement. So this arm is going to come down to the meat off this window. But this on this will come down to read all this window this and there's a smaller Arkin site, and then and not a smaller, which is the site war off this ark. Now, this line here it is, actually this line and the reason these lines the worries because this war here he actually goes back and then goes down and I goes horizontal in game. So you have to pay attention to all these little details when drawing on location. And there's this extrusion here which is a roof right in front, off the entrance. The roof starts here, this point here and it ends here and then it goes down like this. And is this the site and there is a big clock here. I probably should have, um Origen in such a way that decline is out of the gutter. But, um, I do not plan for that. No, there are white vertical lines here. So later our just used a white gel pen to draw those white lines because it's impossible for me to use watercolor. Or maybe I will try to use watercolor and draw the negative ship. Brought a black areas and leave. All right? No, I'm at the bottom here. I can draw the sign bought. There is a great sign bought here and this time, boys Sarona by a lot of people standing right in front. There are also people sitting on the streets just right in front. This is the street and more people standing. So this tree should come down a bit for the as the people for the people in the background , they should be drawn a bit smaller competitors in the foreground. This is the pellet that I'm using with Daniel Smith water color. I will wet some of the paint first, so I will usually went the primary colors. The blue, probably you are abusing ultra Marina Read that Sepp Green a little green and burn CNN What is thought by painting to sky first. So I want to use surreal in blue for the sky. I will keep this office building white and our pain the windows with a great hole So off their skies going to show true the trees So I need to paint over some trees as well. Now I'm going to use a lot of food who paint some off the Klute off these Taurus. I just put some here and there. Okay, I think I'm done. So now I'm going to wash my brush and use yellow for, uh, beauty. So this is Hansa Yellow. I want to at some new gum bush to it so I can get some variation. I need to put a lot of water because this is quite a large area for me to cover. And while trying to color this area on it to leave white, some off there, beauty ings, some off. Some parts of the beauty are actually white, so I need to basically leave. Does as white. For example, these round on Syria, they are supposed to be white, while painting. It really helps to pay attention to, uh, what you are seeing so as to get an accurate use off color, especially to please, is where you should believe white. So we have to be very observer and be very careful not to color doors nearest which are supposed to be white. That is actually one of the losing problem thing when painting. Okay, I think this is almost done. And now I can move on to the trees. The trees. I will be using sap green on fatal green with a bit off. Great. The trees are actually vory dark. You can see them. They are almost black, so I need to pin them a bit darker than usual. What is this? The first layer. The paint here is not dry it. So some of the green color is trying to blend onto the beauty, and I should not let that happen. So I'm going to use a tissue to rescue that when painting on location. Waiting for the paint to dry is probably the moves. Boring thing I can think off. I was reached out. The pain can dry as far as possible so that I do not get this problem where colors blending together. So now I'm going to dry my brush and pick up the excess water because I used too much painful some of these washers when they dry later on the back. Ron is not going to look nice. And the trees they're somewhat leaves over the beauty. But this part here is not dry yet, so I have the wit for this to dry. Anyway, I'm going to move on to the next area, which is the orange roof off this beauty. While waiting for this section to dry, I'm going to pinned the bottom section. I'm going to be using great horns in this case, surreal in blue on burnt sienna. This is the great owned that I'm talking about. I can at some blue to it to give you some variation, or I can add some burn see and onto it to turn it a bit more brownish. So it is. We'll give the wash some figuration and make it more interesting, but I cannot make it to blue or seem like it's the swimming pool. No, for the when those they are actually very dark green. I'm going to see if I can use a green mixture here. What if we knew us? My thing does the needs to be a big doctor. I mean, that extra con trust. So I'm gonna use Seth Green Field green and a bit off rate. So now I can paint the Ruth. The room will be orange on the use new gum bush and read so and put some new gun wash on the paper on some read. We're just trying mixed paint on the paper. There's a great sign bought here. And, of course, some of the people in the crowd I was wearing rich, so I just pin them in. Rape is a very strong color, so I should just use it sparingly, not too much. And now, back to the trees. I want to use a very dark wash off a little green. And by the way, I do not mention the color off re because it's not that important. As long as they use written to neutralized the green. It's fine because any re color can neutralize. I need a lot off little green. I need a lot off because I needed to be very dark, someone to dry my brush, not used too much paint and go over the trees again. When painting with so much water, it's very difficult for the paint to dry properly or to drive fast, usually when working outdoors. I do not use so much water. I just use as little as possible to get the color and that the reason for that is because I want paint to dry fast, if not, is going to take me a very long time. I just want a quick sketch for the tree trunks. I'm gonna use the green as well because they are very dark. I'm gonna make a single green. We've a great again. But this time I'm gonna use more rich than Taylor Green. All right, Now I can colored a tree trunk. So this is a mixture off Philo Green and a rich No. It is that in this case, I call it the leaves before the tree trunk. Sometimes I might color the tree trunk before the Leafs, so it depends on how you like to work. I actually think that calling the tree trunks before the loose might be better workflow because after you color the tree trunks you can overlap the leaves on top it. His pot here is green on this part here that's supposed to be vertical lines, vertical white lines. So I want to use this duck pain to colored negative shapes. So this is how I would do it. It might be easier to use our smaller brush, and I can color this part as well does. This is a very dark, almost black, so I can use this halo green and a great mixture to colored up. And for these people, some of them are worrying very dark pans or maybe wearing jeans. But under the shadow, they look like they are black in color. Second used is to collar does as well. And now I'm going to use outrun Marine on but Sienna to pin this shadow area for the viewing behind. So I'm gonna make some shadow tones for this beauty. If it's too blue, we can at some burned Sienna to it to make it a bit more Grealish on disputing. Here. This is an office block as well, so I'm going to use birth in lines to try and get the impression off all the windows. It's easier to do this with a smaller brush. I'm just trying to draws on vertical strokes here. There's actually and not a beauty right behind his tree, but it's covered under draw the vertical lines as well. I'm going to use the little green mixture we have written again to collard a tree trunk one more time because this is gonna be very duck. I want that extra intensity or the strong value. Also, the sun is coming this direction. I want to get that shadow to be more obvious. And now for the shadows on the building I will use surreal in blue burnt sienna with a cool right. So really do with a crew It is going to give me a purple and burnt sienna is going to doubt down a mixture. So I want to use the real doofus and are cruel Read So did this saree them? Do you? And this is the cool right? This is actually quinoa cried on magenta So no, this is purple. I want to use a bit more. Do I try not to mix the colors completely? So now I'm going to Kauder have of the beauty in shadow. Let's try it here. See how it looks like. Perhaps there mixture is a bit too talk. Try not to color everything because there is sunlight pouring. True. Not sure if this actually works. So it is this the site war that is in shadow. So I basically just muddies up some off there. Beauty. So that's why I do not want you color everything. And also for this offers block. I want Teoh. Yes, we just step some paint onto it so that it appears that there are windows on the side of this beauty. Well, some off the shadow ear is here. I'm gonna use yellow Agnello occur and maybe some surreal blue as well? Nope, surreal blue will attend a mixture green. So for the yellow, I will probably at burnt Sienna just to give it a shadow tour. I hope this works. There is also some shadows here that goes all the way down and here as well. This is almost done. When I look at the reference photo, I feel like I can make the road a bit darker because this part, it looks like it's a bit docker compared to most off their sketch. Somebody to try and mix some surreal in blue. We have burned Sienna again, this time a good I'm going to use more burnt Sienna because right now it looks like it's ah swimming pool because there's too much blue. I live some pockets off blue, so this is going to look as if the trees are casting shadow on the route. Maybe I'll add some French car marinas. Well, I'm making the hit off some of these people black so that I have some extra or contrast going on. This is the completed sketch. Let me do some self critic. I actually like the pencil lines. They are soft there compared to the pen and ink lines, and they give this sketch softer look. And somehow I feel that is a bit more patchy. Perhaps it's because of the brushed amusing. Maybe it's because of the lose pencil lines, but overall it looks a bit patchy. I think it looks quite likely has looked at the reference for her again. Now the first thing that stands out is the contrast between the trees and the beauty. So in my case, I think my trees are not as dark compared to, uh, ones in the photo. When you want to get an accurate rendition, you must get contrast. Correct. So what I mean, by contrast, is you must compare one color or one sheet against another. So in this case you are. You see this tree trunk Here it's significantly docker compared to the beauty on a live site. Even Docker, competitive we knew, is here and right here. The contrast is not that strong anymore, because there are a lot of dark areas here, and when I look at my sketch here, it's I will say this is probably correct, But maybe here he could have been doctored to get that extra kontras. Now let's take a look at the leaves and a tree trunk. Now it's very difficult to differentiate their lives and a tree trunk. From this photo, the Laval. The tone is almost the same and here is almost indistinguishable. Also, the only variation is probably the colors of the leaves. Earlier, I used some whitewashed to depth some white paint onto these areas here. These areas, they are very difficult for me to collar around with the brush that I have, so I find out using white wash all white gel pen later on to do on this touch up. It's more convenient and easier to do for this building behind the windows. They are supposed to direct angular, but because of the brush that I use, it's very difficult to draw those shop corner. So I basically just depth into our cell phase to get all these spots here by right. They should be rectangular on. If you are concerned with accuracy, can definitely draw them as rectangles. Even here, it's supposed to end at a shop each year. But again, because of my brush on, because I'm looking very quickly, I just use a very quick stroke to just colleges shadow area. Here's a closer look at the sketch. I almost drew the clock right in the middle of the gutter or so. If you want to prevent your key elements from hitting the gutter, some planning is definitely better. So check out all these people here for drawing people. I just draw a circle for the hit and I draw rectangular body and then very long W for the licks. One nice thing about art issue can just draw some lines or maybe scribble something, and people would use that imagination to try and imagine what you're drawing there. So that is the fun part about hot. People can interpret your drawing however they wish to do so. I used recall a pencil to write this on one highest light. I probably should have used White Wash. Aw, what gel pen? The contrast is not very strong. It's not good against the dark background. I have to attribute some of the patchy look to their shadows on the beauteous. Well, this is the completed sketch. If you have any questions, do contact me and let me know. Thanks for watching See you in the next video by 5. Saigon Opera House: Hi, everyone. Welcome back to another to Tora from the sketching coach. Immune City, Siri's. Today we are going to sketch this. This is the Saigon Oprah House. I took this photo around evening time and the sun was setting, and this is the shadow cost by the sun. I feel that it's a bit weird, so I'm not going to create this shadow for the sketch. Later. I'm just going to use pen and ink to draw the building, and then I'm going to apply a monotone wash. This is going to be sketch number it. And for their scotch, I'll be using my sailor from them. Pent with Zoom doesn't it creates Calvary decline and this is there are stupid and burn Delta Series sketchbook. So let's see. There's picture, all right. First thing I want to draw is probably deer's watch doorway here. So this is the largest element, and this scene So I want to draw this year. The next largest element is actually the stack is right in front, but part of it is blocked by this car, and this element here is also quite big. But I really want to draw this first and I was the one to measure to find out. Where is the meat point? So the meat point iss somewhere around here, which is somewhere on here. This is important because I do not want to put any important elements right into sent up to Qatar. Okay, so this building is about I would say, four units. This stock is is about one unit. So withdraw some dry like this and leave some space for the Stuckey's note. That does stack is this line here is not totally horizontally actually tilts upwards as it moves to the right side and the lines that are and both the I level the two down wits as they moved to the right side. So I'm going to start by drawing toe. Watch this line first, right? This is our say considered is one unit. Is this another unit has a balcony here. I can draw in the balcony first and dismissed our unit. So it is 12 and tree Now, with this, I can draw this on a This arched doorway actually goes all the way in. And there are two peelers here. Mu shu, you are close up. So there are two peters there because I do not have a lot of space here. I'm just going to draw the Peters without a lot of details. But I want to try and follow the form off these statues. At least I should get that form. Correct. So that is one statue and yet a statue is here. I'm tooting my pen upwards. So, Dad, the lines are a bit thinner. No, I can draw the top off the arched doorway. There is this little thing here again. It's a sculpture. It's right up here. I'm just going to draw the contra war off this because it's very difficult for me to Cedars . In real life, I can zoom in because I'm using a reference photo. But if I'm drawing from real life, that would be basically just scribbling just in, because it will be impossible for me to see the details too far away. Okay. And now I can draw the general structure off this front of the beauty Gonna come down here , remember, this is one unit goes all the way to the right side and it comes down all the way like this . This is what I'm drawing right now and is goes down like this and then it moves down all the way here. That was a wedding going on. That days of this is the wedding couple. I think I want to draw them in because I want to remember that woman. So for this side here, remember, the line is going to toot upwards. But there is still that arch there. I must not forget to draw that arch. It's very important it's gonna end here. It's going to go elected this that comes down like this and then it goes like this. And then it comes down at a 45 degree angle. As I draw, I try to basically connect all the lines. That means I do not leave any open spaces so that later on when I color or when the sketches completed, the drawing would look. The form of the building would look a bit clearer again. If you want to get the angles of the lines correctly done, you have to measure for every sketch. Yes, something 10 us. And if you really want to be accurate again, find a finishing point for this line on for this line. Okay, so now just go down like this. There is There's a huge sign bought here Gonna draw that in. And there are some trees here. I lived trees here because they block part off the beauty. So I do not have to draw. The beauty is that he didn't behind us trees. Now there is a car in front so I could draw the car. Or so note that this car is quite big compared to a beauty because it's near to the camera and Derris some distortion going on, but again, to draw the car. Probably make sure you know where you start, who has a starting point. So the starting point is going to be here and it goes down like this. That's about the height of the car is about the height off the sign. But behind on goes the ending point comes down to this point here, which is somewhere around here. And then it curves down slightly and the front of the car is below this peeler here. So you can do that. Draw that, make sure he doesn't go past that peeler. And this is the wheel. This is actually Arata Long car. No. When drawing a car like did. Sometimes they had to fight. Uh, temptation off, drawing it from your imagination. You should draw what you see, Not what you I think you see. So in this case, I drew the wheels a bit too much tudo left site Because there is this pot here. This is the back off the car. You see messages car here. It has quite a long space per helps one. And I have a real world for space here. I only left one reals worth of space, so it's not that accurate. It's gonna look a bit strange. Randi are drawing it. It's going to look a bit strange, but for the person who was looking at our sketch, it's not going to matter because he has. He or she has no reference when looking at whole sketch. I think this car was actually popped there school since this car was actually park there, Um, when you all drawing cars, tried to look for cars that do not move. So if you see a card s pop there, try to draw the car quickly because if the car moves off while you're drawing, then you will not have any more reference to work with, so that can be quite, uh, problem. But that is draw the general shape off the car first, so that when it moves sauce, you can fill in details from my imagination. All right, now I can draw their stack case seconds is easy. Just make sure you get the angle. Correct? It keeps slightly upwards as it moves to the right side. And it starts from this point here, which is just hit like the car. So how high is the stack case in the scene? You can use other elements in the scene to help you get the high off the staircase. So I'm going to use the height off the wedding couple here. Let's take a look at this wedding couple. So I'm gonna use this lady here. The height off this lady don't to read. Address is it's about one unit on. Does that case, I would say, is about one unit as well. So the steak a shoot and around year, So that's where staggers is. And as I draw across, I need to make sure that I leave some white space for the people that are standing in front off the staircase. Or I could just draw in those people Now. Now, before drawing the people, I need to find out where their eye level. Yes, I took this photo while I waas standing so the eye level off all the people will be the same as my eye level. So you see this person here, this person, this kiss justice all the I levels are roughly while they're eyes are roughly at the same high level and not a point to note is the feet where their feet is standing. They're fit, is standing on the same horizontal height s this hate like here. So when you draw a person, the hit should be here. Legs should be here on you can draw the body. So that's how you get the proportion. Correct. So I'm going to move my pen from the hit like here horizontally. So this is where the person is going to be and this is the height helped a person that's the hit as the body doesn't like. So that's something like that because the people here standing quite far away, I'm going to use a female lying to do that. So right now to team I found in pen upwards to draw with FEMA lines. Now there is this person here, which is quite cool because this person is quite big compared to other people. I want to draw that in s Well, this guy is I level will be the same as all the other people in the scene. It's going to be something like this. It's wearing a back and is walking to its toe Oprah House. As long as his hit is on high level, um is going to look believable, so I level is very important. And once you have basically dis line here, you can draw in all the other horizontal lines for the stairs. So it's going to start somewhere over here. I'm going to try and draw the line without breaking without lifting my and so there are more people here. Actually, these people they are helping with photo shoot. Okay, so now I can draw on the site off. This beauty actually protrudes out slightly. This part here protrudes out. So purchase up from this point here, his point here is higher compared to the standard the statue I want to draw some more lines for the statue. This tree, it's going to intersect a building here. So that's around, is please here. So just drawing tree like this. This is usually how lied role trees. It's a very Stahl eyes, cartoony stall off countries and full background here, This is actually another beauty behind construction site. So I'm gonna use a very thin lines to draw that because I don't want a attention to be taken away from Oprah House now, the windows for disputing right at the back. You can see that the two at an angle and this angle actually points to a vanishing point, which is the same vanishing point as this line. So if you want to, you can use a pencil and find out red at finishing point ISS. So it's actually about, um, 11 site war away from this this war. So it's about here. So if you want to make sure that angles are correct, you can use this angle, use this angle here from the psych ward and basically just draw. Um uh, the angle's off the windows. The finishing point. The vanishing point is gonna be somewhere all here but my finger is. So I'm going to use that to draw the windows, make sure that all these lines they point to step finishing point. And I'm gonna use very thin lines now that I have drawn the main structure of the beauty I can at in audience details like the peelers, the windows, the doors. So those are easier to at now that I have mine meaning structure. I think I'm messed up over. It is a very here. The proportion is not right. All right, let's draw some of the people that are standing here again. That's find our high level. I level is a room displease here are already, uh, back window off the car is so it's narrow here. So with that, I level it's very easy to you. Cool. That's, uh, licks. I think I drew a bit too outstretched. So helps. Um I'm not sure why should do that. I should just leave it as it iss Well, maybe I should just draw and other person standing here and there are some more trees here . So these are trees and does actually are, say some fends barricade there. What is a what? We're so that people sending at a what way? This is what we Anyway, this is the background. So it's not going to be in the limelight. It's not going to get emphasis. You can basically just draw anything as long us. The lines are thin enough. Okay? No, I should probably checked the angle earlier before I drew it. Another way to check the angle is you can use the top off the sketchbook, So this is a horizontal line, and you can compare the angle of this line to angle off the roof. So if the roof is parallel to the top of the sketchbook, that means this line is not to. In this case, this is quite close to being horizontal. So this means I got the angle of this line wrong. Um, I'm not sure if I can fix this when I apply watercolor leader on, but I shall leave it as it is right now, So that's not a way to check the shingles off the line. I found out I forgot to draw some off the futures on arch, so I'm going to draw them for this sketch. I'll be using two colors so that light, genuine and burnt sienna, So the genuine is sort off our great hoon, but it can be very dark, so I just want to use very minimal color for this sketch. When I started sketching our practice in mortal toy graphite for a long time before I started using watercolor, I think this is a very good way to learn your values on how to apply tonal values to your sketch. Of course, before you apply, need to start eat a sketch. Mursal, I mean, tell you how many twins I'm going to used to day how I choose the number of tunes to use or the number of values to uses by comparison. So for the white area, that would be no tones, no value wash. So that would be a zero. The painted area that's going to be one layoff wash. Andi, This part here, I think I shall just use the same color as his pot. So rest you at one year of wash. That's that cases docker compared to the war. So that's two tones, this part here, which is in shadow. This this tune is quite similar to the shadow, so that's do true tones. But the doorways. It's much darker compared to the staircase, so that street horns and the thing that's about all that I'm going to use. So I'm going to use only like treat horns in this particular sketch. So I'm going to apply a very light wash here. I'm going to wet some burnt sienna here. Not too much, just a bit so that later on, when I want to at mix the colors, I can do so for visiting. So this is a very light wash off, sort of like genuine and burnt sienna. This will be the first layer off wash, so that's colored ISS. If I find that colors, they are a bit say doll in the sense that sort of like generation can be quite dull. I'm going to at some birds una to wash, which is what I'm doing right now. - Make sure that you create the wash in one process. Do not let the wash dry while you create that watch. Because if this area dries, that is going to be that hot pitch there, and when you go over it, you will see that hot H. It's not mine. Not nice wonders. One complete flat wash for trees. They are usually very dark, so I'm just going to color Dan first. Just give them a light wash first before I create another wash later. Not this side here is really dark. I can use this very doctor right now. All right, for the roof. The roof is going to be very dark. So again I can use so don't generally from the pan itself on just color it. Let's see how dark it is can get are accidentally. Have one drop off pinned there. Try cleaned his before it dries. I think the paint has stayed in that area. So maybe I will draw some top seen later on. All right. No, this is very dark. So, Your Honor, I said I made a mistake with angle often loan. So right now I'm going to correct for that mystic by painting yet with this. So what I like, General. So I'm gonna get that angle like this. This when you paint with such high contrast, the effect can be quite dramatic. So this is the window which is almost black, so I can use the paint street from depend just as well destroy it. Business do not dry it. Be careful when adding pain to areas that are not dry. If I at the black to the windows right now, the color is going to blend onto the car body. And that is something that I do not want. This is almost dry. So now I can add in the second later, I'm going to start by painting the trees here first. So I'm going to at soda. Lye. Genuine. We have some burnt sienna not as dark compared to, uh, wolf. And for the road. The route is gonna be a big doctor on the stack is I want to make it a bit doctor as well. So earlier on I say that this brush is a bit too small. Since I'm at home, I'm going to switch to our larger brush. This is our squirrel brush. A synthetic square brush. This is the escort are multi more. So I'm gonna use more paint. Most soda like genuine and a big mob birds, you know, just to make the road a bit docker. Then it is right now. No, I can switch back to my normal brush. I'm going to add really dark ducks Teoh those that are here. I'm gonna do that. Very Catholic. No. I can wash my brush with some water and draw the clots. So you are there. Waas some dot der So I want you put a very light wash here. Makes her son burnt Sienna just a very pale light wash as if there are some clots in this guy. And lastly, I'm going to do some touch up the bottom off their car. And also the real that is away, that is behind is close to black on four trees Here. I'm going Teoh at a bit more shadow definition to them, - this is the pennant. Tell Joe Penn and tell K 10 So this is the completed sketch. It's certainly fuse very different compared to my earlier sketches which are more colorful . So the mood and atmosphere here is a bit more somber, A bit more serious. Maybe this is a postal look at the sketch so that, like genuine, is a very granulated paint. So if you love textures, you can use this paint. You want to paint very trapped inning clubs. You can use this color as well. So my sketch is very loose. And with the high Contras off black and white, it really provides a very dynamic looking sketch. So he has a closer detail at the front entrance. He's out of people. Is this the road? Check out the texture on the rules, the car, more people on the left side. So if you use a lot off paint, you're going to get a texture that's like this. If you had a lot of water, the texture is not that obvious. And I think this is a very nice pale wash. I think it's going to be more interesting to have some white lines here rather than is big patch off like somebody used this gel pen to draw some of the lines. So does it look better? So that's awful on this To Toro. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments section. If not, I hope you enjoyed watching this and have learned something. Thanks for watching See you in the next video by 6. HCMC Notre Dame: Hi, everyone. Welcome to another To Toro from the sketching whole Jimmy in City Siri's This is going to be a sketch number five. So this is the beauty that we're going to draw today. This is the Notredame Cathedral in Ho Chin Minh City, Vietnam. Let's take a closer look at scene and beauty. So this is a very beautiful cathedral. I actually went to this place twice, once in the evening and ones in the morning. And a reason for that is because when the first time I was there, the sun well, it was an overcast sky, so that wasn't in the shadow. So I had to go there again in the morning to take another four hill so that, um, I can see the light and shadow, and in this case, the sun was shining on the front off cathedral and there are some of shadows on this site. So with the light and shadow, it's a bit easier to see the form off the federal and notice that there are many more box on the street. If I were to draw this on the street, it would be quite challenging because the audience motorbikes, they are actually moving at rather high speeds. So Toby, able to draw them properly, is going to be quite challenging. Now, one way to draw this box will be basically just to spend him a few more minutes to observe the ship off by asking move across the route. Because all these box they actually are quite similar to one another. You just have to watch down, pay close attention to the general shape and try to memorize the ship, and you will be able to draw them. Since I'm working from a reference photograph today, it's going to be easier to draw those bikes. And there is this big truck that is blocking part off the garden right in front of the cathedral. If I'm drawing on location, the truck would have driven off. So it's not a problem, But in this case, this is our problem because I cannot see what's behind a truck. So that is the discipline ditch from looking with reference photo. All right, back to the cathedral. No, this is going to be the mean subject, and today I'll be using this sketchbook, so I want to put this beauty on the pitch in such a way that the gutter is going to cut right here, right here, where there is nothing important. Instead, off pen and ink, today I will be using pencils. This other critic holler euro pencils. They are Ownby's chuckle. The what? Approve And they do not smear when you apply water and they also do not smear when you rub your finger over the line. So these are very nice pencils to work with. I have ah create a collar. Fine, but graphite pencil here as well. I will be using all these four pencils. The reason why I have four pencils is because I have a really shopping them. So when drawing the pencil tip will become blunt, I don't want to continuously going to sharpen them. So our just swap out a pencil when the tape is blunt and continue until all my pencils are blunt and for an hour shopping time all at the same time. That will save me some time. So we start with this pencil, become indifferent, great. There is soft, medium and hot. The difference is not very significant if you are just using the pencils for drawing lines . So the front off the cathedral can be divided into tree pots. Entry equal parts. So we have to laugh. We have the needle on, we have the right site. So when sketching on sketchbook ideas, I just have to put one foot off the beauty in here on two. That's off the beauty here. I have to try and gauge the height off the building. It looks like the double square. So is a vertical rectangles. Like a doubles Where two squares, one on tele fish. Other. So the height is going to be something like this. So when I draw, I need to leave in art space. What top and enough space for the bottom? Because there are a lot of box I want to draw some bikes in. All right, So I'm going to start with, uh, power this part here on the left side. Remember, there are two squares, so I'm going to basically try and use my finger to teach the height first. All right, so this is going to be one. And for the this tower here, this part here is actually want that. So let me just draw that now on. This is the heart. So does this one thought and this is to the soda topped off. This beauty is going to be like this. So this is the full heart. And now let me just extend this all the way to the bottom. So this iss the height off this this part here and now I can draw with this. I can use this to draw up on other parts off their muting. It's a bit easier. No. So this is and not a pot here. This is one that is also once that and finally the other one that is gonna be somewhere here. There is some perspective going on. The lines are actually tooted in this direction going down. And this part here is supposed to be higher because of the perspective. So maybe our extended a bit. I'm going to draw the site of the beauty, the side after beauty in this part here that's about I will say, smaller, competitive, Just two pots here. So it's about something like this. If this is, like dissed and this is going to be somewhere here and the height is going to reach here, there's a roof here, triangular roof. It goes all the way down like this. Now there are Assad perspective lines going into the horizon, which ISS about. I will say another beauty in a way about this, this distance away. So it's here. There is a tree here, so I'm going to draw the tree first. So the horizon is actually somewhere around year, maybe a bit higher, because I waas standing when I took the photo. Also, my lover was wrong here. So later on, I'll be using this point year to drawing on the little pots off the beauty. But now I just want to draw the tree. There is a roof here, so we're used. This finishing point comes down here a bit on. I'm going. Teoh, use this finishing point again. It's coming down like this and this. So some parts of the buildings they are blocked by the motorbikes. I'll draw them in later. My pencil is becoming a bit blunt. No, there's another SRI behind on Destry. It ends their own displays here. Some off the leaves are going to overlap their group off this beauty. I'm going to draw the outline off the leaves first. Sometimes if you draw a bit, Foster you'll feel that the lines, they will come out a bit looser and you feel being more spontaneous. Some of the lives, the overlap. It is part of the beauty, the horizontal eyes. Here. So there is a bus here, and there are a lot motorbikes. I'll draw them later. Let me move over to debuting. It is part of the beauty. It's like this, uh all right, I have a problem. I forgot to draw the site off this cathedral. So they're supposed to be a site to this cathedral. I'm not sure how I would fix that. So I think I shall just just draw over the problem like this so you can see this problem that I have. So sometimes when drawing on location, um, there are going to be some mystics, so it doesn't really method that much. You just work with what you have and just keep drawing. This is just a sketch, so it doesn't have to be perfect. So there is this line that goes to the vanishing point and right at the bottom Duris entrance. And there's another entrance. Your brother, The trees are blocking the entrance, so I'm just going to draw the trees and there are some big Boucher's right in front. These are some buses that popped right in front of the cathedral. No, for despots here there is a site war as well. That goes to the finishing point. So it's like this and here comes out a bit. There is a lamb posed right here. So the top of the land post is going. Do you come here? It would be like this, like this, and it goes all the way down. I'm just going to use one line. You sit off to lives because there's lamb poses quite thin. There was a sign bought here. Andare is this truck that it's right in front. So I'm going to just draw a truck. Sometimes when you have trees blocking the thing that he wanted draw or maybe our vehicles or people blocking. Actually, it's good debt. You have something blocking physical. You get that four girl background thing going on. The other thing is, when you have some subjects blocking the thing you want to draw, you don't have to draw the subject anymore because it helps. You are saved some time. So in this case, I could have drawn the garden, but because there is this truck right in front, I don't have to draw the garden anymore, So that's, uh, can be quite helpful. Here comes the challenging part drawing off the motor bikes. First of all, I need to know where the eye level off the bikers are. So I level is around here somewhere on here. So all their hits shoot in the sack with this learning here. So I'm going to draw the hit off this person. First on, basically, just try and draw the bike in a very cut to need big ship. Something like this. There's not a biker behind. I was writing as well. Audio hits must intersect with the horrors online and as they move food a into the back to become a smaller and smaller. For this person, it's basically just a scribble. Monks. I think this is the best thing about it is unlike four doors, you can just use Auda's scruple monks to represent people, and when the person was looking at artwork, he sees all these are scribble marks. He will be able to tell that these are actually people, even though they look nothing like people. So that's the beauty off art, something you cannot get with photographs. Now there is this route section here. Now, this route is going to point to the vanishing point here. So I'm gonna draw it like this on the road turns two lefts like sometimes I don't even know what I'm droid, which is quite interesting because the sketch still looks quite all right. Turns up steep students up. Quite well. Now there is this route section here again because of the vanishing point. This year, I'm going to extend the route using these vanishing point. So it's gonna be like this route is going to be like this. So basically, this line here is gonna point to what's the finishing point? So with the vanishing point here, you can get this angle perfectly. So just a beauty. And there are some bikers here as well. Remember, rest our hearts online somewhere around here. So I'm gonna draw biker here. It doesn't even look like a biker As I continue to draw, I realized that I have meet a mystic somewhere here. I probably shouldn't have drawn this truck first. I should have drawn the route first. Because if I were to continue drawing the route like this is going to look like the trump as parking on the garden right in front of the cathedral. So I'm going to do some changes. I'm going to ban this route behind a truck like this. All right? I think it's a bit better, is it? Or maybe I should just You raised the truck scenes. I'm using Pencil t Day. All right. I managed to you raise a truck, but their issue an impression here. But it's still better than a truck parking on the garden. So I'm going to continue to draw. This line is a route Kirk here. And now I can draw on a truck so they try. It is going to be bigger. This and now is the fun part where I collar with what color? As usual, Are we using dentals, miff and mission go water colors. I'll be using a squirrel brush to color the sky because this is a rod, A large area, a bit too big for my smaller sable brush. The colors that I'm going to use would be yellow, so I'm gonna wet some of the colors first yellow new gun bush again. This Rick, I will use the really do because I have a granule ation off surreal in blue. And for helps this. This is a cool right. So later on, I'll be mixing this cool rate with surreal and do for the room on burnt Sienna and perhaps out from Marina's Well and some sec green. The submarine is for all the trees and forages behind. All right, so I'm going to stop with the sky. So let's do it. It is okay to overlapped Leaves have to make sure that I keep despots white because it's going to contrast very nicely with this blue sky. Usually the sky is dr at a top, and a gradually fits to white as it nears the bottom. There is a white 12 here, so it's a very puffy white club that fits into the blue. So I want a hot age for the club. But I was the one to blue. Let me walk a bit quickly, and now I can wash my brush and clean it. We have clean water so that I can Fate is part here, so I get soft each. If I use too much water. I have to dry my brush and pick up the access Pete. I can use tissue to dry some of the areas as well to give the impression that there's an under. There are clubs stir as well. The leaders are in front of the sky, so I need to paint the sky behind the tree first, so that later on, when I colored leaves, when I sure some of the leaves there are going to be some light coming true on the light is coming from this guy. And now I'm going to use some yellow to color some of the foragers and the trees, maybe mixed with a bit off surreal do. But I still won debt yellow, so I've been a pain to the yellow here. This part's they are usually the part that is facing the sun. To save some time, I will use sap green. What is that? Sepp Green is rather dull, except you can get set green by mixing yellow wood, French all car marine for the areas that are white that I did not color over with two blue earlier on. I'm going to cover with this green So as the green re Cher's the bottom, it's going to be a bit docker. So for this case, I mixed a bit off fatal boo. Sorry. A little green. I makes sap green with something a little green to get this doctor she And now for the main cathedral, I'll be using yellow ocher and rape the main cathedral. The color is someone like a skin tone color. So I'm going to mix yellow curry. We've written to get that color. Right? So this is the color. I actually have intention to leave some parts of this area white, but it's very difficult with this brush. So later on, I will just use my white Japan too. Collar, son putts white. Okay. And no two colored a ground. We'll use serene blue with burnt sienna and some cool. This is perhaps a bid, doc. I mean, just at some water to it. And at some of the cool right that I was talking about earlier on on for the trees here again, I want I want to use some sap green with fellow green. Just a cat. The doctor shoots all right for this tree brunch. Sure, I will want to use this color. The shadow site on this building is going Teoh, I would use this color. The sun is coming from this direction. So the shadow for all these bikers will be on the left side. Some parts of the beauty actually comes forward. So they cost some slack shadow and now thought of finishing touch. I'm going to use pencils to draw some of the details that I for got into draw earlier on desist Ah, white gel pen. So this is it. This is the completed sketch. Let me recap some of the colors that I used. This is surreal in blue chromium. Then I use yet a walker and a warm rate fall cathedral. This on this for a green Here I used yellow sap green for Dr Greene added a lo green to the separate for the doctor sheets for the ground. Here I use serene and blue chromium wave booed Sienna and for the purplish tone year, use some cool rate. And for the branches here, basically the branches and tree trunk It's the same color as Diz color. Except for helps. I added a beat mall blue perhaps a bit more yellow. So the brunch tree trunk is a bit greenish. This is, ah, fun seem to draw and two color. But you're on. I made some mystics, for example. I forgot to draw the site off this war. I've finished drawing the beauty back. Forgot to draw there. So I added that on authored effect. And it looks all right. It looks fine. And I think the reason for that is because this whole sketches very sketchy. So even if there is a mystic, if it's not that significant, it's not going to stand up. It's not going to jump help. The animistic is the truck. I should have joined the truck after I drew, uh, root Kurt. But since I used pencil, I was able to raise it. If I'm using pen and ink Higher would probably readjusted, wrote Kurt. Or I would just leave the sketch as it is sometimes when you want to fix mystic my and up adding even more mystics. So, thankfully, I'm using pencil for this particular sketch so I could fix it a few that the contrast for these bikers, they are not a strong soul. I can go in, use my pencil to basically color or some of the darker areas just to give it some extra corn trust. This partner is under tractor shipping very dark. 7. Independence Palace Pt1: Hi, everyone Welcome. Two days to Taro. A few weeks ago I went to Ho Chin Minh City for holiday and I did not have time to sketch there. But I took a lot of reference photos. So using those reference photo, I will be creating a series off to Toral's. And this is the first video. So let me show you what I'm going to draw today. This is the Independence Palace in Ho Chin Minh City. This is also known as the Reunification Palace. So I took a few photos. So let me show them to you. This is the shot off the front off the beauty. Usually when drawing buildings, I avoid drawing the front because it is difficult. Teoh, make out the shape off the beauty. So I tried to draw from the site where I can see two sides of the beauty ings. Not in this picture. Here the flex are blocking the front, which can be quite nice, but, um, here the flex, they actually block off the center portion where the balcony years. So I not going to use this? This is a nice shot, but there is this vast blocking here, so it blocks off the building on the left side. And finally, I have this shot where I can see the whole beauty in full. So this is the reference for thought that I would be working. We have today. I love to draw on location, but when it's not possible, then I have to draw with reference photo. And when drawing with reference photo, there are some things you should take note off. The first thing is distortion. So I used a wide angle lens to take a photo off this building, and I am actually on the ground level looking up boots. And when I took my camera outwards the vertical lines, CDs, vertical line, and this longer they will tend to move inwards. So this is distortion. When you are drawing on location, this vertical lines, they will be totally straight, pointing vertically, upwards. So this is one thing to take note off. So later on, when I'm drawing, I will be drawing these lines as vertical as if I am drawing on location. The other thing is, the camera is not good at capturing shadow area, so I mean the eyes you can see shadows much battered against the details in the shadow. But for cameras usually shadowed areas, they are difficult to capture. So that's another thing to take note off. And the last thing is, this is just a cropped seen off the actual scene. So there are actually a lot of things going on on the left side and right side. But because off this portal I'm limited to this particular view. If I am drawing on location, I can see Mawr. For example, just now there was a pass parking there. I could draw the bus in to the left side of this beauty without blocking the beauty. But when I'm looking at this photo right now, I do not see the bus. So that's the difference. So Foot always just crops a limited view off the place off the scene. So these are just the three points to take note off. We're looking from a reference photo. This is the sketch book that I will be using today. It's ah, soft covers, human and burned Delta Series sketchbook. The paper is 270 Jess and paper. It has some slack texture, so this is good for watercolor, and the paper is all white, Not totally white. The panda I'm using today is the sailor found impact with zoom nip. So this pan is capable of being, I think lines. I will be using new villas, Bulletproof black ink in sight. So the biggest what approved went dry. So let me flip to this pitch. Usually I do not start right behind a cover. I would just leave a pitch here and stop here. So let's take a look at the reference photo again. So this is actually ah, rudder white subjects. So I probably would want to move his beauty, decide here so that I can draw some of the people down here. Oh, and I think about the distortion is now for white angle lenses, elements that are closer to the lands, they will appear to be bigger and elements that are further away from the lands. They appear to be smaller. So this building here is actually he really distorted now decided here in the lab site and the right side, they should be equal in proportion. But as you can see from this photo here, it takes up a large area. So this Alleman here this part here is actually quite close to the camera on this part here is further away. That's why it seems for the way. So when I'm drawing well, I will probably steal droid like this where this portion is smaller and this portion is bigger. But I will want to keep the vertical lines vertical. So let me just start with vertical lines. And before his thought, let me show you Highwood measured and go up. This you can hold y'all pan against the liner on. Try to remember the angle. That is one easy way to get pissed and I will pay attention to the four corners. So this corner here and switch to a pencil so they can see this corner here is going to if you draw hearts on the line over is going to Kat around very close, very, very close to this corner here. So when I'm drawing later, I need to take note of that. And this corner here is below this corner here. I will put my finger here to use it as a gauge to see how tall debuting should be. So it's gonna be something like this. I'm going to draw the first vertical lying first. Now, this can be a bit scary because this is ink. If you make a mystic, then you cannot go back. So be a bit careful. Now. I'm going to extend this line all the way here. Remember, just now that this corner, the top right corner, is very close to displace here, but slightly harder. So I'm going to put it somewhere around here. So now I can just very easily connect the two lines. It doesn't matter if it's not really straight. Its longest online looks street. It's going to appear street. So now I can draw to Nick's point, which is Don't here. I might need to use my pencil. Teoh, not measure. What is it is correct. And now there is the balcony here. No, the balconies. Right in the center, off this beauty. So to locate the center of things beauty you can actually use. These are cross section method where you draw a line here at the top left corner joint to displace here and from the top right corner can joint to this place here. So when you join the two lines together, it's the intersection. Point will be descent off debuting, and it's somewhere around here, so I'm not going to draw it in. But I'm going to remember what, this because with the center here now, I can go ahead and draw the balcony again. I'm going to draw this line here. Now, this is the balcony juts salt. A bit so perspective of this will be something like this. And then it comes down, looked iss goes back and Dan comes no like this, All right? And there are actually, And now they're, um, a roof here, which is right in the center. So I want to draw that in. It's further up here, So let me just drawn at here. The perspective off this line has two full load the general shape of the building general direction of the beauty as gonna cut somewhere in dissent off this balcony. So basically, when I'm drawing, I'm just really is all about comparing Brad Lines are so that's another small balcony. Your and no, I can her helps draw extrusion the roof. It actually actually extrude ups lightly. So honored. Wrong one. Um, all line up there. The general idea is to draw the big ships first followed by the details and now on to draw the site off this war. Now this is a bit tricky because usually when I'm drawing on location, I will be sitting at one spot. I will be able to spot Vanishing Point, which is somewhere around here. But because I'm working with the photo, it's a bit difficult to find out where that point ISS So I think it's probably somewhere around here. I want to put it onto the pitch here so that I can have a good reference helps. I want to use a pencil to market. The vanishing point is at the eye level. So, um, it's probably somewhere here and disputing ISS. There are actually a few disputing is actually quite tall. So this part here is actually 2/3 off the building, Darius and other one down here. So I need to leave some space for that. All right. With the vanishing point here, I can just very easily draw this site off the beauty toe. It's the finishing point, hopes thing. I drew it a bit. Yes, see, I made a mistake. So now the finishing point is outside off the page. So doesn't make her. I just have to remember that a vanishing point outside of pitch, Because when I draw this line here, it has to point out off the pitch. Sometimes I could use some trees. The toilets, too. Um, height, the lines and disputing will come down here. All right. Now, there are several vertical lines that divide decide off the beauty. So that's 12 tree for five. Let me count it. There are five pots here, 12 driven by no six parts here and tree pots here. So I need to draw the A total of my pots there. And I want to leave some space for the bottom of the roof that juts out. So I'm going to divide it in such a way that I can fit all the night parts in. So this was part here. It's gonna be here. This line, it doesn't go all the way down. This is actually a very small peeler. It doesn't go all the way down. And there's not a one year just right beside a balcony. I think I shall just use a line here to represent that. All right. Now, between dislike and dislike, there are going to be six pots, so you just have to divide it equally This ISS So I just need two more parts here on yeah, on here. Or there is going to be a tree pots. So being and go down from here and do basically just do the same thing for this site, I think I actually accidentally smart stuck in here. I hate it when it happens. There are some people on the balcony, so I just basically just draw some little dots stir. I just use the little dots to represent those people, and the same applies here as well. I'm going to divide it here. With this divided, I can draw the little details. There's this horizontal lines that goes all the way across at a top here. Oh, that's actually another, um, Peter here. So, you know, forget about that. So this line, it goes all the way across and it's there at the bottom s well growing. A building like this really is all about patients. Because there are so many elements. You have to be patient. If not, you're gonna make mystics. So the slower you draw, the more accurate you can be my lines here. There are not professionally protocal the wobble slightly, but it doesn't matter. Okay, Um, I actually wanted to draw some trees. A bread? I'll do it later. Hopes test is part here that I've got to draw. Okay, now I'm going to draw the three big huge windows here. They are basically rectangles that stopped from here. Read down. This is a square. This is a rectangle. There are some we knew is here as well. So I'm just going to draw it here. There is a flag here, right in the middle. Remember, Just know that cross section point. Try to remember where that point is. Draught Affleck right into center. There's another flag pool by the left side. And that's another rooftop balcony. The rooftop balcony. The roof actually starts wrong. 12 read. It's somewhere between this place here. I'm using these lines as a gauge. So it starts here and and yes, right on top of days balcony here so I can actually just move it. This now, if you find at drawing straight lines is a bit difficult. You can actually just move sketchbook like this and draw. So there is actually are way for you to draw really straight line. Just moved a sketch. Go and draw in such a way that your hand moves more naturally. I'm all comfortably so disliked here. It goes out to the vanishing point around here. So I'm going to draw that, keeping in mind the finishing point and the same thing here for this. Whoa. I think there are still a lot more windows that I feel to draw. So I just spotted them. There was dues on big. Put a plan here. That's right here. Show that to you. See, it is a big part of plan here. Now, this part of plan is about the same height as the balcony. So I'm going to draw it as a big step and it's going to be somewhere around here. These two plans they have locking the stack is behind this. Techies is like, this comes down here, their sexual person standing, you're taking full tools, just brought it in, and a lot of people are moving up the stack. He's so that's that is actually his thoughts year. There is a person running. I'm just going to you draw the person standing now because I took this photo while our war standing, The eye level of all these people basically will be hit. So when drawing something like this, other people's hit the usual intersect at the eye level at a horizon level. But for people who are on the steps here, you can draw them a bit taller. No, there's another person that IHS here, so the person is quite big. I'm referring to this guy here, so I'm gonna draw that in as well. Now make sure that a person the hit is on the horizon and a hit obviously will meet with audio out of hits here. So the head is going to be somewhere out here wearing a cap. No drawing people like this is really easy because looking at a photo drawing from static photo. But in real life, they will be walking. They will be moving very fast, so it really would be beneficial if you can draw and practice drawing more people. So when you are coming out with this sort of situation, you can just draw them from your memory and stayed off. Um, just looking at the moving people. You just need to get the proportion. Right? And you can just draw from memory. No, full this sketch. I am going to draw all the way to the age off the pitch. So I'm just going to draw all the way that age off the pitch, and I'm going to color all the way to the age of the pitch, because when looking at the final result, this is going to feel a bit more immersive. So usually I would leave. I do not draw the weeded official leave white around her, um, pages, But I'm going to try a different style this time, so I'm going to draw all the way to age. Okay, now, this is really the easy partner. I've drawn the general ship of beauty, and now I'm gonna drawing on the little details and adding trees on 11 right side. So I'm just going to fast forward this pot. - All right, so this is done. That means Zuma, and that you take a look 8. Independence Palace Pt2: I have waited for the ink to dry. So now I can at watercolor, I'm using enough sky Upali tra watercolor brush. I have reviewed this on my block and also on YouTube and I'll be using Daniels me one color today I'm going to start by colorings the sky. So I'm going to be using ultra marine surreal in blue and burnt. So that means zoom in closer and what is wet? The sky first, I'm gonna use a mop brush so that it's foster after the very careful not to go over to, uh, beauty. Now, this paper is great. It's thick enough so it doesn't bacal. When I put what on it, which is good. I can go over the trees because the trees are going to be green. And when I use the blue sky, I can touch up the trees with some yellow to turn them green. Some of the ink hasn't dried yet, so that's a problem. Okay. All right. Let me work very quickly. We have some real in blue and ultra marine, so this is really blue. This is all charm, Marine. Let me just turn off the lights year so they can see it. If you wanted colors to flow down, you have to actually hold a sketchbook like this. So I just put my one caller here Siudek and, um, to sketchbook. This guy, by the way, is actually white in, uh, photograph, but and white is not very interesting. So I added some blue to create some happy clots. It's easier. Some of the pain actually went down all the way. I put too much water. So I'm going to Ken this Try not to white bid like this because I just realized that when I'm wiping like there's some of the ink hasn't dried and it's me. It's slightly so always do that tapping motion instead. So in depth here as well on here is down on dry. Perhaps I want you just tried. So So I have to create the sky as if some sort off skied. Er okay, I think this is done. And now I'm going Teoh Color the other biggest area, which is the ground now. The photo was taken around noon times or the shadow Um, this was actually back lit, so this whole area here is backlit, but because this is art you can do whatever you want. I'm going to make this letter from the front. I'm going to make the site your, uh, in shadow. So all the people here, they will be lead from the front, and a shadow will go to this site. But before I do that, I want to basically color the ground. So I'm good to do a mixture off French Ultra Marina, Burnt sienna. That's my favorite mixture for grade horns. Okay, Um, now I was the one to color or some of the dark shadows there. So the shadow areas would be here again. A lot of ultra marine and burnt sienna. Okay, Now fall This right here is gonna be big brown. So I'm gonna using a bit more, but Sienna. And now I can collard, uh, this dry yet this is not dry yet, so I will color deflect when it's dry. So no, I do want to do that. No, I can make some yellow for the trees and spoilage. And also for the plans. I'm gonna clean my brush properly. Get some yellow. I'm just going to dab it here and there. Here. I'm not gonna be too careful because I'm going to use a green wash over that. Here it started to blend with just partyer. So not good. And now I can mix the yellow, so, um, I can actually use the green that I have. I have sap green here, which is a nice green. So this is sap green. I can add a bit off ultra marine to change the color slightly. So our soldiers at sap green Let me just push this pitch up a bit. So that came color street to, uh, ich and at some basically ultra marine Teoh get some variation due to green. Not particularly careful. I shall just quickly just collar it, and Okay, this is dry. So when I can just adapt some green to the top and now for the front of the building. Um, in fact, let me just Ecologist site first. That should be in shit. So it should be Doc Ultra Marine. When Sienna were some queen rate. So this part here will be in shadow, all right. And this building has a light yellow Kerr, um, washed to the front. So I'm going to use your Loker. Make sure to clean my brush properly and get some yellow occur. No, I can color the people. All right. Okay. So now fall Despont here. This part here is going to be very dark. I mean, zillion, I'll be using ultra Marine on burnt Sienna. Forgot to color the bottom side of this police should be dark shadow here as well here as well. And so it is. We news. Okay. All right. So now I can cover the shadows off all these people. So the sun iss going to point from this direction, And I'm just going to basically, um, put some shadow ultra Marine queen rate to give a purple shadow. What should be more concentrated? Because shadow under, uh, afternoon sun is going to be very harsh, very dark. And now for the finishing touch that is going to be think I'm going to put some very light wash off Bree on to this place here. Is it right here? Yeah. And also some of the steps to All right, So this is the completed sketch. I think I want to give myself some self critic. Now, when I look at a sketch right now, everything is field of color. It's a bit difficult to see where my focused ISS, so I actually went a hit to light on the ground. I used wet tissue and basically just depth onto the ground, trying to pick out the colors to make this lighter. And the reason for debt is because again, if you have everything in collar is very difficult for the viewers to focus their attention . So I tried to lighten this. When I have, this whole block of color is also very difficult to for me to see all the people that are walking toe it's debuting. Of course, if I have the time to look at this catch like this up close, then I can definitely see on people walking. But for people who are looking, there are on line. At one glance, the visual should be able to grab the attention. They should be withheld in a split second. What's going on? And in my opinion, this sketch it doesn't work that well, all because off this our area here at a grown Andi I think that's awful my to Tora today. If you have any questions, let me know in the command section. Let me zoom in closer for you to see some of the details on this sketch 9. HCMC City Hall Pt1: Hi, everyone. Welcome to sketch number seven in the sketching Hoagy Me in city Syria's off to Toros Today I'll be scratching the city Hall off a human. So this is the reference photo that I took from across the street. There are a few things to note. First of all, this photo was taken with a wide angle lens. That's why the vertical lines they are slanted tutor to do. It's the center so I can see your Disl impose. It goes in Ondo, radicalized it Go. But later on, when I sketch, I will be drawing them vertical state because this is a distortion. The other thing to note is because this is a wide angle lens objects that are nearer to the lands. They are going to appear bigger compared to those that are further away. So here this part of the beauty and appears much larger competitive spot. If you were to draw this in real life on location, the size is not going to be so different. Significantly on lastly, there are a lot of motorbikes on the ground on the roads, so this can be quite challenging to draw. If you're drawing this on location again. This is going to be quite challenging because the cars, the motorbikes, they are always moving. All right. The composition that I'm choosing will be disc opposition. I'm not able to feed the whole thing in. If I want to feed everything into this sketchbook, this building, we appear to be too small. In addition to other challenges that I mentioned earlier, this beauty is quite detailed. So there are a lot off carvings and off little structures here and there. And to be able to fit, disputing, destroying onto these two pagers, that's going to be very challenging. So simplification is required. And right now, as I look at this photo, I need to be able to fit the top off the flag and the bottom of the beauty. And usually for me, I tend to draw a bit bigger. So in order to fit this and I have to make a more conscious effort to draw things a bit smaller, if you want to, you can use some pencil lines to basically just map out to drop out the composition first. But I'm going to go straight with pink. I'm going to draw smaller, make a mental note to draw a bit smaller. I will try to place the flag on the right side here so that there is no important part of the beauty that goes into the gutter. So per helps. Although draw something like this is this, uh, this line here, you can be quite challenging to basically draw ST readout guidelines. I'm drawing a very news sketch. So it is just scribble marks. One of the more common question that I receive regarding sketching is how do you get the perspective correct? And the answer to debt is you do not need to know perspective in order to draw an accurate drawing or you need is observation skews and the more attention you pay to your throwing, the more full cursed, the more accurate it's going to be. Perspective is helpful to how you Butte something to help you check. Read of, check your work whether or not it's accurate. But you really do know need perspective in order to So all these lies on his angles I'm actually just drawing them based on what I'm looking at right now. I'm sorry for the noise in the background. Now, if you know perspective, you can get the vanishing point off this line and dislike and again point. This line drawing is dying. Introduction to the vanishing point, and you will be able to get the angle of this line perfectly correct. I have demonstrated that in your video I want to go back and watch it. But right now I'm just growing it based on what I looking at from the photo. So how do I actually simplify our things? Well, it's not that difficult, actually. Now, first of all, you have to draw the general shape off the structure. For example, this is a cute and after you finish drawing the cubic and draw in the little details inside a cube like windows and stop like that, and when you find out, it's when you find out, it feels like it's a bit tight to draw hard elements in. That's when you should stop drawing, for example, if there are some elements some carving here, I would not draw those carvings because if I draw that carving here, this part here is going to look too busy, so I will have to stop there so I would skip that. So now I'm going to draw the bottom of this building, which is basically this section here. There are four columns here, so this is one of them. This is an auto one. It would be more accurate drawing the line first before you draw the column. Sometimes I make mystics. I draw in columns, furs before I draw the details was before I draw general ship. So that can be a problem if you don't do it right. And just booting goes all the way down. What? This tous And there's this arched doorway, the hostelry, it no dis aligned year. It's going to point in this direction. So when you draw, you can use a pencil to mark out the angle opted line, or you can draw it like this. Just make sure that goes a bit smaller each time it moves to the website and there are some plans here. I love this ponds because they basically just block whatever does in front. I mean behind them, so they are quite helpful. So there is another don't here they try and draw the general ships for so they can see the ship off the beauty come to life. His two downwards and go up like this and there is another pot here. Now I'm going to draw this point here. This point is very close to this point. So that's my clue to read. You start drawing that point from, so it's gonna start somewhere out here and this point here, it's going to end somewhere on here. If you look at it vertical. So when I draw it down like this issue and somewhere out here, if you have the vanishing point for this, it's very easy to get this angle correct. So now, right now, I'm actually just eyeballing it. So decided are for intricate designs off this, but debuting which I'm just drawing us from your scribbles. There is a door here, so I draw that for the roof. This point here, it's somewhere on here. Oh, I forgot to draw this thing first. I should probably draw that in because that's gonna help me to tell me Brad at Roof iss. All right, so this point here it's to the left side of this sculpture. So it's somewhere around here, and this point used to the left side off this point here. So it's somewhere over here, and this is at an angle. So this angle is almost parallel to tears and gold. So I just combine him and draw this on. There's extreme extrusion here strolling tous. But this and for this particular part here it's like this. So just combine it. No, this part here, it's not going to be taller compared to this part here. So I suggest Roddick is. Make sure that this line it doesn't cross this point here. So proportion is very important if you want to make disputing look accurate. And now for this part here, there is a balcony here. This is an extrusion, so I would draw extrusion in. There is a column that goes all the way down there is balcony that juts out. Draw the other column. It's okay not to be accurate because it's just a sketch. What is important years, as I have mentioned a few times, is we should really enjoy what you're drawing. If a drawing on location, you should really enjoy the atmosphere, even if it's really hard issue. Just enjoy the day that you have have to leave some space. What a motor bikes the rooms on this site something. Make sure that they are aligned properly. I'm gonna draw this line across first. There is actually and not a balcony that comes out practice. It goes like this and there's there's window here. Now this window. Take a look at this window. This point here, This line here, it starts right in the middle off. This point here on the window ends right at this corner off the balcony. So when you draw this, make sure that it starts right here because there are some perspective going on and ends. Hopes you can see I make a mystic is very difficult to talk Android sometime anyway, issue. And at this point here, I'm not going to draw in order horizontal lines there. This is the other window. It's a bit taller. Terrorist. It seems like there's there's little protrusion peeler that comes out of this. So CDs car here, so the car overlaps the whole beauty, but to try and draw it now the top off the car is below the window here, so I need to draw it somewhere. Here it starts. The car actually starts here. It starts to be here. Here. DeSisto hopes the back window. This is the site mirror front now the wheels here No pay attention to the wheels here. It's right. Lower back, back, mirror back wouldn't do. Throwing cars is a bit challenging because you need to get there proportions, right? It's very easy when you get to proportions, right, but very difficult. If you get them room, then your car will not look like a car. Now that I've drawn the car in, it's very easy for me to draw all the other elements in the background because there us a few more trees. They're just scribbles. I'm lying there as another window here. His window is directly bean live this window. So I used this window as alignment to get to get an idea of where to draw this we do. And as we go all the way down like this, yes, there's Peter here on Does is plant here all right. Now comes the challenging part off drawing audience. Motorbike writers withdrawing in real life, drawing on location, visit law, try and kid horizontal line the horizon on your eye level. So in this case, the high level is where all the I's cross Remember the eye level is where all eyes will cross. So all the eyes off all these bikers notice that they are actually on the same line, almost on the same line. There. There are people who are going to be a bit lower because they are a bit shorter. Some people are a bit taller, so the eye level is a bit higher. But generally speaking, all eyes will be on the I level, so in this case it's right here. So when drawing on his model bikes, motorbikes, writers, make sure to draw the hit on the eye level. So right now I can draw something like this is just a very simple shape of this is me now even look like a motorbike, something like debt that could be another person here again, make sure that the hit is on eye level. Alright, let's try and draw something a bit different, something that is not shown in the photograph to illustrate the concept of high level. Now I'm going to draw this motorbike writer a bit larger competitive audience, perhaps maybe because she is closer to to me. That's why I want to draw her a bigot. But how How should I draw her? Bigger? Remember what eyes should be on high level. So the hit will be on eye level. So this is I level. So I can basically just draw her maybe two times bigger. But I'm gonna make sure that the eye is on eye level. So maybe the eyes is here. Is this where the helmet iss This is the person. This is where her eyes are. She is wearing our phrase mosque. This is the modern bike, she instruct. Is this her hair on this ISS? Her hoodie is a bit difficult to draw across the gutter. It's just a bike. So this is how I would draw it. Let me zoom out a bit. So this lady may seem to be a bit bigger compared to just But it still looks correct because the eye is on the higher level. So next I want to draw another motorbike writer Per helps half the size of this, but bigger than this. So I'm going to choose this writer. This is the right. And when you choose something, make sure that the hit is on the horizon line. So, wearing a helmet, there's a face that's her hair do. This is her arm. She's actually wearing a back in the photo, but I can choose not to draw that. So basically, this is the ship off that writer. So this is basically how it's going to look like. It's very sketchy. It's very Rob because I cannot see the detail. Anyway, when the motorbike is moving in real life, you will not be able to see the details as well. But the main thing to take known office, his Lady a hit, is on the high level. And now if I want to, I can draw out of bikers behind you. See, in this photo debtors and out of biker that's here so I can draw a person here. Even if the ship is a bit, I was distort er a bit lose. As long as they get the general shape of the person, right, that's not get a human ship, right? It's going Teoh, look Right. So you see here is this very sketchy, but this deal look like motorbike writers. All right, for this part of the beauty, I'm just going to do a time lapse. The basic concept is the same draw the general ship. First full, abide details that are insight into shape. Let's take a look at this sketch. So it's a very news sketch that I drew in 45 minutes. I did not draw a lot of details. Basically, I just draw the ships that have the most contrast. And that would be the arch doorways, the peelers. Some of the sculptures I draw those that have contrast because they give the form to provide form off the ship. So if you draw those in, you should be fine. 10. HCMC City Hall Pt2: This is actually quite a complicated sketch to color because there are so many pots there. So I need to be a bit more careful when coloring this now for the sky instead of Serena Blue, I'm going to try French ultra Marine with burnt sienna. French Ultra Marine is a warm do color, so that's try debt in. So once you mix it with burnt Sienna, you can see that there's great home starts to form. So sometimes I don't want it to be to agree. I think this blue is a bit dark. Perhaps I want to mix it with some sort. Really do. Cerulean blue is much lighter. I think it's a very beautiful If you dilute it enough, you can get a very nice, um regulating Skype. Okay, so now I'm gonna work on the beauty for the beauty and I'm gonna use yellow occur. I'm gonna use a lot of yellow Kerr and some great just to give it some variation. Yellow Curries are very nice yellow that you can use street from depend, but if you do not mix it, we've read, it can appear to be quite for that. So sometimes I mix it with a bit off you come bosh are a bit off. So in this case, let's try and color this and see what happened. This is a bit too much paint. Actually, I can just swipe it over like this because the windows are going to be Doc. So later on, I can just color the windows over the yellow ocher so I can. Right now I can color just mean beauty in one shape. There are some white peelers, so I do not want to color the white Peters. I have to leave them white if need be. I can use whitewash liter to collar. There was Peter's or colors on the lines that are supposed to be white. Move my palate down so that I can get it easier. So these are white plus on it to leave them white. No, now it seems a bit flat. I can at some re to it, just depth. Some writ here and they're world opinion still wet so that at small variation Teoh Wash it was too strong. You have to wash it down a bit. For example, right now it seems like it's a bit too strong, but I actually like dissed. Taller is a very soft pastel color. Let me at that pastel color here as well. When it washes red, it's easy to at. But when it's not, you get the shop ages, which sometimes you may not want them. So right now I'm looking at my reference photo and finding out where l was like a used his wash for the roof. I'm going, Teoh color it with our new gun. Bush on quinoa cried on. Right wonders will have to be strong. Basically. Right now I'm coloring the sketch asked Yvonne coloring in a coloring book. Now for the writers below I'm going to use I'm gonna color them very carefully later on to make sure that the ships up all the writers, they are steel obvious. But right now I'm gonna use outright marine and burnt sienna to color. Okay, so I forgot to color the roof on the far left. So I need to use this color. We've got a bit off rate to it. Hopes it too much. I shall stop there. Perhaps this writer is worrying rate hoodie, so let me just keep her duty. No, there is no strong shadow. So does catch is going to appear a bit for that because the sun was actually lighting this scene up from the front and for the windows. Narcan going and at some more ultra Marine and burnt sienna. Some of the windows, they are dark green. So I'm I want Teoh. He was green for those windows. You hear the colors do that, don't. So let me try and clean this up and I'll color debt again later on. Okay, Some of the writers they are going to be wearing very black pans. Motorbikes are going to be sort of like a swell, so I can college bikes. Oops. So it's a bit difficult Teoh color sometimes because the paint is not dry. So every time I touched up in the color were just bleed out. So it's very difficult to work with some of the areas here, so I'm gonna live this like this. First lead foot is too dry before adding another layer off paint. This is almost dry. So now I want to add in the dark areas for some of the windows here that I've got to do so just merely depth them on and for the plans. Remembered Cluster. I need to use some fatal green were a bit off so that I can get a very dark green. Maybe some burnt sienna owners. Well, so I'm trying collar this. This is almost black. I need a bit more green to it. All right. I think this should do nicely. So basically, I'm trying to color the trees. Ones for the motorbike writers. I'm going to leave some of them in white. I'm going to at some off them in very bright colors. Like this lady, perhaps, were yellow is a bit too strong, so I'm gonna add some yellow Kurt of it. Maybe a blue for this. The news is over. Difficult brush to use. Usually when I am outdoors, I only have one brush on. I just have to try and make it work with the one brush is part curious. Too wet. It does require a lot of patients to color orders, small parts and I'm going to color's Some off the shadows give the bike. Usually it's almost always black. Believe the car. Lastly for the windows, I can make them a bit docker in some cases and some more yellow occur with a bit of burnt sienna areas that are in shadow. It's not too much. I just need a bit to show that they are in the shelter. So this is the completed sketch. I probably should not have used so much water here. Usually, this is not a problem when you to your drawing surface and let the water just flow down. But earlier on, I put down a sketchbook again, sort of what I float back and it put here. So when it dries, it creates tears, agri back run effect. And here it looks fine. In fact, it's very beautiful around this area here at the bottom here for the roots. I actually added another layer off wash just to make the route docker so that this building it would appear brighter. So it is our order motorbike writers. They are difficult to differentiate from the background now because I colored them very hastily. If I were to color them like I would color are coloring book for helps. It would be a big, clear rough. This is the mean beauty itself. There wasn't any shadows that day, so it's very difficult to make out the form of the building. You can only rely on perspective these lines that go to the finishing point around here. You can make yourself the finishing point. You get a sense of the form of this beauty, but other than that is a bit difficult without the shadows. This is actually not the only A sketch that I drew drew this with pen and ink about two hours ago. I drew this with pencil soul with penning. The contrast is a bit stronger. The form off the beauty is a bit easier to see. With pencil, you need to be able to use the water color better so they can get the ship of the building to show. Right now, it appears to be a bit patchy, perhaps too patchy, So the shape off the beauty is not that clear. And the pencil lines they are not a strong compared to the pennant. Think so? It doesn't help with trying the form autos, motorbike writers, right? They are pretty much lost in this sketch, but the sky is I like this guy. So this is it. If you have any questions, do let me know. Thanks for watching. See you in the next video by