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SketchUp Vray Lighting Beginners guide

teacher avatar Khushal Panchariya, Create with KP

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 11m)
    • 1. Introduction to class

    • 2. Contents of class

    • 3. Chapter 1 Introduction to lighting in vray

    • 4. Chapter 2 Using vray asset editor to manage lighting settings and effects

    • 5. Chapter 3 Understanding various point Lighting

    • 6. Chapter 4 & 5 Lighting for indoor day scene and final rendering

    • 7. Chapter 6- Final rendering for indoor day scene

    • 8. Chapter 7 Lighting for indoor night scene

    • 9. Chapter 8 Light settings in asset editor for night scene

    • 10. Chapter 9 Final rendering Indoor night scene

    • 11. Chapter 10 Assignments and Congratulations!

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About This Class

Hi there, my name is Khushal. This is a lesson on lighting in SketchUp Vray.

This course is for people new to Vray and 3d rendering. The people who are not familiar with sketchup vray or any other rendering software.

Learn about vray lighting options, change settings of lighting in vray asset editor, 1 point 2 point and 3 point lighting effects on your model to achieve maximum photo realism.

This class is a follow up to my previous class on SketchUp Beginners guide and Make your first sketchup model and SketchUp Vray Realistic rendering Beginner Guide.

I hope you find this class helpful, for any further doubts feel free to contact me in the discussion or comments section below the course.

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Thank you for your support.

  • Prerequisite knowledge of previous class is necessary in this lesson.
  • If you have already watched it you could download the required files for this class from the Class Project section





Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Khushal Panchariya

Create with KP


Hello, I'm Khushal. I have a wide range of creative interest in Art, Digital art and 3D visualization rendering in architecture.

For any quarries, you can join my telegram by Click Here

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1. Introduction to class: Lauren will come to this in the class on really lighting on Keuchel regarding you through really lighting so that you can become experts and you can create realistic renders without undue delay. Let's begin the class. 2. Contents of class: So this is Chapter one. I'll be giving an introduction toward every teaching in my further classes. So if you want to skip 20 part, you can go and skip to them. Or you can continue watching on the first chapter. Also toe. Learn how to make her first moral or if you're not familiar with sketch up at all, then you can go watch my Beginner's Guide to sketch Up to learn how to use ketchup. Where I explain in that class on How do you sketch up from from sketch from any beginner toe? Any mediocre person can go in London, and if you want to learn how to build your first model, you can do that as well. I have another class under, and if you want to learn how to do exterior rendering realistic rendering and really you can go and says that I have made plenty off glasses on these. So these are the contents to my further chapters, Chapter one not to be introducing so readers lighting so we'll see water or other types of things that we have in really order. The different effects that produce each different. Leading so in Chapter two will be using readers Asset editor to manage lighting settings and effects. So were assassinated. Orville and Busto control each and every light which we use in sketch up. So in Chapter three will be understanding where this point lighting. So there are different points lightings that are necessary to understand, to create a realistic effect, like 1.2 point and three point lighting, which we'll discuss in our classes in chapter for lighting to indoor day scenes. So we'll be creating our day. Orender have using the sun as our lighting source, our main lighting source. So in Chapter five will be learning how to set their different settings for these days. Seen renders to produce a realistic render and in Chapter six will be creating a night scene using our interior lights and accent lights and accept route by your treachery having those in Chapter seven, really. But we using as a creditor to war financial rendering and setting those lights according toe or night scene, and in that separate, I'll be giving you my assignment that will mostly be the same render that be produced today in our class, so I want you all to some of them 3. Chapter 1 Introduction to lighting in vray: so we'll come to the chapter one in the Selby explaining their different lights available. And really, it's going to be a very basic class, so there won't be much detail, but I'd be only briefly guiding you through the various lights we have available in our sketch up for really. So once you open sketch up, there should be your view on bond. We cant remove this guy as we don't need him. It's a motor bit on. So once you have installed really for sketch up, you should get this user interface on top extensions that really provides us. So when you see you see, this one's in the yellowish brown highlights. These are our lighting options. So we have 123456 and seven lighting options in really a wider by very 1st 1 is the rectangle light. So you see this one If you have are over, it will show you the name of it also. So the rectangle light all your after Louisa, select it and click and drag and place your I think now everyone But this is our rectangle light. The arrow indicates which side the light is going to be blasting out of the rectangle. You can also move it around like you can click on it. So let the move fool on, Move it around the blue green ordered access so you can also returned it toe or you're in the light according to your wish. So you can go in, select some point here like this and you can reverted this way. I know you have relating this way you're gonna also give it a specific angle like this. So I know you have something going in this direction in a 45 degree direction. But that is your rectangle, like the 2nd 1 is a spirit like so you can use this in somewhere. Like if you have upended late hanging from your ceiling. And it has a dorm honored so you can use this light and put it inside that so that it creates a spherical light effect. So there's a very simple you ask your conduct and click and drag your most to give it any amount of size required. So, really, this is a spirit color like this. Okay, wait. Going to traditional This is your sport late. The 3rd 1 is your sport lowered. It is very basic Click. You'll get one spotlight like this. The corn laid is very simple. The angle in which it is opening up is where the angle off light will be. So this is your own light. And they did this? No, on this is your eye es light. This this light in viera is something which provides a more realistic effect on your, uh, seen. So if you have any lights, that is, these requires a pretty down lord. So if you're our i. E. S lighting fight, you can use this light and you can import one file and that writing affects the water. It does spread the fared over the fall off. Everything will be preset so that the file and all you laughter we just place this light and bring in that fight. So once you do that, you're lighting will be a certain based on the settings that the light has already been provided. So that is your I e. S like, I don't have any files right now with me, So I'm not going to be using this. And it is up to you like the readers light itself, though good enough off a job, so you don't require toe in order externally. But that's all up to you. If you want to do it, you can a lot. The 4th 1 I mean, the fifth month is openly light. This is also something like a spherical light, but this you can put anywhere in your scene. So if you have ah, living room or a bedroom or something and you can put the light in the center off the bedroom like this and it will shoot out light in every direction, you condone off the shadows in readers asserted that will be explained their desert. And you can use this light as ah as a fill light so it will increase the light in your room . In basic terms, that is what this is. So we can do this. I operated the idea on the last one is the head of the are dry late? So this is a known late If you want to give up. Actually, Ari file honored. You can use this dome light and you can give the hedged er I honored and according toe that hdr a the lighting will be affected on your space. So if you deny it to be out off a night of you, it will be a little darker scenes. So the temperature would be cool and it'll be darker in color. And if you are aware the air scene, it will be more bright and sunny. So it all depends on the hedge. Dru donor. So this is your room like it looks something like this. This can be placed anywhere on your scene, on the street or in your bedroom anywhere. This doesn't affect the lighting on the depending on the shape off where it is overall provides a background and a lighting effect throughout the whole model itself. So these are your basically lighting effects that really provides you. The last one is a mission rating system. So if you have something like a rectangle like this, say you want to create a cool lighting in your ceiling. So this is your rectangle which you created going to select this republic, make it into a group, and you see that this option, Justin, ever so when you select some some model or some object in schedule and it is in a group, you can just click on that group and convert this into Amish. But this will become intermeshed late like this. It will be providing light from the bottom and top on the board sites. It is basically like a strip light. No. So that is your mission waiting. You can convert any shape or any form into a mission late. That's all up to your freedom. So these were the basics on the different lights that really provides us. If you feel that I'm going too fast, you can always go back and watch it. It is not much complex. These are just basic lighting things. Once I start explaining their in depth the details off this, I'll be going much lower so that the rays can understand. 4. Chapter 2 Using vray asset editor to manage lighting settings and effects: come to chapter toe in this will be explaining you how to use the villas acid little toe addict, the effects off the light and toe control, its lighting and very defects the whole scene. So we'll be learning off the how we can use as a predator toe manage our lights picking That's just and your random objects. Oh, I'll be creating around, um, square like this rectangle on. And let's begin with our rectangle like Let's take this and okay, so intake disentangling. Place it here. Something like Respect. I can even resize it just gave her down. It's moving so that we have our light foisting on the box itself for Thank you. So let's move it a little up on gets rotated. It's it's actually give it something, but so that something like this so that it looks like something is shooting from an angle on top a bit. Okay, you know, we have this way. Have this rectangle eight here. Okay, It's even artist surface so that we can see so no, basically, I've created a scene where we have one night and we have one object. There's a surface, so that's going to our reset. Really asserted. It should be something that pops up after you do that on. No, let's expand our boats. It just were not the previewed enduring. I don't think we need to decide. We're gonna close this and we can go door lighting a panel on and you see No, we have one Sunday, eight and one rectangle like So before we get into sunlight, I just turn it off. You can click on the icon to turn it on or off. I don't know the sunlight taken on Rectangular District 30. So let's enable preview and see that this is the amount of light that it is producing. No, if I say, make it 300 angry so you can see the preview also for normally without 30. And as you see, you can see the rectangle light on the top. I will get to that in a minute. Let's stop the preview and read or the settings. I don't know if the non interactive render distal medium and, uh, because they should be okay. You can introduce us eyes off this to make it. I studied it, earned it introducing time. Thank you because this scene should be okay, Chris. She is a shadow. Let's say from the top. Okay, this is fine. I change this to a GP or because I have a better deep you. So no, that's doing interactive. Render getting societies of the reading frame buffer. Okay, so we have other and don't know, as you see, uh, you see this Black colors sport here that there are other rectangle life? No. They want to remove that in any of our scenes. We don't actually want this image to be here like this of our trailer under Louis. First, I want to turn off this background so that we don't have that blue color thing in the bag around with were just saying, you know, you see, this is a more demonstrative thing on, and that's to see this. We love to keep it on my guess for no. So I'll show you how to fix that. You see this he made here. This is the rectangle light or we want to do is we want to go to options. And you see this in reasonable option. Want to click on there logically conduct you see that our light has disappeared. So you don't see it anymore. So what This helps is it heights? The object which is emitting the late So the rectangle which we just based it I get here so you can so like the store hired lighting. And you can also sometimes you you'll be in a situation where you will warn the lighting. Perfect the shadows and you're just using it as I feel like So you can turn off the shadows as well. So it will not produce any shadows from this specific light. So as I've no redo one shadow. So I'm going to keep that on on. And you can change the intensity. No, As you see that this is not very right and it is not creating dark shadows. Let's make this to 300. Okay, Okay, Under. So now you see that it started making the surface more bright. So that's just wanting. Let's move this surface under to forward this so that we have Ah Clearview, stop the rendering Eyes of no Does this It's also cleared. Backdrop practice. I know that we have this for two hours. I guess we'll move this boat to the center this morning. Is you Dorsey okay. And I just made this a scene in this click on this and this scene will be cleared her. Let's go back door interactive, random, But okay, because this is so just up their door seen. Okay, now that our light dissident on, we can see that it is affecting over cube. It is creating reflections due to the cube. So that's for your rectangle lighting. Let's try this with different lighting snow. So we're going to stop this on. We can close this, you know, Close. I said it'd better for no and a select directing light. And really, this It's our spear. Light is a civil distance. I could hear to speak out here like this. This in front of the books? I don't know. Get aside. Introduce us. I says, Well, get up. So yeah. So we have our spirit in front of the box. No backdoor scene open. Uh, it is a center data. Now, since we don't have this weaken Davidoff the rectangle light unknown spirit light. Let's make my letter Warren directive around that first. So you see, you know we have this pure light in front of a rectangle. It is our own the ball. It is emitting light now, just the way I sure that we can hired our rectangle light the same where we can hide any light We have been Really? So that's just click on this invisible thing. It would hide that, you know, You see, it is creating our own brown effect below the spectacle light and on the cube also so or to increase the intensity if you make it so something like 3500 you'll see that it is it is creating light all around it. So this this kind of value is too much intense for watery immune. So there's a straight A 1500 even this is high and try 500. So, yeah, you see that? It is like our dome Lord Oh, yeah, you get the point off the speculators. Okay, so no that way are done with the spirit lighting that stray the corn like let's just select this part like place it here. It's going below the box. So let's just bring that up. Director Cone on. Bring it on the way up and percent more higher this Andi, Now that we're done with this particular spear lighting. Let us believe that on not going toe a live preview but the settings and we want toe on take the bag around so that we get a proper lighting effect. So once we've uncheck that outdoor lighting, it's click on interactive rendered. I see that it is completely dark, so we'll fix that in a minute. Since their intensity is so low, it is not ever so bright enough. The space and there's do a preview, this our spotlight as of no, that's increase the value to something like 30. I wasn't these thes spotlights are very small, so and the space right now is to huge since it is not to scale. So this is an absurd amount of that new. But according to our scene, we'll be setting up lighting values depending on water it requires. So I don't know. We'll just do something like 30,000. Okay, so now we see that we have something in the real world so we can see over the box. Here, you can see their dollar sport lighters reflecting on our box toe. Know this. You can increase the size of the cone or decrease the size of the corn sliding. This there is just increase it a bit. Now you see that against yours Fortnight. Clearly, Cuba is getting highlighted in a nice effect. And also you can increase this panamera angle to soften the edges off the light. If you're increases, you can see your toe in the preview that just off the corn, that becomes softer. So we don't have this tight circle around over spotlight this this sharp circle. So if you increase that, you see that that fears of a making it more realistic. So that is this Panamera angle and also you can change the color off. This was something like a dark or rangers any any desired color. So something like this, it makes it a little bone. You can even increase the Magnus intensity. The technique. Fine. Teledyne. No. You see that we have our court Cuba being hit by the spotlight that is our sport. Like those are the few settings. It's small further none of this Stop this. You can be viewed our sport. Lightner. Yes, I lighting. I'm going to skip since I told you that I have to know notified further than I don't have any fights with me right now, it's only lighting. It is something which shoots off late in every direction and can be used as a field late in your room. So that is really replaced. A traitor. Just move this our most. The only lighting a little higher than water twice. Let's turn on the preview, see, so the light is very limited. So, like I said, this size off the mortar is very huge, and it is not to scale, So our values are going to be a little too high for order. Generally is. So I This is just for you to get another, the other toward settings implied the world affects, so we'll just increase the intensity. Do 10,000 now it's a bit brighter. It is out of 5000 more, that's that. It's make it so. This only lighting doesn't have the invisible option as it is not a solid lighting object. It is just going to provide light and can, like I said, it is going to be used as a fill light, So let's do an interactive rendered, she said. The same very of the sport light was affecting your taste. How this works, but this is more of a fill light, not a for questioning. So if you move this around and see that it is Dr seen in such a way, it's in Greece of annual big more Think this technique dollars And you see, this is our only noting is provides a fill light You're gonna went down off the shadows so that it doesn't affect the shadows off. No objects in front of it. Mostly when he was a normally lady would want to rule that since you're placing it anywhere in between the space. So if you have a focus light coming in one direction and if you don't turn off shadows for only light, it will ruin the shadows. Start are naturally produced by that late. So you would always want toe Don't know shadows and home unite. That is what I generally prefer that stopped this and on this talk so the other door just don't like the hedge er air in the mess late. So this is very simple. I've already shown how to use the mess late. We have to make an object into a group like this and we can provide it as Amish. So if you turn this off, it's doing interactive increases for 300 on Make the color to something like Tonight Green That's ruining directive rendered. So no, this is your mess lighting So any surface you can create 18 to Amish. So no, we have our boxes. Emission. It is voting. It's like one soldier like block. No. So that is your mission. And Adriana is very simple. You just put in your door and you apply on HDR rightto that and you just change the intensity and the rotation based on what you want. So there took for the introduction to various lightings in reading. 5. Chapter 3 Understanding various point Lighting: this is a chapter three. We'll be explaining different point lightings that are required to understand, to create a realistic renders. So I would be teaching 1.2 point and three point lightings. I'll be showing you some images. I don't order it off the you understand it much better and not also be showing it on my model. So we have the seven guilt which we heard in our, uh, previous chapter. So we'll be using rectangle lights and spotlights in this. So one point lighting is very basic. It is one lighting source which is used to light up the scene. Same goes with 213 points. All of these are separate those points which are used as light objects too late and Porter and the CNB according toe. How your desire. So let's just start with the one point lighting. So basically one point lightings are from if it is artificial, it is mostly lighting sorts and if it is natural, it is mostly the sun. So we'll be assuming that this rectangle light is our son And it started this So that is our son on and it is over Cuba. So just like obvious all in over chapter toe and visually knew something more. So you see that we have our block here on this rectangle light is you wish toe like the space off and see that it is creating a shadow. So the way I can explain this is just this missus, I okay, moment of this. So this kind of a lighting scene is called one point waiting when we have one point on the parts behind the object are filled with shadows on only the front part is kind off lit. So that is one point lighting. It is very basic. It starts. It starts getting better with two points. So no, we have one. That is our rectangle light here, which you can see No. So this one for including this kind of set up the lightest called the key light. So that is your key light, which is forwarding all the light to the object in two points will be having one fill light , which will be feeling your space up. So know we have this. It's hard of feel light here. Be using better dangling big on Lex. Career destroyed here on let's protected. So that it is facing art object. Just select our late Kandahar there too, and reflect this. So now we have this year. But small December it up and this and it's prepared this light from the front of the object like this almost from the front so that it is lighting the left side off the object as well . This So now we have two points. We have one coming from their dog on one from the front. So basically, this kind of a startup is it's tunnel. The interactive learning closes. So this kind of a set up is where you have a natural sunlight and it is shooting through the windows off your home and you have a fit light which is inside your seen as well in the bedroom itself or any space. And this light is providing light, all throat, the whole space. And the key light is providing light with including the shadows so that it creates the realistic view and also keeping your seen readily. So no, let me show you the example of this a condom rendering. So we would want oh, done these itself. I mean, the view off the light support to invisible. That's when I I think this we can also return this or is this more to the front? Okay, so, no, this is our to burn the lighting system. You don't want this light to affect our shadows. So you see there, this part of a murder scene is getting affected because of this. So we don't want this shadows, Toby light. So what we're going to do is we're going to scroll down and don't know shadows so that it keeps the shadows intact. Charters are based on the key lighting we have on our top. So you have to wonder for that own one for this one under shadows off. So no yobbo shadows intact. So in order to get to a three point rating system, I don't know if the interactive rendered closest would like Toa agrees the size of this and their part in this that side of it. So know that three point lighting system The third light is your back late. This this will provide the light from the back side of the object which will create an outline around him. It will also help in enhancing the well the look and feel off the model, which would make it more highlighted and more clear to see. So that is our three point lighting. This is mainly our final lighting set up in our rendering courts. So this three point lighting is the maximum be emotionally used in our interior renderings . We also use some things like accent lighting. So those are your strip lighting and your coop lightings or your lamps or your Bennett late . So these are your loads, which are accent late. So let's just what, uh, she was ah, spear like toe care to this back late. So this backlight will help us reduce the shadows behind you on also light up the space behind you and also create outline behind your object to make it look more clear. Let's put it here on. Let's do an interactive render. Okay? You guys don't know. Uh, we have learned behind you. See that this is a lighting that a dish providing since we have our leading to close. So that could undertakes providing this right? I related spaces. So if we move them up, it will create a soft that end. Rectangular doze off. So know your see that about all directors, little it still being more realistic. The lighting in front is providing the fill throughout the object lighting in the back. The back lighting is helping. Cleared of the writer background on the key light is helping to provide the shadows to the object like this. So that is your 3.2 point and one point lighting. 6. Chapter 4 & 5 Lighting for indoor day scene and final rendering: Hello and welcome. This is a new day. I'm back here with chapter for reaching your voice. How toe set up Lighting for an indoor day scene is where things get a little exciting. So to carry on with this chapter, you'll have to don't know this sketch of model which I will be linking in the Raj expanding below. So I don't know this fight. Once you open it, this should be the scene that they set up. You don't have to do any modeling details or anything unless you wish to. So if you want to make any changes around anymore receiving light or anything else for your further practice, you can do that as well. So this is the mortal which I'm providing. You guys I have known ordered a few things like this so far. TV and this dining set from sketch ups really, really host and I have made it in the way on living space, not anything too fancy. But just for this class I've made this simple living room. So we're going to start with starting our day, seen like you see that all the materials have been applied and the sun is also sick. So when you want to door day seem you want to make sure that you said the sun settings for that, you have to go to view and in view you after Darnell's shadows. Since it is already on for us, we're not going to any changes to earn to change the sun settings module after Louis, go to the Shadows panel here in this period and you can change it based on the time and season and a and eight over, and you can also increase and decrease the shadows part. This will not affect the volatile very much. But this time and their date off, the sun's orientation will matter a lot. So you want to start that According toward you, feel like this, right? So I have said this for no, this seems fine to me. So well pursued without being our lot's the first thing I wanted to wish. I want Oh, hard off a light or a port a light outside of our glass doors So so that the light and us into our scene we would want Oh, don't on the can be over right material. I mean, turn off. Can we override materials in our relations as a tutor for this glass, which I have already done for your ways, you can click on this readers as attribute, icon. Once this loads up, open this panel here. But not this preview. We'll go to our pain bucket toll on. Well, hold on old and click on the class. So as you see, glass window neutral is our material for this class we want to see. This can be over it and auction it will generally be take. You want to on take this so that when we return on material override this glass would not be affected. Okay, now, once that is done, we can close our asset editor and are seeing a sector the scene toe. I've made that scene the race. What we want to do is we want to use a rectangle light and you want to place it outside this sliding door so that there is more amount of light coming in as the lighting when the sun is not enough. So let's just go. Andre started regulating almost to the size off. They don't so something like that click on it. Now that the light is emitting outwards going toe just like it higher. And we want to flip it a car along the blue access. But this so another light is going inside. You can even more with a little inside so that the lighting effect is more strong. Guys, this much is fine so that we work with our mortal a little quicker. We condone of shadows, since that, uh, increases the task on our system so you can don't know shadows for no. And you've added on over lights Excited the 2nd 1 as well. Same way we want to add. It almost does the same size over daughter, but I would window anyone. So let's if there's along the blue shirt and and move this Okay, so once the store, then you can go back to your seen toe and you can see that the report alerts have been sick . So now let's go back to our readers are certitude outdoor lighting panel. That is this one. And you see we have rectangle load one and rectangle light hashtag So the rectangle eight is the 1st 1 on hashtag. One is the 2nd 1 reports so on it'll be going. You can even rename this so that you remember. So I guess I would just leave. This has 30 for No, it see the preview? So this is the amount of light it is providing. What we want to do is we don't want to see this source off this light. So we are going to screw alone on an options were going toe check the invisible option toe hired that night. So the sunlight can also enter through Now that that is done and goto our 1st 1 and do the same thing as well. Once you have done both of these, I would like you guys to go to settings. Put this on interactive more reduce, uh, setting to medium or high, based on however strong your PC's. So, Leslie, my note medium on were not material override so that we can, uh, increase the spirit off the render. You did not turned out our textures in in camera. You can You want to change the exposure valuable data around. So after we see the interactive render, the chains are imaginary to a smaller size, something like 900 or 650 or 40 depending on how strong earpieces so I'll just leave. Minor. 900 is doing interactive rendered so as you can see our mortal Israel during No, it isn't an interactive more and receive that hourglass is known Defector and the light is coming in through the rectangular to battered on the sunlight as well. So this this amount of lighting is not enough. You want to do some searching snow on and as I told in or be previous last were we turned off the background so that we can see the object a bit clear. That is because we were doing it in an open space and we didn't want We wanted to understand the lighting more better. So the way the light affects the object. That is why I turned off background. You see, the background is in black color. We want to add that back So we'll go back toe environment and you want to click on this tick box so that you have your background in check. So don't Don't forget to turn this on since that will don't know if your background and will be ah, transparent part in your render. So keep your background check now, once this is done illustrating the exposure sensitive Studer, who's something like 12. Okay, well, it seems that it is still a little dark. Will fix that with our lighting systems. Don't worry about how the shadows are or how bright this high over exposed late. Yes, we can fix that later on. And we raise editor itself. So don't worry about any of these right now, these or these over exposed places. So this seems fine. We can introduce this story something like 11. Okay, now let's go to our lighting, searching on increasing intensity to with something like 50 and 50 years. So, as you see, our scene is being nicely lit by the rectangle lights we've added. It is like the natural light coming inside from the windows itself. Black dudes do some settings to the sun. First about this dishonest or harsh, so the shadows are very sharp on it. So you want to reduce that? You can change that by going to the size multiplayer. What this does is it will create us off age around the shadows here. So let's just make this turn toe something like three. If your ward, uh, toe a very higher number than some small shadows, like the shadows from this pipe will not be seen. So it is a hard thing to be seen in the shadows anywhere but some small details will be missing and they're not look realistic enough. So your like to keep this number to us sweet spot so that it is not so much over. You are under Louis either. So after that, you want to change this filter more toe over right? And we want to change this guy moored toe overcast or here, depending on however you like it. So I'll just put clear sky so you will see that you will have a much clean and cool render . Previously, it is very warm and the sun was too much, right? So you see everything is normal. We can even go by by reducing their tangle. Urge to 30 again, and we can reduce the sun's setting toe and institute. Was it a bunch? No one's three store that we can go in on? We can add over hedged er that will help create our bag around. I am providing the download to this HDR I'm using in this project as well. You can check all of the files that are required for doing this project Will building in the project spanning below. You can download them. So let's stop this On that score. Toe are dome light. I didn't want Don't turn off the interactive render for No. Did we do the settings turned on light? You see, after your Adam, you'll see this option here. You learn to go on garden. A big map to this. Select this. I'm using this big map. Go back, See your preview. You see that we have over a big map in the background. We have the sky and we have the trees. But our horizon is missing. There's summarizing, but the ground is missing. We want to change this to a spear. You see, people are overgrown. Does with once that is done. You want to increase the intensity off our dome light Since it was going to be very dark. One is a very small number. Well, do something like five that seems to be overexposed. Its duty. Okay, so this seems fine. But the problem is dead in the head of the r I, which we see here on day, which we'll see in our render depends on our mortals orientation. So we'll have to rotated based on how we like it. So let's do an interactive render. I like to do a render region. So there the only after render the part which we need to see So you can do that by clicking on this rendered region option and usually that we can see over HDR in the back. Previously it was black and no really see over actually. All right, so rotate this hedged er a All you after do is go back to your bridge map and go texture placement and in texture, placement you will see Horizon's rotated horizontally or vertically. You're goingto order this horizontally So we will do something like, uh, 150 and let's see how their defects. So it is still very glory and doesn't start off set our day sing. Let's move this further to make it 275 you know, we see a much clearer Skype will go a bit more further H 295. So this guy seems perfect. No, James, like a clear our lightly glory and clear sky. And we have our grown as well. So I wondered if I should be fine. We can't see the preview here will have to go back. And we love to see it here. Have you condone off the preview? For now on, let's increases to four. Okay, so that looks of nicely lit sky on we want after we are done with setting up all our materials and all over writings and undoing over interactive renders. What we want to do is we want to go to overheads dome light and in the bottom options. You would see something called a structure resolution that itself so 5 512 by default. So that is a very small quality that been not provide much quality to your lender. It is not a very important or necessary thing as well. But if you have a better PC and if you can spare some more time, it is always good that you increase the picture resolution to have old something like anything like 1415 100 or 1200 depending on how much over your piece you can go. You can go upto tok ra solution child as well. Okay, so you see that you have a much clear sky? No, the small details will provide a higher quality to your model. So to your render, it is very important that you look upon all these small aspects as well. So let's turn off our every generator and CEO. It is affecting our whole scene. I like to stop it and clear the image and no better digging. Now that we have our render. I see I see that we have good amount of ambient shadows would amount of lighting inside the room, and this guy also looks fine. Anderson affecting our room also looks so I'm satisfied with this amount of lighting in it . We can go and increase the exposure a bit to get these shadows more highlighter, so we'll do that right now. It's where Jane's Sister 10.5. So this seems like a decent amount off lighting inside. I guess we are ready for doing our material rendered, so we like to stop this. Let's go door settings in other settings that start off interactive doctor to see your GP or depending on whichever is more stronger for you. I don't know if interactive and I have provided our Tok ra Solution preset file, which you can also don't know it from the projects panel below. So you can use that and you're gonna imported by clicking on this Lord, render settings from file that will work with ketchups Really, aren't you will likely have all these settings. So you click on this on, so you'll have a tok higher esprit. Certain file like this will just click on this and you'll import the file and so that all your settings will be set of. Spend some time and fire. Phone the best possible render settings. So I've said everything from eyes limit, the bucket size toast, the lighting effects, everything and the resolution is a tour 25 60 by 14 40. You can reduce this. Since this is a very high quality thing, I'll put something like a dinner TB for no. And the exposure value will also change by luring this, so we'll have to change this as well. So we'll put 10.5 back. Known everything else is nothing to worry about. So let's let's turn off material over right on and that you were under clear the ended here and click on gender other tower rendering is complete. There are still a few more changes we have toe get a final render out of this. So this is not supposed to be it. As you see that there are so many over exposed areas and the lighting, the temperature. The white balance is not so great right now, so there are a few more changes that we have to do. So this is chapter for and fight. In the next chapter six, we will see how toe produce a fine other and out off, really. 7. Chapter 6- Final rendering for indoor day scene: this is chapter six and will be completing our financial and are using Really? What we want to do is after our enduring is done, we see that we have multiple options here in the really frame buffer. First thing is the one which gives us our color correction settings and many other options that we can use as well. On day, we will be using exposure White balance on. Do you want saturation today? Since I don't do scarves very much, I'm not confident with it. So I don't I find using exposure is well enough for me. So to use this what we Lewis with the second option called less color clamping. This will help us see the over exposed eight years. So from that, our guest to the light that shared is where the maximum overexposed very eyes were. Just turn on or exposure. If you cornered, we see that our highlight bone option is all the way to the max. Will want to reduce this and we'll see that our color clamping is reducing, so we'll try to remove it as much as possible. Oh, I guess this kind of evaluates good like this. So you see that the images, not anymore overexposed on every single detail is clearly visible. It makes the image more pleasant, but it also became a bit dark. So to fix that video is our exposure and will increase that like this. So we'll try to maintain a balance between exposure and our highlight. But we can reduce the separate more. No. Okay, so this seems a little bit off. Highlight bone is also a good touch to Orender, since that provides some realism So we can hurt some congressional should we could turn off color clamping. No way. See that we have a very brie like a decent and soft kind of of you know, it is not very of all murdered over exposed. So let's go to our white balance and the words the left side. The image becomes more cool and the words that I inserted becomes more hard. If you don't know, this word becomes more cool. Bernard, this very becomes more hard. So I like a much bull rendered will produce the temperature. No, I could So something like this. So this looks very nice. Looks very realistic as well. So once this is done, we can go to U. N. Saturation. It's not very much required for us right now, but we just mess with the saturation and the lightness of it. No, let's just give it other than more saturation. I guess you find one should be good and we can increase or decrease their brightness. All right, I just don't want there's this much is enough. So I guess these are the settings that make our image looked the best No one's Your side is fired with this render or you have to do is click on the save icon and you can save the final render. So just like that, you always say, if you are or not, and that should be it. This is your day seen. I hope that you always have learned something from this. You can use this as you increase your quality off. You're basing in order and learnings. I am pretty much satisfied with this view, since everything looks very realistic. No. So this is it for the chapter six in the next chapter will be doing a night view 8. Chapter 7 Lighting for indoor night scene: this is after seven and we'll be doing a night rendering No. So we want those set ups light so that it looks like a night scene, but that first we'll have to ream or rectangular lighting will just delete these a condom, lighting and village. And we also want toe. Uh, we don't have to relieve the lights. Actually, I just show you a dollar donors, so I don't know this here. You can either delete them when either delete them or go to your readers as a predator and turn off these lightings like this. So, after known turned off the lighting that we needed for our day Seen left this unknown we can run off the Sooners with once that is done. Now that we have turned off all the lighting's that we used for our days in it's time we are lighting for our night scene, we'll just be turning off the shallows so that we can work with it. What smooth it goto our pendant lights. And as you see, these are components. So you read it. One lighting and all of the lighting's the similar components scared, affected as well, so I unless there is a sport light which I will be placing inside or below this pendant late. We'll be using our sport like Buster after going toe over confident and it's put in the spotlight here like the sport late in the center. Yes, that should be good. So we have our spotlight, said all of them, and is setting a spirit alerted below this pendant lighting. It has a nice reflector on dog open this that you disappeared our district being this big electrolyte a big down like this so that it's reflecting just on this and not casting light from member of this panel and also actually reduce essays. Hold on art who reduce the size based on the aspect ratio. Now we can just leave the lighting here. But no, that is done. Relied one mesh late Mishler to reload This guy burners here are you after World war out of mislaid is Are you after Lewis, select this and right click and make it into a group. Once that is done, you are You can clear this into a match like no one more. Here, make this into a group. I think this endure Michelin way have old Mishler turned accent large. Certain an exit out of this group about door scene. It's hard, another scene, and we don't know shadows for this update. You know, we have a scene without shadows and exterior lighting. This is a Chapter seven. You've set all the lighting required for indoor scene. I will be going toward Ex Chapter, where we'll be doing settings in our acid Editor. 9. Chapter 8 Light settings in asset editor for night scene: this is chapter. It will be a starting over light and managing the effects in the videos as separate little other it all over. Lights are set going over the asset predator on before we do any settings I would like to save. Save the fight on and when should save Norwich, start doing all settings for our legs. The first of all, we want to go door settings wanted own interactive strangers to medium and well, I want to turn off or bag around and put this into a color. Does something like a light blue this They should have prepared over night scene for this right click on this blocks so that you can have them for future reference closes Now that we have added that he will go door interactive rendered care to this surrender and we can close over another connection options. Now we see that our spotlights are affecting the spirits and spear lighted also right. You know, we can see their dollar Civilians very don't learn very dark, so there's too much dark for tonight. Seen as with So what we want to do is really want toe for start up some bag grown which suits our scene. We can do that by adding a hedge theory. Or do you want to do is we want to increase the intensity of our Bagram That's maker turn So something like five so that would provide more light and see their interactive friend of the Syrian is a big model It? No. So you had a night scene. We're gonna add a night HDR we're door settings on. Let's add another dorm late. Good. And give this on addiction after were battered over Reggie A right to our door, your door setting and don't on the material over. Right? So once that is done, we after down off this background on and change the store light blue I have already added a preset my scene here, one for the night sky. So you can just do that by selecting any color you want on right clicking on these blocks. I'll be using this one and close this, interns the store something like four earned inter do foot After you know that you want don't on your interactive render and put it to medium or high, depending on how ever faster PCs on, we'll go back to our lighting settings will go on interactive render. We see our seniors looking well late because of our lightings that are already in it on the head they are. I also looks good. You can increase the intensity off the hedged er by a bit, I guess for world would. So this seems fine for our scene. Seeing also looks nicely lit, so we don't have to mess with the exposure or anything, really carry on with editing the other leading as well. So I guess we'll start with the spear late first. So that's a condom surrender region. I can't under a region near this and filled with that. Let's go to our spear light, like on the preview first, really increase the intensity. You do something like 250 a little bit right? They seems too much bright. Let's do something like 100. This looks good and we can change the color toe a little warmer tone by clicking on this color. And since, like before, I've added swatches for my render. I less click on this, in which I said before, So this is a little of all my light beginning when change the intensity by dragging this to the left. So realize this by right clicking on this block. Have you have a letter? Uh, lamp and warm tone kind of a lighting for the indoors on. And we can close this once that is done, increase the size so that it brightens up the space under Gilmore. It covers more region, you know, something like 50 but they should be good on. We want to turn on invisible so that we don't see the spear. Otherwise, I look like this. So we want to make sure that we don't know this Invisible village Conduct and Negra turn off the light. Once that is done, we want to keep shadows on. Maybe because we want Islam to affect the shadow says, Well, now that we have a regional owner, spotlight area will want to go door sport light settings. And as we see in the preview, the light is very small and it is not very intense. As with toe, Just change this I It's increasing intensity to something around 3500 that would make it more bright. And you see that you see this sharp circles around the table That is a spotlights archness , which is around it. Like I explained how to increase the size of it and also increase that softness around the spotlight. We can do that by clicking on this number angle and increasing this. So first we want to increase the coincide so that it spreads among more area by Guess about this much would be good. As we see the spotlights areas has increased. We also want to make the shadows up its soft for this will increase, the number rang but the make itself so we should not be having any sharp, but it just on the corn. Once that is done, it won't go. One last setting that is we want to change the alert on off this we'll click on this one which we save before this is also don't think closest goingto not the preview and removed in the region and we can do one complete render no are like so decreased the intensity off the dome light as it looks to write Mr Three. And also we can change this. Oh, now the scene looks more dark on. The lighting is more in effect. Go back door lighting here on beacon reduce this figure out lighting as well. Do 80. So this looks pretty good to me. No. Turns out that all the lighting is affecting the scene very nicely. Very windy answered. So another for the mission late. Which we are there, near the car boards here. Draw. Wondering the reason over this. And they just kick on this. You can increase the intensity. You toe something like 65. We don't want to make it so bright since better Justin accent late. So we lose 65 for boat and really are the same one we did for this. Just click on the small color ballots the Cornish, and we're done and see a preview. But this is the amount of light that these mesh lights are providing. You want toe? Oh, no shadows for this. It's a very small lights. It won't matter anyways, once that is done, you know. Stop this on. We can go door settings. You can turn off material over right on the mortar in the region and no one find out. So the scene looks very late. No, but I would like to increase the want off this. I can do that later. on in the settings. So for no, the scene looks. I slowly so we live it. Us. It is no all the light, sir certain and everything looks fine. So let's just stop the render and that's it for this chapter it in the Chapter nine. I'll be guiding you through the final render for this night. Scene will be making under a little bit longer. Don't on, and we'll also be doing some color corrections like we did before, but that's it for this chapter. 10. Chapter 9 Final rendering Indoor night scene: Welcome to Chapter nine. I'll be writing you through the final idiots so that we're going to go find and render for this. It born to clear this area surrendered for more trim off, weaken closest a little bit off settings Here, my sweet down, off interactive on like well ordered the scene. The research from my ill before all the settings will still be in check, and we don't have to do any changes to them. You can change the imaginative depending on how much resolution you want. So all the settings are good. You make sure that material over it is turned off and all the lightings are on which are required on. We can just do a final render for No. Let's just click on this and wait for the final surrender to finish. Looks like over final render is complete. X pretty good. It turned out more better than what I expected. You can close this and no further finance settings. Keep on this and just like coveted before our settings will be intact. Even click on this and see which are the over exposed areas also increases. By doing this, that's just genital. It should reduce side one after it was and thats increase the contrast of it and is the explosion of it? I said I want to make this a bit warm. So they're dragging toe that right in. Veteran over. Increase exposure as well. No on debt. Enquiries. Lightness. Stunner is this is a good you know. There is a saturation to make it more evolved. Make a list. It is expert The contest. I guess we can make it a bit more. They sure do. Good. This looks very nice to me. And there everything is how British? We have a good amount off. Born lighting inside. This render looks good to me. The final scene is finally completely rendered. So you can just go and save this by clicking on this save icon wherever you desire. So I received this. Oil s safest by living room material. Render three and see if this and that's it over there. And that is complete. No, you're going Just close your to be there for him before Does this does this and save your hard work and that's it for this chapter 11. Chapter 10 Assignments and Congratulations!: This is a chapter tonight. I would like to say that you guys should be able to produce indoor realistic renders by this lighting class. Andi, I want a ways to produce this play like day render and this night rendered as well. And put and submit these in the projects panel below. I would like to see what you guys actually did. Andi, I would like to see that I helped as many people as I could. And if you raise haven't towards any of my previous classes, you can do that as well. I have link them in the discussion panel. That's it for this class. I hope your ways on this helpful. I'm crucial. And I haven't seen you guys in the next lesson.