Sketch Esentials: How to Use Sketch & Design Your Own App

Michael Lemma, Designer & Photographer

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27 Videos (2h 37m)
    • What is Sketch

    • Getting Started

    • The Basic Tools of Sketch

    • Closing:Opening Multiple Screens

    • From Adobe to Sketch: The Differences

    • Working with Artboards

    • Pages and Layers

    • Pixels and Grids

    • Top Tool Bar

    • Staying Organized with symbols

    • Creating a Layer

    • Keeping Your Layers Organized

    • Managing Layers

    • Easily Find Items on Your Artboard

    • What are Symbols

    • Creating a Symbol

    • Edit Symbols

    • Override Symbol

    • Nesting Symbols within Symbols

    • Detach Symbols

    • Plugins

    • Plugins for sketch

    • Craft Plugin

    • Creating a App Login Screen

    • Bonus Sketch App Extra Feature

    • Bonus Sketch App Template Update

    • Sketch Uppdate Bonus


About This Class

Explore how Michael Lemma teaches you the most popular application today for designers; Sketch! Forget photoshop or illustrator. Learn the industry's new standard program!

You'll learn a step by step process on how to use the application from Basics to designing your own app! This class is perfect for designers who are looking to use a new quick program to design/develop apps, websites, logos, icons, or people who are looking to pick up a program quickly to get their foot in the door. By the end you'll be able to create your own app or website with ease.

Learn how to:

  • Create a New Document
  • Use all Tools
  • Work with Symbols
  • How to use the Widget Template Library
  • Edit Documents
  • Create Artboards
  • Create Pages
  • Apply all teachings to real world projects!
  • Design your own App or Website!
  • And Much More!

19 of 19 students recommendSee All

this is a great class to brush up your Sketch skills
Mike ensures that objectives are clearly established and understood by students, He makes sure that lectures are systematically carried out in order to achieve the objectives and goals of the course. I Recommend the course if you want to learn to design apps.
Mike is well-attuned to the needs and capabilities of the program, and producing clear teachings. Mike has outstanding skills in sketch, bringing creativity and originality to the class. Mike pays great attention to detail in his lectures. Very easy to follow and understand. Highly recommended!





Michael Lemma

Designer & Photographer

Mike is a successful designer. He worked for a hot startup in the Techn Industry. He grew up in California and received his BFA in Graphic Design from the Savannah College of Art & Design. Also has recieved his minor in Architecture. He has studied art and design since he was seven.

He's had clients that have ranged from NY Red Bulls, The Amazing Spider-man, Coors Light, AMC's Breaking Bad, Powerade, Verizon, and more.

His specialty is UI/UX, Branding, Corporate Identity, Poster Design, Logo Design, Package Design, Web Design, Concept Design, Matte Painting, Photography and Art Direction. He is the founder of the website exhbit. 

He has gained inspiration while traveling the world and recently wrote and published a book on his travels. He's had articles written about his photography on 500px blog ISO as well as having a healthy portfolio of work.

I've been in the design field for almost 7 years. I started out by designing for graphic services (Print design, logo, web design etc), but I discovered other ways I could earn a living through the art of design & Photography.

I started learning Photoshop when I was only 12. I kept up to date with it over time and became better at it. Then, I went to college and learned a lot more from a design stand point (Layouts, how to engage the users, color theory, and more).

Eventually, I started freelancing, and I slowly realized this can be a profitable part time cash machine as well as making myself a better designer. I tested and tried the best ways of achieving certain Photoshop techniques. I'd start by mocking up 10 designs per day. Then I'd go back and constantly push and update the designs. It was a lot of work that went into the early mornings (the life of a designer), but I loved it. I was always thinking of new ways to design things. By doing this I became a better designer as you would normally in everything else, practice makes perfect!

I'm a efficient designing master and I know the best ways of creating stunning designs in the blink of an eye (especially web design). I choose how much money I want to make by managing my time and projects I want to work with.

I am also an entrepreneur: I started my first start up 2 years ago and it quickly became popular. I freelance constantly as well as working a full time job (Where does the time go!?).

Having so little time and so much to do, I still managed to make over six figured by working part time in Photoshop/Sketch (this doesn't not include in my full time salary, which is another six figures). You can learn from my personal experiences and start earning a living.