Sketchbook Magic I: Start and Feed a Daily Art Practice

Ria Sharon, Practice Makes Better.

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    • Class Overview

    • Day 1: But I don't have the right art supplies!

    • Day 2: But I don't know what to draw!

    • Day 3: But I don't have time!

    • Day 4: But I don't have space!

    • Day 5: But what if it isn't any good?

    • Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Artist and illustrator, Ria Sharon guides you through a playful exploration of sketching as a tool to nurture your artistic practice. In this 36-minute class, Ria will show you her simple (and seemingly magical) techniques to make time and space in your everyday life for creativity. You will begin a sketchbook that you can continue to come back to for inspiration in the days and weeks to come.

This class is perfect for anyone who is hungry for a right-brained activity. No previous art experience is required, just 10 minutes a day and an openness to fun... and yes, to a little magic!

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I really enjoyed this class. Ria is an excellent teacher and after watching it, I wanted more. I am really motivated to start a daily art practice! Thank you for the great ideas.
Ria shows you how to create a space, mentally and artistically, to let the artist in you come out. Her whimsical style makes these lessons fun and amusing. You'll be enjoying your creativity so much, you'll find out, down the line, that you have become the artist that was already you. :)
Kimberly Purcell

Just Want To Learn Stuff

If you have ever felt drawn to art, or if you used to paint or draw but have gotten away from it (like me), do yourself a favor and take this amazing class! It has been so inspiring and motivating to get back to painting, and to making a commitments to draw or paint just a little something every day! Ria's prompts and exercises are brilliant and deal with all the excuses and reasons why we don't make art. From 'no time, or no space, to my favorite "I don't have the right supplies" down to the real deep one of 'what if it sin't any good?' It's okay, you are just doing it for yourself, have fun. It is so freeing to just draw and doodle and paint without expectations. Definitely take this class!





Ria Sharon

Practice Makes Better.

There is no path to mastery that does not involve doing something over and over -- that's been my experience as an artist and illustrator!

So I encourage my students to take small consistent steps by creating bite-sized classes that make art a simple, easy, daily practice -- one that is joyful and fun!

Come visit me on or follow me on Instagram. If you're interested in what goes on in my art-making process behind-the-scenes, join my private Secret Sketches group. T...

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