Sketch & Watercolor Kids Characters Using Photo Inspiration

Stephanie Corfee, Artist + Author

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9 Videos (2h 9m)
    • Teacher Introduction + About This Class

    • Class Materials

    • Choosing A Great Source Photo

    • Gesture Drawings

    • Simplifying Faces

    • Finalizing Your Sketch

    • Adding Watercolor

    • Wrap Up

    • ** Extra Tips: Shading & Coloring Jeans


About This Class

In this class i  will teach the basics of sketching "characters", or simplified portraits of kids using photos as inspiration for pose, style and expression.

Beginners & Intermediate artists will learn a lot but may need lots of practice. Experienced artists may pick up a few bits, or at the very least see how another artist works : )

Lessons will include tips on:

- choosing a good source photo for inspiration

- making super-quick gesture drawings to establish the basic form and structure of your figure

- simplifying facial features to stylize the face

- cleaning up your gesture drawing to make a finalized sketch

- adding loose watercolor to your illustration,  and even splashes & spatter to create a bit of life and flair

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Best class I've taken so far. The teacher has a fun personnality and takes the time to explain very well and to demonstrate the different steps for a great final result. VERY helpfull and fun to listen/watch. Hope that she will also make a digital painting class like in the bonus video about jeans, that also looks very interesting!
I've taken a lot of different classes but Stephanie Coffee's is one of the absolute best! She is an awesome artist but is generous with her explanations and is a "visual" teacher and shows us in addition to telling us. She demystifies the process and goes step by step. I've learned so much and have actually watched the class three times over a period of a few months. Each time I pick up some new techniques and always get inspired! I hope she has more classes! Thanks Stephanie!
Excellent class, lots of helpful tips and content.





Stephanie Corfee

Artist + Author

i am a professional artist.

i sketch, watercolor and paint in acrylics, all with bright colors and whimsical subject matter.

i write art instructional books and make coloring books.

i license my work for products and especially love designing for kids.

i am a wife and mom who is hopelessly outnumbered by boys up in here ; )

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