Sketchbook Practice: Secret Life of a Sketchbook | Ohn Mar Win | Skillshare

Sketchbook Practice: Secret Life of a Sketchbook

Ohn Mar Win, Illustrator surface designer teacher

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14 Lessons (1h 50m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Overview

    • 3. Sketch 1 : Floral preparation

    • 4. Sketch 1 : Floral background

    • 5. Sketch 1 : Floral - A whole load of considerations

    • 6. Sketch 2: Vegetables - Context

    • 7. Sketch 2: Vegetables - Watercolour wash

    • 8. Sketch 2: Vegetables - inking

    • 9. Sketch 3: Packaging - Watercolour wash

    • 10. Sketch 3: Packaging - inking

    • 11. Sketch 4: Spaghetti - watercolour wash

    • 12. Sketch 4: Spaghetti - inking

    • 13. Assessing my sketches

    • 14. Final thoughts

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About This Class


I’ve been keeping keeping sketchbooks for over 3 years and they’ve become and essential part of the way I create art for pleasure and my business.

In this class I'm going to show you the real behind the scenes action as I fill my latest sketchbook with 4 watercolour sketches that will eventually end up in my illustration or licensing portfolio.  I filmed in real time (during one morning) with very little editing so I could share with you some of my honest insights, challenges and vulnerabilities as I fill those pages.  

It may not seem it but almost every artist I know often feels some struggles with the act of creating art. Working through an idea , whether in a sketchbook or a pattern is often filled with uncertainty and worries about the outcome. The videos give a genuine portrayal of how I work and what is involved for me when I sit down. Please join me to see a glimpse of authentic and sincere version of the way I make art.

AS ARTISTS AND CREATIVES WE ALL HAVE TO DEAL WITH CHALLENGES AND SETBACKS OFTEN -  we have to keep putting one step in from of the other. 

To hear more about my sketchbook practice please take a look at this class:

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