SketchUp Rendering with Twilight Plugin | Thomas Soltren | Skillshare

SketchUp Rendering with Twilight Plugin

Thomas Soltren, SketchUp Architect Creator

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6 Videos (30m)
    • Lesson 1 Intro to Twilight Render with SketchUp

    • Lesson 2 Twilithg Toolbar - setting up scene

    • Lesson 3 Additng Point Lighting

    • Lesson 4 Adding Spot Lighting

    • Lesson 5 Editing Render Materials

    • Lesson 6 Render setting, Post Processing


About This Class

  1. Learn how to create a photo realistic rendering with the SketchUp Plugin Twilight Render v2.  In this course we will go over how to edit materials, sun lighting, interior lighting and render settings.  SketchUp and Twilight are both very easy to use and learn.  After this course you will be able to render any SketchUp scene.  






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Thomas Soltren

SketchUp Architect Creator

I have been working in the Architectural Field for over 20 years. I have designed Dog houses to multi-million dollar homes and commercial buildings. In the last few years I have focused almost entirely on 3D modeling of Architecture. I believe 3D modeling is the best way to show clients your projects. I love to continue learning and sharing the methods and tips that I have learned throughout my career. In the beginning and end it's all about creating architecture that effectively displays you...

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