Sketching Dancers - figure drawing with an action line

Barbara Baumann, Artist and Illustrator

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5 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Basic shapes

    • 3. Action Line

    • 4. Action Line in Suits

    • 5. Inspiration


About This Class

The class is about the human body: how to capture the amazing elegance of dancers and their powerful moves. In this class you are going to learn in a simple step by step approach how to work with action lines and basic shapes in order to draw a human body in motion.

I’ll show you how to deduct the figure with simply guidelines and how you improve your observation capacity. It’s all about learning to see the drawing. So we start very roughly with basic shapes and an action line. The focus is on the draft. It’s the most important part of the drawing as it defines the proportions and pose of the final figure already.

At the end of this class you will be able to draw dancing humans - in different poses and moves. You will know how to start the sketching of a human being and how to add dynamic to its body posture. 

My name is Barbara Baumann and I am an Austrian artist and illustrator. I am teaching drawing classes since 2015 and I am so enthusiastic about showing the students how they could express themselves by drawing and finding their own style of drawing.

Music by Twisterium



This class is designed for those, who are interested in learning how to draw humans in an expressive way by building up the figure with basic shapes step by step. It’s a beginner’s guide to approach the human figure in a very rough & simple way.




For the sketches/dancers:

  • Ink pen or Pencil (6B) & Sketchbook
  • Pad, Drawing tablett

I will jump between sketchbook, iPad and graphic tablet in order to offer you the best way possible to learn figure drawing. This also means, that every material is perfect for you. You can either use a pen and a sketchbook or a pad, whatever you want – the process you draw and create the figures will be the same, no matter which material you decide to use.