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SketchUp Vray Realistic rendering Beginner Guide

teacher avatar Khushal Panchariya, Create with KP

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. Vray photo realistic rendering

    • 2. Chapter 1 Introduction

    • 3. Chapter 2 Brief on vray and Laubwerk

    • 4. Chapter 3 Vray asset editor detailed explaination

    • 5. Chapter 4 Adding materials using asset editor

    • 6. Chapter 5 Landscape and Environment

    • 7. Chapter 6 HDRI and Lighting

    • 8. Chapter 7 Final rendering

    • 9. Chapter 8 Assignments

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About This Class

Hi there, my name is Khushal. This is a lesson on photo realistic rendering in Vray.

This course is for people new to Vray and 3d rendering. The people who are not familiar with sketchup vray or any other rendering software.

Learn how to set scenes, change settings of environments, lighting and materials on your model to achieve maximum photo realism.

This class is a follow up to my previous class on SketchUp beginners Guide and Make your first sketchup model.

I hope you find this class helpful, for any further doubts feel free to contact me in the discussion or comments section below the course.

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Thank you for your support.

  • Prerequisite knowledge of previous class is necessary in this lesson.
  • If you have already watched it you could download the required files for this class from the Class Project sectionc4c1ad01

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Khushal Panchariya

Create with KP


Hello, I'm Khushal. I have a wide range of creative interest in Art, Digital art and 3D visualization rendering in architecture.

For any quarries, you can join my telegram by Click Here

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1. Vray photo realistic rendering: Hey there, Henderson like this. What? You want them to look like this when you're in luck, I can push on. And I've made a class on schedule. Really? Render joined my class. Willow, learn our Toto for the realistic rendering using really? 2. Chapter 1 Introduction: hello would come to the chapter one off my sketch up with exterior rendering class will be explaining how to do photo realistic renders Using were s ketchup have diverted this class into air chapters from the plug ins acquired to make realistic renders to explaining the asserted router to adding material street model, the landscape and environment, the lighting and the final rendering. And at last assignments, you can jump to any of these chapters in depending on wherever you are or which did. You are dis rendering level. 3. Chapter 2 Brief on vray and Laubwerk: This is Chapter two. You'll be installing really for sketch up. Hang. You will also be installing extension called as Luke Work extension. These two extensions are these to plug ins and extensions are very important. Realistic renders the little book broken has built by someone. It is an absolute free plug in which will help you build up the order, landscape and environment in your renders and in your 30 models. So if you have Lou book in stolen sketch up will be easy for you to put in trees because their proxy mortals, it will not be heavy on your fight. So we are using blue book extension for there will be providing the link road owner this extension in the projects or in the about off this class, you can go check it out and install this once you install these extensions and once you have installed the very for sketch up, you're you'll be having this on your interface. So this is the lubricate extension. These three icons, they will be somewhere here randomly. You can just drag them and put them in your go to buy it here. So these three are the accounts for the Blue Book Extension and these older for Villiers sketch of relays tools. So I will be explaining details about these various tools on the slew bookstores in the further chapters. So as of No, this is the door bar for your really want to have installed both of them. You should be able to see these both here, so this 4. Chapter 3 Vray asset editor detailed explaination: this is Chapter three. I'll be explaining you about the Weary asserted later on. Be explaining what goals provide ward creatures. So let's get right into it. This is the goal. But like I said before in, really you got in the stall about this various icann. Is the video a separate later? If you ever forget what these things do, if you just hover over them, it will show what the goal is for. So this is the asset editor user that are in the reckons. This one is for the final surrender. And this one is for an interactive progressive render and we explaining what this actually do late around on our descent Photo us. This is really is reports render. So whichever of you you have on your screen, you can directly render that in the reader's frame buffer. This is really his friend. Before this will show the current render and the the stage or progress off the render that is currently happening. This is readers battery under this, this is useful when you have multiple scenes and you want to render all of them at once. You don't want to render one and then I can put the second imagine render. So you have five scenes here. You can just click on the batch under, and it'll render all those faith, uh, after time in a row so you can don't not all of them separately in the lead a framework for later on. So this is a cloud. Render if you have the risk lowered membership. If you pay them, you can render toe their clothes. This is the infinite infinite plane. So what this does is if you have landscape like as in this mortal, it turns right here. If you want your plan Toby extending infinitely, we'll just click on this and you'll place a plane here or anywhere on the surface. On that surface. It will create an and finally planted the horizon so that dissect on and this is the fighter. Well, we'll be using this for creating grass or landscape or carpets or towels are things that so . These are the lighting tools. This is rectangular lighting will be using only a few off this most of the time, so you don't have to know exactly what all of these writings, though you will be mostly using rectangle alerting spotlighting or corn lighting This one the where they say only lighting and this is their dominating. We use this dome lighting to put up HDR dies, which will help create a background for the surrender. It will be a realistic background and it could also be providing light. So those are the tools on there to return to the asset predator. So any of you can readers are situated. I can you be in orderto this screen so this screen shorter. If you click on this arrow here, it'll expand and it will show you the properties of what you're doing right now. And if you click on this left one, it will show you things like options to create new materials using these so you can create proximity areas. You can create lighting, you can create a genetic material like this can create MSF materials or if you have multiple options here like this. So to create a new material, you can download materials from polygon or you condone or them from a quick sell bridge. There many different places. You can download materials some, so that is the cleared. Andi, if you go to this material step if you click on the drop down, I can hear if you that you have a bunch of different options already existing here. So this is quite enoughto get started with beauty. You can You can also import materials if you want, but this will be quite enough as over. No. So you have options like brick car paints, ceramics, concrete fabric, class grown stones, tiles, wall paint These other options. If I click on days, you can see that you have so many options that already pretty big. So if I just click on this rightly CanDo active scene to learn to your material stop. So this I can't represents your materials. Theis Ball. So these are all the materials that are in your model right now. So when I heard this material toe overseen, it will add it here and we can click on this player toe start rendering a preview off the material. So take some time. So yeah, this is the materials preview. So whichever material you apply object to apply this material Do it will be like this. I love this much. Reflectivity is much gloss. Or you can also change the preview. Two different modes. If you click on this $3 menu and see that you have fabric floor grown surface, subsurface royal won't close up. So if you sell it floor, it will show our to look on a flat surface so you can do that accordingly. Like if you want to check a material off would show. Let's go toe. Andi, you want to see how this looks on floor or ceiling? So let's just add this to the scene. You can see that this is how the review is because it is hard to understand. If it is on something like this, you can just change it to floor. You can see this. Just stop the rendering and I'm measuring your photo. Import these materials to your model. So this is all about your material, Spab. If you in the certain tutor there are these steps. So these are all like that you will be needing to use with very so this one is delighting. If you click on this, you can see that as of now we have sunlight because we've said sunlight and we have set their direction in our sketch of mortal. So we have some lady you can click on this same very good properties for this sunlight. You can change the intensity. Here. You can change. The color here can make a trade, or you can change it to any color. It's escape it to re foot, and you can change the intensity, tow, tow or three so that IHS sunlight you can click on this Sunday Khan and turn it off. You can even turn it off by clicking on this tab here. So the preview. You can click on this preview render like if I change it to three, it gets really bright. If I change this to one or two it off. Sorry, one. So it is like this. This. You can change her things here like you can change the intensity here also like and make it 1.14 so they're desert. The size Montepellier eyes is the size of the sun's disk. If the more big the sun's disk or the size multiplayer value is, the softer the edges off the shadow will be. So that would create a more night really kind of a look. If you have them after one night's default, you can see that The shadows are very sharp here. So what you want to do is you want to change this store something like four or five or somebody like that so that it just becomes off this week. So that is your lighting as you go on and I lighting in your scenes, you get more options. Here we see that in the further chapters will be adding hedged. Er so we'll get an auctioneer will be editing that also. So this is a cube icon, which it will show you things like your for or little show You're in final plane. So mostly, though in finer plan, is not irritable. You can't change that. You can have some seconds to the four will be doing that in the further chapter as well. Where will be adding the fourth picture to the grass in the landscape? I'll show you that has have no other option is grayed out because we don't have anything in there. So this part is a materiality. It will give you options like material ready color or the depth filter or the refraction reflections, things like that. The bomb maps, normal maps is they're all ideas which you can later convert your rendering toe and save those also for post production. So that is about business, and this is asserting, which is the final surgeon you'll do in very. This is where you change your settings for your render. It affects the quality, the sun, delighting the exposure. While you are doing an interactive render, you can change those settings here. If you wanted to be a final, render their specific settings, so we're getting introduced later on. This is the settings for the final render on. This is the render option, so you have final render. You have interactive rendered cloud render and stuff like that. So this is your reader frame before I got was telling about the materiality. So as of now, we don't have any renders or it is blank. But if you have $1 if you have material ideas added in this column, you'll see them here. You'll see them that reflection, material map or normal mapper bump map. You can disconnect them and you can save them by clicking on this and you can't do boys production work. So this is the religious frame buffer and close this for no this was all about your really is a secretary will be doing detail. Overcast three proceeded with or more dollars dollar rendering. 5. Chapter 4 Adding materials using asset editor: his Chapter four will be hiding material store Modern on. And before we do this, there's one very important thing we have to keep in mind while building the model. And also why lighting materials to the mortal. So I'm using the same order video we used in our previous class, where we built our first mortal in sketch up while bailing it. I've already mentioned that we have to make groups and components, so this also helps in creating our materials and adding or material store object very easy . So once or immortalised segregated into groups, we want to make sure that the groups are also divided in such a way that the whole group will be having the same material honored like, for example, this vault paint and this blocks wall paint will be off the same material, so we'll be going with white color paint Now. What I want to do is I want to make sure that this block on this block are separate blocks . But wherever there is a wall like on this block, the wall here, Onda voil here on the inside, about under friend of all on this beam on this column on the bag on the top wherever this mortal list I wanted. I don't have that white parent material all over. I don't want to go and our toe the same material on this surface. And then sorry. One sec and on this bottom surface and on this, I don't want to do them individually. So Waterloo, I'll make sure that this whole thing is in a group can just double click. I can hurt I My shortcut toe hired all of the other components. Like, if you do this hide rest of the model, My short Curtis said. So I You can go here and go to view component it and you can click on this to do that by I would recommend you set your shortcuts. I've explained that in my previous classes. So my shortcut is just I just double click on the stop and the group I'll hit I and everything else is here and so I can see that Very what I want my white paint. The model is in a group, so I don't have to worry about, uh, getting interfered by any other model. Every other objectives segregated based on the materials we have right now. So this structure is separate. Glasses separate notice. Separate. This glasses separate. These materials are separate. Okay, so let's get started with outing with the meridians. Open a lot of you to ascertain your does and go Go to my audience Fannin. Now what we want to do is the layer we're goingto apply. The material do now I want to apply white paint toe this balls all over the walls so I just select this group in in sketch up. Then I'll go to my villa asserted editor with this selector and we'll goto wall paint scrolled on I select. Uh, is this all pain? Fine grain sand. Select this I'll right click on this material and you see there's an option called us apply to selection. That's what I was telling that we don't want other material groups in the same material. So when we select this group, it will add it to the whole group off the model. Like even if there's multiple groups inside, it relied the medical toe their dogs so we want to prevent that from happening. No, all my walls are in one group. I don't have any other materials in it, so I don't have to worry about that. I can just click on my wall and I can just click on the right click on the material I want and apply to selection. So you see, it applied that there to my walls here. So that's done. You don't have to go separately, apply them toe all of them, same way and just click on this and I right click on this and a plate. The selection so allowed that my duty into this I can see the preview off that here, like this. So this is the parent color that we have. I don't like this gray look. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to be addicting. This walls, this material sculler to do that, it's pretty positive. It really introduced the Lord on over PC. They want to change their refuse Here, see the water lighter. Remove it. Love. All becomes more weight. There's this is fine strokes. Good. So let's stop this on. And I wrote the same thing with this To select the material which is already applied, you can go to your pain pocket tool can hold on all and click on the surface, it will take you to the material in your material level. You don't have to go searching for it every time. You should play over that right? I didn't really, like, kind of. It's looks good, so we'll stop this on now. The material is already applied, so it's already changed. Focus on moving further. We have valued material store vault. Let's are the glass. Select all the glass panels so hold unknown Control directed this one. So after this one said after this one, make sure we have set up to three. We can see the agenda entertain for it, says three soldiers groups. So you can do that and go to your glass selection here on. You can screw alone to see whichever last you want. You have many options already. I'll select glass window neutral, so let's select this material right click on. Apply to selection. It will apply that material go all over the selections we've selected in this mortal to all the glass materials we have selector. So now toe preview that we can go toe glass window neutral. That is our material, like on display. You can see this is the preview. So it is transparent. It has schooled reflections on. And I'm very happy with this. I don't want to make any genius. Do this one. I can. You see? This can be overridden An option Wherever you're applying class, you want Owen, take this. I'll explain way in some time. So any material that allows your life to pass by you want Owen, check. This can be ordered. An option. Okay, So now, once you have done there, it's a play would do our door. Okay, so I have forgot to ardo Ah, floor in this part of the room. So just going out off real quick which move this out of here said at a direct angle cured such a group, uh, rewards faces. So yeah, there dessert. It's like this. I don't control Congress. So now these two layers are selected and that side would to them Let's go to the wood and laminate. So this white paint, I think a more vibrant What color look nice. So I think this this looks good. You can add this to the scene toe, review it. So this is a preview chance. A color here alerted more saturation like this. You can also change the materials, color and stuff by clicking on this big man. So see this check box here? If you click on this reserve actually slowed and go to color manipulation. Select this cholera off certain. Click there on guard. A brown color like this. You are intending it This wonder to be a morning by friend So districts court under to be a little light. So you're so this picture it looks good to me. No, go back, You see, that changed. It's, uh So this is our work in this pasta preview on. We'll right click on this material here and apply to selection. So now you see that it is 1 20 centimeters and if you look at it in the sketch of model, it looks very smaller than 1 20 centimeters to the scale is always to be set. Once you heard the material, you can see that the material is already that you can click on your bucket. Dole or Donald Condits. You'll see how it is one doing this to 50 centimeters. We want to change this to 1 20 centimeters. So that this one So this is this. It's So you're finished if you want to gonna increase the size Also. So I would say I want something like one. Making this looks much better on their door. I like one meter, So I may I keep one major here? The door looks nice. Have a plate glass Have applied to the parent. No. Let's play this steel on portions. Select all of these. Thank this. So as of now, I'm not selecting these millions here because their competence and tell you what to do with them restaurant. So I just select the frames which are not components here for to read a and a court order, um, matters medals, Black room. This is the material I want to apply to them. I click applied to selection, and it has applied the motive here to there. So know we also want to apply them to this competent. So they just open, click and open the closest. So you see now with East war confidence just after double click second. Okay, So these two are confident. Okay. Is to millions the reason why materials weren't a plato thes directly. When you select, it's because it is not in a separate group It is a competent so you have to open it. Triple click on the object, Select all the faces I love these Monday answered Get selector and you can go back to your chrome black material in your materials Final click on apply to selection So it has a player on this. Okay, so I haven't selected all this urge to open it again. Triple click to select all sides, Click on a selection. You know, we have a player that both of these So I want to play them to thes. Is that also components? You see, I just selected one and all of them are selector. Same thing click apply to selection. Ever played that tothis millions on? No, we also want to apply to these. So this a player to selection on standing with this? I like to selection. Okay, now that we have our lower my daughters Really? I want to reduce Ah, reflection on it. Waas I know larger to look very glossy like this. Okay. On the preview on, I wanted to look a bit more brushed. I got brushed metal finish so it is not so shining like this. So let's go to my reflection spanning already is I o r on and I lost sort of. It was Ah, classiness like this. So this looks nice. It looks like it's matte Finish looks really good on that morning. So just stop the preview. Oh, they want toe hard materials to this shutter. Since we don't have an appropriate shelter material, we can download a material and we can apply that. But this material looks good enough so I won't be adding anything to this. If you want, you can just click on the bucket hole, Hold on all to select this material. It will show that I applied a blinds material like this and you're going to inserting here . So let's add some reflections for this Act II reading. So wielaard some reflection color more black it is more Towards the darker side, the less reflective it will be more towards the wider certain, the more reflective will be. So you want to move it accordingly according to your requirement. So I shut. That would generally be likely reflective. So something like this and do that. And I guess that this pretty good for So I just stopped the preview This has been exit out off the selection. Now we can apply materials to our planter box. The material on this planter box also looks good to me. So yes, they probably conduct what I want to do is I want to remove this crash picture from this ascetic this control X XK escape. And for this grass school on control shift we to paste in place, child value, a video. This also, in some time this corporate this and we'll baste them back to where they were like this. Like this coffee case in here. So we also want Tobe record this landscape and put them in the same group as this just republic toe open and select. All of them projects hand open this group. And probably all of these are exploded groups like this so that when we apply materials, it'll apply to all of them at once. So it is more easier that way. And the thing is, we have to play for material. So that so far doesn't worker if you have subgroups in subgroups. So if you have one parent group and you have three groups in there, the father won't apply to all of them. So you want to have one group with all the objects? Explored it in the That is the reason why I have removed this class grass from the planter box and put them all in one group. So now we can triple click on the component the planter box, Select the bucket. Dole, select this material, Turn on the preview. Okay, so I'll be adding the reflections on this material link. Is this a big? I think this. So I guess this looks we're already services under. Yeah, this looks nice. Okay, now, that provided material store planter boxes. I guess only thing left is this Floating and stuff before that are like you are a compound wall, So let's just through there really quick. I don't have to be to any skill. And you make your model. It'll obviously you to scale based on your standards and stuff. So just a random compound one at this and I want to close out this for no practice edge. Make a copy, but this same thing with dessert This'll dis here on full otakon Foreign war here. I think this is the certificate Go door scene sort. We have update our scene right now. You know? Way want TEM surfacing front also so that we get over there looking seen just external Where pavement or not landscape in front. I think this also extend our compound world Descents. So this looks court. No, it's just a c number. This? Yeah, it's up there. This and one more thing we want to do is we want to act open perspective so that it looks in perspective. Oh, it will sign an update and I should move it on. You want to go back and check on their go back together? Previously admitted seem so. No, I want to add the materials to the compound while also So that's open or what I started, I guess I'll employ apply the same materialized for the planter box. So I don't have toe again and again. We're doing two different ways. I can vote through my pain back. It'll well don't hold Select this and apply it to this or I can do it By the normal way you are doing you know, I can just go to the materials and actually gun applied to selection. Okay? I haven't selected Saudi said like this I could apply to selection. So their dessert Yes, Oliver building block is done. You just have to finish our landscape. Let's do the fun. We can close up our material that we don't need that right now. Okay, So for this pavement, I guess we still need our model planet so that we can finish this toe tiles on the pavement area. You can go to Stone on that, select this pain different. And there's one nice, similar looking stone payment that is this. We'll apply this to the selection. This is store and look so strong. So this looks very similar to what we are. It says 100 centimeters, but based on my mark, it is already on your 50 centimeters. But it is very small since my model is to a very high skill. I haven't done it. Do scared toe approximately. I can just tired something like, say, one murder. So one writer looks natural. Okay, so now we have a played the material for the payment. Now for the tiles. It's select this on and Ingrid were different. Kind off died real argues this extraordinary thing. It's a play. Let's see about dance for you I strongly feel better like this and see how this works. First add that to the scene. Okay, so this looks kind of dark. I want to make this light. So, like I said, we can click on this picture slot on. We can color go to color manipulation. Select offset. Color on. Make this. This looks good. No. So pauses on. Very czar material. This stone Air 200. It's like this set of eyes. A big blow to selection Changed the scale here. Toe one meter. Yeah, that looks neat. Okay, so I guess our Marder has all the materials vineyard. The only thing left is the landscape and the environment. The next chapter will be telling you our to our dear for material we regress to clear created landscape on. And you are trees. By using this low birk extension, we installed 6. Chapter 5 Landscape and Environment: tempter fight. This is about the landscape and creating over environment. So what we're going to do is we're going to be using this crash picture, Toby three de Grasse elements by using the fertile which I was explaining all this time to clear that grant. Really? Grass picture. You have to just select this group, which consists of all your grass materials. And you see the adoption do art for is available along so you can just go to your video asserted later. So, like this group, look on this for icon. It allowed for toe there, see dessert colored box like this. So there's just nothing to worry about that just like that you were do your this cube bygone. You see that you have your foot so it is under the geometries found out. If you click on there, you don't have a life preview, but you will be. It is nothing much toe understand here So you can discount or this area in place toe how much grass you will have in that specific area for specific size. It is by D 40.6. I generally do something like one point, so that looks fine to me on, since this is Grass will be giving it a little more height. So intro for regarding 77 does very, very big crash on. We would like to add some calls so we just turn on this calls option and we're going to sleep these oil with the default settings. They'll be fine. Sure, after that, we want to add a material to the foot which are coming out from the base off this line skeptic shirt. Unless select this material spanner and return this on, you'll see that he said. I don't know if you click on this, it will show all your materials in your materials so it this can get clumsy with the size of your mortal also. So if you have so many materials, this will become so much hard to manage. Sometimes you are the materials to your scene, and then you don't use them. So what, you're going to wish you can click on this bar? A shake on this is to put the unwanted or unused materials in your model. Yes, click on this. It will remove the ones which you have unmarked used. So it cleared up that merited more clean for me and go back to my cube icon. Check on my father. Click on my material. Select this. Have to figure out which material these grasses. So I just use a paint bucket. Oh, well known all click on this, which says Grass, dark green. So I'll go back to my for material editor or two materials on such for grass, not a green. So just click on this or dish does is the father, which comes out of your surface. It will apply that material based on the material resected toe, so look more realistic. Degree Eso No, Once that is done, your first complete on. Now let's are, uh, you can close as a predator. Okay, Toe complete over environment will be using the Blue Book extension, which we installed. The 1st 1 gives our material library ethical conduct will see different options like bushes , trees, palm trees, small trees, normal trees. So I would like to our palm trees and a slick on this on, and I'll go to my sketch of model and this place is three here, so you can see their doctor is in a very bad, mortal quality. But that is called the proxy mortal, so it would look like this year to prevent your mortal from becoming heavy for distances. It will have the files stored outside of sketch up, and it will only be in that place when you click on the final render. So when you are getting it will take up information from that mortal outside of sketch up under reporting so it will look like this. It will help you keep your model running smooth so no once reverted this. You don't see that we have much options in this country. But if you click on the second icon will see that you are this blind attributes column where you can click on the story. And if you go to your model, you can see that there are four variants, three variants, and you have different options in them so I can go toe very into and select fully grown. It will add a fully grown arm. Three. They're on. What I want to do is check this two boxes and un select a tree, so click on the palm tree again. It's another three here on selector, different model for this, So I can select a variant. Three fully grown made alleged I was So that is my second palm tree. I learned one nor two here. Think of hard won here, kid. On that start off later on. So it George, Somebody view here and to you that that is your apartment in front. Back, cover up the bottom of this. So there took place only in the bag. Okay, we can hurt a few in the bag around also at this ironed of on here. But we grown very and toe like you are the really grown once as their ah taller than the other ones and can be seen from the front. Well, I had one middle aged one. Here, select this. I don't want to replace. Check this. Select a middle aged to accept another one. No, I didn't want to replace sectors. No, don't repress. Thank this on fully grown very and one? Yeah. Is that our base known that sector So what? You have done this What you want to do is you want to select on any any off the trees here on We wont took the condoms important Really three materials. So if I click on this, it will important The materials off these trees indoor really is a Saturday. If you don't do that, it will render of I turned gray shared Walla model. It won't be having all the textures of the palm tree. So you want to click on that? She just do it for one. It will be applied to all of them, so you don't have to do them individually. I just want to select these two check boxes here like this. So this is to change if you want to train some properties off the number off leaves or the thickness off them. So this is just for that. Even if you don't know, it's not a big issue. But I recommend to do that sort of place that before it's your trees Go back door Seen T Order is looking. So there is a good I think we should add a few on that. I answered. Now we can just copy these Since we have bemoaned off Martin's or dirty dissect, this sector's here sector smaller one is this one is our I think this about car scene. So you know, we have good amount of environment in the bag. We have nice landscape. The view looks really good. Um, So what you want to do is you want to save it before you do anything that it is safe. Did your scene if you want to change any angles, depending on your environment. So I guess this is perfectly fine for me. Have added all refer to the grass your planter boxes, Andrea, about adulteries. Now the landscape and environment has been built. In the next chapter, I will be teaching you out to put your head to the air. I toe have that nice, realistic background and retains the sunlight settings to get that realistic view. So that's it for Chapter five. 7. Chapter 6 HDRI and Lighting: This is chapter six and will be guarding our dorm head to the right and will be adjusting the sunlight on before we do any of that to make sure we are able to test them correctly. What were were to go to us, we would want to goto be they A second later, we're going toward the settings on. We're going to change the engine. So JP or see people, depending on which one is stronger for you for doing an interactive render our recommended reuse GPU and if you are using, if you have a CPU, which is higher than you can use that to. So I'm just were delivered at CPU. You have to turn on interactive render you can read. It was, uh, interactivity to medium. You you can turn off and Delia sing figure you condone off. You have to leave this global human illumination on. You can turn off. Do you know is that if it is on for you, you also want to have this material override on you want to make this toe more? Why not a shared or a lighter shared? You want to go to your environment and you want to turn on G I You want to turn on reflections? There aren't any infractions in our surrender, so we can just leave that off if you have any, we should turn that on and render output will change this toe lower. Starting like 6 40 16 is to nine on. And if you are using an ultra wired or if we want to say a SE frame that you want only render in this much part and anything about that even beyond their doing, just cancel off. Just don't on the safe frame option so it will serve that 16 is to nine ratio depending on your rendered. But I don't need that. I have already started toe Oh, I require Onda. We put 6 40 by 30 60 60 next to nine camera. We're gonna stay but Albertus exposure Really weird. Two week starting in a bit. Yes. So that's that's it for this After changed the story interactive and you have to change it to CPU or GPU, depending on which one is part for you Interactivity, you can give it out medium. It is not required to be very high. You can turn off the noise are here and you know, is that here camera, You can just leave it later. You can reduce the image with 26 40. Make sure desert to 16 is to nine. Or that a show you wanted to be, so that later on, when we go high quality under certain rdp, it will automatically change it based on that ratio or whatever number. If you say 900 real, change it based on that 16 extra nine. So that is why I recommend you keep this under aspect ratio on that's That's about it. Toe. Keep our to check our lighting settings and some lighting and edged e. R. A. And all that. So what we're going to do is the reason I told you toe give this glass material can be over ridden is so that this option right here called material override. Generally when we go of your air and it it requires multiple tests before you're going to will find under under. So what will you do? Is we set the glass textures or any transparent materials toe can be over it. And so any other material inside your model they cannot. There will be certain toe. Ah, material override feature where no matter which material is a played whatever color you select here in the red color, it will remain so that color it will stay constant, whether it is four door steel or stone or whatever, it will be white or it will be great depending on what you select. And it will leave out the glass area so that if there is light coming from outside, if you're doing a interior render and if you're if you don't own material over right, so the sunlight from outside will go through the glass. If you don't have that checked or if you don't on ticket on the glass material, it will block out all this and light coming from altered. And then you will not have any idea of how this and light is affecting your interior. So hence the reason we don't know if that in our materials option, so no one's. We have all these options said correctly. We can see that we have an option to render interactive Lihir, so just conduct. It will open up the readers frame buffer, take some time. So remember that this interactive render will turned out of the a preview of what you have set your seen toe. So whatever is in your view port, it will render that seem like now because this is our new interactive. If I move my mortal around like, for example, like this, so you can see that the interactive render will continuously beauty. And during the scene, you be updating there. So that is why we have to put it out interactive in the start. So now you see that we have our palm trees in the back. Chris look very nice. We can see that our grass material has not been overridden, so we consider Jain's art also. But that's okay. So now we see that I, uh the height of the grass and the quantity of our gas is to a good amount, so it looks natural. Address. Okay, so let's go back door scene. So this is our view and increases and click on this small icon to see the progress. But since this is interactive, it won't be having much of their It will be rendering continuously, So it'll have a progressive render that means closes. So if you're seen looks a golden If you like her lighting? If you like the shadows, then it is okay. Otherwise, you can just go to your shadow settings in sketch up on you can change them like if you warn them. We got a different time like this. It will update your scene based on the settings you just changed. If I say I give my shadows like this top director to based on their So you want to have your shadows? Certainly it said mine back to have it was because I like that. Okay, once you're happy with your son's angle and the lend off the shadow it is affecting on the Martin, what you're after do is you can stop this enduring for no. You go to your very a separate later or to your lights option. Click on your sunlight When I stopped this review Don't really have to see it much. So now what we're going to do is looking at our render. We see that the intensity of the sun is okay, but the in off the Sunday temperature, which it is providing, is very warm and yellow. So it is natural, but it is not so the liking. I have. So we'll be reducing that. What we're going to do is we're going to be providing a little more cool and blue collar off. I turned off the sun's light, so let's just move this. Does something like the blue color on Bring this tow this part and increase the lightness year? Sure. You cannot do this by right clicking on this check box so you can hire those pre certs off those colors by right? Clicking any any of the boxes. Close this on that we can increase the monthly player to something like it. I generally does. Seven toe aired. 70 were gives a nice soft look so you can check it here. Were there. So this is a big toe blue toward my expectation is go back here. I don't know. Just reduce a saturation here like this. Okay, Does this? I see you're still a bit too much blue toe. What? I wanted to be centered in Waller. This looks nice. So it has that cool temperature to it. We're going to stop this preview on and go for another interactive render. I see. That whole yellowish kind overturned is not there anymore. It looks more natural long. Okay, now that our sunlight is completely certain, our shadows are certain brightness off the sun. You certain you can change this to 1.2? Also, if you wish so they are not. Recommend putting higher sun intensity values because that makes your mortal too much sharp , and it looks fake your other. Control your lighting through your hedge Diarra intensity or by using rectangle lights in front of your model so you can just click and dragon. Put the rectangle light in front of your building or anywhere on talk to create that angle of shadow. You can even turn off shadows and rectangle lights if you don't want to affect your son shuttle so in this will not regarding any of those rectangle lights as we don't need the lighting looks pretty good with this son. All were wondered. Do is we're going to stop this. Render close a frame buffer on. We're going to be adding this dome light so you can click on this dome night cricket anywhere we want clear this dome kind of a thing here before we do anything that's just save it wants. Always keep saving and regular intervals so that you don't lose your files because I rendering many times yourself for my crash and you will have to end up doing it again. So that is a big, big pain. It is best that you keep saving it multiple times. So now we have our dorm, noting click on this. These are the options with our dome light. What we want to do is we want to click on this picture where I start and you see that there is one of five location. But you want to click on this on? You want to go to the edge D r I that you have known ordered on your PC, I'll be providing the link to which I'll be using No. So you can directly download that edge derived from the projects panel here, and you can use it on this. So mine is and documents architectures Barre on hedge theory. So this is the four letter which has all my answer to God. I either using this h d r a b one slash 03 This has are a day off of you wanted. So if I click play this preview rendered so that is the view off their tragedy are. Once we do this, we have toe change the rotation off the map. So based on their the sky will look different on different angles. So once you have 100 such theory, you want to rotate the map so that you get the proper background of your screen. So for that, we love to click on our texture slot weirdo, picture placement, and you see there is one rotated vertically and rotate horizontally. So what we want to do is we're going to click on this render interactive and now we're were it will show over sky in the background since it is sword Arctic. Since report the intensity on one we want toward something like 2020 should do good 20 Still looks a bit done. So that's 25. Yeah, So 25 looks good to me. What? We're wondered who is we're going to go back to Our options are the options I want toward or don't night and we're going to go door Texas sort on. Then we are going to go to this rotated horizontally and we are going toe give it a value off. Say I want to turn 100 degrees so it wouldn't move. The sky under degrees are his own dirty. There is still great clothes on this, so I don't like that I go 200. Okay, so now I have a bit off trees in the background. The sky looks good. I guess I got more other denim. Or maybe you don't know if I Yeah, so this looks good. We have the trees from the edge of the are recovering the background way have nice blue sky with nice clothes. We have the sun on this side off our hdrs, so it really sort with the shadows. So what we're going to do now is now, Since our everywhere I look scored, we have set our sons values or not this we're want to click on this icon, which is four sculler clamping. What this will help has do is it will allow us to see that over exposed areas in your render. So now the place is here and here on my shoulder and there and friends there overexposed sort of fix that click on this color Ram force color clamping. And once that is on, you will see this black color spots, the darkest of the lightest stone is from the highest exposed to the lowest exposed. So we're going to click on this first icon. Vigil owes us to see these options to edit the render in reader itself. Basically gone. The exposure, uh, sitting in the corner. Duggan, you get a drop down. We'll see this highlight about an option. It is sector Max when we put her down. You see that? A lot of clamping introduces based on there. So you see, if I introduce her until it is clear, I can produce it. And then I can increase exposure a bit like this and then introduce cutter, clamping alert and more graze. Explosion under 10 more. Really? Something like one point. Onda already was a highlight one. So once that is done, we can increase the contrast of it. Baby, find one. Now, this looks good. This this parts these blue parts, it's OK. It doesn't create a huge deal on your render. So that is OK, unless it is something like black or medicine or something. So you can always go to your island bun and reduced or removed completely. Situs looks very nicely lit. The whole rendered looks nice and bright. The shadows look, er that er I look good. Lighting is very work. So we're going to stop this. No one's. We are finalized with this render, you can see that everything looks neat. No, we can full screen this on. We can click on this color clamping toe closer on and click on this first color correction option to close it. Okay, so the more that is looking good. No, we'll proceed. Toe do the final surrenders in the next chapter. That is it for this one. 8. Chapter 7 Final rendering: this is a Chapter seven in this chapter will be doing the final renders. Since our whole scene is completed, we have set the scenes have said the lighting. We've set the materials we have set the view port on and we just are we're just left with setting the leaders a secretariat are certain things for the financial Anders, but before we do that, there are two things we want to do. We want to see if the file before we do the final render to prevent any loss from crashes. And we also want to do a final test render without the material over the option turned on so that we can say CEO are actual materials which we have added. And before we do the find out when we are, make sure we are OK that our materials which were played out of your satisfaction. So let's kept interviewing next to the studio far stranger before. So let's do that. I surrender before we can do the final one. But that s and that I'm just going to leave it. Art CPU. I'm going to turn off interactive enough, progressive. We'll relieve it out. Cebu Sector to law camera. We don't have to mess with the exposure since we've already character that in the three days and deter rendered output 6 40 should we would. If you want to save this automatically, you can just turn this on and select a location where you want to save the fight I learned were doing that. Since this is just rotation or glow environment, global illumination on reflections on turn off material override wondered a noise. Okay, beginning we can change this if you want. Oh, I guess I know just weren't fight since I don't want to spend too much time on a test run that I just want to see if my medical starboard change the bucket size to 48 on and and really using our changed optimization swatches don't know displacement and keep shadows on globally. Renew Mission Nation on. I want to keep this a radiance map and we do the final render for no brute force is okay show and we want to change this subdivided Stow something like 650 just for the test render . When we do our final render setting the value from anywhere from 8 50 or 9 50 to 1500. So just further testing until we want to separate at 6 54 No. And we will find 100. Dollar will be changing the value organ volumetric environment. We can leave it off. Organize it off. Okay, let's do Orender so we can turn on this progress about here to see how much it's done. Render is looking good as of no small square boxes are those buckets. So this is called pocket rendering and the one was progressive rendering. So now we see that dollar and that is done. It is not of a very high quality, but this is okay Just to see your materials that were color Looks good. The chairman cook scored the grass, looks called background looks good. All everything looks good. No. So we can just close this. We have the confirmation from this close this on that was safe for our final render. I'm going to be telling you some settings for a very high quarter dinner. I'll also be exporting a pre cert for a tok higher as render you can import that. What do you say settings The pre cert By clicking on this file icon, it says Lord, render certain things from file. So I will be uploading that filing the projects column as well. You can import that for your future renders and you can use their for Tokyo. Erez, I corner data under And we did you sketch up. So And if you want to save your research, which you have build, you can click on this save icon beside this fuller. So every time you go around that you don't have to go through all the settings, you can just load your research and you can right away. So for this final render, I have certain things. Tell you okay, I have a high quality CP. So I'm just going to click the CPI option quality would be custom exposure and not changing anything. If you want that no free look and turn this on before all this. I want to go to my hedged er my dorm lighting on and you see this text resolution? This is a resolution of your hedge, DRS So they start to 512 pixels by default. That is a very local, a different fine under, and that you want to start this store higher quality So I'm going to start this something toe. Mondadori Ojito! That should be okay. It is a joke. Heiress. Uh, hdr Sanders going to sector toe 100 That should be good enough. Go back door settings change the image. Scared. So I guess Lieutenant E as well for eternity by 60 it that is a 16 Mr Nine ratio. I'm not saving the file material. Lower right is on ticked. We won't noise limit the lower the noise limit, the higher the quality off your render will be. So the lesser The noise in your render will also be so for a high quality render the generally low 0.2 or 0.0 fight. So I were doing 0.0 fight just for the sake off. Finishing it quickly you. And if you're just doing a test run that you can say this to 0.53 or 0.1 or you can even though 0.1 So I'm just going to start this 20.0 fight. But I could even do a 0.1 and you said it was it Burns. It'll fight so That's the Grand Pacenza Buckets, aged or something like 50 and Andrea lacing will turn this on color marking. Relieve it untouched. All these we can leave it untouched were already turned off. Displacement. Okay, this Max Ihry intensity. You can increase this. You can make it to something like 35. So that will increase the quality of your in the restaurant. If you want your global elimination, you will see that you have options for primary raise and secondary raise. It is by default, sir, To brute force. You want to change this toe the A radiance map. So once you select that, you'll get some more options. Here aren't in the light cash desert to 6 50 Like I said, we heard it Sector 6 50 because we're doing our best rendered anywhere from 8 50 toe Well, under is a very high quality render. So I would like toa do something like 8 50 I generator 8 50 or 900. So that is done. Once you have sort all these settings, you should have option for a night equality, gender. So to save these settings, just in case it crashes well, the render and so that you don't have to go and said this back again were weren't toe hurt safe? So all these settings are saved? No, you can go ahead and click on the final render and click on this to see your progress. So you have You just have to wait until it renders completely. There are many options in the reader frame buffer as well. If if you're doing test renders and if you only want to check on specific areas where your continuously changing a material in interactive mode or something that is this option called less region Render if you select this And if you click and drag on a region Say I want to check how this would on the Spain color look together. So I'm just going to click on this and Dragon click like this on draw this region. So when I do my next render, it will render only in this specific region so we can continuously be checking and it won't waste our time rendering the whole image again and again. And there is this option called less render right Morse location. So what this does is if you click on this wherever you place your most. It will start rendering. There. You see, Those two buckets came to wear my most locator. If I move here, they'll come to this point. So if you want to see how your render is, say I want to look at how my payment is looking. I can just bring my most over here and it will start rendering their on. And it will give a final render result at that location so I can decide before that renders the whole thing. So anything I want to see before it renders the whole image I can just over over that region and you to learn or that specific place. So So no. You see, I can see the final render off my pavement so I can just go and inject this ordeal again. Start from the oh, right corner is the bottom. Okay, So religiously this rendered for No. Okay, so all that her daughter is almost complete. It is are 98%. Once this is done, very well know applied to dig noise. Her figure. So it will have another small, very quick render which will ready was the noise like you see in this columns and this edges so it really lowered something and it'll make it much more software and nice. So you see, the dollar render looks really good. No compared to what we have radically from sketch up. So it has already finished on. And the noise which was there before, is not as much as it was before. So it looks more need No. All right, you see? No, the pictures recognize their nice char. Does the reflections in the glass What a beautiful It's the reason a bag grown. The sky looks nice. Materials Rickert The glass grass looks good. Everything looks nice. So we're gonna close this her new conard in more objects like you can add cars here. You can hurt people when I have more bushes gonna have grouping on the comparable. You can have lights here so you can increase your models quality. And the final render is not only depended on the quality off the material, but it also depends on the quality of the mortar. So the more things are, you add into your model which will improve it toe more realism like Harding cars or bushes or coping on the trombone or like soil and other trees Things like their birds in the sky If you had those things that make it look more realistic So this is the fine under and it we can click on the save icon earned. You can save radio where you want, so I'll just say this on my desktop thing. Fine, not render and chief. So that is our find under. And I hope you are happy with this. 9. Chapter 8 Assignments: This is a chapter nine in this. I will be giving you your assignments. And you I want your ways toe. Follow these steps which I've explained in this class to achieve this renders will be providing all reporting the HDR I I'll be providing the, uh extension. Andi, I'll also be providing you with the render rider on this existing mortal, which I have. No. So you condone it. All this finds from the project panel on D. I want you guys to work on this. I want you guys to improve on this. Like I told you can add in cars or people there bushes, birds and lighting and ceiling and all that. I want you guys to improve on this mortal. I want you guys to do the final renders. You can even use my high quality research to render it on. I want to raise toe open ordered back on the projects of mission area so that I can review them and I can give you feedback on what you can improve. So I'm very happy to say that you are finally going to be able to make high quality renders and the portfolio is going to have much more value to it than what it hard before radio regular renders. So we'll have this high quality photo realistic renders no. And with practice you will increase more. So I would like to congratulate the ways to learning something new today. And I would also like if you will give me ratings. And if you give me, give me reviews on my class on what I can improve on on what would help you guys learn more better that I can improve on my teaching. So So that's Amico shot. Thanks for joining my clash.