Sketch Your Travels: Skyrocket Watercolor Techniques with 6 Fun Projects of Thailand | Yana Shvets | Skillshare

Sketch Your Travels: Skyrocket Watercolor Techniques with 6 Fun Projects of Thailand

Yana Shvets, Paint.Travel.Take a risk

Sketch Your Travels: Skyrocket Watercolor Techniques with 6 Fun Projects of Thailand

Yana Shvets, Paint.Travel.Take a risk

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8 Lessons (2h 8m)
    • 1. Welcome to this course and Thailand!

    • 2. Smart Art supplies packing tips

    • 3. Sketching beautiful orchids

    • 4. Sketching a seascape and a long tail boat

    • 5. Sketching a crazy tuk tuk

    • 6. Sketching an elephant, symbol of Thailand

    • 7. Sketching a yummy mango smoothie

    • 8. Sketching an iconic tom yum soup

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About This Class

Do you love travelling? Would you like to learn sketching? Won't that be amazing to bring home sketches of places you've visited and things you've tried during your trips as a memory? 

If you recognize yourself, this course is PERFECT for YOU!

I used to live in Thailand for more than 3 years and have unique authentic experience which I share in this course while teaching ways and techniques of sketching in watercolor on a go.

In this course you will not only learn different ways to sketch in watercolor but also loads of exciting information about the country I used to live in - Thailand!


  • Introduction class on how to choose art supplies for travelling and sketching on a road AND how to pack your bag in most optimal way

  • Course represents a set of 6 independent lessons which explore a particular technique you can sketch with watercolor. Each lesson is devoted to Thai cultural specialty (such as orchids as typical flowers, elephant as a symbol of Thailand, traditional long-tail boat, famous tom yum soup and more).

  • Each lesson has a trace (outline) of a drawing we are doing. You can download it, trace it on your watercolor paper and start painting right away. All files are downloadable and available in "Class Project" section for you.

  • Each lesson is PACKED with interesting information about the subject we are sketching. You will learn a lot about Thai culture, iconic places to visit and food to try.


  • Watercolor sketching techniques.
    You will sketch using tonal contrast, inking in grisaille style, temperature contrast, funky approach, complimentary colors contrast and realistic style.

  • How to sketch fast: focus on important moments/details & simplify subjects.

  • Minimalistic art supplies set: how to pack your bag for sketching on a go.

  • Main watercolor techniques: wet on wet, wet on dry, glazing.

  • How to expand your watercoloring: using pencils, ink pen and more.

  • Color-mixing rules for beginners: take a look at a color wheel and learn to create harmonious color-combinations.

  • Interesting information about the country of smiles, Thailand, and unique insider facts and insights about country's main destinations, cultural features based on a real-life experience. I have been visiting and living in Thailand more than 3 years now and I have lots of stories to share you won't find in a guidebook!

This course is great for beginners since we dive into basics a lot, but also can be beneficial for people familiar with watercolor as it is full of tricks & tips for practicing watercolorists.

Explore sketching watercolor techniques, learn about Thai culture first hand and feel confident to sketch during your next trip!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yana Shvets

Paint.Travel.Take a risk


Born in Ukraine, raised in travel. 
I am a professional watercolor artist, full-time traveler and a salsa lover ;)
After a burnout in the office, I hit the road without any plan and since 2014 I've been travelling around the globe, visiting different countries & settling down for a few months (sometimes years) in different cities. My watercolors are inspired by places I've visited and people I've met.

You can follow my travel-inspired adventures on Instagram.


My original paintings and prints of those are available for sale if you appreciate art on your walls ;) 
I am open for commissions and happy to create an artwork that will inspire you, have an impact on your family or become a gift for beloved ones. Just hit me a message.

... See full profile

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1. Welcome to this course and Thailand!: have you ever felt a desire? Just get something awesome. You So about traveling? Have you felt overwhelmed with the focus on when you sketch how to paint that you know, dynamics around you or how to not get lost in all those details? Have been traveling nonstop for the past five years and definitely know how that feels. One reaches from Thailand, where I am right now, sketching beautiful scenery around me and sharing the knowledge with you. This course is perfect for you if you love to travel and want to learn how to sketch on ago . I have been living in Thailand for three years. Got a very unique experience, such as living with a tight family in their house, hitchhiking across the country, volunteering, teaching watercolors, organizing art events and more in the scores about issue different techniques of sketching based on contrast tones, using limited palate, oversimplifying the lines and so much more I will share with you my tricks on how to sketch what you want fast and with no stress. What are tools to choose so they don't take too much space in your bag when you travel and other tips to just catch on road. Each lesson in the scores is devoted to one topic. Those topics describe culture of Thailand, its signature places and experiences and demonstrate soul of this country together. Bubble sketch Famous Tom Yam Soup, Crazy Tick Tick Taxi, Beautiful Seascape Ever fund the single of Thailand and so much more. Don't worry, I offering outline off every painting we'll do so you don't need to spend time on drawing. Just download a file with trays and faint right away. You will not only learn how to easily sketch things that impressed you during your adventures around the world, but also receive a lot of insider information about Thailand, which you most probably won't find in a guide book. And who knows, maybe your next trip is going to be to the country over smiles. 2. Smart Art supplies packing tips: Hey, guys, Welcome to my course. I'm super excited to share with you my tips and tricks on how the sketch on ago So the most important thing that we should start from IHS your our supplies those air crucial when you travel because you don't want to carry too many things in your bag that probably you're not gonna use even half of those. So you want to travel light and number of supplies should not burden you. So nowadays, there tones of different tools that are specifically created for sketching on ago. But you can go to in our store and find tons of stuff super cute and nice on and useful so that you can actually back your back and have a very minimalistic set off our supplies. Now, when you're on the point there, you probably need more serious set up because you're gonna work on a bigger artwork and you will spend more hours, so you would probably need all of your stuff. But if you were moving around and traveling and you have only 20 minutes and you just quickly want to sketch something that captured your attention, well, we're gonna learn how to pack your back in a smart way. Let's talk from paper. Paper could be different. Can be sketchbook or a book or small cuts of paper that you do for yourself. And, for example, speaking of sketchbooks, those could be different size and also different paper. If, for example, you like to draw with pencil or pen, you can use a regular paper just wide and sketch lightly. Or you can create your own sketchbook like this one, actually my partner and did it for me. He put different type off paper in it so I can write my mostly right in it. But also it could be watercolor paper, and it's very easy to make. And actually in their phone activity, you can also use a block block can. They're available in a store in different sizes and shapes. They can be super thin and kind of extended, like our SH offers. Or they can be more typical. Square sketchbook, the block. So the difference is that iso glued on each side, and it's very from so you can use your blawg as a tablet that you don't need to carry a tape and touch it to that. Your paper to the table or anything. Or you don't even need to carry your your tablet, Actually, because you can use this already as your support. That's very useful. And also one of the size is not good, so you can just tear off. You are sketch and start and you won now paint. I created my own palette and I carried with me. So I have a bunch of tubes and I squeezed my favorite colors that are used the most and all show those. But let's usually have special space to make scholar, so it's very useful. And these type of bullets, they're very light. It's plastic, so there's a special thing for your finger. If you're in the nature so they don't take space in your back, it's pretty flat and very light, unlike metal pellets that some brands offering. Speaking of which, you can also have a pre made set like this one with a bunch of pens. Bends are the perfect option Teoh sketch on ago because they're tiny. And of course, you don't need all this variety. I don't usually take this for sketching because again, if you have just 10 minutes, you're not gonna use all of the colors, right? You will just use one or two, so you don't need to carry all that just in order to use two colors. So different brands have different type of sense. They can be smaller for £12 for example, or even six. And check out this photo where my partner is painting with watercolors who he loves as well . And he's using this super tiny set off just £6. I now mostly used tubes and carry them in a meeting about, like this one or that one. You can definitely see my affection for bears, so I put my tubes into into it. But this thing is great to carry, actually, all of your tools, because again you don't need all of your pencils or all of your parents. You just need one or two. So one of each actually want one pencil, one pen and a few brushes. Ah, razor. And you can feel all of it in this tiny mini bag. Speaking of brushes, you probably will need only three or even two. I usually use a middle size round brush, synthetic the same round brush, but nature for if I want to work with more wet techniques and the tiny brush for detail ing and ed in some accents in small things. So those are the most working type of brushes that you can also carry with you in a minute . This notable razor is very interesting and very useful as well. It's tiny, doesn't experience is very light, and it's very useful when you sketch and you don't want to have mud on your on your paper because this type of the razor, it kind of lift the demand of the dirt from paper and doesn't spread it on it. And the super compact as well, if you like, thinks they are also available in small, very small science, very uncomfortable. So just take a look for the supplies in the store, and I'm sure you will find the small versions off each to now. When you sketch in the coffee shop. You might not always have a chance to use a cup, a cup of water for water from that particular place. So usually I have my own kind of big cup that I like, and I carried with me if I have my backpack. But if I have a smaller bag or a purse. You have other options. Like, for example, check out this photograph I'm sketching in Thailand with the tiny little cup that actually has two more cups inside of it. So basically I carry three cups in the size of one. I'm also in a coffee shop. Of course, you can ask for take away plastic copper paper cub, which is also very useful. And another trick that you can do is actually use your water bottle and put some border in a cup. And he's like this is very comfortable if you're in the nature and you didn't have access to water or somewhere in the plane, very useful. You always want to have a small bag of issues, and in a coffee shop they will have their own napkins, of course, and if not in the end of the day, you can always use the toilet paper. All those things you do for art. So that looks like we're all packed, our bags ready. And now let's get on this journey 3. Sketching beautiful orchids: Let's start our talent exploration from its amazing nature. Pilot has absolutely stunning flowers and plants and trees, and this is actually what makes the country still attractive, and you can find gorgeous followers everywhere. So today I decided to start our exploration from orcas, which are especially common in northern Thailand, where I am currently right now. That's why I decided to sketch it, and I will use open. It's zero point for, so it's not super tiny but also not very thick. So when I draw the outline, it doesn't look. It doesn't look sick. So when you decide what you want to sketch, you need to look at your objects and big one thing that stand out someone focal point and focus only on that one thing. So imagine you were in the garden, and you have beautiful followers everywhere. Would you want to do what you want to focus on just one or two of them and forget everything else around it? If you have only 10 minutes for a sketch than you obviously not have time to paint all the background, all the beautiful stuff, so big one or two followers and let's sketch them up. So when I sketch, I like to be more relaxed and easy going. So I don't really care that my father looks super realistic or very, you know, like proper, like a mechanical art. This is a sketch. This is my deputation off. What I see at this particular moment and what I need, I need to show the outline off the follower that will make everybody understand that Oh, yeah, This, uh, this is this is not get sometimes unspoken things in your drawing actually give much more inside and attract much more attention for people who look at it, then perfectly copied painting the same thing, the same flower there. More than 1000 different species off organs in Thailand and the most organs off any country in Southeast Asia, actually, and it's also one of the world's leading experts off orchids of that's that's pretty big thinking off a composition I want to cover. If I am going down this corner, I want to extend it to this corner so it looks more harmonious. There's a stem. Okay, there is a tiny flower that's not open yet. Yeah, another orchid. That's kind off looking down. You can find that the trace the outline off this trolling in attachment show don't need to worry that you're drawing. You don't like your drawing or something like that if you're perfectionists. No, I tried to make this easier for you, so you can just use pre made sketch and use it cause a trace. And there's another, like a tiny branch Go new ways. We're over here. Me and this will be my final. As you can see, the schedule Heart really takes nothing's very fast. All right, that would be it. So in this sketch, we will use a limited let on, and we're gonna work. This is the limited palate will allow us to work faster or so you're not going to spend too much time on. Actually, I'm going one more like they stem that goes away and yes, and we're gonna use a limited palate because we're gonna work on a tonal contrast. So just to have a quick introduction to tone that a lot of people, then they mix what its tone and what is, um que So let's say if you have just one pure color without and in anything else No, no, white or or back into its called Hugh. Just one pure color. This is Ah, this is a big issue. Now, for example, rent, this is red hue. If you make this color darker or lighter, it will. You work with tone off this huge. Now, in what a calorie there is a temptation just to add black. And the chief, um, achieved the hue darker, darker tone off the secu, but it doesn't look very natural. So in watercolor, what do you want to do? We want Teoh use a complementary color that is in the opposite off this color in the car. Well, in our case, it's green to achieve darker tone. So this way your tone will be much more reach. And they trailed then, if you just add black. So if you're not quite sure what is complementary color, you need to take a look at the color wheel, and this will allow you to, like visually understand which one is a complementary color. So everything that's in front each other. Those are complementary colors, so think is complementary to green blues. Complementary toe orange violet is complementary to yellow and so on and so forth this wheel can have twice more off colors, and still each color will have the opposite color, which will be its complementary. That's an interesting thing to learn and take some time, but today we're not gonna focus on that. I just wanted to let you know the difference between tones and hues. And also, uh, there's such a thing as situation so or density. So when you take and let's say the same red color and you put this thickest pigment as you can like literally piece of pigment is hanging on your on your brush. That's the highest density off the color off. Read a few that you can get, and low density means that it's more diluted with water so you can achieve almost transparent, almost invisible color in the you know today. So that's a very important and big difference between tones when the color is lighter or darker, and situation when the color is very concentrated and diluted very not concentrated and get back to our orchid. So in this case, I'm gonna use the tunnel contrast, I think, Nick. So I'm going to focus on dark tones and light. Don's gonna work with the contrast that different tones create with each other. And actually, that's interesting because, according to Johanna's Eaten, a Sui's painter and designer and a teacher, hey, developed actually the color wheel theory and the color real that I just show you Aunt. He was the one who determined the seven types off color color contrast, and those seven types are contrast. A few, like the contrast called worm contrast. Complementary simultaneous contrast of situation and contrast off extension. So today we're not gonna go into all of it and just experiment. How's it to sketch with the trust? So I'm gonna work with, I think, um so also can be magenta or kitchen like Redon doesn't really matter anything that you have in your wallet. And again, if I look at the color wheel, the complementary color will be some sort of cold or cool yellow, and this color will make. Sorry, didn't say yellow green. I was thinking about another thing on dumb. If I add a little bit of green to my magenta, I will achieve a very bark and reach tone off my think color, and that's what I'm gonna start with. Start with the concentrated one and I kind of deluded into my previous first tone, which also makes the situation off their figment, much less and I extended down. Now the battle's I'm doing this again on the other on the other petal. And I just put like a 10. You drop off paint and also you can see I don't really care that I go out of my outline of my sketch the Penton outline, because this is sketching and I want to create want to showcase the feeling off the atmosphere off this flower and what I see. So I don't really care that I'm not inside the trays, okay? Getting out of line or something like this, some leading darker tone and usually in the heart off off this flower, we have much, um, darker tone than the rest. So I want Teoh make sure achievement orchids are pretty common decorations in Thailand, so they can be seen throughout the whole year, Really, And people like to put them in cocktails and coconuts, and you often will see those followers literally everywhere around you, and it really makes surrounded look much more pretty, and I'm ready to move on to my next flower. I start with my regular pew, So just with the pink colored and I add darker tone, same while we're here, it's really pretty repetitive. I kind of dropped the pigment and allow it to blend by itself, allowed to do whatever it wants to do. Just try to point out the difference between the tone and again the darkest one will be right in the heart. Uh, turned out a bit lighter than the other ones. So I'm gonna add more green to my pink to my magenta, which is technically just cool red color. If you look at them color wheel and then I'm moving to my next flower. And here you can see that because it's turned kind of facing down the back of it. It's going to be very light, so I'm not covering it with anything at all. I would just end, um, some dark in tone for the contrast and leave it to be, and the other parts will be green, so I'm going to create my own green use yellow. In my case, it's gotten them yellow and blue. We can use drum Aryan. Mix it until you reach the color. The green color that you want. I'm here. I'm kind of balancing between places where there's more green or where's more yellow. So I'm not adding new collar is the same yellow that I was using Cotman. I'm just playing with where I apply more of it and where I find us of it. I also try to keep some white space where the light is dropping on our power, and this part is kind of hidden. So what I want to do is I want to create a much darker tone off green, and to do so, I need to use complementary color in. And as we discussed before, complementary color to green is red, but it's really all about proportions. To save yourselves of time, you can just use on line from your pull it and just me. I like to to make stuff by myself. But as you can see, sometimes I it can take time. So some darker green over here. We're here just for the contrast. So you can see now that we only used literally three collars and if you don't mix your own green but use it from the color, it's unless and we created sketch based on don't have Gone Trust, Boston, et 4. Sketching a seascape and a long tail boat: one of the ways to empathize the focal point or focal area in your painting is to use temperature contrast and, well, Hughes temperature is really relative to you, other colors. So if we take a look again on our color wheel, typically it's considered that if you hide the half off the off the color wheel, everything on the left side is cold or cool, and everything on the right side is warm. So all these colors are intimately considered to be a worm, and these guys are cool. So, um, it can have some, you know, difficulties because technically, that's correct. But when you start using your pain in real life, you will quickly notice that if, for example, you take yellow, which is supposed to be, is supposed to be warm caught calorie, no associated with sun and light. And now I took lemon yellow and yeah, OK, cool. It's ah, nice and warm, uh, color. But then I take another yellow cadmium yellow, and I painted right next to it, and you'll immediately notice that my cardamom yellow is much warmer than lemon yellow. So this whole thing is very relative and it really depends on what colors are close to each other next to each other. So today we're gonna do in discuss what we're gonna do, a sketch where we will explore the temperature contrast on example off long tail boats, those air, very old school, very famous, like a symbol off Thailand. And you will see them pretty much everywhere on the beach front, on the islands, like Phuket or crabby, especially incredibly, you will see a lot of old school long tables, and you can take one of those and actually improper trip somewhere too many island like our non. For example. It's really nice trip, very authentic, and I think it's really worth it to try at least once. So the difference of temperature that the color has increases the visual contrast between the two colors. And while I'm sketching this time with a pencil first, the composition I'm gonna paint gonna sketch one of those famous places that you see in post cars. It's probably somewhere in honor, with the traditional on cabled and super quickly. I'm just marking where the bolt is. No details, nothing. Just a general mass off off the objects on paper, I'm using a cut that actually cut out of my album off my cotton paper album, Marsh on Duh, because I want to use what the weeks in in this sketching, and I want paper to be able to absorb all the water that I'm going to throw in it. And that's why we need cotton paper. This is very interesting composition, because here who have a contrast off cold blue border and blue sky and warm colors off the boat, it's also going to be this a contrast off distant ocean and rock and the clothes boat. So it's a contrast of distance and close and also contrast off wet and dry techniques that we're going to use over here very quickly. I'm going to erase some off the lines that I don't need and ready to go. I'm gonna use a bigger brush this time because I wanted you work really fast and on big um , space. The long tables in talent have really different shapes and sizes, from quite large fishing boats to narrow, sleek and really fast like almost water Taxi. Actually, in Bangkok, you you have like a really water taxi. You can take a a boat taxi and like reached another place even faster than if you would take your own car. I'm using a travel blue. That's why so bright. But you can also go with a typical ultra Marine. That's all fine. So I'm going to start with the plane, just water and my brush has leftovers off off the paint, which is totally fine by me. Gonna use the same paint anyway. I'm quickly car Marine, the sky area, and I go around the tip off the boat and around the rock and also with them Tiny bid off what's formatting. You can add this guy and also move your paper so that the big maned moves follows you. I just want to talk to be slightly darker than the rest. It's better not to come back to the same place. And here is the trick. When you have a hanging, um, like a dot bubble of water, you use nature of brush, and the nature of brush will absorb older liquid. But I feel like it's really not necessary because we're going to continue with where is the water in the ocean and just I'm going to add a little bit of took waas into my blue and carefully go around the boat over here. I missed white spot, so I'm gonna cover it carefully. And I keep my paper like this so that the pain goes down, up and stroke by stroke. I'm gonna add more off, um, greenish stone instead of blue. Basically create a graduated wash where the collar is changing from blue to greenish Do it carefully struggles, joke. It's funny, and the long tables are actually known as gondolas off this off by Thai people and all of them, they have won one teacher. It's a propeller that touch to the end off the long pole, powered by enormous enjoying. And when you leave this, um, bubble off water hanging, it allows you to continue your your wash without a connecting line without a sharp line that connects did to so that your wash is very smooth, and it also kind of changing somewhere towards orangey tone. Maybe it's descend or something. So just a minute like this. And of course, my paper buckled up. This is this doesn't really bother me much. Now. My first wash is ready and consists off, um, cool blue colors, which is typically blue is in a cold side of color wheel, and the background is all following the blue tones. The only thing is that I would like to make, um, the connecting line a little bit more, a little darker, the line between the sky and the ocean. But be careful if you add too much liquid. If your brush is too wet, you will create those Kohli flowers sort of speaking, and some people don't really like them. So that's really a matter off how much water you have on your brush so that your water doesn't dilute the previous layer like it's happening over here. For example, I don't mind the cauliflowers because it gives more authentic what a calorie should look to the painting. But not everybody likes it. Meanwhile, I can switch to smaller brush and work on mountain on the back. I'm kind of sticking to seem similar blue colors, but my much, much less water. Sometimes it's almost a dry stroke, but I don't want to have the white outline off the mountains. I want to cover those white space. Oh, well, I'm dropping some water on my on my sketch and interludes the layer So let's imagine. It's a cloud. Those were happy accidents, especially when your sketch and you don't have reading much time to work on tiny details. I want to show some sort of movement in the water. So while the previous layer is wet, I'm kind of ending dark in tone so it doesn't dilute my previous layer. It's more. It's not just dark, but it's also more are concentrated. So the situation of it is more That's fine, doesn't dilute the layer but adds to it. So there's a movement, and meanwhile, the all those layers should get and try. I can work on the boat. The boat is going to be in warm tones, so I'm using one colors and I'm using light brown. I'm using a risky UNA, but it's really up to you. What brown color you use. Brown is on this side off yellows that are slowly changing into, um, read. So it is warm. We're good. We're keeping the contrast and something here on the back. Now I'm turned switch into, um, synthetic brush, so have more control over my ah layers and how much water I really need. Some paper now you can see a massive court if our moving into my water on and I couldn't be upset about it. But I'm not. My job here is to capture this movement off the boat. Something is happening. I want to show the shadows so the boat looks three dimensional. That's important to me. And if some colors just blended and licked, it's well, it's OK. It's life. Watercolor has its own way off. Leaving doesn't always do what I wanted to do, but it's totally fine by me. Those balls actually used not only to, you know, take tourists for some fun rights. They're also used as fairies or cargo boats and fishing boats. They're designed to sit low in the border and have, ah, really flat bottom and a lot of those boats. They actually have those super pride, um, like a piece of tissue hanging, and that's something I would like to add. It's a nice contrast. They can be off a different color. It's a bit more difficult to add it on top of the layer. That's not dry yet, But if I'm sketching somewhere in the pier, for example, I don't have time to wait until my paper it's dry or something like that. So I need to figure out how to do this on this. But but another thing that's pretty important that I kind of forgot about is the reflection reflection in the water that you have from the boat. So very quickly mixing similar colors have been using the blue and and, um to work wise and ed in the shadow reflection water. Remember to not have too much water in your brush. Otherwise you will have even more cauliflowers than ideo. The water in Thailand is so pure and so clean that you can Sometimes it looks absolutely unrealistic when the boat and it's reflection is kind of separated from each other. That's Ah, it's crazy, very beautiful. And here we go. We have, ah, pretty quick sketch off long tail boat. You can find the trays off this sketch in attachment and I'm very excited to see your quick sketch off Long Day boat using the contrast off temperatures 5. Sketching a crazy tuk tuk: in this lesson, we are going to sketch a fun three wheel big ago which more catalytic than comfortable and taking at least one wild ride is mandatory part when you visit Thailand and I'm talking about talkto. This is a very funky car. It's a taxi sort of a taxi in their very typical in Thailand that actually run Asia. And I do think that a fun trip at least once has to be on your list of activities. Um, this style I want to use sketching Day took took is more like a funky, whimsical, kind of like a free free flow style. And I would show you something like this, so I would like to sketch without taking my hand away from the paper ship. So I want Teoh have one endless line until actually finished my, uh, my sketch. So when you look at the car at the the Mini Texi, you will probably not face it. The front iwill see somewhere and the on aside, this is how I'm going to sketch it, and that's when you have to think about proportion and perspective. So when you try to paint or draw something, that's three dimensional on a two dimensional surface on your Fred paper, you need to show the perspective which, in artistic way, can be demonstrated with changing the proportions off the object. So we have to deformity it and it would look the took took from the side. The front off the car will be bigger, and it will kind of get more narrow by the end of it. So I'm gonna start again. No, I'm not trying to make a perfect I don't care if it looks a symmetrical weird. My point here is to make it to show them major outline off this funky car and because I think it's a very fun, authentic experience to actually be in that taxi. I would like to have this catch also funny and light and funky. As I said before. And as usual, you can find the trace in a judgment, and you can just You can just use my my outline or you can try to repeat it, or you can find an image objective on Internet and doesn't really matter. What matters is how you approach your drawing. So, as I said, I would like to try to not take your hand away from from your paper and just continue one endless line. Of course, sometimes you would need Teoh making you stroke so that you would take away your hand. Um, but other than that, if it's not necessary, try to keep it. I touched to your favor and, as I said earlier, totally get that you might not know how to cook. Look like so feel free. Teoh. Find pictures and Internet. Those were kind of like a big shot kind of cars. There's a bunch of them in the Philippines and in idea in other cell Sultan isn't countries . In Thailand, you have different all right variations of them in the best where you are. They will have like a different color or size, mostly color. When you want to take a ride, you have to negotiate. So it's it's a taxi, but its not a taxi. That that's what just bring you where you want. Um, most of the time. If they will see that it's your first time on tactic, they will probably ask you for a little bit more than it is, and usually it actually is a little more than regular taxi with the meter. So regular taxi has meter inside and they they cannot figure out the price or intelligently you upfront because they have established, you know, like, uh, kilometre kilometers, that you have to drive and bass, and then they will count how much money that's gonna cost you. So there's no nose coming in here, but the took took. It's a different story. They might they might say, Oh, too far and give you, like a ridiculous price. But don't worry. Um, people in Thailand a very nice since my knee. It's a land of smiles, you know? So the whole communication will be easy and fun and light, and you can just say, Well, sorry it doesn't work for me and try to negotiate the price or moved to another car. And eventually somebody ruled take you in so you don't stress it out. Julie, when you in this took took it. It's a really crazy ride. They would go in between cars, and they're gonna make funny noise. Um, it's gonna be pretty polluted as well. So if you're in Bangkok and you taking this doctor, you will feel old, uh, dust and position in your face because it's open, kind of like open air car. So there's no windows or glasses are, uh, there's just open. So yeah, prepared that It's not going to be like a very fresh ride, but I think it's still still fun. Um, make sure that if you have kids on your trip, then you keep them. Um, steady because, yeah, uh, as I said, there's no like lt's or something. So it's really your responsibility just taking inside the car. So I'm making, like, double lines and curves that I come back to the same spot, like in this area right now. It doesn't really matter what exactly I'm drawing is just more for some abstract objects that the driver is probably carrying. It also a common misconception that took tooks are only for tourists, even though it's a fun activity to do in Bangkok, especially, um, actually, a lot of locals they use it to, especially those who work in the market and they to bring their products to the tree. Then they use it as ah well, basically is the main transport to bring stuff in and out, and also, um, banquet is very developed, so you have BTS, you have taxi have a bunch of public transport that can bring you everywhere you need to be like in smaller cities in Colombia. Diamond, for example. It's a tiny he P island, and I actually used to live there for eight months with a tie family, and most of the time you used took took. If you don't drive your own bike motorbike, so then you will jump on. Doctor can go around the island because they simply didn't have any other type of transportation. And a lot of what goes use that do. So it's very common cool. So my main outline is done, and now it's time to apply some border Collis. I'm taking my nature brush and I wanna work really fast. Most Most of the time. The color off took Ducasse kind of blue. So I'm gonna go with Blue. The same idea. I'm not trying to fill in all the parts perfectly somewhere. It's going out of the line somewhere. Have calling followers, which I like. You can even make them on purpose here. I'm just capturing the general mood off this car, which is fast and funky and, um, pretty entertaining. It's your first time using it. The seat can be, uh, different color. So go ahead and do some green. I mean, for example, red bloodletting. There's something inside the car doesn't really matter. Just stuff that is, um, more hidden is a little bit more in a shadow, so I'm making it darker from this part. It's also a good idea, Teoh. Keep some white space. So you sort of allowing the car, not the car. You're watercolor painting to breathe when you leave some areas on colored. Like, for example, in this wheel, I've tried to keep the left side of it more highlighted. The same with the back wheel tire, some shadows, a darker tone. Well, we're here just for the contrast like we were discussing and I would first listen for smaller details. I'm going to switch to another brush and just gonna show some metal parts. They're different types of transportation in talent. So if you leave here as an expert, um, probably you're gonna use your own water, Mike. That's what we do. Maybe rent a motorbike for months and just drive around. It gives us a lot of freedom. You could go to the mountains, waterfalls and just, you know, not depend on public transportation prices in bargaining. But a lot of people don't drive a bike, so it's not a big deal, and you have other options you can have a taxi is a sad based on meter, but also there's other things, like grab, which is Asian type of uber, so you can order right, and you can also older a ride on uber on on the bike. So you ordered a bike taxi. They will come pick you up and bring you whatever you need to go. What about like That's awesome. In a big city like Bangkok, you will have BDS. As I mentioned before, it's, um, try. It's like a metro, but in this guy, um, but they also have a regular Metro underground. Um, they have public buses, which are super cheap, so it's ridiculously cheap and also long. But if you feel like you want some authentic experience, you can definitely jump into one of those and spend a few hours going from one side to another. Because Bangkok, it's so big that you can definitely spend hours in a traffic jam, and usually you can do more than one or two meetings today. If you leave in Bangkok, that's one of the reasons why I couldn't really stay too long in Bangkok. I prefer smaller cities and islands, a glass and, well, I feel like I'm finished. Boston Easy. Most important parts are done, some white space and our car looks Oh, you know what? We should have some shadow because our car can I just find the air. So I'm taking some a quick version off like black and blue just to show shadow underneath the car, and I'm kind of marking it, so it looks even more interesting. I press the brush Betty down like this and move. That's why I have this broken line like So. All right, guys, I hope you enjoyed listening about the tick, tick and cars and transportation in Thailand. If you have questions, I'll be happy to answer. You can also see a lot of stories about Thailand in my instagram, which is Yana Travel Art So you can see what's of stories and photographs and interesting inside about Thailand in my life there, and please do submit your sketch very curious to see what you come up with. 6. Sketching an elephant, symbol of Thailand: I orphans in Thailand are sacred animals. Chang means elephant in car language and it's a nation. Allow animal of the country. When you visit, tell my you will see Elefant monuments and carts, stones and beautiful figures in the shape of elephants everywhere. They one of the main temples and the heart of the city has beautiful big elephants made of stone decorating the temple. It is very beautiful, very inspiring. And that's why I couldn't ignore, uh, this beautiful animal and did not sketch it today just for the sake of variety. I wanted to use think instead of job. And I just think it would be interesting for our experience. I'm going to put some drops off, Inc. You don't need really much just for the outline. And I will use traditional methods off working with Thanks. I'm not gonna do pre sketch with pencil. I'm gonna work straight with my ink. It's going to be very interesting and reach line. So the style that we're going to use for this sketch is called resign. It's a technique where you use just, um one color and you work with the tones off this color. You remember with the darkest or lightest variation off the human. So usually traditionally, when you do resign, when you work with results, you use black or some type of um brown like Ross again A or Mars brown. In my case, I think I will use black since I already started working with the ink, which is very, very situated color comparing Teoh any black big went you can get with water colors and it allows me to get beautiful tiny strokes just to show the texture off elephant skin like I'm doing right now. So I'm going to use Onley black pigment to sketch this elephant. Imagine you are somewhere in the park and you see another friend passing by, which is totally possible in Thailand. Oh, when I used to leave in a book at in the island, we were driving back from the beach and pretty much every day with pacify this place with the elephants just hanging out outside on, sometimes they would go out on the street, greet you can be dangerous situation drive very fast. Yes, So I'm gonna use just one black, um pigment and work on tones. So I'm going Teoh with the black color, you can truly make it, you know, more black or less black. You can have it on Lee diluted or more saturated. And this is what we are going to do. No one case, I think it's going to be easier and faster as well. So the trick here is to think not about the color, which can be very destructive, but the focus on light and shadow. When you see when you ignore the color and you only look at what is the darkest part and where is the lightest fart on your object that you're painting? You will notice that really fast, and it will be much easier for you to home painting showing some pictures. And I can always come back to this part after I work with the car. Now I can just outline the most important parts. All right. I think that should be enough. And I'm gonna take nature brush because I want to work faster and release more water and pigment. And here we go. When you look at your elephant, if you happen to see an event in your trip or any other animal, that's not gonna, you know, stay still and just just what you paint what you want to do is to decide really fast. What are the doctors part and would on the lightest part off this animal? So when I look at it, uh, for example, my elephant, I would always first, I would always starts with the lightest part and on my elefant. I have light coming from left, so from here, and that's why that's how I'm going to create this feeling off light and shadow. You can always use a tissue to lift those areas that you want to keep light while your paper is still well, that's pretty easy to do this. The perfect way to fix mistakes and watercolor when you apply the big month that you didn't want. Teoh. Our mistake also, when you're layers air, what the colors air blending naturally and it looks much more light and easy, I would say, And over here, this part. I would like to lift it a little bit when I pressed like this. It kind of creates this sort of texture that looks very much like an elephant skin. Interesting fact that Thai people celebrated elephants, incredible strength, durability and competitivity, and It's also a symbol off royalty in Thailand. So according to Buddhist tradition, on the eve of Buddha's birth, his mother had a dream, and she was given a lot of follower by white elephant. Because what elephants were incredibly rare. They were only used for royal duties. The numbers off elephants and talent, unfortunately, are decreasing, and it's a lot. It happens, allowed you to, um oh, exporting the animals. And now there is a lot of from activities where tourists would come to ride an elephant. And, um, that's a very traumatic experience for the elephant, because in order to be reading elephants, they must first go through a process that's known as a fan or the crush in which they elephants are tortured and until they break into submission. So that's not the most. Uh, um. It's not the best experience for for the animal to go through. So there are places in Thailand that actually fight against that. Um, there are some parks, natural parks where they take care off animals, including elephants. They rescue them, give the medicine and food and take care of them. And one of those places is located. Each of my Um, and it's called Open Nature Park. It's pretty, pretty famous, I think right now. But the point is that this place, they really take care off animals, they provide medical support. Um, there's a lot of elephants there who have, like, a broken leg or their blind because of the previous experience off from working in tourism , too, is interested. Cast fear. And, uh, this is one of those ethical parks where you can visit and know for sure that elephants are well taken. Care off. Actually, spend one of my birthday's in the park. It was, uh, amazing experience. Bathing the animal and feeding him the elephant was. You can see how the elephant was smiling when you were given like watermelon. It would crack it open in a second. It's it's incredible. Meanwhile, I am adding some darker, darker tones to the skin so that you clearly can see the difference between the light part mid tone and the darkest part. I as well drops on the tundra but leave some white parts uncovered at all, so that we have even more air in our sketch. So by just marking the light and shadow, we already can create this realistic painting and show the atmosphere off the place that you were in. Let's say if you're in a nature park, you can also take, um, uh, bigger brush and get some background going on over here. Um, I'm just gonna leave it the way raise Right now. I like it and we're going to move to the next lesson, and I am looking forward to see your elephants. 7. Sketching a yummy mango smoothie: imagine on a hot, sunny day plus 35 degrees sensing your super thirsty and you go get your smoothie. That's the thing you want to do in Thailand. You have. They have so many amazing fruits and or in vegetables, too, but mostly fruits, exotic stuff that they can make a smoothie off for you. And that's why now I would like to sketch a mango smoothing. We're going to use the style or sketching based on complementary color contrast. Remember that we were discussing that before, uh, that every color has its pair complementary color. And if we look at the color will, we will find it pretty easy because complementary color is just in front of each other. So talking about mango smoothie mango is yellow, yellow color. So we look at yellow and complement. Recover would be violet. That's what we're gonna do. So you might be thinking how exactly we're gonna make so orange with Violet. We are going Teoh sketch a cup, a cup of smoothing, maybe with some mango next it. But the background will be with the complementary color. So with the violet, all right, I am starting right now really easy It's just from your elbow. I am outlining the cup first, showing some texture. Plastic cups and Thailand are everyday things, so you will be well, don't be surprised because they will level for you plastic bag and cop and everything endlessly, even though right now they're starting. A bunch of supermarkets are actually starting a campaign against using plastic, which is awesome. Before when you go to 7 11 you'd you would have fewer your stuff packed in five layers of plastic. Here we go. The cup as well doesn't have to be perfect. It's OK if it looks a little bit off. I mean, the proportions here's a strong and somewhere here will be the drink. Then somewhere here will be. And mango There is an awesome way off canteen mangoes, um, that you basically open it up and it looks like a bunch of from little squares. Oh, I don't even know how to explain that you chop it horizontally and vertically, and then you kind of open it up and you will see you little squares and you can just eat it like that. That's what I'm trying to quickly sketch. I don't know why I went there should have just make, uh oh, old shape off off the mango. That's it. But we're not looking for easy ways. Yes, moving in Thailand's are very popular drinks. You can have drinking dragon fruit smoothie, mango, strawberry, but via jackfruit, everything. Everything you can think off. You can have a smoothie with it. They put the difference between smoothie and shake. Is that in smoothly? They would add milk or yogurt to your juice, fruit juice on bunch of ice And the, uh um, the shake is just fruit and ice. Oh, mixed in a blender. I prefer that 10 by the way, when you order, um smoothie or juice or shake or anything literally, um, in Thailand, make sure to ask them to not put sugar because they do. And they put it all the time everywhere. Andi, Um, well, I mean, if you're if you have a sweet tooth, that's probably fine. But I feel like mango by itself is already so incredibly sweet that I don't really know. Why would you put extra syrup for sugar into it? So entire languish? If you want to say please do not put sugar, you would say may sign Anton. Um, well, I hope I said it's with the right tone because there are five different tones and depends on the tone. The way you say it, the meaning can change. And that's the biggest struggle for foreigners actually to speak die because of the tone. But anyway, I think they were understanding from the context because there's no the many things that can, you know, sound similar. And while was explaining all that, I'm pretty much done with sketching out our shake or smoothie doesn't really matter and some water cars. The our cup will be some sort of, uh, gray andre blues or blues gray. I'm using the same collar that I used before for our sketches, so I'm not mixing anything. You that's very handy when you travel and you want to sketch really fast. You just used the same bullet over and over again. Well, the juice itself. It's pretty simple. Somewhere here in just some places should be a little darker. And as we discussed the complementary color, too, you're yellow is verbal or violent, so that will make it slightly darker in tone. That's what I'm doing here just to show that the cup itself is two dimensional, so it's surrounded. That's why I want to add some, um, shadows to demonstrate that also make some orangey tone. I mix yellow with red for some orange flavor for the same reason just to make some shadows and we can move toe words our fruits. Oh, interesting thing about, um, mangoes. In Thailand, you can find a very sweet mango, but also sour mango and sour mango on my favorite because it looks kind of same. It has actually not really. It has a very bright green asking, and those those guys, they're super sour, and they you eat it with, um, with chili So you take a slice and dip it into Chile with some sort O are more, depends how it's booked and you eat fresh sour mango with some spice. I love it sometime. People cook prepare like a special sauce with some prawns and, like we're stuff in it that that I don't like much. But just just chill AEA. It's awesome. Speaking up some shadows, says my color, get dry and lost, um, most. Their brightness and the final piece, The wand. It's cut, too, so the parts in between would be a little bit darker. It is. We'll come back to this part later and applied on a more dry layer, but I kinda like it that they just flows and makes by itself. So I'm gonna try to control it at all. Now let's move, Teoh Our, um, shadow game So I don't have purple in my palette, Unfortunately. So I'm gonna mix it by myself. Basically, it should be, uh, red with blue. It's gonna be much faster if you just have it in your said. And here we go first, I will work on shutdown that the cup drops true friend here in between. It's probably gonna lake inside, so she avoid that. Gonna lift the pigment really quick. Want Teoh to make an edge a little less sharp. And here it's really up to your imagination. How you would like Teoh work on this background? I will suggest you to not really, uh, um cover everything. Kind of like the game off. Having one side with a contrast to the shadow way have our super quick sketch off yummy drink. After I get dry, you can add a bit more shadows if you feel like just for them to make it more realistic. Yeah, this can happen to Theo. Color just will make inside wash. It's OK again. It's a sketch. It should be. Dynamic gives more life to sketch when this kind of stuff happened. So what we have to do is to embrace it. All right? I am looking forward to see your young sketch. 8. Sketching an iconic tom yum soup: he And this is our finals catching lesson. And here we're going to combine all the basically styles and techniques we've discussed in previous lessons, and we're going to sketch something that takes a little bit motor than 5 10 minutes. So in previous lessons we were focusing on how to sketch fast, what techniques to use and how to optimize your time. And today we're going to think off well, if you have more than 20 minutes, you're comfortable in the coffee shop and you have time. You can spend a little bit more on focusing and details and showing some interesting you Nancy's on your sketch. So today I would like to talk about one of the most iconic dishes off Thailand. Tom Yum soup. This is one of the most famous and things you can try. Beware that it is very, very and I mean very spicy and pretty much old food in Thailand is pretty spicy. But tell me, am soup is ah, specialty in the range of spiciness. Anyway, I will start sketching, and, um, I will do. I will use my job and first in Easy and simply outline the plate and some prawns and a few leaves and some veggies that are in the soup. I do not plan to be precise. So now I'm drawing the general circle, which represents the plate. And you can see it's very far from being perfect. And it doesn't matter, because this catch I'm not looking for perfection here. This is the line that, uh is the area off the soup. The soup is red because of chili. And inside I'm gonna feeling with different stuff. So Tom Young are can have different, um, meaty parts. So now I decided to paint Tommy Amway's, um, problem with a shrimp in town language. It's called Tom Yum Conan Kun MENSA String. And that's pretty. That's pretty common. You can also have Tommy, um, with chicken on, um, I would say, like, pork leg or something about I don't really like it, So I don't take pork, but chicken is good. And, um um Well, Haden's our are the main favors off, you know, Thai dishes. That's why Tom Yam is like an iconic, uh, plate kind of meal. Um, and it has a lot of herbs and spices, for example, like lime juice and fear line leaf that I'm gonna paint over here and lemongrass and chilli some fish saws red chili peppers like actual chili pepper that you can see in the soup. So there's a lot of firm ingredients that make the taste so delicious. - In Thailand, when you order food, you can pass them to make it not spicy, an entire language. It sounds like this, my pet. So that means hot or spicy. You can also say that need noi, which means a little bit spicy. But there is a trick over here in Thailand. When you say a little bit spicy in Thai standards, a little bit spicy is gonna burn your mouth and put in a fire, so you might need to think twice before you ask a little bit. Spicy. Most of the times Thai people make this food, especially if you eat like in a local many cafe like arrest, like there's a name for this cold shock. So, like a small cafe with often with like plastic chairs and no air con, just fan and local people cooking the food and so on it eso In places like this, they will do food mostly for locals. For Ty so when you say a little bit spicy, a little bit for Thai people and a little bit for foreigners can be a very different thing . So bear that in mind. I also noticed that after like 45 years living in Thailand and moving back and forth, you can't get used to you adopt and after years, um, you start feeling well, at least for me, you start feeling like food is not really, they say if it's not spicy. So I add some chiles by myself every time when you're in this local shock in local place, you can. They always have, like, a sad off spices that you can add by yourself if you if you want, so you can always have additional chili or few saws and some other stuff that you think will make tradition better. So I'm just quickly outlining, like main veggies and herbs that are in the soup can also be a seafood version of chromium . So you have, like a different different, uh, see foods like USK. We'd yeah, mostly squeak. Actually, Sweden and problem like a fear leave. I really love lemongrass, so every time when I see, um, Lemongrass in any dish. I always take it. Actually discovered that some, some places, some shocks They may come, friend rise fried rice with chicken or pork or anything like that with Tom Young flavor. Which means they will basically take oldest herbs that that that they use in Tommy. Um and, um make a rice with it, cooked rice with it, And it is delicious when you ask for check, By the way, all right. In Thailand, you can say, um, just because usually you say chicken bill mccaf So you say check and build do words, um, together or you can say, kept on. Which means check, please in the entire language. When I was living in in the island in Coletta, um, I used to Well, I was living with my family, actually, and they they invited me in their home. They're very nice, and I was living with them for some time on, and I had to learn some Thai language to be able to communicate with them because it is because English and the funny part is that different parts of Thailand have different multi language, and they had Teoh had to re learn I could say that when I moved out to the north, Because in the north and the South, they have different words. They use different words for the same thing. Like for example, Um, Well, the first thing that comes to my mind is pineapple. So in the south, you say you're not for pineapple in Thai language. And when you go to the north, you say stop a lot. So those two, they don't sound similar at all. So it was a big computer for me. You first time when I just moved, and I'm sure there bunch of other words that just want to know about them. Okay, so I think I'm done with this case here. Um and I would get started with the watercolors. So as I mentioned before, I would like to have this sketch more detailed, so we wouldn't probably spend a little bit more time detailed and thinks and at in small, small elements, um, and control the Cali followers and, you know, like treated as a proper work. So I will start with the general soup, which is kind of red. Orangey is. You can see I didn't clean my palette from previous sketches. are kind of like to get back into into the same place and get some tones or even muddy parts from the previous washes. I think it makes the color more deep or interesting, different tones and sub tones. So now for the soup. I'm kind of the Ryan between orange red yellow that I'm kind of moving back and forth within those colors right away, I'm adding some right red here at the corners for it. Two inches. Let him bleed because this'd the boys were most TV concentrates. Sometimes they bring the soup, and it's just rand like bloody read off course. They have tomatoes inside, which makes it ran. But mostly it's It's the chili spice, I guess it's pretty simple to to cook your own Tommy, Um, but what's funny is that you can actually buy a pre made based in supermarket on and, well, cook your own. Don't happen. Told I never done it, but I am. I bought those based as a gift and send it back home to my parents so they can cook sometime Yom and have some memories from the trip to Thailand. Yeah, bring memories back with the food and flavor scent smell? Yeah, but I'm sure it's, uh it's not the same as actually didn't freshly cooked, um, soup where they used the actual vegetables. Another fun thing to do in Thailand is to take a cooking class. So usually you will go with the organizer cost to the market to the local market. Uh, the lady will explain you would vegetables and meat and fruit if you need, you need to buy. And, uh, she will explain all the different ingredients that you need and, um, show different like foods that people usually eat, which is which I find pretty interesting because that's something that you know you would not do by yourself. If you end up in the market, you just don't know. So it's a very interesting inside, and, um, yeah, and then you go back to the studio or the kitchen and you will cook two or three meals altogether under the guidance off off the chef. And it's very funny, very interesting experience, and in the end, you sit all together the big table and you eat stuff that she cooked. Sometimes you have to take it home because it's just too much. That's one of the most common things people do when they passed by Trident. It's no, I'm just applying kind of first layers, sort of an under painting tried to keep some white space as well to allow the painting to breathe, trying to makes different tones. My most focus is to keep all the tones interesting. I don't want to have any flat wash. I don't wanna have one flat layer. I want to call if I want colors to be interesting. And I also always tried to keep some, um, whiteness off the paper. So I'm trying to not cover everything, especially when you sketched that something that brings out something interesting on and makes your your sketch more alive, more playful. I don't know if you hear that, but there are some roosters and chickens were going crazy. It's a very authentic of atmosphere for me. Numbers. Yeah, full Thailand experience. I will be back to that throne, and I wanted to move to another one on , and I'm trying to not get lost into detail in right now. I just want to apply first nine years because I can always come back and add Mason parts and details and shadows. No, I believe mixing my green by myself also like to play around with, um, lemon yellow kind of mixed the lemon yellow with the blue to get green and also used that exact blue in other places for highlights. If I leave some white blank space on my teeth, it's going to make it look more exciting in a way that it's like, shiny and the light is coming out from It's how didn't have it, I said. It's like a feeling off Water drops, uh, on one belief. All right, so as for the under painting for that one more one belief. So, yeah, now I would like to switch to my plate. Then I will just mark the shadow to show the plate is deep. So who create the shadows over here? But I'm not gonna bring in all the way to the end to the edge. - Okay , Now we can come back to the soup and, at some contrast, some details. So, with your sketch, it's a far more important Teoh actually work on, um, details that attract attention. So those those things that ah, stand out most of the times sketch looks very cartoonish, or I will say I can illustration. So what we're doing now is more, more often, administration in his Get your style and it really is about impression feeling chicken. Give people this, you know, flavor, like they look at your soup and they feel, Oh, that's and that's the spicy or that's delicious. The tools could be different. You can use pen and pencil and charcoal ink whatever you see fit, what you like to work with. It is also pretty normal, too. Um, point out certain things that you would not do in the regular artwork presentable. Right now, I am marking with a very bright pigment marking the shadows. And usually I would not do that in painting because they to stand out too much. But I feel like with, um, with the illustration, that is the purpose. Those tiny pieces are far Chile, that we see her in the soup. I'm trying to mark them with the brush, just present it so it leaves like, sort of from random dots. - We can also use your finger to create more catalytic adults and spots because the brush it and it's still kind of leaves off very directed mark to make it more catalytic and from not planned, you can marked with your finger. - Just making a little bit more shadows in coming back to the plate. Create in some depth. You can also leave the sharp out. Nine like this one. The edge. You can leave it. It's not a big deal. A lot of people actually like Teoh, show the difference between different washes. Show the edges. It's just artistic preference. I am adding some shadows in between veggies and herbs. If any of you guys was watching, the scores have been to Thailand on very curious to hear your opinion. And if you agree, when the stuff that I was talking about because you know everybody have different perspective and experience, so feel free to share your opinion. Observation. Maybe you're leaving here and I don't know about this. Maybe you're just like next door until my so sir good woman to switch to us. More rush for more delicate strokes. Okay, food course in talent and a very popular thing so you can go to a shocking moment and find , like 1st 4 or last for be devoted to food court. So It's a massive area with all the different types of food that they could get in front of you in, I don't know, five minutes, and you basically can. You can find anything there mostly tying Thai style through, but still, um, a big writing and one of my favorite options when I go to the food court is to get the Congo. Don't be. I'm soup and rice with omelet. They make it literally in, like, 10 minutes, and you can have a really nice meal for a couple of dollars. These guys, I'm painting them on top of existence Wash because I wanted them to be not very bright. And I don't want them just allow, um because those leaves, they're kind of in the water, so they're shining through the achievement maters. Now, when you play some access, the sketch starts to stand out more. - It really is your choice. When do you want to stop? How detailed do you want to? You have the sketch and I feel like I'm on my way. Teoh to finish it. I don't want to spend too much time, and frankly, your soup is probably gonna be cold by them. So that's it. That is my soup. One of my favorite dishes, local dishes and your project is Teoh used techniques you learned in this course and sketch your Charles if you're traveling right now or maybe just go out in a local shop and with your brushes and just pain and try to limit yourself to 5 10 minutes and just sketch stuff that you see around you using the techniques you've learned. Or you can use the outlines off each painting that I touch to this, listen and just follow me and paying the same tie inspired object in watercolor, some looking forward to see approach text and, if possible, your your stories that inspired you to sketch those particular things. Thank you.