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Sketchbook Doodle Play Date: Feed Your Creative Soul!

teacher avatar Erin Leigh, mixed media collage artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (38m)
    • 1. Sketchbook Doodle Playdate Trailer

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Doodling Lines

    • 4. Doodling Patterns

    • 5. Painting Patterns

    • 6. Time to Play: Start with Lettering

    • 7. Time to Play: Add Doodles to your Page

    • 8. Time to Paint

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About This Class

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.
― Thomas Merton

It all begins with a doodle. Sketchbook doodles are the starting point for most of my creative experiments; be it a mixed media painting, hand lettered art, or a watercolored bouquet.

The beauty of the sketchbook is its simplicity which makes it so accessible and doable. Everyone can do this. You can explore, experiment, practice messing up, and allow your creativity to explode. You can take just a few minutes to feed your creative soul without dedicating hours on end, or creating a huge mess. 

Whether you are a seasoned doodler, or you're buying your first sketchbook, this foundational class is for you.  With a simple pen and sketchbook in hand, we will be doodling lines, shapes, textures, and patterns, and finding inspiration in the most unexpected places.

As one idea always leads to another, you will be surprised to see your artistic style emerge and grow as you follow your creative intuition, from simple lines, to more detailed patterns. The possibilities are limitless.

But the best part? It's just fun. That's really why I do it. And that's why I want you to join me. Pure fun. And almost free. And really, couldn't we all use more fun in our lives? Don't we all need to be doing more of the stuff that we really want to do? The living of life, and not just the have-tos?

Grab your sketchbook and join me! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Erin Leigh

mixed media collage artist


I'm Erin Leigh, a mixed media collage artist. I play with paint, paper, wood, fabric, and anything else I can find to create art. My passion is combining color and texture in fun and unexpected ways. Wanna play? Join me.

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1. Sketchbook Doodle Playdate Trailer: you need to feed your afraid of soul. You just do E Erin Lee and I am teaching the class sketchbook Doodle played a It's a long title. I know. I named it that because we're gonna doodle in our sketchbook and it's gonna be really fun. A sketchbook is such a great time to get a little creative time in the midst of a very busy , hectic, crazy life. In this class, we're going to be playing with lines and pattern. As you keep creating and creating, creating your style will emerge. You'll see it. So I love my sketchbook. I love my sketchbook. I love it. It's always okay to mess up, takes practice messing up so that you can get kind of comfortable with it. And then the magic of art happens after you get over that hump of my gosh, I'm so afraid of gonna mess up and you create freedom and it's so fun. So whether you're a beginner and you're just starting out, you don't even have a sketchbook get or whether you're a seasoned artist, you've been sketched looking for years. I hope that you're inspired to make it, make it make it make most of all have fun. It's a playdate. So we're gonna be playing and just having a great time. Join me, Erin Leigh on skill share and start doodling today. 2. Supplies: Let's talk supplies. Supplies will be really based and mostly because I just want to you to get started. So all you need is paper and a pen. Now my go to is a Sharpie simply because they're so accessible. I can throw a few of my purse and I'm not super scared to lose them. There are so many awesome times out there. But my point for you today is just get a pen, get any pin, find the one that you love the most. I'm so used to these extra fine point sharpies that Oops, I love him. Let's talk about your sketchbook. Your journal. I like to carry around these little mole skin playing journals. They come during a pack and I like them because they're small. I can throw him in my purse and they lay flat for mixed media. When I'm watercolor or acrylics or anything in my sketchbook, I really love this skansen mixed media had because the paper is thick. He we're also gonna dig into and play with some watercolors because they're just so fun. I wouldn't wait. Are so fun. The perfect place to play with your supplies is in your sketchbook, so you'll need a cup of water. You'll need a few different size watercolor brushes. I have a bunch, but you leave like large one like this in a medium one. As far as watercolors, though, I like to start with that blood cake watercolors. See if you like watercolor first really play around with them. So this is this a Karura Oy pocket field snatch box and I love the little box. I love the shapes of the colors and just how compact it is. As you can see, it's gotten a lot of use. I love this little fresh is full of water so he can take it with you on the road and super fun on Ben. Here is a nice little set I got from Michael's. Grab your stuff and let's get started. 3. Doodling Lines: So we're gonna start just by creating lots and lots of different kinds of lines, and that's going to give us a reference to go to the more exercises you do like this. The more you'll have to refer to in this square right here is horizontal lines. We want you to think of all the different ways that you can draw horizontal line contract kind of wiggly. You can draw kind of scribble e. You can draw a dotted horizontal line. There's so many different ways under a little loop de loop, so they're just some horizontal lines. Next, you guess it vertical lines. So we are going Teoh draw vertical lines in our next box, so I'll start with a straight line thin line. And then I'll draw a thick line by drying too thin lines and just coloring in that space. My next vertical will be a scalloped line. You could do big scallops, little scallops, any kind of vertical line you can think of. How about its exact next line we're going to create is a diagonal, so I'll go from appear and I'll do a wavy I'll start with the wavy Diagne all and then I'll do dotted. That will make the doctor a little bigger and more scribble e. And then I'll make How about a straight line with a zigzag attached? So I put my zigzag with my straight line. Will be doing lots of that, combining these lines How about a dashed line? A really thick line and this time all fill in my thick line with perpendicular lines. And now I want a little motion so I'll do another wavy, but I'll make it a thick, wavy line. There's our diagonals do straits here to just kind of finished off. The next line we have right here is going to be a straight one. So this could be big, thin, thick when do another thick with the perpendicular dashed dotted. How about arrows? So by having little challenges like this, it just makes you do something different, right? It makes you just get you going. Okay, so our next lines will be thick, so I have a thin pen, so I'm gonna have to color these in so I can color them in with a perpendicular line. Or I can color them in with a line going the same way or What do you do with zigzag Charlie Brown line? I can make a sick cigs odd, since just to get your ideas going, make whatever kind of thick lines you like. You're gonna make a thin line, so I think I'll make my thin. I'll do more kind of up and down, and then I'll do more scallop e wavy minds. Now do more zigzags And then it will dio because zigzag with another zigzag to make little checkers, You can make whatever kind of lines you make or you can copy mine a pair. Next one was gonna be a big, curvy line so you can make big curves. Make this you can make, um, like big scallops. And then once you get your big curves in there, you're going to add a detail. You can add dots, you can add little lines. I think I'll add what I want to add right here. I think I want to add little scallops coming up from here again. I'm not worrying about if it, um pretty or ugly or what it's gonna look like. I'm just get trying to get my ideas going. Little curves. So I'm going to do really tall, skinny ones. And I'm gonna do really drawn out once and now for curves. When do loop de loops what else waves with Do the upside down like that? Okay. And then you can continue to add, like you can do more details like at dots in your curves had make it a thick er Our next line is going to be a zigzag, a big zigzag. So we're gonna try to think of different ways we can draw a zigzag and by creating these limitations, they really help you think outside of what you would normally dio. So there's a big zigzag. And for each one I'm going Teoh, add like a different little pattern again Not going for perfection here. Just wanting to warm up and get some ideas going there. All add scallops here, I'll add we'll make up like that. And what should I do with these mountains? They look like mountains to me, so I'll just add some snow to them and these will be filled in and these will be filled them with thoughts. And these will be little bricks. Okay, Little's exacts. So So like I did up here my first of all zigzag. It's gonna be across and that's gonna make little diamonds. Kind of a cute one little wonky. And then I'll dio little medium sized create some space in between them. And then I think I'll just draw lines here. They look like little. And that may be a vertical line. And then maybe some triangle lines. No, I'm just modeling this for you. I'm just showing you what I do. And I would do different every single time. Um, what do I want to do here? I don't know. Maybe a line dot lying dot find dot Lying that lying dot There Now, maybe all to another's exact, but looks really wonky. OK, there we go. Books. Okay, now we have dash line. So we have a little little tight little dashes, long dashes, curvy dashes, Zigzag dashes. Um, those are kind of smaller dashes. And here we have dotted lines. So I do dotted line a lot. You could just do the little or you could go big little, big, little big, little big little You could go scribble. That's still a dot, dot, dot, dot scribble dot, dot, dot scribble. So just make patterns out of your dot sizes. And let's see, you can also do like a god curvy line and then make you know every so often a big one. The next one are scallops, and those are my favorite. You'll see those all over my artwork. I make big scallops and little scallops and every kind of scout, so scalp is just like 1/2 circle. So most of the time I have little mine. I'll do big ones. I'll do small ones. I'll dio medium size as were kind of big, and then I'll make scallops in my scallops and again it's kind of addicting. And then I'll make a 1 to 3. I'll make him go over each other and then within that, I'll just draw another detail. Another detail, another detail. So as you can see, the possibilities are really limitless, Um, and really fun. So now I'm going to draw a little rainbows in my scallops, and here I want to draw little sunshine's Well, sunshine raise. So I start big and then I just continue adding detail after detail after detail. I want something in here. What do we want it here? Maybe horizontal lines, maybe. Okay, close enough. All right, Those air scallops. And now we have exes. So an ex border is kind of like the zigzag. It's actually exactly like this. Exact. Um, but it's just kind of fun to make. I'm going to make that one thick, and then I'm gonna color in the thick side, and now you can make your excess. Now I'm going to make a bunch of little ones, and in here, I'm gonna make each of these diamonds a little straight B. And as I outlined them, there's a zigzag and then dots swirlies, You can do the loop de loops. I'm going big, small, big, small. You can do it the other way. Or you can do the spirals, little snail shells so you can do big ones or little ones, and then you might want to color. Maybe I want to color all the small ones, and then I'll color all the big ones in here. So continue adding details to your design, and the very last one is waves. I'm gonna drop tall ones and then really flat ones. And then there's so much you can dio just add details at some line details to your waves. I'm just kind of adding lines wherever. And there we go and you're done. Next, we're going to start combining all of your lovely lines into patterns that are uniquely yours. Let's get started. 4. Doodling Patterns: your assignment is to combine these lines to create a whole page full of patterns. First, let's make a dash line and a dotted line, so I'm gonna go. Dash dot dot dot dash dot dot dash. Next, I think I'll dio a zigzag, and then I'll make one of the one of those lines thick. And one thing your assignment is to go back to your lines, combine them to fill up your page with different patterns so I will demonstrate for you and you're more than welcome to copy me. But my goal for you is to make patterns that are entirely your own. So I start big with my zigzag, and then I add the detail, I'll do a little circle. Then I could do lines in here. Ready, set, Go. - Try not to think about this too much. Just Teoh straight lying, curved line. - Now that you've made some patterns out of your lines were going toe watercolor them just because it's so fun. So grab your watercolors and let's begin 5. Painting Patterns: right. I have my simple cake watercolors here to begin. I have three different size brushes. One is a little bigger since this journalist, so tiny, so small I'm just gonna use my smaller brushes. Here's one in the middle. And then here's a much smaller one. I have some clean water and I have a paper towel that I'm gonna begin wet your pains to get them ready for you to use. So in watercolor, we work from light to dark. So I'm gonna start with my light colors, so go ahead and drop a little water in there. This is pure play. So you want to see how the colors look together, how they look over each other, how they look, what colors you're drawn to, what colors you love. What colors You really don't like that much. So I'm gonna start big and I'll start with my pink. That is really pretty. I love it. Go ahead on watercolor your patterns and have fun. Our goal here is not to make the most beautiful are ever. Our goal is to experiment. Teoh, get a feel for how the paint works and looks and what we like and what we don't like, really pay attention to your preferences. Your journal is a place where you can play without judgment and without anyone seeing. No one has to see this. So I really want you to experiment and to play and to get the judgment out of your head to practice when you go. Oh, that's ugly. That's ugly. Oh, I hate that. Don't even worry just saying, You know what? It's OK. I'm just playing. This is play pure play. Sole purpose of this is to play. Allow yourself the freedom to make ugly art to mess up because that's really the only place where we can create in freedom and create from our heart is, when way lose that fear of messing up. After you get your light layer down, we're going to paint another layer that's boulder and brighter, and we can paint details in that light in that layer. So now that I have a light turquoise Aiken pain more of a dark turquoise in there Oh , all right. This when this is still wet and it's called wet into wet and it bleeds into it. Sometimes that's a really cool look, and you'll like it. Sometimes you won't. But what I love about watercolor is it's easy just to soak up. And that big mistake doesn't look so big. I think I'm going to end there if you have enjoyed this process, This is a great little activity to do when you're you want to be creative, but your mind is blank and you don't know what you want to make. Just start with your lines and, um, let your mind go making patterns, painting your patterns most of all, have a great time. 6. Time to Play: Start with Lettering: Now that we've explored line and patterns were gonna creator sketch with Paige. I like to start with words. The words I want to include today are you are my happy place. I'm just going to touch on ways to include some fun and funky lettering on the sketch Would page in this class. So you are my happy place. Kind of just with my finger. Want to space it out? You are my And then happy place Really big is what I think I want to dio remember, It's always okay to mess up. I'm just using that extra fine point Sharpie and I'm gonna start with some, like, swirly curse of the letters and then I'm gonna go over it. I think I'm gonna make a little swirl right there. So even if you mess up, one wayto fix it is to go over it. There's always ways to fix it. If it's looking like two normal or too polished, I really like it. Toe look a little funky. You are the minute you are. I think I'll do nice and tall. Now, one way to create block lettering is simply to draw the letters and then just draw right around them. You can drive the letters in pencil and then erase. Or you can just go with pen in my sketchbook. I don't have the patience for pencil cause it's not a polished fees. If you want to get some good block letters, you can simply just dry your letters and then drop right around them. Here. I'm doing my shapes and my lines of going back to that line page. And if I run out of ideas, I'm just gonna look at all the different kinds of lines I've already created. Kind of want my small and then happy place Big. Why? So I just start with regular lettering and then I'm gonna make a thick line here. Thin line, thick line. I like that contrast. Happy place. I think I want happy place, funky and all kinds of different lettering. I'm going to make a big age and notice I don't want the, um, the lettering to be same exact height, same exact anything. I just wanted to be kind of funky, so I try to make that differing if it's looking Teoh. I try to make that a little different if it's looking to similar lines, lines, lines, happy A. I think I'll make. Since I made this fat, I'm gonna make this skinny and then a p e. I think I'll give these Sarah Sarah's are those little lines on the end and I don't love that. Why, when you draw things you don't love, keep going happy place and doing something Cline's and some thin lines and I love when the letters kind of fit inside of each other. Exclamation mark, Of course. OK, now I'm just gonna add detail to my letters, so I think I'll add dots. Thats is the fun part way. Make a little flower inside there, draw a little heart. Sometimes I feel like I can't think of anything new besides lines and dots. And that's why I have my lying pages with me. I can see you like Oh, I remember that little X, the little X pattern exit there and then I can kind of color in. And not every part needs to be drawn in our doodled in because we're also gonna paint this so way can add with color too 7. Time to Play: Add Doodles to your Page: next I'm gonna doodle little images around my words and I'm really gonna try to turn off my brain and just draw draw from my heart. So what I love to do with my boys, we have been going to the beach, so we'll make those I'll make a big sunshine because that's happy, right? And then I want it to be just kind of fun and whimsical and funky and notice I'm doing all the big stuff and then I'm gonna go back in and color with details. Your assignment is to fill the page with images. Look back to the lines from your sketchbook that we drew. If you can look around you or just think of things that make you happy, you can look everywhere, actually, for inspiration, or you can just do patterns, geometric patterns and play with those in your sketch. But now that I have the big images kind of sketched out, I'm gonna add all these details and these papers are gonna come in so handy for that because my mind kind of goes blank and I just keep doing dots everywhere, and I can look over here and go Oh, yeah, I have two little swirls I can use. Okay? I mean it, Deuce worlds, or I have little diamonds or I have dotted lines. And so that will really help. You can also look back at the page of patterns that you created and take from those patterns. So the work that you did in the earlier lessons, you can just include those, um, in your sketchbook page. Most of all, fun. I'm done with my pen for now, so let's start painting. 8. Time to Paint: so you'll just need your sketchbook, your watercolors, a brush and water. I love how simple it is again. Go ahead and get your paints all wet. Get them all filled up. Let's start with my son. Let's do a little bit of yellow and maybe a lighter yellow. Oops. Again. What I love about watercolor is you can mess up a lot and it still looks beautiful. Doesn't it look so beautiful that me, I just I love the way it just flows, and I really love the way it's kind of out of your control. So it's just so flowy. All right, let's get some orange in here. And I'm kind of just gonna swipe over like I don't necessarily want to stay in every single line. I just wanna do a little swipe, and I want that to be a little lighter. So when the wet part of the orange touches the wet part of the yellow, it kind of leads together. What about a red? I don't think I want the red. There may be the right here. Oh, that's way too dark. But I'm gonna take some of that paint from that triangle and just kind of spread it around . That's way too brown. I don't love it. I want to be bright and sunshiny, so I'm just going to take my paper towel and suck it up. Your assignment is to paint your page big by painting big. I mean, painting backgrounds and painting the big parts. You want to start light when you start light on your first layer that will let you go over this and add detail later If you want. Teoh, your assignment is to go paint Ready, set, go. Since I want my clouds to be big, fluffy white clouds and paying the background in order to make those stand up Stand out. And I'm not being super careful. I'm just kind of brushing over. I'm using a big brush on purpose so that I don't get to concerned with the details. I just kind of want to give it a little wash waves. I'm gonna start with the dark blue. Then I'm gonna go lighter. I'll go to this lighter blue, and then I'll go down to this really light blue. So I like this palette because it has a lot of different shades of the same color So once this gets becomes dry, you can go back and add details to the lighter places. You can always always, always add more details. But it's also important to know as an artist when it's finished or when you're tired of it or when you're just ready to move on. Sometimes some of the most fun I have is adding all those details so I could do this forever and ever and ever. But I think I'm gonna finish up this fund and be done. If you have loved this class, let me see, be brave and post a post your project so that we all can see and that we all can share because here's the deal, as your brave were bring, as you say, Oh my gosh, look what he did or look what she did. We say, I think I could do that, too. That's why I'm here teaching. I looked at the teachers. I'm like, Okay, she's just a normal person. Maybe I can do that too. I'll try. And so every time you're brave, you are encouraging others around you to be brave. So please post so we can see what you're doing and comment on your work and so that we can do this together because it's fun in my studio. But it's way more fun with you, like you make it 100 times more fun. If you'd like to see more of my work. I'm at art by Aaron lee dot com I can't wait to see what you're gonna make. Have fun, go play.