Sketchbook Everyday - Feathers in Watercolor

Mandar Marathe, Fine Artist, Sculptor, Illustrator, Designer

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13 Lessons (1h 59m)
    • 1. Introduction - Feathers in watercolor

    • 2. Materials Used

    • 3. Feather structure and Reference photos

    • 4. Blue Jay Feather - Drawing

    • 5. Blue Jay Feather - Painting

    • 6. Motmot Feather - Drawing and Painting

    • 7. Red Tail Hawk Feather - Drawing and Painting

    • 8. Macaw Feather - Drawing and Painting

    • 9. Satyr Tragopan Feather - Drawing and Painting

    • 10. Argus Pheasant Feather - Drawing and Painting

    • 11. Black Cockatoo Feathers - Drawing and Painting

    • 12. Feathers Project

    • 13. Bonus 1: Painting Peacock Feather


Project Description

Now that you have seen me paint 8 different feathers, it's time for a project for you. Take any real bird feather that you have in your home, keep it in a nicely lit area, sketch it and paint it in the way I showed you in this class. You can also refer to different bird feathers images on sites such as Pinterest. You can even refer my Pinterest board here.

Bird feathers reference collection

Just make sure that you do not violate anyone's copyright when you use their photos as reference.

While doing all this, remember that you are not creating a painting for exhibiting in any gallery. So relax, take a deep breath and enjoy the process of sketching and painting. Do not worry about the outcome.

Even if your painting turns out not so good looking, you have learned something in the process and you will get better with practice. Do this as a ritual for a week and see your progress for yourself.

I and your fellow students are all eager to see what you're painting, so share some photos of your work with us.

I also request you to post a review for this class and tell me what else you would like to learn and things that can make this course even better.

Thank you and Happy painting!

Student Projects

project card
Charles Yang