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SketchUp 3D modeling Beginners Guide

teacher avatar Khushal Panchariya, Create with KP

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h 1m)
    • 1. Chapter 1 Introduction to course

    • 2. Chapter 2 Introduction to the project

    • 3. Chapter 3 Modeling the elevations

    • 4. Chapter 4 Modeling the Landscape

    • 5. Chapter 5 Applying material to the model

    • 6. Chapter 6 Setting up scenes and exporting views

    • 7. Chapter 7 Congratulations on your first model!

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About This Class

This class consists of 7 chapters which will guide you through making your first ever SketchUp 3D model.

This course can also help if you are at an Beginner and intermediate level on SketchUp.

This class is a follow up to my previous class on SketchUp beginners Guide 

  • Prerequisite knowledge of previous class is necessary in this lesson.

I hope you find this class helpful, for any further doubts feel free to contact me in the discussion or comments section below the course.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Khushal Panchariya

Create with KP


Hello, I'm Khushal. I have a wide range of creative interest in Art, Digital art and 3D visualization rendering in architecture.

For any quarries, you can join my telegram by Click Here

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1. Chapter 1 Introduction to course: Hello. Good morning or good evening. Wherever you are. I'm crucial on this is my sketch of class. But I will be teaching you guys how to make your first sketch up three D model. So in this class will be covering out to use a reference image to be less ketchup model will be breaking down the model into two parts. One is a grown on. When is the building itself? Then we'll be applying materials through the model. And at last we'll be setting scenes and exporting use. So this is a follow up to my previous class on sketch up where I teach all. Do you sketch up? Even if you have never used it before. If you are a beginner or if you're not familiar with sketch up, then I I recommend the one What's that class first and then come back to this clash. It will be much more easy for you. 2. Chapter 2 Introduction to the project: the chapter door is introduction to the project. So this is that offensive measure will be providing your ways. You can either screen short this or I tried to link it in the reviews or discussion panel wherever again. So if if it is not available there, you can screen short this. You will not be needing anything more than this. So this is the building we're going to be Morning in sketch of truly, we're breaking down the center to different parts. When is the building itself this block? And when is the grown where the landscaping, the pavement and the planter boxes are so make the are much easy and simple will be using groups and components, which I've already discussed in my previous class. To make things easy. I've already made the more evidence ketchup, but we giving you a brief and for about Howard on building is this is one block. This whole thing is one block on. Ben, this is the second block. Well, we're dealing with two units basically to clear the building on in their units. This is the main entrance, and this is Ah good, AJ. Then this is currently being fresh are drawing area. This is a pavement in front. Off the building on this building is scantily word and supported by toe items. So this is the driver. It is a stone babe radio. And this is another I'll pair barrier and then the green part of the landscape. We'll be making several different groups like the group on top off the building like this. Andi, this is one group. The garage door is group splendor. Rocks is a group. This class is a group. So we were dealing with multiple groups like this to make our modeling much easier and much better. And also will be using components like this. Planter boxes a component here If I expand this the rest Okan Planter box also expect this is the Martin. This is a very for voter. I just have a 30 60 Look on this when he was a reference image won't be needing more than that. This is a 3 60 of you on the morning, so yeah, I'll be making the mortar with your voice step by step. I hope you always understand what I'm doing. If you have any doubt or any problem, you can go back and what you're talking so 3. Chapter 3 Modeling the elevations: This is Chapter three. There will be more dealing the elevation of the building. This is what will be making its ketchup. No 1,000,000,000 part only the building masters. Let me just open up, sketch up. I'm going to select a template are not going to select meters. You can choose whichever you want, but I will recommend you go with meters because if you follow each and every step, which I do, it will be much easier for you to practice. Oh, I'll be using meters. You're going to start using schedule. This is a letter interface Betterton. So let's go to the you want as we see in the view. And as I explained, we have two blocks. So let's start by creating the get our journey entrance block first. So, as we consider it, is one square or rectangle box, which has a car talk like this. Let's start with that first. What we want to do is make a rectangle excuse sick. That's true. Fight burn meters and very village snaps on the in front of no access green axis. So we'll be taking 3.5 and my grades three point fires. Tulis. It's over five point faith. Soon I find five and then my friend's life. So we have a rectangle here Are we want to do is we're going to press space We got our Roky Consider this short on screen input off the keyboard. So you you have in your dollar goes part in port or command. I under you can see that day. So you really using this arrow? Key Republic clicking on the tangle Very click and group. We always have to create groups to something we should You've been murdered. So no open the group and I'd hide level click It can't be and give her hired off three meters and go back toe over at a click outside. And we have a block and it is in a group and it's been with this guy. Um, Okay, now that we have this, it's stray outing. The got out here. This doesn't have to be exactly toward the reference image shows we can make some alterations of our own. Oh, and Sadak, discern point and go to the tangled told journal selector in point click And then randomly , you just pick somebody like this to match the shape we have another kind of that click on feet and click on the surface. We should undertake back eggs unifying. Did he 30 $70 million experience and pick out certain groups? And are we have a similar shape? Your entrance? Oh no. Let's go back door reference image now on the insert part off the groove for the card. Oh, you have a grand garage door and a mainlander and short Oh, let's try adding those They're opening the group. If the rectangle Dude, it's out. The main note of pushed some very bold here randomly that are some summit. I think that is a decent size for their door. And then again leaving some space in the garage door, you can hold on shifter who give it on the set of fish and restricted from going anywhere to be on the surface. You can also use the hide off their daughters reference A said. We are doing this weaken, but our pencil up to the mark. Their 100 snaps are dramatically so it expiring didn't about here. This is our good touch, and this is our main door. So it's gonna be on the surface pressure teller dating back this should be enough and the same thing with their door. One trick is now I have pushed this garage door till whatever distance Renault to match the same distance. I can double click on this surface and it'll automatically we should get, like so that is one which you raise can use Senator Chuck Space, the culture, the group to exit the group and this is what we're left it. Now we have something similar. Door reference image. A zoo. See, we still have to are the garage door and the members that the glass feature beside their door. So let's do that. No same thing. We are going to use a rectangle told Odd Click on this and point and click on the point. Now we have a surface. But since we're making this outside the group off this off, this group were to go back to a rookie DoubleClick Dick group. No, no, this is a group, and this is a group. Why? We don't want to make the garage door in this group is, and we apply a material to this will apply. Say pain like let me show you, like if you use metal, will apply. So the whole group and it left off the garage. If this garage door was inside that group, it would have applied this material. So this get out. So told So So we don't wander. That's why we have separate groups like this bring back to the adult key. It's hard, some I started to get. I start DoubleClick. We click on the surface, and any amount of it does. Martyr doesn't have to be to escape. It's actually very good going back, dramatically exiting the group now that we have our garage door to make our main daughter look on the Bagnall here kind of opposite stagnant. Okay, you have a jungle known like this in the after is make it a group. Never click Click. A group never kicked off in the Group E push and pull click on the fish. And it was this point, like we can over over this or any other point who use that as a reference. It's hard, this much of it seem as our garage door. So there is no century after our glass beside our commander here. What were we went all the ways and went toe hold left click and drag it like this over the side off this bus so that it selects this part. Just this park going to your some off toward pick on any edge and random. Newman, put forward, you have to make sure you are moving it on the access like this. If you move it anywhere away from the access, it really start. So after more adored entered access. So one easy trick to Ruth Artis and user arrow keys make if you use the right arrow key it really district er that are Texas. You stop are located in the district of blue access on leftists For green access, you can use their known one, though narrow for the perpendicular restriction. Oh yeah, it's your surgeon or case Notice a red arrow earned only move it have all this much exiting the group And now we have to make the class Church years are for rectangle and find Bagnall and planned We have a surface will click, click Always remember to group way Want to add some thickness stuff like open the group B Some thickness at our space. The culture the group exit Harry Griego, he asked. That could less so now we want to move it a bit. Answered the door as we don't want it flush to this. So let's just use our move. Do it. You come there and fired Dane second. So much. So know we have this. You know the same thing without garages. Also I take it are stored in blank. So there we have our first block. Just very similar door. Better. Different umich. Okay, we have to are the dog part off garage. So you're going to use a rectangle doing for this and show your it can descend The point they're diagnosed in plain are created a surface on top of this. They want to never click arctic. Make it a group. Have I clicked? Oh, open it. And then as I told you about the all sector in my previous class and want to use this tone up select offset shows up our dart like this We're click on the edge and pull it out. Words like this. So we go just about this 10.5 and click. And then medical Director Aoki, director center, part and village. But now we have a frame all around over block like this. No wonder your speed, some Heidrick cigarette. So since we weren't Toby Harding a big ling beside our entrance. We don't want this extension here. What we're going to do is grant overuse. I mean, a descendant point. And we're learning toe hurt. It snapped a green access like this and want to click on the edge here like this, creating such a loan. Ladies, I want sectors and the same thing on the other side. Condo in point been. See the green access and we click on the edge. No more award. This allows us to do is and use the push and pull Cool. And this becomes a separate surface Like this. Click this more delivered on. We'll have this surface which we can no believe it Selected store, but it headed off this So we have gleaned. Slashed I don't This better not bother are relying on the site. This is a garage in order to reality garage that start with the building. This and all. We have to make this unit. This looks a little complex, but it is not. Trust me. It is very easy to stake the garage. You can you should follow step by step. Before it I do. It would be much easier for Oh, let's see. We have to make a block on top on the block below three. D make our work easy by making one whole block like this and then pushing the bottom part insert. So let me just show you what we have to do. It's just make up a dangled Pushed any Saiz like this. Okay, Under double click a quick about flicked open. Be click the surface are somehow so. This is three meters. We won't go out on the three meters on and off this dick. Pull it upwards. 300. Now this is nobody. I talk like this. Now what we want to do is a Zoe can see another reference image this bird outwards so we know that. But the more load words like this, okay? And you're also have it under till pushed backwards that story that there is so know we have a basic block off what they want obeyed it being out of reference as this earns our this part. But we made the card out of over garage of the after I land. There So to make that simple in just heard we lose a lanky this maker line anywhere on the surface here, edged ridge and reduce. Be and put your Dylan garage chart Denree become the bottom surface. Then push it up with this. Like using this as a reference You have to click and let go of your most don't have to click and hold and and drag failure. That is a mistake. So what do you want? All the ways you want to just left Click where to go and push it up Birds and, uh And you're over over the line here on the edge or it snaps in place like this and you click show. No, we have tempting coming together. Oh, she Yeah. So it is looking similar door our reference image. What we have to do is we have to add this glass aren't off. This is also very easy off that door model. If you go to the check and block ever kicked open the group a tangle toll and random. Do you make a rectangle here like this? Okay. And readers so bush story con dish, Bert, up to wherever you want your window like this. An RV as our got for the window for their grazing. Now let's do this exit the group. I don't know. This is going to be be a little tricky if you're doing it for the first time. But I'm going to show you our take really. Or toe the rectangle. Look on the edge here and then there Dagnall and plant to annoy space. Have a click on this Arctic group. So now what we want to do is we want to Arctic lazing to this part the class. So we have a surface here, but we're going to do is never quick to open that we're going to use offset tool again and click on this a large sum thickness. Thanks. Now what we want to do is you want to select insert part and it so know we have a frame like this. Okay, on tour. So because this is inside of groups like this, it is hard to zoom in and work and said that to make it about easy Are you going to issue convert of you? Then component it and hired the rest off the modern take on it. The only thing which you selected. You can only see that in the group which you have entered. If I exit this group by clicking anywhere outside, it will show me the whole modern. And if I enter my garage block, don't show me my gut and it hard the rest of the groups. So there it is, right that commanders go turning it for backdoor glass. Ever checked it? You know, we have this frame kind of a thing. What we want to do is we just want glass on the outer parts only on this side, no new glazing on their interiors. So just like Richard before a friend of yours pedigree certain find Africa green axis and click during chanting with Are there certain and fired it access this time because we're going in that it access after Victor and fired and Victor Edge. So now we have this and use a dessert. That is he And what is this? Except we're left with the bottom portion off glass Really was Be never give it some might . This summer I don't hire has of no of active. You get a view on printed on UnTech higher dressed off more so my short. Guardo, this is Sector I. So I can just hit. I earn everything a student can hurt. I again and everything is back to normal. Okay, Uh, your activity. We shouldn't be adding height as of no under that. And know what we want to do is you want to out of frame around this. Since glass would be sitting on the oil, we won't tired some millions for a frame videos the offset looking. And this is a trick. Okay, so you have to follow carefully under frame. Inside click give some thickness the class. Remember that in third part is going to be your glass. And although this adult select center part on D. C. Okay, so now you have copied the profile for the glass. Now, since we've made this offset, we want to remove that so much dough control, etc. On our honeymoon. That officer what we're going to do is we want to exit this group were in tow, addict and paste in place. So no, you see it ordered the profile of the glass. So the thing is, even after you are the officer and if you select a profile inside and If you copy before undoing, it will still be in your clipper so it will still be copied. And you cannot do that So you don't have to editors everything again. You can just turn through and then come out and paste in place. I will. Right Click on this issue door group of a strict opened a group Be click on this urn are racing to the top of what? Okay, once that is done, we have dried the fame already double click on this It be really Give it some other number , right? Like this. Now we have our flame and we have our glazing aceptar groups that makes your of our gz. It is much faster does try and go to most Since we've learned that we can use the move toward Akopian. Hastings, if you go select this edge the stoppage OK, medically, conduct will hate control once there to troll plus icon beside the move. Since we want to move it in the bird access it hit the Bateau Turtle district of Blue access. We'll go over there and we'll select the top Gardner off the like this. So no, we have frames on worked open bottom. Yeah, Yeah, that's it. We have a glazing and we have claims under the open border. All exiled vertical frames in between heart rate or under Louis. I just want to random the correct angle somewhere like this. You have to get fully said, act out. Check this. But you're going to even work on this site on the surface like this. You want to make a rectangle about six. Make it into a group I learned about kicked open the group and that's are some I on the surface. Oh way have a vertical member elect this supporting the glass reviewed. Let's make this member into a competent. So that would be here to other Tauride material straight on. So what do we want to do is we want to click on the group, click and make component, and it's hard. Every name you doesn't matter, assert or they couldn't. And I'd like to get a 1,000,000. Okay, No related. Some more millions to this remaining glass to just go to our move tool. Elect any edge control and another one and you can hear datil restricted restricted to green. And you've been select any random space you won't like this. I think that is good enough for me Now. We have toe particle members there, but select this have been earned. Addicts America. Okay, so now we have my drains on either search. So if you followed it step by step, you should be at this stage as of no, It was in that complex. I might have bean so fast. So if you'll find some difficulty, you you can always go back. So I always go back and try to understand. I toe see the keyboard import Siri used show in the bottom center screen Tow. It won't be difficult for you to understand is your project. We want to add this same type off England. Top of the roof here or well, Lucy, anything again? Go to rectangle toe and find in the land. Click, Click. A group offender group officer told select image and extend outdoors. Then we want oh, for your dad or enter part and dilute e and I heard some height particularly. We have this. No, let's move this bottom part of birth insert so that it is not flushed with this of inflict open be and more epic back show you. We have this and it looks a little more interesting. You know, what we're going to do is we went to art glass on this part. On part is not going to be very hard. We have already learned how to do it on the top from it will be easier for your very store in the stern. No. So it opened this group photo rectangle doing be a rectangle like this and really go toe be resistance to declared a room inside like this And what we want to do is you want to exit group Here is a rectangle under such way Have this surface here Double click, right click and group after you have made the group intractable shipped open it and nature's officer to looking. Click on this Heard some learn number No, since your added the officer want to click on this off certain area or to control sea to copy and no Underwood off certain of control Z and no escape to exit the group based in place. So we have our frame here. We're going to right click on it and make this a group and already opened This girl had some techniques story and this exit. Since the frame is full outward, we can push it back in certain way. Ted Lichtinger Off toe, kick on the edge on and push it back in. San electors on sending with the glass but left open. Be Give it. Some are numbered. This push it from different alter insect like this. Okay, Okay. Where you have a place you have over free. Now we want to add but to cut in parts like this Doom into this frame German here photo rectangle Tool on. Make a rectangle here like this Have a click Click me group and let's open this be And it won't. And Willard all the return. The bottom part off the frame. Like this. Okay, no real exit this hour. Since this is something which is repetitive, really make this into a component. Really Click on the object, right? Click A competent weaken. Give it any names that really just got to create. It was our move tool to copy my people off thes objects chiller Tony h click and heard control. Then Jamo and I heard another particular member here Think this. So now we have this so we have successfully made or the blocks here. The last thing we have to do is are two columns. It's just so there really quick or toe are like anywhere here and give it some random bits . Like twenties and D meters on my d Never click on the SEC. Tangled right click group DoubleClick Open. Be and pull it downwards after zoom out a bit and then match the edge to this bottom surface. If this I can accept the group. So now we have one called him. You have to add another one expert. More stool. It controlled a copy. You can check anywhere on the surface. We can do it from here, but we can't work from here anyway, So I lured from this Saturday. It's more clear for us, you know, since economists director heard controlled without move to loan care and randomly move 100 access like this. It is about okay for me to know we have our earning okay in your it's safe. No. Yes. The same model without materials that we have achieved our big wing. Our elevation is done. If you're followed every single step I've told you you should have something similar to this road after worry about your size being different as it is not an actual product. It is only something that practicing you should be left with something like this. I hope you Berries of it now the next chapter to be making the ground. 4. Chapter 4 Modeling the Landscape: since Chapter four will be modeling the landscape. That is a grown part off the direct on off the model This is what would be so modeling sketch up now or last chapter, we have achieved our billing and the elevation of over modern. We have to add the grown the landscape video. Just look at our friends image. Go back through there So know we see we have pavements here we have planter boxes, we have some landscape and we have some titles in front of overbilling Goto The complete image of a surrender That is this So they re great about that idea off Whatis Let's start off it making the pavement in front of the garage. But let's go back to our sketch up way Have to act pavement from this which the message They're dry very starting on the edge here rectangle Oh, but this endpoint withhold shift A big bowl photo. I should have automatically snapped like this and we have to make this on the blue access. Be careful it off failure access is going on. Make sure you did on the right excess. I don't know. We have our Davey. It's space about click on medication to a group. So this is our payment which DoubleClick and reverse the face. So we have correctly can military words faces. The white part is the face facing outwards on da great indicates inwards. So we always want to have our models faces in white color so that we no other nefarious, is facing absurd. Once you have done there, that's just check. 12 Yeah. So we have the gravy here like this. Okay, really. Start with making the tiles in front of the building here, backdoor sketch up more. But I will start from the end of this driver ill. This part learned of the building. So we're going to use our rectangle tool. It turned point and band. Um de like this Go get uh huh rectangle reference. So this endpoint and you are making it on the blue access You hovered over the same point like this, so it will sketch up in northern. You are trying to make a rectangle upto this distance. Max like this have to do their make sure it is in blue. So if you do it in green like this, it'll go downwards. So you don't want this a larger under. Louis Turner does end plane when you zoom out and Howard over this point for a second, so no, it will protect this endpoint. And then we'll move forward like this in blue access. So right about here a backdoor Araki double click, right Click a group. We have to reverse the face grubber, kick, tactic and reward face. Okay, so now we have this. So as we see in over a reference image, we have the tiles extended a little more than the end of the building. So we do that and then we haven't a car talk like this. We have a group like this. Let's make their partner ex turnover aids. It opened this group and the rectangle key factors. I'd like the same point and make some random for pavement like this. Okay, so, no, we have two parts separation like this. You want to remove this line in between? Let's go to a razor earned. It raises an artist. Holding is one surface. Okay? No, the After all the cut out here like this, issue Wilberto rectangle to electricity in point and randomly give it some times like this . So No, this is one surface and one surface. So if you go back door, that is, that would raise the storylines. You couldn't make this car. So this is how you get to that. We'll exit this group. Now it's time to add landscape here. As you see no reference, we have learned Scapin front off the state's it so that it's very simple. Tangled and bind on LV Make this easy. It's elect this endpoint. Oh, thes two parts will be overlapping as off. No, there's nothing much to worry about. No. Go back door Roky Double click, click, group double, click, click on and every face So now we have to remove this part the same way as we remove this part in details There weren't toe Are the rectangle here like this selecting this endpoint on or going to the desert raising this this lanes. So I know you have this surface and skip earned this surface states Both of them are separate, actually distinguished toe. That is how you are, uh, Gadot's earn X separations. We have to add somewhat landscape on this side looking out of a reference, we have greenery on the left side of the driving When I screw that really quick, it's very simple. Just rectangle, toe endpoint and random went like this. Click at this a group, but kick and reverses. So now we have the grown last thing is toe the planter boxes. Let's see where the planter boxes are. I miss that. I'd decided this roller honest presided over the entrance and oneness beside They're during surgery. So no, since thesis Planter box are same, we just make them into component. We don't have to make them multiple times admitted. There's multiple times So it is a simple rectangle like this neighborhood. Talk to you a rectangle about kick active Shinto group open the group be given somebody random heart and no real user off sector. Take it if some offset. We have this part and descended your speed and push this known like this. So now we have a planter box. Okay, let's make this into a confident, select group that kick and make competent. It's called this and other books. I know this is our competent A staff to use our moved it control. Select any endpoint on base. So do you for that base to hurt some one point here like this. Okay. About kind of box here after I had one more. At this point, Stewart, it control. Select the endpoint. And what about the same word? And Jake, we have our planter boxes. So now our groundless. Completely big. They didn't take much time as it is only surfaces. And we don't have to make much bossing foot or toe that is overgrown. You followed my steps. This is what you'll end up. Make sure to make them into groups and make sure to use components. So that saver modern you always want to keep saving or part of. Since ketchup can crash any time and we can lose all over look progress. Make sure you keep on saving that. If you have made it this far on, def, my classes is helping. You know, I would appreciate if you would leave. Reviews and feedback can also leave me off for low on my profile. We told me rank hirings and my glasses and which helps me help other people as well. And also, if you would like to stay up nurtured for future classes, make sure you follow. I will be coming out with more sketch up tutorials and more rendering total rials as well 5. Chapter 5 Applying material to the model: his chapter fire and will be applying material store modern. Let's add materials toe the model we've made in schedule school doors, ketchup fight and let's start off by doing the ground. You want to add some landscape on this part and this part yet these two parts that's for door material. Standing here, click on the drop burden on, Go to Landscape and select any grass What you want. I select this non Greenblatt grass and a player to this group on this group has been, uh, it is a grass off our landscape. How we want Toe of the stone paving toe our driver. Let's go toe in landscape a scroll down. You have some paving materials here like this. Let's select stone material, Blackstone grade and a player. To this day, we have our stones and no, we after our tails to this part. Okay, and I heard some type of material store. I like this style hex oven. Wake a player like this, we should almost be done with our only or landscape on our pavement. Relied materials to over planter boxes. Since you remember, we made this planter boxes has components with dispiriting materials to one and that one's really automatically get those materials ever click and I want to hurt some not color but selecting this slate tiles What we want to do is you want to goto Roki and people click on the doctor to select all the surfaces. This said Dr Delivered. As you can see, the other ones are also getting selector. Now you go back toward material like this material and are limited here toward planter box . I will go back to over at a key and then if you want to our grass in this part and only on the top and just select the top surface like this, just click on the top surface back toe escape select grass Paradies tothis on. We can exit this clicking anywhere So now we have this under boxes look really good and that is remaining toe are already applied with materials and it made our were much more easy. So that is being with using competent this video. Okay, so no doing the garage gold A reference image way Have this shutter kind off a fencing year . A material year. I mean, let's go back door sketch up moron like this and you see this one Planes Roman over the blue thistle is what I've used for the shutters. So I said, Doug, media stick you. So this is our sugar. We can increase the size of this panel by going toe addict and changing the size here, so I'll make this double is a so 0.6. How were sales off? The shuttle rise increased, although it is not actually a shelter texture. But it looks like that so as of nowhere does okay, there is no sugar and no, we want to add a wood material to our door, go back to sell it work and said it any would be one. I'll select this word of any other one on upload this on over have done our doors. We have to act, clash, texture, toe despite and go back to our media's dropped own glass and mirrors and select this translucent green or any other glass. It's up to you and be selecting translucent, agree on and applying to this you know we have last material, so that's hard glass toe, the remaining materials, very glasses. I like this part. It started last there on Glassdoor window idea like this. Now we have successfully added a glass to all the elements in our model. Now we have prepared a black metal type off attack shirt here, looking out of a reference image that is, Howard looks regarding that toe. The top parts of our building on millions are taken. Members on the columns. Let's go back door Martin X equal to the menu and select and select metal seemed and applied to stop portions. A glass frame, huh? Columns. As for us and to our material to these components board Orochi, open this material triple click to select all surfaces. Tear to selecting this other competent as well. Go back to your pain, bucket at a speed and apply the material and exit the group. So no, we have applied materials to these on. We do the same thing with this. Particular members have a left open. Before we had the picture, people click. I will be doing the same thing. Toe this vertical members as well about you to open three predictor select all surfaces you for pain pocket Dole and kick admitted it has added the material throat. I run this material to be a start more dark, We'll goto addict and we just drop the color bar words the darker side like this. Now this looks perfect to me. I can even make it later by going up honestly. Return it dark. This so here we have all of materials are protections Apply toe. All right, Martin. And are we applying your toe a building which is introduced writing color and it looks like print Already we have successfully added on the meridians and we have achieved a reference image in the next chapter, reaching out to certain this scene or toward the sun and shadow effect on exporting these views. 6. Chapter 6 Setting up scenes and exporting views: come to chapter six, I'll be teaching you how to set up scenes and exporting views off there. Martin Senate scored or sketch up Martin. And now to set up a scene Always do love toe put up of you an angle which you like to let select this angle like this on. And okay, something like this. So I have already entered the mortal to this hangar and the art scenes scroll down in our tree and we'll go to the column where it says seen and click on the plus second in our data . The scene off this view basically, if you will do any other angle like this and you double click on your scene, take you back to that so you don't have to nobody about respecting those views toe. Export those views again. Just go to any other corner like this, and you can click on your scene on the stop. Have also let's do that. You go back to your seen this week, so no, Once you have set your scene, it doesn't look quite appealing as of no. So to make it look much more better, some shadows really good of you or two shadows and apply the shadows, and it already looks much better. No, we have shadows. Shadows inside the room like this below the adults behind the planter boxes. Bashar does make your murder look very much more birthday. Everyone's really look a much better than they would without the shadows, so we can also adjust. The shadows are according to our requirement, like we can increase the brightness of the sun. We contains the location of the sun. So in our default three, you'll find another panel called the Shadows, just in case you don't find these columns in our default three, you can go to your window, and in the four day you can select him like, say, the shadows was not selected in a lottery. Now we don't have shadows here. You can go to window before tray and art shadows. No, we have shadows in our dragon. So no for ever seen one. It's, uh, hard. Some more art, Mr Shadows rich. This see, it makes the modern much more dark. I don't want it. That bag. I could tell you a little more time and includes the lights a little more and also changed the sun orientation by this time and by the month, it's just more little different this way. Okay, that seems good. Before you move your model, it'll after you said you're after you've served your shadows without saving. That changes. If you move your modern than it really say you moved it around, you banged around. You are protected around the more than now. You want to go back to your scene, click on your scene. The shadows disappeared. That is because you didn't update your scene. Oh, back and I had our shadows. And to update this scene, we'll have to right click on the scene and elect update. So now it up, Richard. Always see are even a few pan around anywhere or are about their own. But so more Go back to have seen the shadows are still apply because you updated your seats . This is your scene I have successfully inserted shadows are known materials supplied. How will export this total export or toe export and export Photographic. Send it direct and anywhere you want instead of ex top and class Project one con dish. Are you one? Goto our options and make sure you set this were to do anything from 6666 to something that get those entertainers dear. Don't 9999 and check the news you size. It can t a losing and certain caller to toe better quality. This should give you the best output you can get. From your view. Mr. Brok and Export Arts. Exporting your scene on your scene is exporter. You can go to your extract and and C ever. You hear Cipto affinity, and this is always you to see. We have a very nice realistic you just on the materials, shadows, pictures and glazing. This is already nice view. I've followed the steps. You would have done the same thing, apparently something similar. So I would like you to submit your assignments to me in the discussion or review column. I would like to see them. I would give you feedback, make sure you do there. That is your assignment. 7. Chapter 7 Congratulations on your first model!: This is a chapter seven. Congratulations on your first sketch up. Really? Model like dude. Thank you all for going through my course if it was of any help. And if you made good morning line. If you're happy with your work, I would like you to leave somebody viewers on my profile on Drop me a follow for future classes I'll be making at the next last for long Beyond renders where you can go for photo realistic renderings of your models from sketch upto me on. So if you are interested in making for the realistic renders you can drop me a follow on. Stay updated for my classes will be using the same model in Lumia, so you'll already be ready if you have this mortal with you. So thank you for turning into my class. And this is crucial. Hope you have a good day