Sketchbooking for New Parents | Kristy Lankford | Skillshare
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9 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Welcome and Congratulations

    • 2. Recommended Materials

    • 3. The First Page

    • 4. Self Portraits

    • 5. The Mindful Doodle

    • 6. Continuous Line Drawing

    • 7. Handprints Color Page

    • 8. Project: Baby Photo Op

    • 9. Thank You!


About This Class

Becoming a new parent is an amazing experience, but it can also be a little overwhelming. When artist and art teacher Kristy Lankford became a mom, she rediscovered the joy of keeping a sketchbook. It is a great way to find fun in the simple things, creativity through the craziness, and a new sense of self that goes with this new little person.  

In this class, you will learn some of the tips and tricks to keeping a sketchbook in those first few months of parenthood. Your sketchbook can become a place for midnight doodles, mindful meditation, and family memory making. You and your family can use this class to create a sketchbook filled with memories from that very special time in your baby's life.

Kristy Lankford is an artist, illustrator, art teacher, and mom. For over 10 years, she has taught a variety of classes, including drawing, fashion illustration, and painting. She works as a freelance illustrator and sells her artwork through private commissions and online shops. Her baby is now 2, but she has a pile of sketchbooks to remember those crazy, funny, special early times in his life. 

This class requires no previous drawing or art making experience and although it is designed with new parents in mind it would also be great for aunts, uncles, grandparents, and extended family. Grab a sketchbook, a few other simple art supplies, and that baby and snuggle in for a fun baby-inspired sketchbooking class. 


1. Welcome and Congratulations: Hi. My name's Kristi Langford and Almond artist, illustrator, art teacher and a mom. When I became a mom two years ago, I felt a little bit lost. And I like This is really awesome. But what am I doing about a month into maternity leave? Remember? Hey, I love making art and keeping a sketchbook, So why don't I go back to doing that? And I kind of rediscovered my sketchbook making abilities. So I recently thought this might be a really helpful thing to share with other new moms and dads. So in this class, you're about keeping a sketchbook that relates to having a new baby in the house. You will do three main things. We'll talk about some projects you could do with being, so you could incorporate them into some drawing sketching. We'll talk about being mindful and keeping a journal or sketchbook interest to just focus your mind. Relax and will do part scrapbook. So memory keeping memories. I hope you'll join this class and have a lot of fun, and we'll get started right now. 2. Recommended Materials: for this class, all you really need is a good pencil, a Sharpie earth in pen and a couple of sketchbooks. However, if you want on a little bit of color to your artwork, a simple set of color markers might go long way. These ones. I'll be using coy markers, but you can use any kind of sharp, your other brand. I think that will help you add a little bit of color to the drawings and other artworks that we make in this class. Gather your materials and let's get started. 3. The First Page: that first stage can be a little bit intimidating if you don't know what you want to draw. So why not start with some of the things you have around your house? Probably your child. Maybe you have a pet or other Children, and then months you doodled some of those things, fill the rest of the behavior of the pattern. That's a really easy way to start the book. And that's how I started my first sketch book after my son was born. So on your page, open that start in pencil or marker. You're feeling bold. Go with the marker and draw things that you see around you and include your family, your partner, anything you want to. And it can just be really simple shapes. I want everybody looked like maybe like me, you're sitting around with a bunch of toys you could just raw Whenever you have around you , when you finish doodling things that you see, go and fill the rest of the page with a pattern. Just simple lines in shapes. You can even add some words if you want your introduction change until we are running out of time, so we'll start to wrap it up. It doesn't take long. It's just opening page for your sketchbook. Take some time when that kid is napping and do some doodles and draw some lines with pencil or pen. An open that sketchbook up and enjoy a little you time with a little mindful doodling to take a mental break. Have fun. 4. Self Portraits: in the next page in your sketchbook, you're gonna make up self portrait. So I think it's one to make a lot of these. I made a bunch in my, um, maternity leave sketchbook, and I think you can find them print funny later on, especially if you date them. You can see often in my pajamas, but then sometimes it looks it was a little bit nicer and, um, have some fun with drawing yourself. The one that I like that I think is the best and the funniest has the labels around it with what everything in this picture means. So I'll give you a couple tips on drawing people to help you get started. You can drive yourself and your partner if you like, Um, but let's go with some basics. Basic things. Lots of times, you do your head as an over a circle square neck rectangle, body rectangle, arms, my tangle legs. You can do diamond hands and diamond feet if you want, but in the woman, just do some shapes for your hair. You don't have to do it this way. That's a really simple way to go about it. You can think outside the box to What about a square head? What does that person look like? Keep your people simple with shapes, but no stick figures. Just trying to do it with squares and rectangles and circles instead. And you'll get something a little bit, um, thicker, which means you can put the coals on them and at the details. Whatever is on your T shirt, however messy your hair is whatever you spilled on your pants, probably one sure something from the baby. Whatever you're holding in your hand, maybe you can have that little baby in there. Whatever you want, But simple shapes will get you a little bit more detail than something like this. So, Philip Age. Make yourself a self portrait. Have labels if you want, so you can remember and make sure you date the page. It's so you can look back in the years to come and have a laugh about what that day was like back when that baby was 5. The Mindful Doodle: I wanted to talk a little bit more about the mindful doodle, just thinking off some topic and drawing as many things as you can think of that. Go with that topic. For example. You can just write the word bears and then you drive many bears as you can think of as many different ways. You could do flowers. You can dio baby things which we do a lot, Um, one of my favorite ones. This is another baby. Things here, one that I really like is what's in the French and just draw all the things you can think of better in your refrigerator right now and get some humorous, uh, doodles in that one. You can also pick hats or cowboy hats like in this one and just doodle everything you can think of that goes with that. You can just come up with lines and shapes and maybe limit your color choices and see what you come up with. That clothing, items, animals, things in your living room, things you can see outside the window. You can just draw, pick yourself a subject and drives many things as you can think of that. Go on. That subject. And, um, give your brain a little break while you do that. So I'm going to do one that his proceed pretty easy for me to come up with. Ah, lot of different examples. For instance, I'm going to start with a Sharpie, But I also have picked a few of my markers. Just I'm on a limited to three colors, and I'm gonna draw everything I can think of that goes with the word nature. And you could write the word nature if you wanted. Or you can just, um you can just start drying. I think I'm going to write it, but not too big in a little bit of an interesting font. And then I'm gonna see what I think of that goes with them When? When you feel like you've reached a, um, good spy, you've thought about a lot of different things being filled in all of space thinking, Graham. A couple different colors I like to limit, but I also sometimes use all the colors that one time just depends on how bright you want to get. And I'm just gonna think of a couple places to add color with just these three and then I'll be I'll be moving on. - And when you feel like you've reached a good spot and you think you're done, then you're probably done. Ah, couple things I want to point out limiting your color palette. It forces you to use colors in a different way than you might normally thinks. They might use pink in a place you wouldn't have thought to use it before. Sometimes I just outlined. Sometimes I filled in the hole shapes. So breaking up like that and I also came up with us a different type of mark for each color to fill in some of the emptier spaces. Ah, and have them. And I just had some fun. I didn't feel everything in. I just brought a little bit of color into it to give it a little bit of, um, life outside of black and white. However, plenty of times I stick with black and white, so it's whatever you're in the mood for. If you're doing this during nap time or the middle of the night, or you find yourself of a little bit of peace and quiet with the rest of families out of your house, this is a really nice way to relax and just just dropped 6. Continuous Line Drawing: all right on this page will do something a little bit more personal, a little bit more memory keeping. So what we're gonna do is a combination of two things were going to do a blind, continuous contour line drive of the baby. So from a photograph, Or maybe they're sleeping right next to you. And then on top of that drawing, we're going Teoh, add the birth information so we'll think of a creative way to add, uh, you know, the name birthday? Um, weight, length and any other details you want to include. So it'll be a combination of a drawing of your child with the birth informations. So a blind, continuous contra I drive is A during where you look at your subject matter and you never look down at the paper. You only look at the photograph or at the baby while they're sleeping. So I have a photograph here, and I'm gonna work from that. I'm just going to try to spend about a minute drawing without picking up my pencil without looking down at the paper. And I'm gonna start with pencil because we're gonna build some other details on top of this drug and I don't want the M lines to get to do it. Here we go. - Okay , so that looks pretty funny. And that's the fun of it. Because you're not looking down the paper. You're only looking at your at your person. Um, you can come. It can look really crazy, and that's kind of takes your brain out of it. You can't get too worried about it because they're not even looking at your paper. But this is funny memory that you keep from that time. So So you could come back in with a Sharpie and maybe, um, highlight some of the parts that you like the bus like, I don't really think that these eyes came out all that bad, and they also kind of like this line in here. And it felt fun while I was drawing it to. So bring that in and this is supposed to be two teeth here, which didn't really come out that way, But I'm gonna bring him back in. And I also, um, any lines that you like, maybe come in and just draw them back in two. So they're a little darker. Um, he just a bounce. It up. Okay, so then selected a couple markers just like before. And I'm just gonna come in. And I'm not thinking about, um, anything other than filling in spaces. And it might not be the correct color for whatever you had drawn there, but just, um, just fill in some colors. All right? So I filled some Some shapes are outside to, uh, just to kind of balance it out a little bit empty over there, and I'm gonna come back in with my Sharpie, and I'm going to fill in some of the birth information so you can use an interesting fun. You can just print it if you want. So so you can continue doodling on this, um, bringing in more shapes and lines, and, um, some did some. It's more than a ribbon banner technique over there and just, you know, celebrate the information. If you want Teoh on other colors, you can come back, and it's a little bit of election one, but it's a fun way to put some memories in here. Make a live drying of your baby or from a photograph while you have some time, and then fill in the rest of the information and stuff. That's important right now. You could put down on this day What? What ISS here she really interested in or what's the latest development include all that in here? So you have that memory kept for forever, So give it a try blind continue continuous contra line drawing, plus, um, adding the birth announcement Information on top. 7. Handprints Color Page: This is another idea for your sketchbook, um, to keep a little memory, but also a little bit of mindfulness. So you can do him prints or foot prints and trace them. Um, more than one time. Probably like five or six times. And you're gonna overlapped, um, in your sketchbook. So this is one from maternity leave, and I had glued the handprints in here, but what we're gonna do today is a little different. I've already drawn the hands and I did them in pencil first, especially if you're tracing from your from your baby, you're gonna want to use pencil and then come back in and trace with Sharpie or a thin marker or pen. You can kind of see, I got a little bit lost in there at some different parts could overlap for many times. And I also had a kind of made some different decisions about where the lines went just because it didn't want to get too jumbled up in certain places. And I have some nice, big open shapes and I have some tiny, tiny ones. I've picked just four colors this time, and I'm just gonna call it in like it's coloring book page and it'll I think it was kind of neat when it's finished, all right, so it's a really meet looking finished picture. You can add the date you can add some words things like that, and it's a great way to keep their hand print and a an interesting way in an artwork that you created up. Everything you could do is take a picture of it or scan into the computer and go on a diff . Some of these different websites, like Zazzle and you could have it printed on a variety of products. I think that would be really cool gift or something to keep for yourself, all from that tiny little person's hand or foot shape that you traced into your sketchbook . So keep it to try great way to keep your memory, keep a memory, involved the baby and do a little relaxing and coloring. And at the same time, 8. Project: Baby Photo Op: as you know, by now, done. Ah, lot of self portrait of myself and sometimes with the baby and sometimes with the whole family. Um, and one of the best ones that I remember making was not just a portrait in my book in my sketchbook, but it was one that I then cut out and, um, posed next to three actual baby and took a bunch of pictures and then shared it on my social media. And I have a lot of those pictures printed and then albums. So this is the project for this class. Take some of the different things that we've done. And, um, make an illustration of yourself or yourself and your partner and cut them out of your sketchbook. Pose them with the baby. Take 1000 pictures share on social media share in our gallery if you're comfortable doing that and and then print put the actual drawings back in here along with a photograph of of the baby with miniature parents. And it is so funny. It is an original, um, picture. You don't see people hearing that kind of picture, and you'll just have something, really. Specials from From this time this early time with your baby. So we talked about drawing people before. Um, so looking back at some of the details and guidelines for drawing, um, for drawing people and I had a thought about putting them holding baby items, too. So I am. We'll show you how I how I did that and then also had one person standing, one person kneeling down just to add a little variety. So let me show you pretty much how I created those to, um, and some of some tips for for drawing them so you can start with whichever shaped head you want. Body. So circle rectangle. And then, if you want one arm holding something up high and one holding something down low, just draw the ink, the rectangle for the arms. Draw them at that angle, and then you can do your rectangle legs and then the feet Kingo facing this way. That's my my first parent. My other parents I did with a square hand and always a rectangle body and then different heights for the arms to just slightly different shape. And then this figure is on one me because we're all just working to entertain that baby all the time. So once you have the basic shapes down, you turn these people into you. You and, um your your co parent. So you can put them in clothes that you would wear. You can add detail specific to your family and then have them holding baby things. Like what kinds of toys or your are York? Is your kid playing right? Right now we have one that looked like this that he played with all the time. Um, one of you could be holding the camera. Or maybe it's more likely that were filming with our cell phones these days. Ah, somebody surely has the food for the baby, the bottle or the, um Maybe they're on to solid food by now. And some kind of maybe blankie or pass a fire or blankie attached to a toy. We have all these different things now, so add your person 100 details, and when you're happy with how you look, you color them in. I'm gonna trace with a Sharpie, and then I'm gonna color them in. So, um, the other thing is for faces and keep it really simple. So, um, I did some different shapes for the faces, and this one would do something different here. Uh, just keeping dots for eyes. Hair can, is just shapes. Nothing crazy doing anything crazy here. If you want to get into hands a little more detail, you can just look at the general shapes and then break it into, um, fingers Add the fingers. So 123 Okay, so then treats. Now, if there's a pencil line you don't want in here, don't trace it with marker, and you can erase it out later if you're not happy, okay? And when you're ready colored in, you know, to color the whole thing in Okay , when you're ready, If this is finished, cut them out, pulls them next to the baby, take as many pictures as you want, share, share, share, print them out, and then glue the, um, cut out people with the photograph back in your sketchbook along with the date, of course, so that you have this to remember. And, um, if you're up for it, please do share in our class gallery so that we can see what you have created for this very silly fun photo opportunity for your little one. 9. Thank You!: thank you for taking the sculpture class with me. I just wanted to put through a few more pages from my maternity leave. Sketchbooks got to give you some ideas you could do if you are home. And you have time Additional ideas for how to fill in those peaches on that note. Thank you so much for being a part of this class before. To see what? Congratulations from the new little one haps of fun and we'll see your works in.