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9 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Welcome and Congratulations

    • 2. Recommended Materials

    • 3. The First Page

    • 4. Self Portraits

    • 5. The Mindful Doodle

    • 6. Continuous Line Drawing

    • 7. Handprints Color Page

    • 8. Project: Baby Photo Op

    • 9. Thank You!


Project Description

Baby Photo Op

Objective: Make a sketchbook page that combines your baby and your art AND take some fun family photos.

Materials: Pen, marker, sketchbook, camera


  • Draw you and your partner.
  • You should be about 5 inches tall or bigger.
  • Add some color to your drawing.
  • You can be doing anything in your self-portrait, but holding baby items is a good idea.
  • Cut out your portraits.
  • Wait until your baby is sleeping and pose your drawings near your baby.
  • Take a bunch of photos.
  • Post to social media.
  • Print one of the photos and place in your sketchbook next to your cut outs of your drawings.
  • Include the date on the sketchbook page.

Share pictures of any stage of your project in the class gallery. Congratulations - you have started a really fun sketchbook with your new baby! Keep this book around because you never know when inspiration will strike. 

Student Projects