SketchUp Architect Pro Tips for Layout to Autocad and more | Thomas Soltren | Skillshare

SketchUp Architect Pro Tips for Layout to Autocad and more

Thomas Soltren, SketchUp Architect Creator

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11 Videos (44m)
    • Lesson 5 Exporting sketchup to cad elevations

    • Lesson 1 Adding and creating new materials

    • Lesson 2 Editing styles and exporting images

    • Lesson 3 Adding texture to curved surfaces

    • Lesson 4 Creating scenes and animations

    • Lesson 6 Adding the Fog effect

    • Lesson 7 Creating elevations in Layout

    • Lesson 8 Exporting Pdf file from layout

    • Quick Tips How to create intersecting faces

    • Quick Tips How to Straighten Verticles

    • Quick tips How to view small spaces in sketchup


About This Class

  1. In this course we will go over some advanced editing features of SketchUp and Layout.  We will learn how to create an edit materials, export our model to autocad and layout. How to Adjust our model scale in layout, add dimensions and how to export High quality images.  This course is designed for professionals wanting to learn how to incorporate thier sketchup models into working Architectural Drawings. 






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Thomas Soltren

SketchUp Architect Creator

I have been working in the Architectural Field for over 20 years. I have designed Dog houses to multi-million dollar homes and commercial buildings. In the last few years I have focused almost entirely on 3D modeling of Architecture. I believe 3D modeling is the best way to show clients your projects. I love to continue learning and sharing the methods and tips that I have learned throughout my career. In the beginning and end it's all about creating architecture that effectively displays you...

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